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the love energy I really do thank you so much so this month on the 5th Chiron
goes retrograde in your third house and no more crying games you may need to get
a filter when it comes to those thoughts because this can be word vomit coming
out and calling it like you see it and it doesn’t go well with others so if you
find a lot of fight at this time with others you may need to get a filter
between the brain and the mouth and process those thoughts you can be taking
what other people say a bit more personally or this may not be the
easiest time for some of you on the media or social media so it’s best to
not watch the comments nor respond to certain comments at this time
you can find others baiting you into conversation as well it’s not worth it
seriously it is not worth it you know so be careful of that on the 10th of Venus
moves into the sign of Virgo into the eighth house so there’s a time of
negotiations here peaceful negotiations trying to get along with others for some
of you can be working on your love relationship
this can be receiving good news with property matters or this can be a good
time for business for others of you this can be emotional stability because
you’re getting your way with certain situations you can be forming better
bonds with certain people you can be very good at analyzing certain things
you can be more loyal to your career or more dedicated to your creative projects
then on the 10th Jupiter is direct this can be a creative
time for you or being guided by your intuition this can be a great time for
money situations to improve especially with business or home business certain
things that you wanted to happen can start moving forward you’re still being
dictated by your emotional self but you’re but you can be using your
intuition you may awaken untapped a bill that give you access to a new dimension
in your life this can be sparks and miracles
happening at this time as well then on the 13th we have a partial eclipse this
must be an in the sign of cancer so for some of you this can be a move happening
or this can be a challenging time with relationships you may be fighting a bit
more with others because you can be rebellious with those in authority you
can be speaking more of your truth it when it comes out when it comes to
controlling people but also even though you want everything to be fair and equal
you may have to pick and choose your battles be about the bigger picture
because some fights or some situations you may regret later
and some fights are so petty they’re really not worth it so really be about
bigger picture I feel for others of you the tables can turn
in certain situations and you need to be more adaptable to other people so be
careful with that because some people may have you dancing for a carrot or you
may need favors from them then on the 22nd the Sun moves into your seventh
path this can be change happening or a turn of events happening this could be a
positive turn of events with business and things start to turn around for a
better with home business this can be whoever has to leave your life at this
time let them leave your life you can be realizing your dreams or taking steps
towards making your dreams happen this is a great time to be inspired this can
be a great time for media or social media or you or despite the energies
this can be new love coming in or this can be certain people or situations
working more in your favor or people helping you work more towards your goals
then on the 26 mercury goes retrograde in the seventh house for some of you
this is still this can be closing certain chapters of your in your life or
this could be putting your personal affairs in order
this can be rehashing old fights or reconnecting with people from your past
whoever has to leave your life let them leave your life this can also be a new
love coming in but try not to rush things with love for some of you this
can be business opportunity’s coming up or even career
changes for some of you this is a popular energy time for the media or
social media or you can be adding new projects on the social media page then
on the 27th we have the lunar eclipse this could be whoever has to leave your
life let them leave your life for some of you this can be changes in career or
you may have to you may know when to speak because you’re giving unsolicited
advice or you have to be too been like the Airbender that you are and learn to
compromise more and be more flexible with others too far and learn to follow
sometimes you know humble it down sometimes the challenges that we have
with others are within ourselves and sometimes we just need to dial it back
because that’s the same energy that’s the energy that’s coming at us is the
same energy that we project sometimes you know so if you find yourself with
dominating controlling people well you may want to follow them or you may want
to dial it back yourself because that’s your personality too so there’s a reason
why we attract other people in our lives you know unless you find absolute peace
with them then you should try to strive to create more peace in your life and
just allow certain things to be okay for others of you this is love relationships
can be fragile at this time so pick and choose your battles with your partner
the first car to come up with is a three of swords I see a temporary separation
happening for some of yous can be traveling for three months with this
energy the ten of swords I see a turn of events happening for you this month as
well the knight of swords this could be new people coming into your life you can
be very creative during this time period as well the knight of coins deals with a
moves so definitely traveling for work and this is gonna be for three months
period with this energy the four of swords I feel like for some of you now
that Jupiter is directing you’re tough that’s you can be more about your
spirituality bugs the aid of swords for some of you um you can be stuck in the
past you may have to let go pass Hertz and you may have to let go of
some emotional tar that is coming up at this time acknowledge it and quickly
process it and let it go because you do have a lot of swords cards but it’s
asking you to let go it’s like it’s like everything has been setting done now
it’s time to let bygones be bygones you know I don’t get along with a lot of
people in my family I really don’t I really don’t but at the end of the day I
really wouldn’t want to see them gone and out of my life you know at the end
of the day you know be about big picture because life is too short to be holding
on to grudges with people you know and to be feeling some kind of way with
people you know sometimes I don’t get along with my both my mother-in-law’s
you know but I learn to just quickly get over things because it’s not worth
holding on to it really isn’t because everything is energy and whatever energy
you’re holding on to be it negative or positive that’s what you’re attracting
into your life that’s what’s either coming in and helping you to be the
receiver that you are or that’s what’s repelling me repelling the energy that
you’re trying to get and you can’t get into alignment with what you want if
you’re repelling it because you’re thinking of all these nasty thoughts
because you feeling some kind of way about somebody try this month to
practice restriction with the reactive self and practice more forgiveness okay
because when you get older you start seeing people dying off you know
especially 2017 mylanta I had a lot of deaths you know and it
you know no matter how much I don’t like certain people you know but I do like
them okay so you just have to learn to accept them
or you just have to learn to just walk away like me my brother-in-law said and
like I said four cancers this is our motto
not our circus not our monkeys not my problem if you’re not involved in my
little family you are not my problem anything inside this house anything
outside not my problem I really don’t care how you feel about me I don’t care
what you read about me on the thing if my husband sees that
he’s the first one who sees it it deletes it anyways so you know it’s like
it’s not my problem you don’t like my astrology you don’t like this not my
problem not my problem because I can’t I can’t I
can’t I’m too old I can’t it’s like mmm it’s in its
trifling it’s not worth it you know so something to think about this week I’m
more about the law of attraction and being the deliberate creator in my life
right now that’s the direction I’m going in the three of coins this is a time of
growth for you with this energy the queen of coins I do see a tragic
event coming up with this energy that’s going to reconnect you with certain
people in your life as well for some of you the v a– coins have faith that
everything is going to work out this this month and i do see this being a
beautiful time for business and money coming in but I also see money worries
happening at this time so budget accordingly the ASA cops emotional
validation happening mastering certain areas of your life for some of you this
could be new love coming in despite the energies the Hermit card I feel at this
time you know certain things certain challenges what I just talked about it’s
going to come into perspective eventually it may not be now or today it
can be three weeks into this month but it’s going to come into perspective what
I said and you’re gonna understand a little bit about what I said like how
some things are not worth it okay and how you know you you know and everything
is about energy and learning how to forgive okay and that a lot of the stuff
the junk that has happened was caused by your reactive self or caused by your
feelings about certain things and really at the end of the day it wasn’t worth it
okay so be careful with that the seven of cups this is that’s a future future
future coming up this a beautiful energy for a career at this time and the
Justice card major decisions are happening I feel like for some of you
this is getting your way in certain things I feel also with this energy that
this is a great time for litigations and contracts to be in your favor but for
some of you you know there are some situations that are
coming up that are going to shake your world a little bit there and bring about
some major changes in your life so just be aware of that I love you my
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    Thank you 🙂

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    Thanks Marie! 🙂 have a happy and warm summern 🙂

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    U have grown…you are a sweet teacher…🙏💜😘
    I so appreciate your readings thank you for your time and your love

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    Marie, I love you and even when you don't 'sugar-coat' a reading…it makes me stop and think–she is talking to me. 99.9% of the time, you are on-point. Excellent!! I shared your web-site with a close friend….she will see how awesome you REALLY are. Hugs and love!!

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