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week Neptune is quintiles Saturn and retrograde in the 12th and 10th house
you can see the reality of certain situations you can also have certain
people in your life figured out or you can read the hell out of them as well
because they’re that predictable you can see your path a bit more clearly now you
feel more having like a purposeful journey at this time you can realize
your power or your worth certain situation your worth in certain
situations so you could be owning more of your truth at this time in certain
situations because you know you’re right you get a lot done this week when when
you’re working by yourself for some of you to focus on creative projects or you
could be working more behind the scenes with career at this time or this could
be a busy time working behind the scenes with your social media page at this time
and making that grow Ganymede is forming a trying in the first six and ten
thousand it wants to form an earth try but it’s not ready to yet so this could
be unexpected turn of events happening this could be a positive time for
getting a job or this could be making plans for the future in regards to
career or new projects what you want to implement on a later day so for some of
you this is updating yourself with career for others of you this can be
impressing those in authority pitching your ideas this week or this could be
working alongside someone who is going to show you the ropes for others of you
this is traveling for career at this time okay
this could be also a job transfer happening in different parts of the
company for others of you that’s a time of self empowerment and doing things on
your own adulting and feeling good about it and feeling a little bit more
independent or understanding your personal power or this can be
understanding your own personal power this is a time of self-discovery and
personal growth then Ganymede is conjunct and it’s forming a yod with
the third second and ninth in third second and ninth and tenth house so for
some of you this is going to be like asking reevaluating your relationships
this is gonna be quick decisions that you’re going to be made to make at this
time but sometimes some people just want to put you in damn crisis mode just to
get the fire under your butt so you can make some nasty bad decisions that have
nothing to do with you and then next thing you know it’s out of your pocket
and next thing you know you don’t got no money in you Broke so at this time red
flag red flag red flag if they’re only giving you half the information and not
all the you want to see those receipts check them receipts okay when
somebody said I need this bill pay let me see let me see the receipt let me see
the receipt let me see the note okay because this could be just some trickery
going on and somebody pulling the wool over your eyes at this time okay so
don’t be so quick to jump into crisis mode and into situations kind of slow
your roll down because this could be just somebody trying to use you at this
time okay for some of you this could be job opportunities coming through via
internet make sure you research that make sure you check your reviews at this
time all the scammers are out make sure to protect yourself and be aware of what
you’re doing this week be aware of what you’re getting into or the decisions
that you’re making at this time especially when it comes to other people
not so trusting at this time okay for others of you this could be going
through some life-changing experience like leaving school and this may mean
that you may have to leave behind friendships or this could be ending your
love relationship for now okay and it can be a little bit hard for you with
this energy this can be whoever has to leave your life at this time
let them leave your life I feel like for some of you you’re very attached to your
friends or family so you know this is not the easiest transition for you or
you could be put in a situation where you have to go and travel for work and
you’re there for a certain amount of years and then you know you don’t want
to be for somebody you don’t want to be in a long-distance relationship so this
is difficult decisions that you may have to make because of career it’s like pick
one or the other so everything has its purpose in life and it’s reasons okay
you know and everything that we do in life especially when we want to grow or
when we want something really bad that’s part of our value system you know
sometimes we have to make these difficult decisions because within these
difficult decisions comes blessings okay for others of you mercury is training
Chiron in the 1st and 6th house this can be working on the self or
starting new routines at this time like going on a diet for example or lifestyle
change for others of you this could be new beginnings coming up for you you can
be a bit more ambitious and jump on to opportunities when opportunities knock
for some of you you can be more of a risk-taker when it comes to your money
or career opportunities you can be very competitive with others or you can be
going out of your way to improve to prove that you’re right in certain
situations where others would be you’re getting your way in a situation because
your persistence and your consistent and you don’t know how to leave people alone
so they just don’t give it to you anyways ok you know how y’all do don’t
be like me That’s not me that’s not me oh my goodness if you give an Aries a
note they will ask you oh why and if you cannot answer that why god bless you and
god help you ok so you better be prepared for that
why and come out with outlines and notes and data and Wikipedia if you have to
and google it and make sure it’s on there ok
mae series help you this week with an Aries okay I just say my rams I love you
bye no ok I know y’all are alright so for others of you you’re getting your
way in a situation because you’re being persistent alright what starts
what you start at this time you normally it normally turns out well for you
anyways alrighty so the first card to come up with is the king of koi I feel
like for some of you your super focus you can be more focused on career at
this time for others of you you’re very creative with this energy this is hard
work and perseverance paying off this week the Hierophant card I feel like for
some of you you benefit through groups with this energy other people make you
look good with this energy or this could be starting a new group with this energy
or starting a new website or a new forum something with internet with this energy
the six of swords I do see traveling for group during this
time period as well for others of you get the hell out of your damn head
the final coins I feel like at this time you need to be careful with the people
around you have faith that everything is going to work itself out
I do see self pity at this time with this energy so be careful I do see
certain things not working out for you at this time and you just kind of
feeling like you’re you know like like you’re stuck like you know there’s a
wall where you want to go so at this time you just need to be patient for
what you want you need to be careful with the with the hanger oners in
your life and expressing your ideas because I feel like they could be
stealing your ideas at this time the 10 of Wands again you’re very much you’re
carrying a lot on your plate at this time so you may want to delegate
responsibilities with this energy I feel like this is a very busy week for you
guys you’re very much working hard to get to where you need to be and feeling
frustrated at the same time but that doesn’t always happen to us for those of
you that are like working horses I mean that always happens to me I’m a
workhorse okay I’m those big giant Clydesdales that you see slowly walking
I can carry a big giant wagon yeah that’s me okay so I know you’re paying
alright so this is like a real thing so at this time you can be burdened by the
weight on your shoulders and all your responsibilities that are going on but
have faith that everything is going to work itself out this week the two of
swords this is a time of reevaluation with this energy for others of you this
can be your partner proving their loyalty to you or this could be some
people in your life coming through with certain things that you want at this
time the world card the world tends to work in your favor with this
gee the nine of swords get the hell out of your damn head not the place to be
this week so this can cause a bit of a depression going on I think it’s because
you need to create more balance in your life and you need to socialize a little
bit more or you need to get out and about and talk to people because
sometimes when we talk to people like I’m a mom and like my thing is between
work and home and that’s it you know but you know what I got this nice little
break where I get to take Ben to the bus stop and I get to talk to other mothers
and then it’s like oh my god you’re going through the same thing me too you
know so it’s kind of nice to create that break and just talk to other people you
know because sometimes we just need to de-stress and one way to de-stress is to
talk about our feelings in our day so try to create more balance within your
life the knight of cups I do see blessings on TV universe
happening for you I do seen you love coming in for you as well for some of
you the nine of Wands I do see trust issues coming up I do see you being
nervous or anxious about something that’s going on in your life at this
time with this energy the eight of swords I feel like for some of you again
feeling stuck in your situation at this time for others of you you’re trying to
work on yourself with this energy as well I feel like for others of you you
need to let go of past hurt so this could be the X train coming back in the
picture because you’re honest is making its way back into your side of Aries so
now you can be talking more to the X during this time period so you need to
let go those past hurts if you want this relationship to work okay the three of
swords definitely temporary separation going on traveling happening for some of
you for others of you heartbroken not over certain situations especially when
dealing with love or loss at this time for some of you and then for others of
you this could be online dating going on too with this energy the three of coins
I feel like this is also a time of personal growth with this energy for
others of you you can be receiving advice or wisdom choose from somebody
that is older than you or somebody that is in your career field and has been
there and done that so they could be helping you along this week with this
energy I love you my Rams please make sure to LIKE
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