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you for everyone who has so this week the Sun is Quintiling Uranus
over here conjunct with Juno now in the side of Taurus you can be getting along
better with group of people or with people at work you can feel more of a
team player or you’re making a difference in regards to a cause people
tend to support you during this energy time oh my goodness the Sun semi sextiling mercury in the second house in the sign of Leo people tend to get along
with you and tend to go you’re a bit more convincing with this with your
conversations you can be more outgoing with this energy or you can be speaking
your mind a bit more this can be making new friends or you tend to get along
with everyone then you have an earth trine happening with the 3rd six and the
10th house this week you tend to trust your intuition and go against the grain
and things work out in your favor when you step out of your comfort zone as
well you can be more about your spirituality or you can be more about
taking you can be more about your spirituality or you can be more about
taking care of others for others of you this can be making some changes in your
life direction then Triton here is semi sextile Inc Flores and Leo you can be
stuck in your way of thinking or beliefs or you can be passionate about certain
people or things at this time you can be very creative with this energy
or even writing a book your intuition can be activated at this time through
your creativity the first card to come up with is the moon card trust your
intuition this week also for some of you truth will now be revealed to you
because there’s so many planets and retrograde so much light on the earth is
being shed the death card brings about changes happening this week as well the
nine coins for some of you this can be dealing with property matters this week
home businesses or this can be dealing with a move the seven of coins for some
of you you can be planning on moving but this could be more of a thought that an
action during this time period or this can be just something heavy on your mind
that you want to do because you want to grow or you don’t want to be at home at
this time but you want change but at this time it’s more of a thought than an
action so it might be a very long thought that you might be having because
you need to know for sure that if you make these major changes in your life
that you’ll be secured at the other end so that is why it’s going to take such a
long time because you need some kind of like like guarantee that you’ll be okay
if you move that everything will be fine if you move so that’s what’s going on
there you need a guarantee so this could be something that is that it’s in the
works or something that you’re planning that is not going to happen right away
or anytime soon this could be like a year or so before it happens the world
card the world works in your favor this week does success and achievements the
two of cups I see emotional support happening for you with this energy the
three of swords for some of you this can be a temporary separation this can be
traveling for work at this time and you might be away for three months with this
energy or your partner might be away for three months with this energy as well I
do see major changes happening this week for you so whoever has to leave your
life let them leave your life I feel that that you’re putting behind certain
past issues or you’re putting behind your once-upon-a-time way of thinking
now and now you are more about your reality or more about taking care of
business this week the Ace of Cups definitely certain things working out
for you at this time with these clubs in the world card for others of
you this can be new love coming in or this could be dealing with online dating
at this time as well but your love life does pick up this week with this energy
the Hermit card tells me that you won’t be lonely for long and that you can
start seeing people start flirting with you a little bit more aggressively and
start talking to you more with this energy the five of Wands I see on the
job training happening with this energy the seven of cups the cards tell me
don’t just dream it do it with this energy so you’re getting your answers as
you’re thinking heavily on it but it might not be something that happens even
three months or three years something that you might not be doing doing so
this is more of a thought the fool card tells me that this is going to be a
fabulous week for you and that you’re going to start getting what you want
with this energy and certain things are just going to come into your into your
space now so there’s a beautiful time for new beginnings and the page of cups
for some of you you can be dealing with somebody who is younger than you or this
can be dealing with an on-again off-again relationship for others of you
this can the focus can be more towards children and certain things that you
want for your children finally happening I feel for some of you that you can be
going back to school at this time and creating kind of like a foundation for
yourself for your business or for whatever it is that you’re trying to do
you’re creating foundations right now to build on top of that I love you my crabs
please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses mwah


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