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Gemini for the week of July 30th 2018 hello my gemmies I got my fan on because
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the love energy so this week Triton is semi sextiling charon into 12th house
this is getting your way with certain situations this can be a time of
empowerment or overcoming certain obstacles with this energy you’re very
good at going through loopholes at this time and creating opportunities for
yourself with career mercury quintile the ascendant in the first and fourth
house this could be a fun energy time with family and this could be family
get-together is happening or this can be a move happening or even starting a new
creative project you have a creative way of expressing your ideas and getting
everybody on board to be on Team Gemini the decisions that you make at this time
can affect everyone around you Ganymede is forming a fire trine in the sign of
Aries with the 4th 7th and 11th house again this could be a good time for home
business a good time for a move happening you can be more about being
being about your social life or this could be more of social media with this
energy and growth with social media at this time yay ok for others of you you
have a deeper curiosity for certain knowledge or updating yourself with your
career for others of you this could be good news for certain things like career
start taking a positive turn for the better or this could be getting a job
this week for some of you Saturn is semi sextiling demios in the seventh and
ninth house this can be a positive time for things to turn around for you or
those of you who are older or yeah those are you who are older this is other
people going out of their way for you this week or just helping like working
with the government you know like social services or whatever and
cutting corners or overlooking things for you to help you along you benefit
through the men of your life this week for some of you also those of you around
the age of 35 give or take a few years you benefit through unexpected turn of
events and certain doors opening up for you during this time period so this week
we have the three coins it brings about growth with this energy the 8 of cups
this is whoever has to leave your life let them leave your life during this
time period okay and also your over certain situations at this time the
queen of cups I feel with this energy here that certain people in your life
offer emotional sport support for you for others of you you’re looking beyond
yourself your five senses and you’re being more about your spirituality at
this time the king of Wands you still may need to work through some things
though with that which is awesome because it’s gonna give you an
opportunity to change and when we change for the better we start to see sparks
and miracles happening so you know try to be adaptable this week I feel like
for some of you can be stuck in your ways of thinking or doing things for
others of you the focus on love relationship at this time and there
could be power struggles with love relationships put this energy the seven
of swords I feel like you need to communicate your feelings to others and
sometimes Gemini’s forget to do that to communicate their feelings my husband’s
a Gemini and he does that quite often and he forgets to tell me things and
then it’s like oh alright and it’s like I can’t be mad at that the High
Priestess card trust your intuition this week with this energy the page of coins
this is money coming in this week as well the ace of swords for some of you
the focus is more towards business and this can be business picking up this
week this could be having a create a project for your business to add on to
your business the Sun card this is mastering your money situation or your
business during this time period again a popular energy time for you as well the
king of swords I feel with this energy here you need to be careful with your
words and how you speak to others because your words either make or break
people either influence people or they will remember it forever okay I feel
also for some of you that you may have outgrown certain people and that you’re
like over it and you may be moving on with that with
those relationships the five Azores I do see confrontation happening at this
time for others of you you may need to keep your receipts mm-hmm
okay keep those text messages because I feel like there’s a lot of gossip going
on around you and this could be people talking behind your back during this
time period I do see confrontation happening with
this energy now we have is mercury retrograde so we have this beautiful
opportunity now to do things differently do we have to have a conference
confrontation no we can have a conversation okay and then you can make
your up your mind from there the ADA coins
definitely some difficult talks coming up for you with this energy I feel also
for some of you that this can be obsessive way of thinking so something
is really bothering you really heavy on your mind for others of you this is also
a time of destiny happening and you be putting it putting you on your track to
where you need to be during this time period and the two of Wands
I feel like this is a time of moving forward with career during this time
period I love you my Gemini’s please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share
and thank you for everyone who has I really appreciate the love energy


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