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like this video so this week on the 16th dimos here in the sign of cancer is
forming a water trine with the 2nd 6th and 10th house so for some of you your
emotional self is dictating your money situation this week and also your
emotions are dictating what you do or do not do this week so for some of you you
can you can go for a bit upper depression or you can be a bit lazy with
this energy so discipline may be needed at this time you feel things in very
intensely so this could be also a great time for the power of prayer faith
consciousness and to delve into the law of attraction and when you do this you
can find yourself getting out of certain situations this week because if you are
positive affirmations with this energy then we have a t-square happening here
with the 5th 8th and 11th house with Palace now in the sign of Leo so whoever
has to leave your life at this time let them leave your life love can be fragile
at this time or you can be working on your relationship with this energy so
try not to be so critical or picky or Aniki with love try to be more about the
bigger picture this can be being honest about what you don’t like about the
other person or you can be too critical of what they are doing with this energy
as well then Jupiter here is semi sex tiling Miranda this week in the 1st and
2nd house you can shock or surprise others in a good way because you’re able
to see outside the box this is a great time for problem solving you’re very
creative with this energy you can be changing the game with the media or the
social media this week as well it’s a very exciting time for
communications for you guys with this energy then we have cheer on our peers
semi sextile pallas this week you can be playing the waiting game when it
comes to your turn with promotions or when it comes to new projects that you
have started you can be a bit more patient for the good things to come into
your life and you know that your turn is coming up at this time so this is hard
work and perseverance and just working through your certain situations at this
time for some of you you’re playing the waiting game
and you’re patiently waiting your turn this week for certain things – to come
up for others of you this is knowing that your time is coming up and you just
watching and waiting for your turn for others of you this can be getting a
promotion at work or being trained on certain things at this time to let you
know that your time is coming with this energy for others of you can be watching
other people grow and you know through them do you know that your time your
time is coming your first car to come up with is the nine of Wands this is
dealing with your insecurities and doubts so be careful with the emotional
conversation that you have in your mind at this time you can be overthinking
things with this energy as well or certain people in your life now can be
making you feel a bit insecure because they’re not giving you the emotional
validation that you need the four of cups I feel like certain people also are
living vicariously through you or trying to tell you what to do at this time what
you’re not liking the Empress card there’s somebody you can be very
nurturing or very much to Giver in your relationship so be careful with that
giving energy the fool card deals with new beginnings with this energy and a
blase blase kind of attitude and kind of doing your own thing at this time the
king of Wands I feel for some of you this can be someone in your life kind of
stuck in their way thinking or you not getting along with
this person at this time as well the ten of swords I feel that things will turn
will change so be patient with this energy the eight of Wands does bring
about travelling this week for some of you for others of you this can be good
news coming up the world card I feel like with the world card in the full
card it’s gonna be a fabulous week for you with this energy this is certain
things working in your favor or are you getting your way with certain things
this could be some wins or victories coming up the temperance card have
patience that everything will work itself out for others of you can be
working on yourself the queen of Wands I feel like this energy is very giving to
you with this energy there’s lots of camp there’s lots of changes will not
changes there’s lots of communications going on first so maybe this could be a
great time for media or social media for others of you this could be dealing with
computers and technology this week and receiving a lot of communications back
and forth with this energy for others of you this is a very creative time for you
and you can get very inspired for some of you could be working on your social
media page this week the tower card does talk of a move happening and this bring
about changes this week for some of you the knight of cups bringing blessings
onto the universe this week and the seven of wands I feel like with this
energy here you’re very calm you’re very persuasive with this energy and you’re
able to bring people to your side of an argument or have people be on your team
with this energies or your communication skills this week are very powerful and
you do defend your old ideas that you have here and you are converting people
to team care-bear this week as well I love you my Care Bear please make sure
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    Is there something going on that would cause me to have trouble sleeping? I’m sleepy but can’t fall asleep!😩

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