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Libra for the month of August 2018 Hello my Care Bears I am still collaborating with you can find them in the link in the description box below your
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is very important so thank you for everyone who has so this month Venus
moves into your side of Libra so this is a time of reinvention for Sammy this is
taking down your social media stuff your pictures and then updating them with new
ones this is deleting all your Instagram pictures and putting up new ones during
this time period and for some of you this can be you know updating the face
you know or this can be making getting a new hair did during this time period or
this can be a time of like changing the self or changing how you behave or act
with this energy this could also be a time of revisiting certain projects or
updating your website or revisiting old websites this can be a time of media or
social media of updating yourself with this energy this can be a popular energy
time for you can be more about your social life you’re playing with this
energy and meeting new people during this time period than Uranus in your
seventh house know in your eighth house goes retrograde in your eighth house
this could be a beautiful beautiful time to work on the self not the best time
for love relationships because you have to be more adaptable to your partner
during this time period but you can read the hell out of people during this time
period – this could be a slow time for business for some of you because it is
in your 8th house of money and you can also have lessons with money during this
time period so you have a difficult time with certain laws with this energy or
certain government systems during this time period or not getting along with
Authority or those in government like IRS you can have lessons with this is a
great time to work on the self and to focus on what you can control
is also a slow time for business until uranus moves into the sign of
Aries then business you start picking up with this energy in the month of
September or until Neptune goes wretch goes direct in your sixth house then
things should start getting better with this energy this is a beautiful time to
work on the self and delve into affirmations on the eleventh we have the
lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo not the easiest energy with relationships
this can be whoever has to leave your life let them leave your life we are you
may not be getting along with dominating women or you may not or you may expect
more from others you may want to be careful with media or social media at
this time because this is not a popular energy time for some of you you may also
initiate new educational projects with this energy or for some of you this is
enrolling in school during this time period or becoming a teacher or sharing
your ideas and your philosophies through media with this energy or social media
for others of you this can be dealing with publishing during this time period
or doing a radio interview travel is very important during this time period
it may initiate more business travel happening through this year or till the
end of the year or you may encounter beautiful opportunities through
traveling during this time period on the thirteenth Mars moves back into the sign
of Capricorn you can be more about your family or your partner at this time and
being more about your relationships you’re very creative and original in
your way of thinking this can be starting to find more money or ways to
make money through internet and for some of you this can be starting new business
endeavors despite the energies for others of you this is a fun energy time
expect the unexpected this is a time period where you need to break away from
your routine and have a bit more fun on the 19th mercury goes direct in the sign
of Leo at this time people in your life can be pushing you to do more or give
more during this time period or even be more about others and adapt more to
certain people in your life like children for others of you
careful with being impulsive during this time period because you can have regrets
coming up because of your quick decisions that you make you know libras
are very good at making decisions but these ones are impulsive decisions so
it’s not the best decision you need to be about facts and less about your
feelings your feeling bit things a bit more intensely at this time so you can
be misguided with this energy you can be feeling like you’re you you’re being
used by others or other people may have agendas and you could be feeling that
energy during that time period on the 23rd the Sun in Virgo you need to watch
your emotional South you can be all about loyalty and just people you and
wanting a certain amount of respect from other people and you may not be getting
that okay because you can be very critical of others small things that
people do now tend to annoy you a little bit more like their idiosyncrasies tend
to annoy you for others of you this can be health issues flaring up in the 12th
house so try to go more with the flow during this time period you can see a
lot of injustice happening around you but you know at this time you can’t make
it your problem not my circus not my monkeys not my problem because the more
you try to make it your problem the more fight and resistance you’re gonna get
because there are some because I guess the lesson here is you got to learn when
to help and when to stay out of it and you got to learn to win to push with
nuts push because not every experience you need to be captain save-a-ho okay
sometimes we just need to step back and just let people have certain experience
unless they ask for help from us if they want the help then help okay but this
could be injustice is that you’re seeing at work or things that you don’t like or
certain rules being broken at work with this energy and you kind of just have to
step back and just let the chips fall where they thought and let the other
person get in trouble by somebody else and let somebody else be the hero during
this time period okay for some of you this is a time of reevaluation or
introspection at this time and you can have something heavy on your mind
because this is healthy to reevaluate your situation too
see if your situation is a healthy thing for you to be in at this time on the
26th the full moon in Pisces you can be going out of your way for others or
taking care of certain people in your life like you always do for others of
you this is a time where it could be a confusing energy because your your
people-pleaser and a lot of times you want to just like crabs and I already
said this for crabs too but just like crabs you wanted people please and make
everybody happy and you know in sometimes what happens too is that you
like to control your situation so much you put yourself in a box okay and then
you can’t get out of it all right so you need to be careful with this energy here
true because you know it’s not that it’s a confusing time it’s either one you’re
not in control of the situation so yes I’ll come fools I’m so confused I don’t
know I don’t know or this is you don’t want to disappoint others or have them
feel some kind of way about you or feel salty about you because god forbid
somebody feel salty about a Care Bear or crab oh mylanta you know so you know and
everybody always feels salty about me all the time but of course I was born
right by the beach baby so you know I have no choice but anyways you know so
just be careful with this energy here because it’s not that it’s confusing
it’s because you’re not getting your way in certain situations and this can be
with work that you’re not getting your way with you may have to help to make
sense of new situations or changes and you may have to participate in those
changes and try to make sense of it so you can understand it so you could be in
control so it could fit in your box okay so you may have to like kind of think
about you know breaking down your box a little bit and being open to new things
coming in for others that you may change careers relocate or take new projects
that are very different from what you’re used to doing in the past so yeah it can
be a little bit confusing because it’s messing with you
because it’s messing with your 12th house energy alright you’ll you’ll let
the excitement of this time overcome your
feelings or trepidation and make major changes in your life that will give you
a sense of freedom that you’ve been missing during this time period as well
then on 27th Capricorn Mars goes direct in Capricorn you may not be letting not
getting along with certain family members for others of you this can be
dealing with separation or thoughts of separation at this time for others of
you this is dealing with loss around the home or this could be just simply
updating the home and fixing it and making investment opportunities through
the home like property matters or for some of you in real estate this is a
great time for you with this energy you might feel a lot of happy energy during
this time because you’re getting your life more into order things are making
more sense at this time you can feel also a sense of things moving along as
they should be okay and also this is a time that you’re going to be making some
changes and removing yourself from certain situations or even for some of
you this is just getting rid of things or people that you no longer need in
your life the first card I come up with is the ace
of swords for some of you this month to focus more towards business with this
energy for others of you this is endings coming up but these are temporary and
means it’s not like life long thing the knight of Wands new experiences new
people coming into your life the four of swords I feel for some of you this can
be a time of vacation with this energy and going through a vacation during this
time period the seven of swords I feel for some of
you that you can be more about your your quiet or you can be keeping your
feelings to yourself because you know that as soon as you say anything you’re
gonna get snapped at by the people at work because they don’t want to hear
everything that they’re doing wrong at this time
the Empress card this can be dealing with mother at this time or this can be
dealing with somebody that’s a bit older than you with this energy cuz there’s an
age difference the eight of swords this is a time of letting go of the past and
remove and working on whatever emotional is coming promotional tour is coming up
to work on processing that and making sense of it that makes sense for you so
you’re able let go of this energy I also feel this
is not the best time for gossiping so try to keep your mouth shut because the
walls have ears with this energy here too for some of you you can be going on
vacation during this time period the queen of cups I feel with this energy
here that you can be dealing with your spirituality at this time or this can be
dealing with a friend that emotionally supports you where this could be mother
being more caring about you or taking care of you the two of swords I feel
that you can be re-evaluating certain relationships you can be questioning
other people’s loyalty towards you at this time the queen of Wands you can be
teaching certain people a lesson during this time period for others of you this
can be a new love coming in but I feel like this person is going to either be
older than you or younger than you at this time the Hermit card trust your
intuition I feel like this can be a great time for
career so don’t rest on pretty at this time okay for others of you your
intuition is highlighted I feel like for some of you can be more focused on
career during this time period so try to rest and try to create balance by
socializing the seven of wands I feel like this is a great time for those of
you in media or social media I feel for others of you you are able to take other
people’s words and then use them against them in defending your what you want to
happen with this energy the world card I feel like the world works in your favor
this month as well I feel also that your communication skills are very strong at
this time and you’re able to have important people come to your side or
see your way of thinking and the king of cups I do see some of you dealing with
the ex at this time with this energy here or this can be new love coming in
but there is an age difference involved and I feel like this person is kind of
stuck in their ways of thinking or doing things already so you kind of have to be
more adaptable to that person okay I love you my Care Bears please make sure
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