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you for everyone who has so this week we have Jupiter conjunct with Juno in the
third house so a lot more we’re a lot more slower in our thought process which
is a good thing we’re not just because we have this t-square yeah we may be
feeling perked but it’s like we’re feeling really irked about things we’re
not going to do anything a little bit crazy okay so we have this beautiful
energy to slow things down trying to process certain things for some of us
yeah we may have acted impulsively okay which is fine but the North node in the
six house now with mercury were acknowledging what we did we’re
acknowledging our actions we’re not trying to throw it under the rug we’re
saying oh yeah I reacted like that and I shouldn’t have done that you know and we
could be even quick to apologize during this time period for some of you this is
a great time for communications with people you tend to this is a great time
for sales with this energy this is a great time for relationships to improve
in general or even a popular energy time for you in general this can be a good
time for negotiations or you can be a great mediator then Triton conjunct
Deimos in the 8th and the 11th house you’re very creative with this
energy you can be more about your spirituality or you can be a bit more of
a got a bit more guided by your intuition you can be more focused on
your goals you can also be getting along better with others because you know what
other people want at this time so you are connecting more with other people
this is a great time for communications to go your way you tend to get along
well with other people or you turn to work well with others with this energy
then on the third demos here is going to dictate your emotional self at this time
so watch your emotional self because it’s gonna if you’re feeling down about
some things then it’s not going to allow you or you’re not going to feel the
energy to work this week a 10-plus for some of us we’re celebrating some things
in Canada and I think in in the fourth of July in America so happy you know so
happy 4th of July and happy birthday to Canada their turn
I think 150 years old tune is squaring Triton here so for some of you you know
you can be a bit gullible at this time so try to be more about facts try not to
get involved into any get-rich-quick schemes during this time period talk is
super cheap for you okay and also try not to get ahead of yourself with things
that are happening meaning that plans can change okay so even though it’s good
now plans can change me when you’re honest goes it goes retrograde
okay so just be aware of that be about facts for others of you you may want to
stay off the comment bar because you might not be getting along with some sad
G’s or sad G’s may kind of sometimes don’t know how to speak to fishies so
they tend to get a little bit snappy with fishies so be careful with that
okay and be careful with like helping out others during this time period or
thinking that if you go a little bit extra mile like you’re gonna get
rewarded yeah you probably ain’t gonna get reward
okay so it’s best to just stick to what you’re doing on the third and the fourth
with Triton passing through your tenth and eleventh house it’s best to just
kind of stay off the content bar at this time and kind of stay out of people’s
way try not to get baited into conversation especially with people that
you don’t like try to just avoid them okay sometimes avoidance is best with
this energy here okay the first card I come up with is the two
of Wands this is a forward moving time for fishies yes yes is she moving on up
yes okay the three of swords for some of you this is travelling during this time
period for others of you we’re going back to the thoughts of the exes why
because there is so much water in our chart so when things and then on top of
that it has a lot to do with your honest and Taurus and a few other planets
there’s kind of like making us think about past at this time because certain
things in our life aren’t going right or remaining more attention because we’re a
lot more needier now because there’s so much water so much female energy now
because the water tribes here represent female energies so there’s so much
female energy so for some of us you know we need to be a bit more grounded during
this time period through meditation through prayer through what we eat you
know because sometimes if we are just meat eaters and junk food you know that
really affects the mind I really believe that even when I used to go to my Hindu
my Hindu priests my pendant he told me that because I’m because I was a little
bit like out of sorts you know but he said if you want to calm down and be
like me he said then take the animal out of you and you’ll he said stop eating me
and you’ll take the animal out of you okay that animal instinct to be
impulsive and stuff so that’s why I eats more vegetables and I don’t go to
restaurants really and if I do it’s probably because we’re celebrating
something or I don’t know what happened somebody somebody had cravings but
that’s about it and it wasn’t me somebody had cravings and it’s probably
that bike Oliva extended family so that’s what
happened there but yeah if you do like things like that like dieting and
changing you can calm the the astrology the water trine in you and kind of calm
it down and you’ll see that’ll give you a different perspective or a different
dimension of looking at things okay the strength card this is a time for
intuition peace perseverance during this time period the Hermit card you can be
more to yourself at this time and that can be because of the energies you can
be a bit more of a psychic sponge at this time and prefer to be more to
yourself with this energy the pages swords for some of you may not be
getting along with mother at this time or be dealing with a dominating woman in
your life the eight of Wands this is creating your
own reality and kind of just you know a time of reevaluation and a time of
looking at people and things and being like this is not good for me that’s not
bad for me so this is also a time of change and kind of like a little bit of
purging and creating your own reality at this time for some of you travel is
emphasized during this time period for some of you could be traveling for three
months with this energy or this could be traveling coming up in three months the
knight of Wands for some of you this new people coming into your life new
experiences happening the Wheel of Fortune card brings about turn of events
coming up the knight of swords I feel that this is a great time for those of
you media and social media with this energy the lovers card I see new love
coming in for some of you for some of you this could be the ex coming back
into the picture this could be love can get a bit complicated because one you’re
dealing with your love relationship but then the ex comes back into the picture
at this time or wants to reach out to you at this time with this energy the
page of Wands I deal with this energy here you need to keep things honest with
people because you can be caught in lies now so try to keep things realistic or
try to be as honest as possible try not to exaggerate things at this time you
know as you see it with this energy lots of communications going on this week for
you lots of online communications for some of you you can be more on the
social media than normal for others of you you can be more about
your hobbies or your gaming life at this time so you know it’s telling me that
you need to socialize more and make friends or find friends that have
similar passions than you with this energy the page of cups definitely
dealing with love this week for some of you this person’s gonna be younger than
you and this person might even be stuck or have a hobby or be a gamer so be
careful with that because they’re not gonna want to spend a lot of time with
you and you’re gonna have to be about their hobbies you know so what you see
is what you get when it comes to love so buyer beware it’s there a gamer trust
they are a gamer and getting off of that for nothing yes welcome to my world mmm
anyways I digress I still have my husband so I still loved her the next
kind of caught up with is the three of cups I feel with this energy here that
there could be a turn of events happening that brings the people from
your past back because some people at this time especially my bulls and a
little bit of my virgos are going through it during this time period so
they could be coming back from your past and reaching out to you because of
events in their life have gotten a little bit heavier so they’re looking
for the past because the past to them was a bit better or they’re
romanticizing the past at this time so that’s why they’re coming back to
reconnect to you to reconnect to those good old times with this energy I love
you my fishies please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses mwah

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  • Jeanette Ferraro says:

    Awww thanks for including us canadians on canada day 151 yrs 😀💗 i love your readings. I will try to avoid lol. Forward movment is great. Yea been thinking of ex wtf lol good to know about the food thing.. Im always honest . yes need to socialize more. Love you Marie 💜😀

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