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thank you for everyone who has so this week we have demios trining Miranda in
the second and ninth house people in your life can be looking up to you or
you could be more about your values this could be a positive time for career or
the energy is getting exciting because now finally certain doors are opening up
for you or this could be second chances or opportunities to prove yourself in
certain situations in regards to career Iran is a semi sextiling Miranda and
the second and third house this could be your intuition guiding you at this time
you can have the advice or guidance that others need to get themselves back on
track or to pull their life together your great problem solver you have a
better time or a easier time because you have a nice grip on reality so you could
see things a little bit more clearly or certain things can be made more sense to
you during this time period this can be more about your social life this week
and spending time with friends and family
Miranda is semi sextiling Jupiter in the ninth and tenth house this could be
receiving positive news in regards to career it is the fishy’s turn I’m sorry
but this is the fishy’s turn okay despite mercury in retrograde it with
career and business this is fishy’s turn okay you could be all about your social
life you can find this being a popular energy time for you this can also be a
popular time for the media or the social media keep the energy positive delve
into affirmations because Jupiter is trining Neptune as well during this
time period so this would be a great time for thoughts to become things so be
the deliberate creator that you are and pick literally slow your role in
whatever is coming up acknowledge it but then quickly process it and let it go
and try to keep your thoughts positive during this
time like you pick and choose your clothes and you pick and choose what to
wear pick and choose your thoughts like that keep the energy optimistic this is
going to bring positive opportunities or events your way as well mercury is
training Triton in the eleventh and seventh house you can be a bit gullible
you can be falling for other people’s sob stories for others of you tend to be
more about being a people pleaser and saying yes to whatever theirs they’re
asking of you at this time you’re giving a lot of lip service at this time so at
so try not to be try to be truthful or try not to make promises that you can’t
keep during this time your love life will also be activated during this time
period as well okay the first car to come up with is the two of cups this is
emotional support that you may be receiving from other people you may have
that one friend that you go to and tell all your deep dark secrets to and they
help you put things in perspective with this energy for some of you this could
be friendships turning into love relationships this week the knight of
swords this can be a busy week for you with work with life in general these
seven of wands I feel like certain things that you want at this time is
going to be a process like several months or a lot a while before you get
what you want which is fine which is fine because everything has its time and
it’s reasons to come in okay the queen of cups I feel this is um you
are delving more into spirituality for some of you this can be new love coming
up as well but Mercury’s in retrograde so at this time you know I can’t tell
what the heart I can’t tell what I can’t tell damn hard what to do okay their
hearts are gonna do what it’s gonna do I acknowledge that but at the same time
you need to slow your roll and kind of just date and get to know the person
during the Mercury retrograde okay the page of blonds I feel like this is a
great time for those of you in media or social media I feel also that with love
there’s a bit of an age difference going on so you’re this person’s either
younger than you are older than you probably more more than likely older
than you I feel also for some of you that you need to keep it honest with
this energy because you can get caught in lies at this time or don’t make
promises you can’t keep with this energy as well the tower card this is dealing
with a move for some of you with this energy or changes coming up for you this
week the seven of cups Springs thoughts of future future future coming up with
this energy as well the five of swords whoever has to leave your life let them
leave your life North node is in Leo and on top of that Mercury’s in retrograde
they will be right back just give them a second okay the king of swords I feel at
this time that somebody can be very critical of you with this energy as well
or they can be a bit more on top of you or watching you a little bit too closely
with this energy the knight of cups my yes card to whatever question I did not
answer that you are looking for the answer is yes the eight of swords I feel
with this energy here that there can be you know I feel like some people in your
life can be playing a bit of mind games with you at this time and this could be
also dealing with people that you know that they’re not like they’re not the
best of people or they don’t have the best of intentions but you keep hanging
around them okay for whatever reason you know fishies you know don’t like to make
enemies but you’re hanging around these people and I feel like it’s causing a
lot of emotional confusion it’s like they pick on you and then they they
constructively constructively criticize you but then at the same time they kick
you and they kick you like like like like a freaking horse on the ground
that’s that’s practically dead but then they they want you back in their lives
so it’s like there’s a lot of emotional confusion going on with your
relationships I think that you have to start thinking about letting go of
certain people in your life because they’re creating a lot they’re they’re
basically hypocrites and they’re creating like a lot of emotional
confusion for you during this time period the six of cups I feel with this
energy here this could be a beautiful time for love relationships new love
coming in for of you for others of you this could be
thoughts of the axe and romanticizing the past during this time period and
then for some of you this can be this could be this could be a fun energy time
with love for others of you if you’ve been bored with your love relationship
this could be something or them start to act differently or you have better
communication to them this could be revitalizing your love life okay so your
love life can be back on track again with this energy and the three of coins
I feel like this is a time of growth for some of you this could be emotional
growth happening of course you’re honest is in your third house at this time so
you’re not so quick to react to situations and you’re a lot more calmer
and you’re a lot more slow you’re like slowing down your way of thinking at
this time so you’re making a lot more thoughtful choices during this time
period okay and you’re thinking about everybody so that’s probably why there’s
like a lot of emotional confusion at this time for others I mean you need to
try this is a great time to reevaluate and think about what it is that you want
because you know at this time you can be dealing with with love and love can not
be the easiest thing at this time because your partner can be giving you a
lot of mixed signals or doing a lot of things that you don’t like but at the
same time you love them but since I’m not there being a manipulative you know
so or you don’t trust them so you know a lot of issues are coming up at this time
for you to acknowledge and reevaluate the situation that all the planets are
retrograde so this is a beautiful time to just figure things out and to think
about it for a while rather than change okay I love you my
fishies please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share and thank you for
everyone who has kisses


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    Thank you Marie

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    So funny that French subtitles appeared and there are mistakes ๐Ÿ˜‚ boi technology really really needs to upgrade when it comes to languages, what a shame I say because it's so against development and progress ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘ what are we people?

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    Yes fishes time! I have been waiting for due money. I think Mercury Rx helps us with the "go back" things

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    Thank you Marie for all you do…๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

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