hi this is the weekly horoscope for such
areas for the week of August 6 2018 hello my Saggies
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week the Sun is trining demios in the ninth of the past this is a good time to
speak on other people’s behalf or fight for others who can’t fight for
themselves like children or this could be taken care of children’s needs or
dealing with organizations that do like teacher system or school systems or
districts you are more in a leadership position and a bit more action oriented
to get what you want Neptune is trining Jupiter conjunct
with Triton in the twelfth and fourth house this could be a great time for
empowerment or a time of pick the power of prayer for others of you you see
right into the heart of a situation and this is also a great time for
spirituality you can be more about your rest or this can be a time of
reconciliation or you can be emotionally forgiving and letting go certain
situations Titan conjunct Chiron Quint ile Triton in the 12th and ninth house
this could be overcoming certain fears or even overcoming obstacles at this
time and again the theme seems to be spirituality and self empowerment this
week so try to tap into those energies you benefit through those who are older
than you counselors or those in government for others of you you have a
better handling on the law of attraction and again your spirituality miranda is
semi sextiling Mars in the third house this is not the easiest energy for
patience but it is needed this is a good time to focus on updating yourself with
your career for others of you this is a good time for meeting new people or
making little changes at this time do make a difference this week the first
time I come up with is the king of swords you can be very much dominating
in your situation or you can come across as a dominating person so I would be
careful with this energy because it can bring about power struggles with other
people at this time and you may not be getting along with certain people with
this energy for others of you could be very particular or a stickler for the
rules with this energy world card the world tends to work in
your favorite this week also this brings about traveling for some of you the
Hermit card you can be more focused on career for others of you this is more
focus on schooling and updating yourself with school and then for others of you
this can be you be more to yourself during this time period the tower card
does bring about changes for some of you this can be a move happening for you
this week with this energy the eight of cups
I feel whoever has to leave your life let them leave your life at this time
the nine of Wands I feel for some of you this could be dealing with your
emotional hang-ups or insecurities that you might be going through or doubts
that you could be putting in your head the 10 of Wands delegate
responsibilities this week this can be a busy week for you so try not to do
everything by yourself I know you can but it can be very stressful during this
time period so just be self aware of your body the four of coins I feel with
this energy here this could be stubbornness or you could be a bit
strong-willed with this energy so be careful with this energy again be about
your body consciousness and health consciousness during this time period
because you can kind of stress yourself out or I feel like for some of you may
over exert yourself with this energy as well the knight of Wands I feel for some
of you this could be a new experience is happening or new people coming into your
life the emperor card again you’re exerting yourself you’re very stubborn
with this energies have been like the palm tree I know you can be with this
energy for some of you this can be dealing with father I feel that for some
of you this can be dealing either with the system like the government system or
this could be your financial situation but or a dominating male around you that
is kind of making you shrinking yourself that is kind of creating obstacles for
you during these time periods so these certain these situations that I
mentioned could be creating obstacles for you and you could be feeling the
pressure of those obstacles at this time with this energy the ace of swords I
feel that your words are very powerful this week so use them because you can
convince the right people to be converted to your side this week or see
your point you in a situation as well the night of
coins I see were for some of you a time of moving with this energy and the
lovers card I feel for some of you this could be carrying some troops some
messages from spirit world may be coming up and you incorporating those messages
into your daily rituals or practices at this time for others of you love
relationships can be fragile during this time period so be careful with that you
can be fighting with them and this falling out can turn into a temporary
separation or a break and then you two getting back together again so if you
don’t want that you can avoid it just by not saying anything and just ignore
ignore ignore for others of you this can be an ex coming back into the cut into
the picture with this energy and then for others of you can have a really bad
obsession with an ex with this energy as well so be careful with these energies
here during this time period I love you my side geez please make sure to LIKE
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  • SagCuspofRevolution333 says:

    Thank you for the reading Marie. I am due to move residences later this week.

  • Kellie Borriello says:

    Marie Moore, I've been watching you on You tube prior to when you were married. You are just as adorable now as you were then. I love watching you, wishing you the best life offers, always!!

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