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love energy so this week you guys you have a t-square happening in the 3rd 9th
and 12th house you can be super critical at this time or turned off by certain
people I feel at this time your values can be changing and your wanting
different things also this could be if every other person doesn’t see your way
of thinking this can be some fights happening at this time as well in that
like physical fights no no no not physical fights ok but this could be
some serious like my way or the highway kind of thing and this could be like
situations where you’re mad at somebody and you’re not talking to them at this
time but then everybody feels the need or certain people in your life feel the
need to kind of stick up for them or you know they’re not being loyal like
they’re not being loyal to you in your cause and they’re kind of like well you
know this could be a cancer or a Libra that you’re that you’re talking to they
could be like well you know they’re really nice people you should try to get
to know them and it’s like we can’t talk anymore I gotta go but why why can’t you
talk to me because you need to pick a side ok pick a side left or right and
there’s no middle pick a side okay so maybe you are like that this week okay
and if they’re not gonna pick a side then you all ain’t friends no more well
I don’t see why but it’s what it says in the chart so at this time you know it’s
pick a side pick a side or we ain’t friends no more I don’t know why but we
ain’t friends it’s because you didn’t make a damn side that’s why you all
ain’t no friends ok so at this time you know whoever has to leave you
let them leave me life and it’s gone because they didn’t pick a damn side all
right for others of you at this time it can be a time of reevaluating
relationships because you’re not liking the flaky people in your life being
decisive again cancer just saying you know that you just don’t like them at
this time because they’re just not they’re just kind of like tuned or a
Gemini they’re kind of too indecisive for you at this or Pisces they’re kind
of too indecisive for you at this time and they kind of need to be
straightforward you know no you know like you know they just kind of have to
be real because they’re being too fake for you’re but yeah there you go
Ganymede is conjunct with Miranda squaring your twelfth house in nine
house Mercury’s in retrograde okay so those of you traveling expect delays get
them passports fix make sure you read the rules and regulations of the
passport thing okay this is a busy energy time for you to try to do things
one thing at a time instead of trying to do twenty different things all at once
because it’s not happening with your sign mm-hmm-hmm you will freak out okay
so try to accomplish things it’s gonna be a busy week so try to do finish
things one task at a time or else you’re not doing nothing this week oh you’re
gonna be like forget and then I want to go home
alright then the ascendant is semi sex tiling the Sun in the first and twelfth
house you’re very creative with this energy this is this could be starting
new projects this can be receiving recognition for your work for others of
you you do very well when you work behind the scenes and you know and your
work is speaking for you you do very well with that Miranda trining charon
first and ninth house you’re great problem solver for somebody this is
working on the self and even changing your way of thinking or a gaining new
perspective or insight onto certain situations this week so this is like
this could be a fabulous energy just as long as nobody got to pick sides okay
the first guy to come up with pitch coins this can be spending and so
there’s money coming in at this time this could be other sources of income
coming in at this time as well your little pots are boiling with this energy
the Ace of Wands this is taking creative again finding other avenues or other
sources of income with this energy you’re very creative with this energy
and coming up with money-making ideas or this could be starting new projects at
this time the Empress card I feel with this energy
here that for some of you this can be thoughts of mother coming up or this can
be you dealing with your children this week with this energy and being very
giving and nurturing towards them the ace of swords for sorry this is a great
time for career and really receiving recognition and praise for your work
with this energy the High Priestess card definitely trust your intuition this
week is very strong coming up the temperance card you can be
more about your sanity and your peace the king of Wands I feel for some of you
that you can be dealing with some difficult people that are kind of stuck
in their ways of thinking for now with this energy these seven of wands this is
your I see here that some people in your life are watching your situation but
unless you ask for help then they’ll help you but now or this can be you
watching a situation and having the answer because you’ve been there done
that and you’re not saying anything unless they ask I feel also this is a
great time for those of you in media or social media because everybody’s dancing
to your tune at the time or you have very strong conversation skills at this
time and you’re making a lot of sense to the right people with this energy the
ace of cups you’re more about your sanity at this time this can be new love
coming in for some of you for others of you this can be the lover okay or your
partner helping you at this time in helping you grow your business your own
business at this time and supporting you with this energy the lovers card so this
can be new love coming in for some of you this is a great time for contracts
with this energy or getting your way with certain situations during this time
period for others of you this is gonna be a fun time with mother or getting
along better with mother the five of cups I feel like you need to cook you
need to conquer those brains before you die mouth off making mountains out of
molehills at this time and the devil card for some of you this can be dating
this can be dings happening with this energy
definitely dealing with a manipulative person so be careful with that with this
energy as well but for some of you this could be just ending certain shifts at
this time or certain contracts at this time and then renewing your contract to
do something else with this energy and the nine of swords try to get the hell
outta your head watch your spending at this time because you can have buyer’s
remorse or regrets okay I love you my virgos please make sure to LIKE
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