Mercury in 12th House in Vedic astrology Birth Chart

Mercury in 12th House in Vedic astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about
Sun in the 12 hours of the horoscope in this video we are going to talk about
what are the effects of mercury in the third house of the horoscope so keep
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going to talk about mercury in the 12th house of the horoscope
what is mercury mercury is your intelligence mercury easier intellectual
powers mercury wherever mercury goes it he starts working there with his own
element just like in the 8th house he started to dig into the mysticism
occurred and all the hidden knowledge in the twelfth house as well he brings in
his element what are the qualities of mercury mercury is intelligent neutral
balanced it is good with organizing the information understanding the patterns
and applying the patterns through the complex information so all these can be
seen with mercury mercury is all about the communication about networking
friendships and it’s a young energy so it’s always curious it always wants to
know more so in wherever house it goes it’s just curious and search
for what’s in there for mercury what is the 12th house straw house is one of the
misunderstood houses of the 12 houses 12th house is the house which is second
to the 11th house and 11th to the second house so it’s a dennis time to the lava
stack and loves turn to the dynastar 12th house is the house of los 12 house
is the house of expenses 12,000 the house of foreign travels is the house of
isolation or being into the places alone for the longer durations or being in an
area where nobody’s around you like a jungle asylums ashrams jail hospitals
all these can be seen with the 12th house 12 house is we often consider it
as a loss 12 house is a loss to the first house 12th house is the house of
loss 12 house is 12 to the first house first house is the house of your
identity personality your physical body and 12th house is the loss to all the
first of signification like the loss of identity
it’s the moksha you get birth into the first house and you get liberation into
the twelfth house now you are beyond this physical body now you dissolve into
the universe now your you have dissolved into the oneness into the ultimate
spiritual source energy and that is the loss through the physical manifestations
of your body like when you are when your your body crumbles down it becomes one
in finite spirit it it gets dissolved into that infinity so twelve house is a
loss to the physical body it also shows the loss of energy first house is the
house of vitality and energy twelve thousand is the house of loss of energy
okay Toll House is often considered as bad house but if we look at the twelfth
house it has many more positives to it Toll House is the house of longer
duration travels third house is also the house withdrawal the short distance
ninth house is also the house of travel longer distance traveled and twelfth
house is the longest possible journeys astral journeys can also be seen with
the twelfth house and anything which is beyond the comprehension of this really
can be seen with the twelfth house twelve house is also the house of
imagination 12,000 is the house of the spirituality 12,000 also the house of
bread pleasures okay so what happens when you have mercury into the 12,000
aura scope mercury also has one great sense of financial literacy like they
have that inherent knowledge about the financial things like these are the
people who know how to invest how to grow the money and they are they stick
to that rule and they are very particular about the details what is the
duration what is the source of them what is the rate of return what is the time
required to earn this money take care of so many details simultaneously it pays
them off the planet of the financial wisdom comes into the house of the
expenses twelve house is the house of expenses and when we think about
expenses we only think in terms of financial expenses it is also the energy
loss but it is more connected with the expenses like monetary expenses and
mercury has the intelligence about the finances so the planet of financial
intelligence and wisdom comes into the house of expense now these people
spend money wisely now these people have that sense of spending they follow their
pattern what is the item which I’m spending on more expensive shoes I’m
buying or is it just a entertainment what is the head under which I’m
spending a lot of money on most of my money they’ll create a planner for them
and then wisely spend their money we talked about Sun in the 12th house Sun
is stable and 12 houses the house of the expenses they have stable expenses now
this is the planet of financial wisdom and 12 thousands the house of expenses
now these people the person with the mercury in the 12th house will spend
money wisely this is a great placement to help write next the planet of the
communication comes into the house of abstract the planet of communication
mercury loves communication mercury is all about communication the first thing
which which is very visible about mercury is its communication they are
outgoing fun-loving and they like the communication they like to interact with
people so the planet of communication comes into the house of abstract and
spirituality so these people have the power to convey to other people things
which are abstract like they have that understanding of the abstract which is
beyond this word which is spiritual and now they have the capacity to really put
them into the words and communicate so now they will understand and comprehend
the abstract will give this abstract words and now they will communicate
these words with the other people these people always talk about
spirituality will always talk about other words will always talk about the
dreams will always talk about the things which are abstract and just beyond our
comprehension the love talking about it because they get that insight their
intelligence is into that unknown territory of the other realm so they get
the insights which nobody else gets and they like to share it with the world a
great placement the planet of the writing skills comes into the house of
imagination mercury is all about the writing capacities as well
mercury is good with words mercury likes to play with words symbols numbers
patterns okay so these are the people who will see 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 and we
all see 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 but they will able to connect these with what exactly
happened during that time ok when I see w1w1 something gets
manifested for me something good happens for me you know they are very vigilant
about what exactly happening that abstract things they are very vigilant
about it they are good with observing the patterns and the original about the
abstract things so this gives them a great spiritual progress as well we were
talking about the mercury as writing skills mercury has great writing skills
because they are good with words numbers patterns the planet of writing comes
into the house of imagination this gives them unique imagination so these are the
people with mercury in the 12th house are the kind of people who will write
something like Harry Potter or will we’ll write something which is sci-fi
and it is beyond a normal person’s comprehension about even the imagination
cannot reach there such things they comprehend quite easily due to their
intelligence being into the 12000 ahora scope the planet of networking goes into
the house of isolation here mercury feels frustrated these people are very
shy and isolated people mercury loves to communicate and network but now it’s
into the jungle there is nobody to talk about with we discussed about how they
get into the spirituality and how they can understand the abstract things like
no one else but they get frustrated because there is no one to talk about
they love to communicate and network more than communication it’s about the
networking so the person with the mercury in the 12th house is very shy
and introvert person he doesn’t like to party he doesn’t like to socialize he
doesn’t know how to socialize he always likes to be alone he has the habit of
being alone and that’s what makes him introvert shy and you know the all the
energies are inward and mercury is really uncomfortable in 12 hours due to
this significations okay mercury is the planet of business the planet of
business comes into the house of foreign lands so these people might do well in
business with either in the foreign lands or with people of the foreign
culture or anything related to the foreign things okay it has lot more to
it than just the twelfth house placement of mercury but mercury is the planet of
business and it’s coming into the house of the travel and
from the 12th house mercury aspects the $6,000 scope what is 6000 is the house
of your routine it’s the house of your day-to-day work
6000 the Opera House when a person has mercury in the 12th house
it makes him work for underprivileged people they will help underprivileged
people to get the financial stability they will do something with their
business activities to help the underprivileged people they will use
their knowledge and intelligence and communication skills in order to improve
the lives of the sixth house things like all the pets and the privileged people
can also be seen to the sick stuff so the person with the mercury in the truth
house really helps these people 6th house is also the house of your routine
and the mercury does not like a routine so yes this was mercury in the 12th
house as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys what to watch next
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selling you tons of positive energies sending your high vibration see you in
the next videos love and peace


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    Yeah I am a poet and yes I often see the numbers like 1111 or like this

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    Superb Sir Accurate Prediction Again on Mercury. I have Budh-Shukr in 12th house in libra Sign. Struggle to Give Speech Among Crowds. Struggle to Study as Couldn't remember Anything

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    Soul Brother you are very accurate as always. Every time I watch one of your videos I learn something new.

    I love numbers and patterns because they can be proven. My exalted mercury in Virgo is conjunct Uranus so I was born with the knowledge and ability to communicate with other realms.

    This is my last incarnation so I am here to serve. My Sun in Virgo conjunct pluto are in the 12th house, my Ketu in Gemini conjunct saturn in the 9th house, my Venus in Libra is in my 1st house, my moon in Cancer is in the 10th house, and my Mars (R) in Aries is in my 7th house.

    So, I have been dissolving my ego and self- righteousness since I was born with the help of Pluto and trust me it has been a painful going process but I determined to reach Moksha.

    You are a gifted Guru and have overcame many obstacles to serve humanity with a smile. I would to say thank you on behalf of I am and it's am honor to walk with you on this journey.

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