Michael Jackson Astrological Chart

Michael Jackson Astrological Chart

hello this is Sheree Whitfield and today
we’re doing this job and J michael Jackson 29th of August 1958 in
Indianapolis and on the 25th of June 2000 very tragically sadly missed by
millions and millions of people now Michael Johnson is probably one of the
most controversial figures in show business and popular culture for forever
I think of anybody more controversial in terms of both the tremendous physical
changes and transformations and some of his exposure and so it’s hard for us to
as astrologers to to cover all bad so Michael had sun virgo and retrograde mercury in Leo, venus in Leo which is comprised it really Uranus
Venus and Mercury retrograde is interesting because Mercury retrograde
is is reluctance and China so we’re not specially in childhood and in Leo
almonds and I think that Michael was a reluctant giant performer in many ways
and they would all problems barbour Ladies medicine is very very
open about ones Michael extolling himself he was kindly
had that kind of modest he didn’t he did ok let’s start with the day was born 29
smokers which puts recently broke out now I want class 10 micro as being a
witch witchcraft Crepuscule it means of the Twilight and he belongs to the
Twilight people the definition of that people in this world and of course
michael is a well-known fantasies tried to live out his fantasy and this would
be typical of the Twilight and this is this is the mines on the album’s
eighties off the wall as much of the world and the video is up the elemental
Kingdom and look a lot of silhouettes of course silhouettes are well aspects you
when the Sun is below the horizon when they the lights is hard light and
shadows accounts this michael was obsessed with this area landowners like
which only seems quite dog actually again bringing in if you think of
thriller and references to the great it does seem quite quite dark just about say we talking he had deep
psychology which he would never share but was trying to live out this fantasy
the mean they sold contemplates that would be the place rating of pain was caused by the Sun is
tyranny British well known and of course self denial would be trained as well as
the opposition parties or deletion wiping clean the heads of childhood all
the family fact in a pure way this fabrication of
12 plastic surgery long period would perhaps indicate this
this obsession wanting to recreate themselves in the Standard Time reason
that he was trying to become driving him I think the plastic surgery itself as
shown by Venus conjunct Uranus is about reaching which almost 80 but if you look
deeper a representation of something something quite iconoclastic yeah and of
course reno’s rules brothers and sisters and Julio the start the brothers and
sisters were already stars weren’t they yeah it was a show business he was yeah
he was the most common he’s one of the most telling people I think to have existed program
was proficient and so practiced what he he did I mean if you take a little time
to a great extent you’re bound to end up with a novel section which he achieved
an american workers well which would be seized is move would be meaning prices and that
mess America of course that might have the minimum wage was married and he lost
himself in the dancing if you watched him he was like lost in the audience to
the extent that he was just did not done getting lost in fantasy what we think
that moon is and there then depending on the signs gives critical is fair to whatever is
the moon is trying to achieve and also from the most that was overshadowed by
the whether that’s true or not you can do to yourself from the many writings on
his problems with dementia problems have problems digesting emotional or
configuring and understanding emotions among his own development that moon
square to say he had a hard time maturing doesn’t he had a hard time
being at all even want to do a lot of him wanted to stay in a child’s life
because he was certain somebody who really really fun to see and play
anything being possible when it in nine its own forgivable that’s right and he
was controversial as you sail in very very misunderstood and peace deal pedophilia and do not think you know i i
i think is being overweight people in history who have children children was
quite innocent it doesn’t necessarily mean and I think they have a strong
security is definitely a nurturing Sinai it’s also pretty and it gives ya get in
the line of either willingly or unwillingly uses or escaped oh yeah and
he was very penitence as well about a lot of power private things Moon in Pisces wants to
wipe the slate clean and he was very much like that cleanliness I suppose I dream I had you
trippin II gave this image being very clean very friendly contamination yes to
him I think the world would be very polluted contaminated place and I think
this was part of the psychology behind him wanting to recreate his fantasy
which clearly the plastic surgery is something which was absolutely
incredible I mean if you look at pictures and then you look at the latest
pictures it’s you wouldn’t think it possible that could go through such a
transformation but it was also painful just to be able to come together all
those operations astrological symbolically the Sun anybody’s face and so would be pain is
pain so the Sun a face that has gone through transformation and living the
fantasy dream it was labeled tourists Mars in Taurus which again is concerned
with appearance and the physical and do something and position and Mars in
Taurus to change now whether Michael Jackson changed in out with the changes he went through
physically I don’t know another transition that’s right I’m sure which
is which is quite an honor thing he was altogether and you’re in a scene like
that that’s that that is projected dynamism of having star quality as well
apart from the fact that questions his relationship with his propensity to
questioned about his children who are these children whether he fathered
children and the European Leo would throw that are not they didn’t throw up
that kind of scandal question mark over his parental rights and he was quite shy
privately wasn’t Mercury retrograde which would like to
be but once he was on stage the weekend she had a lot of people who
very shy in real in actual life day-to-day life will now there was this
business about the doctor pulling a nineteen things not found found the doctor guilty is a lot of
secrecy with the opposite the moon in the chart you got something being
opposition there are issues of clarity their clarity clarity regarding his
medical out issues well in a medical sense will take will
be selling negligent around this would be absolutely you can imagine it in
reality and being well paid is probably worse you were looking after Michael
Jackson but I thought to myself feel the need for medication but he was
definitely trying to fabricate his own fantasy and was one of these Twilight
people what do you think I mean this delicate conjunction between Jupiter in
Libra and Scorpio is very interesting because the Jupiter in Libra is it is
really talking about people being gregarious yes it’s a wide social Michael Jackson looked as a as he aged
white effeminate he made himself and emulated didn’t take idolized diana and maybe the adoration
that leads to almost all the least amount of becoming a woman generation is
great but sexual image on the stage and his pop career I think he was quite a
show I didn’t get our money in private as the president Peter pounds anyway yes
people who are a sexual related because of the limited very the dismissal yeah
we met we miss translates we do we do with those dancing free whenever equal
angles dancing in his time and how he said nothing about NJ I think we
probably have to this is a tribute to NJ one of the finest performance all round
who ever lived and thank you and join us again next celebrity part or visit to
the doc code for information about our general astrological services


  • DAmina says:

    I love MJ

  • Toni-Ann Stewart says:

    you lost me with the plastic surgery he had vitiligo

  • MayaLove1466 says:

    I always knew those allegations were bullshit. Thank you for giving such a nice and positive reading.

  • FYI Sahara/YOUTUBE says:

    Lyn; I love your take on the Elemental traits of each Sign I am making Astro You Tubes and I Have a weak voice from an accident; What type of mike do you use??? Also, I am not understanding all of the Copy Write restrictions. Where did you get your Pic of Oprah? I did Oprah's Chart but not sure if I can use a pic I find on-line. I have a Facebook group called "The San Diego Medium" that I put a link to your LJ chart. FYI-Sahara/YOUTUBE.

  • GSS Video's says:

    I'm one of Michael Jackson's biggest fans & I stick by him through thick and thin no matter what any one has to say about this nice caring man who just wanted to help etheyone he can

  • ay says:

    You lost me with the place of birth. He wasn't born in Indianapolis. MJ was born in Gary, Indiana

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