Monthly Energies for May 2019 {Pick A Card Tarot Reading}

Monthly Energies for May 2019 {Pick A Card Tarot Reading}

Oh hey and welcome to my channel my name is
Heather and this is the fluffy Oracle this card reading is gonna be all about
what’s coming in for you in May for a pile one we have dr. Mario for a pile –
we have the pink and four pile 3 we have the mug man character please feel free
to take as much time as you need and go ahead and pause the video at any
moment while I’m speaking to make your decision for whichever pile that you’re
drawn to the most remember you don’t have to pick just one because if you’re
drawn to more than one there’s always more and extra messages in those piles
time sales will be down below for your convenience in the description box as
well as in the first comment from my mobile users I will also have the deck
links down below so you know exactly which decks that I used for this reading
in case you would like to purchase them and add them to your wonderful deck
collections and grow your deck collection just like I do so I will see
you in just a second at your pile so for my love’s I chose pile number one we
have there is a stream of love supporting my dreams and then we have
the moment I realized love clear direction is presented to me so with
these two cards I feel like following your dreams or at
least pursuing a dream that you’re having at the moment or project that
you’re kind of working on or thinking about doing or even a current new job
that you’re kind of thinking about taking some more interest in and
expanding your horizons with is going to be something that’s going to be a big
main feature for you because we have three major Arcana cards for this pile
we have the high priestess the world and the Hermit so there’s some endings and
some new beginnings but it’s all about listening to your intuition this month
coming up for you and kind of going into some quiet contemplation and thinking
about what it is that you really most want to do at this point whether it’s to
leave your current situation and pursue a new one or to stick it out and still
look for a new one in the meantime speaking of like job job wise not really
really with relationships I feel like there’s
going to be some endings and some new beginnings for some and I feel like some
people are going to be kind of going into the hermit mode themselves this
month and taking some time to do some like self introspection and self-care
and to kind of really think about what it is you truly want and kind of fill it
out with your intuition and then we also have the standstill card the increased
card the corners of the mouth card these are from the DAO oracle which that link
will be down below for you guys in case you want to check it out and then we
have work on what has been spoiled so with these cards let’s see if I can get
them all on a shot here I feel like a lot of self nurture is going to be
called for at this time in order to kind of expand and get out of this kind of
like out of the cold out of the standstill type of moment out of kind of
like feeling like you’ve been left out but almost like I said hold it in your
you know in your stride and just taking some time to go within and nurture
yourself take what you you know do what you need to do to take care of yourself
in order for you to grow and prosper with the increase card because that card
is all about increasing your abundance and increasing your wealth of knowledge
as well as anything else with kind of like the law of attraction type of thing
but with the corners of the mouth card I feel like it’s also speaking saying
something that you need to speak up for and kind of you know talking about what
it is you really truly want whether you’re in a relationship or if it’s like
for a job type of situation if there’s a position that you would like you know
have a lot of interest in speak to your boss about it if you you know feel so
inclined and you know have the courage enough to say hey I would like a chance
or a shot at this position this is how I feel this is what I think I can bring to
the table and make that position you know and or work that position to
the best of your ability with a standstill card I feel like some of you
are a little bit frozen in fear with certain things and I feel like you’re at
a standstill because of the frozen and fear feeling because you’re not sure a
hundred percent which direction it is that you truly want a head in at this
moment so it’s okay to take that time to contemplate and go within and see
exactly which direction it is that would be best for you in order for you to grow
and blossom already so these are messages I do hope that they resonated
and that you enjoyed this reading and I will see you guys next time already so
for my loves who chose the pink Yoshi let’s get into this and see what’s
coming in May for you so we have I do whatever it takes to get closer to
consciousness I choose love no matter what we have the emperor for Pentacles
and the aid of Pentacles and then I have a few extra cards that I’m going to get
into in just a sec so right away I’m really drawn to the owl in this card I
feel like some of you are going to be kind of going within and kind of seeking
messages from your higher selves in order to figure out the best direction
and what it is you would like to do and I feel like you are also being asked to
kind of hold a more compassionate level of like emotions for people like be a
little bit more compassionate is what I’m trying to say I also feel drawn to
tell you to watch out for someone who is kind of a Mia manipulative energy this
month coming up for you guys because it’s going to cause you to make you feel
a little bit withdrawn because you feel like you kind of have to put in all the
all the work and all the effort while this person just sits back and doesn’t
really do anything but dictate and tell you exactly you know what you do want to
do it how to do it jump how high type of thing but I keep getting the message of being
like have more compassion for each other try and show more compassion towards
this person and hopefully they will mirror it back to you if not have
compassion for yourself and enough self-respect in order to walk away and
kind of dismiss this person as quickly as you possibly can so we have the
deliverance card so with the deliverance card it says release relief fresh
approach liberation from obstruction finding a solution and exhilaration so
if this is a relationship with a person who is very manipulative and kind of
very demanding and controlling between the two of you
I feel like releasing yourself from this situation is gonna be what’s called for
this month but they’re also asking you to kind of take into account who does
what in the relationship and kind of weigh out the pros and cons of the
situation and see where it is that you can maybe even do a little bit more work
if you aren’t doing as much as you think you were and as well as vice versa point
out the obvious to this person and ask them to actually step it up and kind of
participate more in their relationship otherwise you’re going to have to
release them and kind of get a fresh perspective I also feel talking to
friends and kind of listening to what they have to say might help you through
this time and help you to feel a little bit better about yourself and not so
kind of like down in the dumps then we have the taming excuse me the taming
power of this small this card reads self-restraint self sufficiency careful
preparations resourcefulness minor impediments and adaptability so adapt to
change as necessary everything is connected everything happens for a
reason when one synchronicity comes in it rolls right into another and another
and another and everything ties together until you get the bigger picture but they’re also asking you to kind of
like watch how withdrawn you are this month try not to be too withdrawn from
things because otherwise you will be kind of standing in your own way and not
being able to kind of see the blessings for what they are or take advantage of
any opportunities are coming in that are connected with synchronicities for you
then we have the creative the active young Princip excuse me the active yang
principal strength tenacity don’t dynamit ism a little tongue twister for
me first speech impediment sorry
inspiration heaven masculinity authority and father so with the creative card
I feel like take your time figure out what it is that you really want to do
with certain things or projects and be a little bit more creative and open-minded
to things and don’t think a little bit more outside of the box and I feel like
it’ll open things up quite a bit more and have a bit more chances for
opportunity to come in and kind of balance things out of it and then we
have the receptive the yielding in principle devoted patient supportive
obedient and responsive intuitive earthly mother so these kind of these
cards actually completely have balance within this reading so you’ve got the
mother and the father the yin and the yang principles the light in the dark
attributes and kind of seeing things from a higher perspective and having a
perfect harmonious balance wasn’t within yourself as well as trying to create
that harmonious balance within your environment I feel like having a more
balanced state of mind is also going to be what’s called for and kind of like I
had said before weighing the pros and cons and having an equal balance or an
equal given taking a relationship whereas if this person who has the
manipulative energy whether it be in a relationship or just by association work
friendship whatever will have you there needs to be a more give-and-take a more
balanced Harmonia is kind of like connection
between the two of you or actually a more and I also just got this was a more
balanced work and kind of home flow things need to be a little bit more
balanced one is outweighing the other and it’s causing an imbalance in
yourself emotionally and physically and it’s kind of spreading you too thin and
it’s going to kind of drain you of all of your energy is what I’m getting with
this so have compassion for yourselves and kind of put things back in the you
know perspective and bring things back into a balance so where you have equal
home and equal work life so that you feel more able to have a lot more energy
for the things that you need to concentrate on and you’re able to focus
clearly and also to see things a little bit more clearly and have that
understanding for what needs to go where and when and how you want to do things
so these are your messages I do hope that you enjoyed this reading and I will
see you guys next time already so for my love to chose the mug man for pile
number three let’s get into this for you and see what’s coming and made for you
so I’m going to start off by reading the cards to tell you exactly what we have
for the two bottom cards it reads my fearless freedom lights up the world the
next one after that is true healing occurs when I give myself permission to
feel whatever feelings live below the triggers then we have the two of swords
the hangman and the chariot so for these cards I feel like there’s going to be
some things that are going to come up this month coming in for you that are
gonna make you have to kind of make a choice between two different things and
it’s going to cause you to kind of try and go into like almost like a stall
because you need to kind of also go within and see things from a higher
point of view and also to see the other person’s point of view because I feel
like someone is going to kind of either upset you or like trigger something in
you that you haven’t really thought about in a long time and it’s going to
bring something up and and that is when you are going to have
to make a choice in order to make any kind of forward movement with getting
past that and said issue now whatever that is only you would know and then
what I feel like for some of you seeing things from a higher perspective is
going to be very most needed at this time especially with kind of facing
whatever fears or issues that do come up in order to kind of like tame any
anxieties or like past emotional fears and I feel like this choice is going to
be a very wise choice for you to make and I feel like it’s for some it’s going
to be easy for others not so much but it’s mostly all about seeing the other
person’s point of view and kind of seeing things how they see them in that
case so I also have the Joyce card which I’m gonna read the UM all the words on
it and then tell you exactly what I get from it okay we have the joyous
happiness delight interaction open communication goodwill friendly
persuasion and self-expression so speaker forever hold your peace is
exactly what I just heard for self expression and open communication I feel
like it’s gonna be needed like most needed that you have the conversations
that need to be had in order to make these choices and also to let the other
person or other party know exactly where your head is at and kind of see where
they are at and have that heart-to-heart conversation we also have duration
constancy continuity endurance perseverance maturity strengthening
stability and a deep commitment so right away I hear in it for the long
haul whatever this choice is it’s going to be
made for something that’s going to take a long duration and seeing it’s seeing
things through for the long haul of it and kind of having a very deep
commitment to it and once you’ve made this this decision it’s
going to be something that you have to commit to there’s no choices after that
there’s no going back there’s only going forward is what I get with this but it
also has to be a very mature and wise decision and something that you are able
to kind of fully embrace and also kind of endure any ups and downs with because
I’m really attracted to all this um the mountains and the seasons and also like
the day and night time with that so we also have the Innocence card a trusting
nature originality spawn tonight spontaneous it today open heartedness
simplicity the unexpected expect the unexpected
and try and see things from a more open-hearted and open-minded point of
view and be open to kind of learning new and different things and kind of taking
a childlike approach to it in order for things to grow and blossom for you and
to see things in a childlike mind state already that way you will have a fresh
perspective and a new outlook on whatever is coming up for you in May and
then we have the well seeking truth wisdom insight intuitive knowing return
to the source getting to the bottom of things so for the well card I feel like once
you’ve made this decision and you’re able to talk with whoever it is whether
it be your partner or a friend or family member or even just a business associate
I feel like it’s going to help you to get to the bottom of bottom of things
and see things a lot more clearly and to kind of put old issues to rest firmly
once and for all and also kind of make that deep commitment that we had talked
about earlier I also feel like it’s going to kind of help give you a piece
of month a sense a piece of mind is what I’m getting with this
so once you’re able to face all these fears that is when your true healing
will occur and it’s also giving yourself permission to feel all those emotions
and to firmly work through them and release them especially for the ones
that are coming up to trigger you this month but they’re asking you to really
face these things with a fearless state of mind and to give yourself permission
in order to kind of meet things head-on and tackle them finally once and for all
so these are messages I do hope that you enjoyed this reading and I wish you guys
next video have a blessed one


  • venividi vici says:

    Three, if i listened well i will face my fears with courage and joy? I had to make a choice and it wasnt easy and i wasnt happy about the choice though… XD

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    Three.. Thank you
    I am so sick of being judged all the time.

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    ❤️ spot on ❤️

  • Life Starts with Love says:

    Oh, no, no, no. I've learned my lessons. I know my worth now. If an emperor comes along trying to manipulate me, I'm going to very lovingly tell him to pull his head out of his ass or keep walking.

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    #2 Thk u*

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    Pile 1 and 3 thanks!!😗

  • Justly LaShay says:

    I picked one and the things for the month of May is everything that came up in my therapy session.

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