Moon in 11th House of vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Moon in 11th House of vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about sun in
the eleventh hours of the horoscope in this video we are going to talk about
what happens when you have moon in the 11th of the horoscope so keep watching
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before we talk about moon in the 11th house what is moon the first thing which
comes to my mind when I think of Moon is Manas mind moon is all about the mind
Sun is your soul moon is your mind moon is the significant for your nutrition
your mother your physical body your mother land moon signifies rhythm and
fluctuation in your life moon also signifies desires emotions and
subjectivity in one’s life moon is all about the ups and downs moon also
signifies the relationship with your mother nourishment and all the fourth
house Cancerian things signified by the moon
what is 11th house 11th house is one of the opera houses the first thing which
comes to my mind when I think of 11th house is gains 11th house is the house
of gains 11th house is the house of profit 11th house is the house of the
ultimate gains because 11th house is second to the tenth
and 12th through the 12th that is lost to the loss and obstacle to the obstacle
so 11th house is the ultimate gains house 11th house is the ability to enjoy
the things 11th house is all about the huge profits 11,000 the house of income
second house also shows income but 11th house is more of the huge gains 11th
house also signifies your friends your networking your social circles your
connection with the larger organizations all these can be seen with the 11th
house 11th house is the house of the hopes wishes and dreams so if you have
big dreams you have a check this house it is considered as one of the most
benefit house 11th house is the ultimate comet Encke own house commentary on
houses are 3 7 and 11 these houses are the houses which which brings in the
desire in your life and that might deviate you from your drama that is one
five nine houses but nevertheless 11th house does show the material gains 11th
house is also one of the open-air houses that is it grows with the time malefic
planet does a great job in fact any planet does great job into the eleventh
house we talked about Sun in the 11th house in the last radio let’s try to
understand what happens when you have moon in the 11th house the planet of
fluctuation comes into the house of gains and profit so what it shows is the
person with the moon in the 11th house will have huge gains or the profits may
not be stable why because moon is all about the
fluctuation the planet of desire comes into the house of desires so these
people are aligned to their desires so they
know what they want and their mind is into this their mind is into the
eleventh house so they are constantly on the path to follow their dreams they
will make it happen the planet of the emotions comes into the house of friends
and networking so these people bring in the element of emotion with every
relationship the building 11th house is about the networking but this networking
has the element of mood it’s not the networking by the son where he will
determine and dictate the terms or people will think about him as a king
and will support him here moon is putting in his emotions into the
eleventh house things so he is involved into the eleven thousand things of
networking friendships recreational activities about enjoying the life so
these people have a great test to enjoy the life these people will enjoy the
music these people will be very popular in their friend circle why because they
are involved into that because their mind is into the eleventh house now so
these people are very popular into the friends and especially with the female
friends no matter if you are male or female your female friends will help you
even more or any motherly figure will always help you to have gains or support
or advancement in life moon is also the planet of the creativity the planet of
creativity is coming into the house of the arts or the recreational activities
or the cultural activities now this moon feels comfortable and is ready to follow
the dreams of the artistic pursuits these people will follow these people
will have some sort of artistic talent for
there may be good with singing or maybe painting something to do with the arts
and they will be known in their circles for their creative and artistic talents
the planet of mother comes into the house of gains these people will have
gains due to their mother maybe that may be due to the teachings of their mother
may be due to the advice of their mother they are able to achieve huge gains in
their life but their relationship with their mother is also like a moon up and
down apart from the fluctuation signification of the moon eleventh house
is eight places away from the original fourth house of your horoscope which
signifies mother and nourishment so your relationship with your mother will be
always up and down one day you are loving her other day you feel burdened
about the relationship it is due to the eighth house element into the moon in
the eleventh house but yes you will have gains from your mother or her teachings
for sure from the eleventh house moon aspects of fifth house of the horoscope
what is fifth house five thousand is the ultimate house of your hobbies and
passion now this moon helps this person to pursue the artistic talents to pursue
their artistic hobbies not only follow them but get gains from it because the
planet is into the eleventh house so the planet of creative and artistic talents
is aspecting the fifth house of the horoscope which is also the house of the
wealth it is connecting both the wealth houses now just like in the 410 we
discussed about the mother and father and parent so each planet coming into
the tenth house was kind of putting their element into the relationship with
the parents now every planet which will come into
their level house will have an impact on the 5-11
axis which is all about the wealth eleventh house is the house of wealth
and fifth house is also one of the wealth giving houses okay so it is
connecting both the houses yes what happens if you have an exalted moon into
the eleventh house when you have an exalted moon into the eleventh house it
becomes yours are in the Lord when you have cancer ascendant you will have
eleventh house moon into the sign of Taurus now you we can observe all the
eleventh house moon significations in the most positive and benefit way
possible so what you have to do you have to look for the rushy of the nine of the
moon to confirm what promisee is showing into the deep one okay next what if if
you have a debilitated moon into the eleventh house when it is debilitated it
is into the sign of Scorpio you will see number a traitor into the eleventh house
houses are fixed these numbers will change according to your ascendant and
once you have the debilitated moon into the eighth house it will be the law of
the seventh house the seventh Lord going into the eighth house excuse me into the
eleven thousand to the eighth Rashi so the planet of relationship is going into
the house of the queens for this you need to check the Rashi of the d9 again
you have to look for the d9 Russia of the moon if it is exalted if it is into
the sign of cancer or Taurus and then you can come to some conclusion as to
what exactly happened with moon okay because in move into the d1 it is the
lordship of the seventh house which is the house of marriage but again it is
also the maracas houses and now it is going
to get into the 11th house and getting debilitated okay
and if you want to know more about the debilitation go and watch the litchi
bangarraju video where we have discussed at length what are the criterias to look
for the cancellation of the planet so yes what to watch next if you are just
starting into Vedic Astrology go and watch how to get started into Vedic
Astrology playlist go and watch the rising science or ascendant playlist or
just go to my youtube page go to the playlist section and start exploring any
of the playlist and start exploring the fascinating world of vedic astrology
sending you tons of positive energies sending your high vibrations see in the
next videos love and peace


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