Moon in 12th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Moon in 12th House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about mercury
in the 12th house of the horoscope in this video we are going to talk about
what happens when you have moon in the 12th House of the horoscope
so keep watching Namaste
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Instagram what is 12 hours 12 houses one to two Stannah houses these are the evil
house is house number six eight and twelve are the evil houses we call it
evil because they bring it challenge in our life but these are the houses which
can bring in progress in your life if you overcome the obstacle you progress
in life if you overcome the debt or the ups and downs in life you overcome the
life if you are into spirituality or into the twelve thousands you overcome
it and you make progress in life so six eight twelve are not always bad houses
yes they bring in the difficulty and challenge but all this for our highest
good and greatest growth twelve house is 12th to the ascendant twelfth house is
second to the xi and xi to the second so twelve house is Denys turn to the lava
star and lava star to to the denistoun if you want to know more about 12,000
house connection go to mohammad mahal playlist and look for the 12 hour bone
wearing we have talked about the 12th house with respect to all other houses
like when we talk about the 2nd house first our own house we talked in
reference to the first house we are talking about the 12th house with
reference to the ascendant but each house has 12 house what do I
mean by that fourth house is the house of your mother
third house is 12 2 to the 4th 8th house is the house of death seventh house is
the 12th to the 8th so each house has 12 house so it opens
up a whole new dimension of interpretation so go and watch that
video it will help you understand that 12 house secrets
even more 12th house is the house of expenses total house is the house of
loss and what is the loss it is the house of loss of energy and the
financial losses like you are into spirituality you are into the isolation
all these texts toll on your body like you have to do everything on your own 12
houses also the House of Prayer pleasure so if you look at any kind of the 12th
of signification it involves either the monetary loss that is the expenditure or
the energy loss 12 house is also the house of the foreign travels along with
3rd and 9th 12th house is also the house of travel it is the farthest and the
longest journey is possible 12th house is also the house of spirituality and
dreams fantasies all these can be seen with the 12th house 12th house is the
house of foreign things anything which is foreign can be seen with the 12th
house a couple of days back maybe more we had an interview with one paul manly
from light on Vedic Astrology and he made a profound statement during
the interview he said we should not look at the classics literally we should look
at the classics liberally now what is moon moon the first thing which comes to
my mind when I think of moon is moon is your mind Sun is your soul moon is your
mind mind is you desirous nature is the subjective energy
which creates opinion which brings and desires okay so desires opinion and subjectivity
is the result of move things are as it is but few people like it other people
don’t like it that is subjective and this opinion is created by moon moon is
also the significant of modern privacy nourishment shyness and all the
concealed Ian’s significations now this moon is coming into the twelve thousand
or scope the planet signifying your mind comes into the house of isolation and
spirituality so these people are always into the other realm these are the
people who will always think about about the life beyond the earth about the UFOs
about spirituality about how the gods used to come on the earth and many other
theories and they are always into this into the other realm and other beings
the planet of nourishment comes into the house of loss so what it shows is the
person with the 12th house moon might feel a lack into the nourishment during
the childhood from his mother this is also possible or his mother might have
some connection with the foreign land or MA or they might move to the foreigner
land during the childhood the planet of creativity and art comes into the house
of imagination moon is the planet of creativity and art and twelve thousand
is the house of imagination now these people have a main
imagination you cannot beat the imagination of these people these can be
the writers of the greatest sci-fi books we talked about mercury yesterday but
these guys are to the next level because mercury is intelligent but these
are the people having the intuition they have the feeling about the 12th house
things which is even more profound when it comes to the getting clues from the
other realms mercury is intelligent and he mercury will definitely dig into the
unknown territories of the twelfth house but these people can feel it
these people have even more profound experiences of the other realms they can
see the entities and they can see the other realm creators as well at times
moon is the planet of emotional strength and emotional balance and health now the
planet of emotions comes into the house of loss and the house of foreign things
and isolation and about the expenses so these people might be shy but this
shyness is this shyness is not negatively okay this shyness is they’ve
been comfortable within their own space they don’t want to connect with others
because twelfth house is deep waters like Pisces the original 12 sign and now
water and now moon is the planet of emotions and 12 house is the house of
isolation and being into yourself so these people are very shy but this
shyness is not negative these people have a positive aloneness they enjoy
their own time they are comfortable in their own company
so they don’t want to connect with others 12 house is the house of deep sea
like a Pisces water element sign and now it has the planet of emotions which is
also the signification of water which is moon now it is all
water into the twelfth house and this makes them introvert and shy and this
results into increase into their imagination they can I have seen people
who have been able to write spiritual books I have been able to write the
sci-fi books with displacement especially in to the sign of exultation
or into the sign of Mercury’s from the 12th house moon aspects the sixth hours
of the horoscope what is the sixth of 6,000 is the house of your rapidity of
action your routine your job and about the delays dates arguments and diseases
from the 12th house winds when moon aspects the 6000 or scope it shows the
person with the 12th house moon will always connect with the sixth house
people like he will be always connected to his pets will always be ready to help
those who are underprivileged and we connect with with them to help them to
serve them and that will give him a sense of emotional stability okay what
if this moon is exalted moon gets exalted into the sign of
Taurus when moon when moon gets exalted into the twelfth house it rules the
second house the second Lord into the twelfth house shows the gains from the
foreign source apart from all these significations
which we discussed it also has an element of the financial gains from the
foreign source because now the house of earnings the second house is 11th from
the second house and is into the 12,000 shows all related to the foreign things
that sources related to the foreign things okay what if you have debilitated
moon into the 12,000 scope when moon gets debilitated whether a moon gets
debilitated into the sign of Scorpio so you you will have the Sagittarius
ascendant and now moon will rule your eighth house when you have a debilitated
moon into the twelfth house it is the 8th Lord going into the 12th house of
the horoscope when 8th Lord goes into the 12th house
it creates whipper Etheridge over the Lord of the – tanah houses 6 at 12 is
placed into 6 at 12 okay so this is a kind of Raja of APRI treasure it will
give good results but with some difficulties or delays or depending upon
which how house it rules in this case when it is debilitated it rules the
8,000 goes into the 12th house okay yes this was moon in the 12th house as much
as I could hold grasp and share with you guys what to watch next if you are new
to my channel go and watch how to get started into Vedic Astrology
or just go to my playlist start exploring the fascinating world of Vedic
Astrology sending you tons of positive energy
sending you high vibrations see you in the next videos love and peace


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