Moon in 1st House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Moon in 1st House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about the Sun
in the first house in your birth chart in this video we are going to talk about
what happens when you have moon in the first house of your horoscope so keep
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the first house so what is moon moon is your mind moon is your feelings moon is
your opinion moon is the nourishment moon is you know all the forth of
signification z’ of nourishment mother stability your private life your
feelings emotions and so many things which are connected with the fourth
house which are signified by moon and what is the first house first house is
the physical body appearance the way you look but first house is also signify the
head and hair if you observe face is the one of the crucial factor which
distinguishes one person from the other so face is determined by the first house
first house is physical and moon is mind so now what would be the impact of these
conjunction of physical appearance and the mind is coming in we have seen the
first house the physical body and what happens when the Sun the soul comes in
into the first house now we are talking about the moon moon is mind and when
mind comes into the body happens the placement of moon shows the
area of life where we are attached to so when you have the first house and you
have moon into the first house your mind is into the first house things what is
first are things which already discussed the body and physical appearance so
these people are very conscious about their appearance these people are very
aware of their self but this self-awareness is not as the son
self-awareness son is aware of its capabilities at stabilities and moon is
very fluctuating we always see moon is waxing and waning this fluctuate this
fluctuating nature of moon is now coming into the first house of the body so
these people can become fickle minded they are very well aware of themselves
but they are fickle minded this moon also makes the person emotional why moon
itself represent the emotional nature and first house here is the thing about
the first house first house is the most physical house of the twelve houses the
tenth house is also physical but first house is the most physical house of all
and now we have an interesting combination of the most physical house
and the mind is coming in so I am loving this so this conjunction makes the
people very emotional and when I say emotional I mean the healthy emotional
guy the fickle mindedness is a downside to it but emotional as in the I mean
positively emotional okay the person with the moon in the first house is very
healthy why he is early because we already discussed that the physical body
and the mind is joining in and that’s what human nature is all about right we
are experiencing we are experiencing this life with the body
we have the moon and the Sun we have the soul and we have the mind and we have
this physical body so when you have sun or moon in the first house these people
are very aware about themselves okay the moon in the first house is also good for
the artistic pursuits these people are very creative these people are very good
at arts or music because see forth moon is also connected to the rhythm of the
life it is waxing waning the full moon the new moon all these are the rhythms
and these rhythms are creating the tittie okay so when you have the moon in
the first house it is also good for the music and arts and these significations
are the significations or the observations which are which are my
observations you can derive hundreds of other significations and which will
stand true you have to research it you have to search it on all the houses
excuse me you have to search it on at least 50 or 100 charts and then you will
start making notes of your own that yes that when we have set when we have moon
in the first house you have these many significations and now this list will
keep on growing as you practice more and more so don’t just restrict yourself to
this significations which i have discussed these are the very obvious and
generic significations which i found it to be true and which i found it when we
see moon in the first house the first house is also the dharma trikona house
the romantic own house are very much responsible for the orientation of the
life or the way we look at life our region towards
life the purpose of the life if you see the Dermot record it is one five nine
what is first house it is yourself awareness you have just come in you have
just come into the existence fifth house is about your pure open air is what you
have brought in from the past life into this life in the ninth house you have
the in the ninth house in the ninth house ninth house is the house of the
region the higher beliefs right so this is the dharma trikona and first house is
one of the prominent thermometric own house because it is the root of the
Dharma triangle because it is also the Kindra house so first house is very
important when you have moon in the first house your outlook and region
towards life is very emotional it’s quite obvious right so these people are
these people can be strong-minded people they can be really stable in the
relationship as well okay so all these things can also be seen from the moon in
the first house okay so yes this was my analysis about the moon in the first
house you can add all the significance which you think resonate with this
combination of the physical body and mind coming in into the first house
this was moon in the first house as much as I could hold the grass but share with
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