Mystery School: What Is It About? Dr. Pillai Answers Questions – 2 of 3

I’m doing this session to answer some of the
questions that people have sent to me about the Mystery School program. I want to engage people through my participation
as well as the participation of others who are engaging you every week. There should be at least a solid one hour
of meditation every week with the other people, the staff who are doing the meditation with
you. And Every quarter, I will do a two hour immersion
technique, so that we are immersed in the practice and going deep into your subconscious
and unconscious Mind. As you go along, this is the law of nature
on the earth plane, you will be learning. And when you do a meditation, you do not evaluate
the success of it. So, I’m going to restructure the program
so that you will be in conversation with the Divine. In other words you’ll be talking to God. And then God should be talking to you. Because he’s not a physical person, He will
talk to you from inside your own Heart. He will talk to you through some signs that
he will show you and I will tell you what those signs are that you have to look for,
to know what message that God is sending to you, the higher Self is sending to you.

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