Nadi Astrology Class by Sunil – Saptarishis Astrology (With English Subtitles) – Part 1

Nadi Astrology Class by Sunil – Saptarishis Astrology (With English Subtitles) – Part 1

How is it possible? That someone could calculate the birth time from ones palm print and then make the whole Kundali by hand!? I took a friend for his daughter’s kundali to such a person and recorded the session. That person did all the calculations in barely 10 minutes and prepared her Kundali. Many palmists in India say that it isn’t possible but it is possible. Anyways, There are few people who can do this. If nadi has got the Rishi’s role like Saptarishi nadi, Guru Nadi, Bhrigu Nadi, Ishwar nadi, Bhrigu nandi Nadi, Shukra Nadi… In all these Nadis the Rishis/Sages have given some formulas…Shukra Nadi is different from Sukr Nadi, please remember this. Sukra Nadi was translated by C.G. Rajan but a lot of it is still in Tamil. In North we called Nadis as Samhitas Out of all only Bhrigu Samhita remains copies of which are found in Hoshiarpur, Allahabad etc. These nadis written by the sages and out of which Saptarishi nadi is very important because the Seven Rishis are talking to Goddess Parvati in it She gives out a chart and the seven sages predict on that chart and they give principle We have developed a system by collecting these scattered principles. The advantage is that you can predict within seconds. Right, I will give you an example A friend of mine in Jodhpur goes to an astrologer who has a family legacy of 540 years! I have never met a Jyotishi like him I have a thing that always go to one astrologer like we have one father why because all are ninth house Your father is 9th house, your Guru is 9th house, Your God is 9th house so should be your astrologer Unless you are not satisfied with one then Shashtra permits you to go to another one, do not become like a traveling vagabond trying out astrologers from one to another… these are fundamental, till you understand these fundamentals you won’t understand Nadi Shahstra Because this is far ancient than the Parashar’s system that we are following. This is the original system of the Rishis. There are many nadi systems in this too, understand this there are many systems within Nadi System only Bhrigu Nandi system that Mr. Rao would teach you has rules completely different from Parashari in a way but also different from other Nadi systems. Are you understanding, this is important… Your intelligence level and dedication towards mastery should be so high that you could assimilate everything and then predict. Why did God give us two hands, think about it, we could have done away with one… My friend has Venus and Saturn in 12th, I don’t remember his Lagna, so when Jupiter in transit entered the 6th house, obviously it was in 5th before that… For atleast he was asking me when would he get a job, I had read in Introduction page of a Nadi book that when Venus and Saturn are placed together and when Jupiter comes in a Trine or directly aspects then it gives a rise in profession This book was based on Bhrigu Nandi Nadi written by V. Raghu Raman ji and I memorised it See why, Jupiter is the Karak/agent of prosperity, Fortune and Rise in Fortune, Saturn the Karak/agent of Service Venus obviously grants luxuries, so I told him that he will get a job far from home place and he would earn a lot and that will happen when Jupiter would transit the 6th house. No sooner than Jupiter entered the 6th house he got a 3.6Million Rs/annum job (100,000USD) He was extremely happy but I have seen the same technique not working in many kundalis. I could boast about my prediction but of course it is not a big prediction. Are you understanding, the point is, what Nadi techniques give you is a snapshot view, always remember this because when you are analysing a kundali you are looking at thousands of things You have a client in front of you and you have to give a prediction in 2 secs, if you do not then what happens your client would say that you do not know Jyotish This technique of transit Jupiter and Saturn and Venus combination from Nadi is only a cluw for us to pursue further Our mistake is that, and it is important, we start using this as single technique for everything, like a single pill for all maladies This attitude of Fast Food astrology has become our attitude. So when we get a technique then we… the so-called educated people do the mistake I did I tested it on 50 charts and decided that it doesn’t works but when you learn from a Guru then you learn the how… and when to use the technique… I will give you further clues into this, as now it has come to your attention that this one year period may impart something like this to this person So this is your clue number one okay, now you need to add 10 other clues with it Nadi never stated that only this technique should be used but you to apply the Dasha system too, not 1 but 4 Unless this is done you won’t get results. The 4 Dashas that work in my experience are Vimshottari, Kaal Chakra, Char and Rohini Dasha. For negative events I also use Mool dasha Varamihir has also mentioned about Mool Dasha especially negative events World Renowned K.N.Rao sir also uses a minimum of 3 Dasha system and he has experience of over 60-70 years, he began at the age of 8. He doesn’t do a snapshot analysis like us He checks every event with three different dasha systems before predicting Have you understood that this is an art of synthesis of techniques…this is very important the difference between a good and a bad predictor is this a bad predictor cannot use 10 different techniques at once whereas a good one can that is reason we find KP difficult Why, there are nuances in KP, you need to see 4 things, Am I right Sir? I don’t get KP, I think it requires lot of intelligence, I prefer Nadi, I think it doesn’t requires too much intellect, which may not be true… I asked him that there may be 2000 translators of Sanskrit but what is the secret of your success? He said, Sunil… I read everything in astrology but focused on 5-6 areas i.e. Ashtakvarga, Aarudha, Nadi…you see…This reminded me of my martial arts teacher he used to tell me that my right leg is the fastest he used to tell me to concentrate on that only… You only require one punch, one
kick to finish your opponent Then I saw the super flop movie of Akshay Kumar, Chandni Chowk to China I don’t know if you have seen that movie, there is a scene in it He has a fight against this martial artist, his Guru tells him that I have taught you a lot but what have you mastered? You can’t defeat this guy otherwise Hero asks him that he has to defeat this villain any way… He tells him to remember one thing that he has practiced 10,000 times than everything else. One technique that you have tested 10,000 times is what you require! I will teach you Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati after this session I have tested that technique on minimum 2000 charts in a span of 6 months to 1 year. No Dasha, nothing but only that technique… that is when you will master it, the technique should be the 1st and last thing on your mind. When you read newspaper and read that someone has died then you must visualise their kundali and think that now the 12th house has activated, the accident happened because their 8th house got activated I used to do that every time I read newspaper Someone got married so you know that should be 31 or 32 something now To get the gist of it, so can we have more number of hours? please, let’s talk freely… …Very important planet, specially Mercury in the 5th house or 2nd, 11th or even 12th. it is finished… Or Mercury in Kendra to Saturn Or Kendra to the 5th lord, there are many combinations, the only problem is the 5th it will make one brag
that that the English government anyone self-aggrandizing That is why I ask people to put their horoscopes in the application form Because I don’t want to hurt anybody No mother should come to know that her child is going to be kidnapped Jyotish is a vidya of Sanyasis/Monks not of householders, remember this, if you can still quit then please do It is not good for the householder, unfortunately many of us carry Jyotish Sanskaar from previous lives but the fact is… Jyotish is a science of ascetics/sanyasi not for householders Whether you are looking at a king’s kundali or a pauper your prediction shouldn’t be biased, next week bring a personal file with 10 charts, and each chart having 10 events specially for my lectures This will be specially useful in BCP, Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati We are going to be doing BCP for the next 2-3 months. I have only mentioned only 3-4 in the magazine but I can teach 60 but no time… …If you can’t learn from Nadi astrology stunning predictions then you are wasting yours and mine time too. So next lecture when you come you should bring this file and trust me we will increase the data in it the data base would be your Gita why because every time you read a nadi when you get a combination you can go and check. As to your question why we
didn’t give this at Khar? If we would have kept it at Khar then probably we would have doubled the batch, don’t you think I know that, we have doing this for past 2 year at the Mumbai club. Mr. Yagnik, is there a Sholka that Shiv Ji says about Guru?
Yagnik: He mentioned that there is nothing beyond the Guru. Sunil: There is probably a shloka there that says that if you say something against Bramha even then I could forgive you even if you say something against Vishnu even then I could forgive even if you do something against me even then I will forgive you but if you go against your Guru then even I cannot forgive you. So before you get a Guru, I don’t want you to call me Guru, but stroke the Guru Tatva (desire to learn) in you, when it is awakened then it will give you devotion this devotion will give you a lot of power It will give you confidence that if my teacher taught me this then I can predict using this 2 weeks back there was a guy from Taiwan over here and another from US and they had learned at the K.N.Rao workshop, the one which happens in October for 15 days It is an international course, 70-80 Russians are there too. He mentioned that his sister is in hospital suffering from schizophrenia She had basically nothing going on in her life so we prepared her kundali, he probably didn’t knew the correct time too, but the moment we made kundali I asked him what happened in the 25th-26th year of her life? He was surprised and mentioned that this is when her hallucinations started Obviously I could have been wrong but how could I say that in half a second? Because of the power of my Guru, this is how I have been taught I believe and my Guru taught me that it can all go wrong he also taught me to test it on 500 charts as I followed his instructions so I will not go wrong. If at all I go wrong, then it is my mistake, I might have missed something That humility will take you miles ahead, I have seen thousands of examples of astrologers who have not prospered is becasue of ego. I will give you an e.g. Which is the house of children?
Audience: 5th And adopted Son?
Audience: 9th? Sunil: Who said 9th? If I say that it is the 10th house what will you say? I will even quote a shloka too… You will say wrong, right? Father’s house is usually 9th or 10th and mother is 4th, right? If I say that there is a book where Father is in 4th and Mother is in 10th Will you believe me? No, right? K.N. Rao has written in his book! This particular book the chapter on houses is the most brilliant. When I read the book I felt I had found the treasure! When I started telling astrologers we wrote me off… but K.N.Rao has sat here and said so! Mantra? which house? 5th? but acquisition of the power of mantra which house is that?
my shock the octopus that water board’s Popat Sir?
Reply: 9th house?
Sunil: In the book it is the 10th house. Apply logic, 6th from 5th is 10th and 6th is house of obstacles and when the obstacle would be removed only then would you get the power! So the book is right! Are you understanding? I will tell you something, I have told this many times in Mumbai club but no one reads it. I am using K.N.Rao’s technique now. I will give you all the knowledge then only give you the name of the book. You should want knowledge. Before you all came there came a guy from Bihar, you should see his predictions on my chart I never show my chart to anybody because I don’t want to but he gave me 25 predictions on my chart…most brilliant! And I was discussing the same thing with him that when we give knowledge so easily then people don’t value it. Make them earn it. That is a mistake I did in Saptarishis where I gave everything very easily What people get by hard work and passion they use it and treasure it. That is the reason the guru always waited for the right student. Someone who would treasure the knowledge. please If you haven’t mastered Houses and Planets then you are useless in astrology. I have realized that all my life I have wasted in super fine techniques and I do not even know basics i.e Planets, Houses and Signs For e.g. you remember you kundali right? You all are young, think about this… The 10th lord, where ever it is placed in your kundali, with relation to that house or to the agency represented by that house, you would have to do charity… Think with respect to your kundali, haven’t you done such charity? what does it mean? suppose your 10th lord is Jupiter. and it is aspecting the 5th lord then you will go an teach children free or even if you aren’t teaching children then too you would chat up with children you meet extolling the virtues of education Does it work in your chart? Think deeply…Where is your Jupiter placed Mr. Ravinder?
Reply: 12th Have you donated Manuscripts (TC: religious)?
Reply: Yes Sunil: Once you would have 10 kundalis like this then we can discuss without taking personal examples. We don’t want to discuss personal charts here but I know him for a decade now probably and know that he won’t mind it but we shouldn’t be doing this for privacy. What is Astrology? It is very difficult and very detailed. You would have to memorise the tables given to you. You will be tested in this class. Tell me how many attributes you remember for every house? Atleast 5 points? 10? You may not remember but would have atleast studied it, right? But have you studied 40-50? No? How can we go forward then? 7th house also shows Umbrellas. A friend of mine has debilitated Rahu here.In sanskrit it is called ‘Chatra’ but you have to interpret it in modern sense. I asked him that if he ever had some connection/problems with umbrellas? He blurted that for the past 21-22 years he has got his umbrellas stolen without fail in every rainy season! and my mother gives me a hard time for this for being so careless! ok But someone always steals my umbrellas! This is an example of a fine prediction. Now I can tell you as that this is what I have predicted but if I do not give you the principal behind it that this house represents Umbrellas! make a modern interpretation of it, you have to experiment…but you have to really work hard for Nadi. If you aren’t ready then this is where we part. Every 3 months you would have classes and tests and I will force you I will call you and haggle you till you master this… I may make you practice for 6 months only the results of 10th house form Mars’s placement in a kundali and the result it gives in the 27th year for the 10th house from its placement till you master E.g. your Mars is in 10th house in Navam-amsha ok, and the 10th house from it is 7th So in 27th year there must be some result of the 7th house You would have to say to your client if anything related to marriage happened in that year? Are you understanding? Now test this technique and give me feedback, don’t tell me on the phone that you have now looked into 50 kundalis Then I will give you charts and ask for predictions, are you understanding… until you master and become perfect, if you find it difficult, its ok I and Mr. Bhau will see to it that you become perfect He will teach you Bhrigu Nandi Nadi We will begin with the Karakas of Planets or their representations Inner Circle: Sun (Soul)>>Mercury (Intelligence)>>
Venus (Consumption)>>
Central Circle: Moon (Mind)>>Two nodes, Rahu (Maya/Illusion) and Ketu (Moksha/Salvation)
Outer Circle: Saturn (Karma/Duty)>>Jupiter (Ego)>>Mars (Body) Closest to Sun is Moon Then we have Venus which is the representative of luxuries and comforts. Then comes Earth and the two nodes called Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is Maya/illusion and Ketu is Moksha/Salvation. Then Mars is physical body. Jupiter is Ego/person and Saturn is pending Karma. Due to Saturn i.e. Pending Karma That is why Ego/soul/person (Jupiter) has to take a body (Mars) Then the body gets Mind. Mind has two paths to follow It can follow Rahu/Maya or Ketu/Moksha. This is Outer Circle: Saturn (Karma/Duty)>>Jupiter (Ego)>>Mars (Body), Central Circle: Moon (Mind)>>Two nodes, Rahu (Maya/Illusion) and Ketu (Moksha/Salvation) Inner Circle: Sun (Soul)>>Mercury (Intelligence)>>
Venus (Consumption)>>The body then gets soul The Soul has to be saved from the clutches of decadence by application of intellect Karma gives body Then comes mind with its two paths of illusion and salvation The Soul has to be saved from the clutches of decadence by application of intellect If not, then there is no usefulness to this life, this has been stated in Nadi literature The soul gets in the cycle of birth and death and the planets keep giving their results This the base, it needs to be understood before anything else. The planets do not hesitate to give their results The planets move in their own rhythm and they declare when and how would they impart these results In next class I will give you the details of these concepts, the agency of the planets and many other topics would be covered. After birth comes education, then profession, then marriage, then children, then property, then diseases, then longevity etc You will get all the combinations etc. Note it down and memorise it.It will be very helpful for you. now we start with Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati, There is history behind it which we will discuss later. Please distribute these handouts and I will email you the files later.


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