Nandini Nursing Home Telugu Full Movie | Naveen | Vennela Kishore | 2019 Latest Telugu Full Movies

Nandini Nursing Home Telugu Full Movie | Naveen | Vennela Kishore | 2019 Latest Telugu Full Movies

NANDINI NURSING HOME [Raining] [Woman groaning] [Woman screams] [Clock ticking] [Woman groaning continues] Almost there, please hold on. -All is well.
-Here are the scissors. Give me that cotton bundle. [Thunder] [Sighs] Why has the
power cut off at time? Kaveri, quickly go and
switch on the generator. Madam I forgot to mention,
even the generator isn’t working. Is it? Then how? Fine, atleast light up the candle quick. Ok madam. [Woman groans] [Lightening and thunder] [Baby cries] It’s a girl, give her a bath. -Huh?
-Ah? -Where’s the baby?
-Don’t know madam. -Baby…
-Search thoroughly. [Strikes matchstick] Madam, baby’s shadow… [Baby crying] Madam… [Thunder] [Baby crying continues] [Baby crying continues] Madam, I hear from this side. -I hear from this side.
-No ma’am I hear from this side. Is it? You go that side,
I will go this side. Ok madam. [Baby crying continues] [Thunder] [Baby crying distantly] [Door opens] [Baby crying intensifies] [Shocks] [Thunder, lightening and raining] Madam, you would fall,
get down! [In unison] First you get down madam.
[In unison] Hey, Poorna she looks just like you. Baby… [NANDINI NURSING HOME] Here’s Brufen… -Hi uncle…
-Hi son… Send him soon,
we need to look into our business. He seems to be our Chandu. -Uncle, I’ll be right back.
-Ok. Hey Chandu… Hey,Valasanaidu…
How come are you here? Are you too staying in Hyderabad? No, I just came from
Vizag for job trials. What’s your qualification? -I did my Masters in Commerce.
-Oh! You have not cleared a
single subject in Class 10. None of us expected you
would settle so well in life. You are really great dude! Marks don’t matter when one has talent. You look just like MaheshBabu in the film
Business Man, in these Rayban shades, You look like as though
you would reign Hyderabad. Looks like you’re settled
in some medical business. In a way, yes. It’s business cum job. Lovely Rayban! -Damn! Hands off. It’s worth Rs 4000.
-No Sir! Just Rs 400. Check them
yourself, these two look alike. If you want to buy the same at a
showroom, they would be priced Rs 4000. -Why did you spend so much?
-Wow! You look like a hero with them sir. -Is it?
-How do I look? You look like you got your eye operated. -Damn you! Go…go away!
-Ofcourse I would. I think we better go and
talk in the medical shop. -Ok.
-You always do this. -Uncle, how much did you sum up to?
-Rs3000. Just Rs 3000? It is Rs 12,000 worth stock. This is more for the stolen stock. We don’t take this
phenyl and bottle teats. You are turning very cruel day
by day. You can’t be happy. I have seen plenty like you. Hey, what’s all this? What are those medicines and why
are selling the stolen stuff? Don’t panic! When I said
medical business, I meant… I work as compounder
at Nandini Nursing Home. All these medicines have
been taken from the patients. When doctor prescribes 10 tablets,
I give them 4 and bring 6 here. The more the doctors
prescribe, the more income for me. Is this your business? Forget my business, how’s your life? I’m in a state that I can’t
afford even a duplicate Rayban too. Give me your resume. We have an opening for accountant in
our hospital. I’ll try for that. Is it? Are you sure? -Give it!
-Hey, it’s a resume. I need to go to lab now. Now that I took you resume,
I will try from my end in hospital. You will receive the call
letter soon. Don’t worry. Thanks dude. -What’s up?
-I received the letter from hospital. Is it? Oh God!
So my recommendation worked. Why do you look dull even
after receiving the letter? Here, read it yourself.
You would know. -Dr.Chandrasekhar, MBBS
-Hmm. Call letter for Jr Doctor. You got the call letter
for a Jr doctor post. Yeah, that’s what I’m asking you. How
did it come as MBBS while mine is M.Com. -Huh?
-I shouldn’t have believed you. When fortune gone astray and knocks
the door, why don’t you welcome it? Enough of this. Just leave it.
You better welcome it -I will find my own way.
-Hey… hey… Sit… Just sit down. Listen to me carefully.
Along with the accountant posts, they have also listed
Junior doctor posts. Your name should have
been mistakenly listed into it. You idiot! Stay calm.
I will explain you in detail, come. Get up, come! Come, I’ll tell you.
Hey Jiva bring two cups of tea. Ok, what do say finally? To cover this mistake,
you have to join as Jr doctor here. The salary of accountant
here is Rs10,000. And salary of Junior doctor is Rs35,000. See the difference. Kudos to your fake idea, but it’s
not easy to manage like a doctor. Moreover. I hardly know anything here. Why do you worry? I’m half doctor here. Hold this. Tea money and tablets for
strength, give to your owner. Hey stop, you gave just two cups of tea,
why do you need another tablet? Go. Your offer is good. Salary is too good. Mine and my dad’s problems
will get solved with this. -But…
-Why do you say but again? There’s nothing much to
do as a junior doctor. You will be assisting a senior doctor,
you just need to follow him, and learn which tablets are
prescribed when, BP, Sugar etc., If you learn the work,
you can earn that’s all. That’s fine. But how to manage interview? I have been after them
from the past 5 years. I know what does a senior doctor
ask junior doctor in the interview. I will tell them to you. Coming to certificates,
we can easily get at Rs10,000. Ok, Now you will have to know about
the hospital and people in it. There, he is Dr.Murthy,
the owner of this hospital. He is the renowned
cardiologist in Hyderabad. Very nice person and simple too. -There comes the main candidate.
-Who’s that? She’s daughter of Mr Murthy
I spoke about earlier. Ms. Nandini.
The hospital is names after her. She has done her MBA and is
managing the whole hospital. She is faster than computer
and sharper than CC cameras. Do you see her range? Once she enters, not just those in
front also those behind get alert. No one can ever guess
her mood swings. Is she the one who
interviews me tomorrow? Good catch! If you can manage her in the interview
tomorrow, no one can stop you here. There’s another important thing… There’s Sunray hospital in the opposite. Though it looks bigger
than Nandini Hospital they gave up for the
tough competition we give. His plan is to overtake
Nandini Hospital ever. He worries of being over taken by a girl. I completely understood
the scenario here. You can get rich only by risking. That’s right. Come! Hey, this is oxygen mask. Similar to those that are
used for valves in our side. Look at this pipe,
this nob should be turned this side. if you turn the other side,
he would die immediately. BP, Pulse and oxygen levels will
be displayed on the monitor. You have to keep this on his finger,
but not anything else you found here. -Why are you late? It’s time for interview.
-I’m here. Come,
hope you remember everything I told. Don’t forget to call
me once you you get in. -Ok, fine.
-Stay here. [Opens door] -I want it done by 5 O’clock sharp.
-Madam… A person came for the interview of
junior doctor post. Shall I send him in? Send him. -Excuse me ma’am…
-Yeah, please. Thank you. Ma’am… Yeah. Sure. You pursued MBBS from
Andhra University, Vizag. You must have been a topper
for securing a seat there. Any work experience? I worked at Apollo
hospitals for 6 six months. When you worked at
such a reputed hospital, why have you applied in a
small hospital like ours? Why is she asking random things
and not subject based questions? Working at a reputed
hospital is not important. Working with a good
doctor is important. City’s No. 1 cardiologist
is Mr Murthy sir. Who doesn’t aspire to
work with such a doctor? So you want to work with Murthy sir? Definitely, In fact we used to discuss
mostly about Murthy sir in our MBBS days. You turned to be a smart fellow. There’s a rise in patients with
heart problems in India lately. -Ok.
-What do you advice on this? Oh God! He’s in the soup! This is an interesting
and detailed matter. Food habits are not the reason
for heart problem in Indians. It’s because of
tensions and emotions. A normal human heart beat
would range between 70-80. Can you guess what would be my pulse now? Could be between 85-90. Why? Tension. Tension whether
you would hire me or not. If you don’t mind, can you
get me pulse oximeter for once? Sure. Give me your hand… A small test… Your pulse rate now is 73BPM. Is it the same usually? Yeah. Without any movement,
it would usually be this. Wrong. Now see how I would make it
go high and low without your control. -How?
-Close your eyes. Listen to your heartbeat alone. This is just a medical test. Now I am coming closer to you. [Normal Heart beat] Coming much closer… Coming much closer… I am very close to you now.
[Increasing heart beat] [Racing heart beat] I’m as close as a kissing pose. [Intense heart beat] -Hmm.
-[Exhales] Thank God! This is just for a medical test. Look, your BPM is 120 now. People in our country have
their own tensions at every age. You were so normal a while ago,
but look at the variation I brought. If you take any issue on a
lighter note and stay calm… There wouldn’t be any tension. If there’s
no tension the heartbeat would be normal. So, I would read patient’s
mind before his heart. I would study and then
start the treatment. -I find this a bit confusing.
-Hmm. But I liked your explanation. Go and meet MrVenkateswarulu. -I will talk to him.
-Ok. You spoke about heart
like an experienced doctor. Do you have to be a doctor
to speak about heart? It’s been with us since birth. We know it better. -I just played a trick.
-But I was really worried here. You are 90% a doctor now -Thank you.
-Come let’s meet Dr Venkateswarulu. -Who is he by the way?
-Very interesting character,come. Next! -Namasthe doctor.
-Please be seated. -What is your problem?
-Knee pain. Back pain, I am unable to bend. -I am unable to move my neck too.
-Since when? From 3 years sir. There’s no doctor or
hospital that I haven’t visited. Atleast, you give me a
better treatment doctor. Though it’s late,
you came to the right place. Here are my
old reports. I will anyway get them done again. I will take care, you come. -Hmm. What’s your name?
-I’m… Hanumanthu sir. Hanumanthu… What’s your date of birth? 17-5-1961 -61… What’s your star?
-Huh? -Why is he asking his star?
-Don’t panic, he’s crazy about astrology. But he’s a good doctor,
and that’s why a lot of them visit him. Why don’t you tell your star? Do you remember it or not?
Do you atleast know what is a star? -Bharani sir.
-Ah, Bharani. Very good. -Do you know your zodiac sign?
-Libra. Libra… Very good. [Clears throat] Did you see that? Saturn who has be in quarter no.3 is… -…in no 2.
-Yes, sir, I have pain in 2 knees. I’m not talking about that.
Shut up and listen to me. There’s a clash
between Rahu and Ketu, So he is staying with
Ravi in third quarter. Yes doctor. All that you said is true. I will do whatever you suggest me to. First you need to do
Shanti Puja for Saturn God. Later, for 9 weeks you have to
circle around 9 grahas idols for 108 times. Donate 9 variety grains. I already suffer from knee pain,
108 times? -What would you do when you’re in danger?
-Understood sir. Ok, for your satisfaction,
I’m prescribing one tablet. That too, two in a day. Ok.. Take them. Then… come back after 9 weeks. See you sir.
Ok, go. Hey, give me your hand. -For?
-Give me. -Give!
-[Groans] Next! Good morning sir. Why have you come instead of a patient? -I came for him sir.
-Who’s he? Nandini madam has just interviewed
and appointed as a junior doctor. She sent him to follow you. -Sir, certificates.
-It’s ok, madam has checked them. Give me your right hand. [Laughs] Look at those sharp palm lines. Moreover a mole on the index finger. You are going to be a good doctor. Ok. I will follow this, you follow me. -Yes sir.
-Very good. Look, I need to go on rounds. Follow me. Hey, you became a doctor.
Wait, I’ll get your steth and apron. Good morning sir. Sir, you are like God
to me, you saved my son. -Good morning doctor.
-Yeah. -Come later.
-Hey, get lost. -Where are we going?
-For patients rounds. Rounds and rounds. [Old woman groaning] He will distribute for someone else… Are you taking proper care of patients? I don’t want any complaints from them. You have to be very careful. Granny… Hey you wait. Why do you take the stairs?
I will take you. put your hand around me I don’t want to hear another complaint… You should always stay blessed my boy. I guessed that you will have such a kind
heart, when I saw the mole on the hand. Come… get him. Sir…sir… we’ll go to this room. But why? It’s a waste of time. He will feel bad if you do
not go to his room alone. -Let’s go.
-Come sir! Come sir. [Clears throat] [Sniffs] Why do I smell incense sticks?
Is Dettol over in the hospital? [Bell ringing] You came at the right time of
puja. Take the prasada. I get cough having your
coconut prasada, but I don’t understand your ways at all. You came here 6 months ago with stomach
pain complaint and it’s cured in 2 days. In the fear of pain reverting, you stayed
back here taking a double bed room. You are paying about a
Lakh per month here. If you pay the same amount in any
star hotel, you could enjoy a lot. Doctor, please don’t talk
low about hospital. I had my enlightenment here. One will have under a
tree, one under a hill, One in the Himalayas, another
at bangkok. I had it here. You didn’t get your wisdom tooth at all. -Phone bill sir.
-Give here. Not your’s sir, mine. Have you given this address
for your cell phone bills too? This is my house and temple too. Come on sir, why do you mind?
How does it bother you? He is the one paying the money
without discussion or discount. You are scolding a patient. The hospital
will lose it’s income because of you. Brother-in law… -You?
-No Him. Huh… Brother in law… Brother-in-law,
why haven’t you told me? Today I came to know that
you are in the hospital. -Do you know how bad your sis would feel?
-Sis? Yeah, my sis. If he’s been here from 6 months, he
should be suffering from major illness. Please tell doctor,
please… please doctor. We ourselves are breaking our
heads not knowing what it is. I can tell their planetary
movement just by looking at the face. Not sure he’s born at which star… I understand neither his
movement nor his planets. Come. You come. Hey, first you stop the
drama and tell me the matter. Venu told about your business,
while I was searching for a room. I need a room urgently.
Did he tell the conditions? -He didn’t tell them properly dude.
-I shall, listen. Rs3000 per hour, Rs5000 for two hours. Then you will be billed
for every extra minute. Rs3000 per hour?
Isn’t that too much? Make it RS1000. What are you saying? you know how
difficult it is to find such a room city. Instead of paying you,
I could better book a hotel room. Yuck! Just leave! You silly fellow!
If you go to any hotel to save on money you get caught in ride, Unable to face public and police
you cover your face with kerchief, your parents gets blamed
and lose their reputation you neither get married nor
anyone gives their daughter to you… You try committing suicide, get
critical and come to the same bed… -and suffer, while I see that and
-Hey hey… stop dude. Don’t talk about police,
media and spoil my mood. Hey, you have all those facilities
which star hotels too don’t provide. No police, no tension. I invented
this room after a lot of research. I have been doing this
business from 6 months. Time is 9 am now, you have to
vacate by 10 pm. Venu booked later. You first go from here. Ok, hey, I’ll leave but tell that I’ve
gone for a walk if anyone asks for me. -Ok.
-Enjoy! You come! -Have you called on an emergency issue?
-Please be seated. Thank you sir. Do you know what’s the
serious matter in the city? Pollution sir.
[Sighs] We can anyhow not provide
any solution for it. Serious matter than that. Chain
snatching.It has become a major headache. Women are scared from
throwing trash in morning till evening walk to
step out of the house. They are troubling
men to accompany them. 242 cases until now,
we couldn’t get hands on single one. We are unable to
educate women either. They don’t listen to us when we
say come out without wearing gold. Even if they wear, they have an
urge to show them off to everyone. Women in our country love gold more
than their husbands. No other go. So I took a decision. Wherever you find the chain snatchers,
shoot them at sight. Especially that Ganesh and batch.
They have become very problematic. We do not know where he is or
how does he snatch them away. or when does he come
either. 136 cases so far. There’s no other choice,
encounter that fellow. [Bike vrooming sound] [Raging] Why are reacting so wild
looking at Ganesh’s picture. Only 136 cases have been risen
against his name in police station. Another 2 cases didn’t
come to your notice. You do not know the torture
I faced because of him. Six months ago to catch
Ganesh gang red-handedly I waited at Ramnagar colony with two lady
constables wearing rolled gold jewellery I can never forget that day. -Everything ok?
-Ok sir. We never know he attacks from
which side and snatches away. He shouldn’t miss our trap. We all are on alert.
He cannot escape from us sir. Hmm. [Bike vrooming] Same sound. Same sound. [Bike vrooming] -Be alert, he’s coming.
-Yes sir. -Be careful
-Yes sir. He’s coming, I can hear his sound. Yeah! [Screams] Hey.. hey… [Groans] You rascal… wait… From department’s bold
police officer like me… he snatched away my
chain in broad day-light. I could neither catch him nor run
after him with this heavy belly. I lost my dignity sir. [Sighs] As I went home, my wife said… a policeman with a belly and a
tumbler with a dint are good for nothing. I couldn’t face my neighbours… – I didn’t know where to hide my face…
-Stop! I understood your situation. It didn’t stop there sir… What else? [Temple bell rings] Come, let’s go. -One selfie dear…
-Hmm. Ok. Give it here, you always
click the same way. I will show you how to click
a selfie with some creativity. Hmm. Come, come here. Come closer. Huh? Hey… you!
It’s my iphone… [Shouts] What? He has snatched
away your phone too? Since then, my determination
to catch him has grown… and my belly has
gone 10 inches low. Now I got the opportunity. I will not spare the
one who has tortured me. I will come with his dead
body to you in two days. -Hey…
-Sir… Take care of your gun.
You will lose your job if you lose it. -Sir, stop sir. Leave him.
-Leave me! You dumb! Don’t you know the
difference between gold and rolled gold. I gave you training, a bike,
money in your purse… gave you encouragement,
and a hug too and sent. Is this what you bring? The moment you look at a chain, the vibrations in your body should
tell you whether its gold or rolled gold? He is the real chain snatcher. You are not fit for this profession,
go and search for another. Go! Not him, you should search
a place to hide yourself. Can you show some respect? -You should find a place to hide bro.
-Why should I hide? Commissioner has handed over
your case to CI Ratnababu. How do we get panic
just for handing over? I will scare the hell out of Ratnababu
by tomorrow morning. You just watch! Listen to me, Ratnababu was given
shoot at sight orders against you. He is searching for you
throughout the city holding a gun. Sir, while our Manju was running
after snatching a chain, -he was shot by Bullet Rathnababu.
-What? He died on spot. How could he do this? What do we do now? Shall we leave this city? We don’t have a chance to. All the check-posts,
tollgates have tight security. He doesn’t spare you on sight. The whole city has your posters stuck. What do I do? [Phone rings] Hello? Hello Mr.Das,
I’m in a horrible situation sir. Police have targeted me,
I’m not sure what to do. Shall I go and surrender myself? If you surrender yourself to police, you will become boneless Ganesh. It’s better to take acid
or phenyl in the bathroom. Why do talk about acid or phenyl now? If want to be safe and stay
outside do one thing… create an accident. If I meet with an accident,
I go to hospital but how do I escape sir? Listen to me,
act as though you went in coma. Police can do nothing. Manage for 10 days like that. That’s all?
There’s no other go! Bed is always better than bullet. [Groan] Huh? [Dialing]
Hello, Ambulance? [Ambulance siren] Hmm. He got badly hurt on head.
Body went into coma. His astrology says he has
a lot of critical moments. He will witness hell on Earth itself. Sir, he seems to be
chain snatcher Ganesh. Ganesh? I think he is the one who snatched my
chain while I was heading to work. Leave him to me,
I will show him the hell. You fatty! When did I steal your chain,
mine is not your area either. Hold on Kaveri. Let me check his
condition and give the treatment. -Go out!
-Go! What happened to him? He met with an accident and went
in coma. He’s being treated. -Oh my god! It’s him.
-Doctor. This is not coma it’s all his drama. You move aside,
I will give police treatment. He will sit upright if
I give a current shock. Huh? Hey… stop him! Hey.. sir please stop! He really seems to give a shock. Stop! He could be a criminal
but he’s our patient now. We will let you after the treatment,
until then you should not touch him. Please you leave. Thank God,
my Sinu should have arranged this. Ok doctor, but I will wait outside. Though you save him,
I have his name written on my bullet. The bullet should go
straight into his throat. -Please go out.
-Please leave. Chandu, you take up this case,
and be on it. Me? Will I handover it to a
compounder or a doctor? I meant, I didn’t want a
complicated one as my first case Look, you need not do any
operation, just follow my instructions. By the way, for his head injury,
put stitches and get dressing done. -Ok? I’ll leave.
-Ok sir. Doctor, shall I get his
horoscope too ready? [Laughs] Wonderful,
this is called following. -You are very sharp my dear boy!
-Yes sir. -Learn from him
-Ok sir. -You come.
-Ok sir. [Groans] Hey take care.
First we should get on the job. -Congrats doctor.
-Damn! How could he give such a complicated
case assuming me as a doctor? Argh! he isn’t a doctor?
He doesn’t know the treatment? What a bad time! If I do anything with my half
knowledge, and if he expires I will get trapped in this mishap. Somehow I should get out of this case. -Give me a plan.
-[Laughs] Why do laugh while I ask for a plan? Damn! Hey,
how lucky you are to get one such body. and given to you to treat. All the doctors learnt by dissecting
such bodies during their MBBS. You too dissect and learn slowly. -Explain properly.
-I will. He’s in coma now. Coma means comma. -Any mistake will make it a full stop.
-Huh? He is just like a dead body now. He doesn’t have sorrow, pain,
fear, worry and anything. Hey, where do you cut? Move! Give me a month’s time.
I will learn everything from him. Doctor, this is very costly
injection. Each costs Rs 600. You should give 8 daily.
Totaling to Rs 5000. I will not give him
such expensive ones. So we take it away and
give a strengthening one. They did atleast something
good by not giving that injection. I would really die if they would give it. Did you ever see giving an injection? Argh! I am very scared of
it right from childhood. I used to close my eyes while
dad used to inject buffaloes. Yeah, just the same way close
your eyes and give him the shot. Hey, is there no difference
between me and buffalo? -That’s it?
-Yes! -Give it.
-Here. This too looks as stout as him. Go ahead. Pierce! Hey… you giving in abdomen.
It’s given for a dog-bite. Not there, wait!
Where then? Wait, I’ll tell. You are like a shark my dear! Hey wait… don’t pierce him.
It’s very sharp. -Push it a little, ooze two drops.
-I did. -Be careful and pierce.
-Where should I? -I don’t understand wait!
-Tell me quick. -I’m in the right mood, quick!
-Wait! -Here?
-Here, pierce it. Hey… something would
be there in, do it here. -Kidney’s would be here.
-They would be down here. -Sorry it’s up there…
-So you say it’s better here? -I’m giving it…
-Yeah go ahead! Pierce! Come on! [Screams] Success doctor! Hey I got it! Hey, I would do it again. Just because you got it? Will you
do it again? Wait for 2 hours. -Damn!
-Too good doctor you are! Wait and watch. You would give wait. Let me flip the shark. Hey, why are you getting on him? Don’t panic my dear doctor,
we need do the stitches to the patients. Stitches? You know to do the stitches too? Except for a cardiac surgery,
I know every other operation. Give me the needle first. I’m 5 years experienced! -Wipe it
-Here. Don’t stand still and shoot a video.
You can upload on YouTube. That’s also an income here.
You would also get trained. Do you know where have I worked earlier? I worked under the ladies
tailor in my village. I stitched blouse hooks for 2 years there. Blouse hooks? Very bad! That experience is coming to use here. But there’s only one difference. There the needle would be straight,
here it would be curved. Fine, but please be careful while doing. Ready? Action! Hey… [Groans] Band aid is also put,
done with the operation. He’s cute. Stitching for a coma
patient gives a different feel. Operation isn’t a big deal. Needle and thread are more
than enough for an operation. That’ all? Hold on I forgot something. Where’s the needle? Shall I check in the video? Did the operation fail? Did you forget it inside? Oh! I forgot to remove gloves. Huh! I was bit tensed as
its my first operation. Doctors get panic for
such an easy operation. Ok Success! -Done!
-Let’s go! Simple operation,we can start a
hospital in our place too. [Door closed] Huh! [Groans] [Dialing] [Phone ringing] Bro? Sinu fellow! Didn’t you find any
other hospital? You brought me here. Why bro? One is not a doctor at all. He doesn’t
know where to give an injection. I know the pain! The other one puts hooks on blouses. He is not knowing the difference
between a body and a blouse. He is doing embroidery on my face. Is it? Somehow please take me from here. Bro, keep this between us.
Do you have a mind? Can you show some respect? Do you have the common
sense that you are in coma? Do you know how bad
I am feeling for you? What do I do now? Peep through the window. [Screams] Police dude! That’s the situation! So just shut
everything up, stay patient for a week. Ok. [Woman crying distantly]
Why didn’t you come yesterday? -Let’s meet at rounds again.
-Ok. What happened granny?
Why are you crying? My grand son,
who is not even 25 years old. Ha?
[Sobbing] He doesn’t have bad habits
like cigarette or alcohol. Haves only milk and fruits. Such a person got this deadly disease. Come again,
haves nothing other than milk and fruits? That’s enough! -You should save him!
-You come, I’ll explain! Don’t worry! “Dog evolved, hen evolved!” “Rat evolved, elephant evolved!” “Ant evolved, mosquito evolved.” “Snake evolved, scorpion evolved.” “Innumerous species
of creatures evolved.” “Something beyond this has evolved.” “What’s that dude?” “Human dude… Human!” “What did it do after its evolution?” “A bad thought has evolved in the mind.” “It has put the whole earth in danger.” “A bad thought has evolved in the mind.” “It has put the whole earth in danger.” “The place where human has stepped,
evolved adulteration” “An adulteration that
was never seen before ” “A sin no other creature did.” ” This dangerous adulteration
will kill even humans” “What an adulteration?
Even the creator will lose his mind” “Ignoring the pros and cons,
we did adulteration” “Is there any thing that’s
not adulterated? Tell me bro!” “Air and water is adulterated” “Food and clothes are adulterated” ” The sin we did with our own hands.” “The farms in the fields and
the fruits on the trees are adulterated” ” The grave we dug for
ourselves with our own hands.” “We have to eat,
and face problems by eating.” “Should go to the hospital
and get injections pierced” “Should go to the hospital
and get injections pierced” “You do not find peace until you die.” “The love that comes after
seeing the money is adulterated love” “It’s short living joy and
break-up if it gets bored.” “The friendship that drowns the ship
after using is adulterated one.” “Such friendships breaks the trust.” “The affection between kith
and kin is adulteration.” “Once the need is fulfilled,
who cares whom?” “You and I,
love and smiles are adulterated” “Feelings in the heart have also
been infected by adulteration” “Worry and tears are too adulterated.” “It’s an infectious disease
in mind and heart of humans.” “Though I have all, I am stranded” “Worrying over that,
we get heart attack.” “Worrying over that,
we get heart attack.” “This adulteration will not
spare you even after your death.” Damn! Electrician Basha was told umpteen
times to change the bulbs in store room. Where is it? Here it is. [Groans] [Screams] Open the door! Help! Open the door! Come quick! Please! -What happened?
-Sir, there’s something inside. It locked me up inside. Huh! What scared you? Come with me! Don’t go! She said something is
there, why do you want to go? You too come! What brought you to store
room in the midnight you devil? -Sir…sir!
-What? You would be waking up a
sleeping devil. Please, no sir. -Come!
-Listen to me! Sony atleast you tell him. She is not in a position
to tell, you come. [Screams] Got scared?
Nothing is there, it’s just a cat. You got scared because of
it an dput us in tension. No sir. There’s something
in this hospital. Six months back, came in the form a
newborn it scared the hell out of us. Sir, please sir. It came in many
forms and scared a lot of them Why should we bother? Let’s go sir! A scared person gets scared by
seeing anything in the dark. For instance,
she mistook a cat to be a devil. Unnecessarily caused tension. She might have had an illusion
and got scared earlier too. This is a time waste matter. Let’s go! First I should slap this girl. [Elevator beeps] Excuse me… -Good morning!
-Morning! [Lift breaks down] What do we do?
Do you know how to open this door? Ah.. I don’t know madam. E… emergency! [Screams] Why did she fall? Madam…
Madam… Excuse me madam. Hello, anyone there? Open the door please! Help! Someone please open the door. Hey, what happened? Lift broke down due to short circuit. God! Who is inside along with Nandini?
-Dr Chandu. Dr… Dr Chandu! How’s my daughter? Sir, Nandini madam fell
unconscious with electrocution. Check for her heart beat and breathing. Radial pulse too. Why are you staring at? Call for the
technician and get the lift opened. Do CPR immediately. -Do CPR
-Doing CPR sir. What is CPR? Yeah… Naidu! [Phone ringing] -Naidu!
-I’m right outside the lift. Hey, Murthy sir is using all
medical terms CPR, radial etc,. I don’t understand anything. CPR means pressing the chest
and blowing air through mouth. Do something and get her into conscious. Hey.. hey.. hello! Chandu! [Groans] Damn! Chandu! Chandu!…Chandu! Chandu, did you start CPR? Do it fast, don’t delay! Chandu, Can you hear me? Chandu, don’t delay! [Intense music] [Groan] [Pounding heart] Take her quick! Come on! [Health monitors beeping] God! Thank you! Thank you Chandu! Chandu, I still can’t believe
how this has happened? If you weren’t at that moment in the
lift,what would have happened to Nandini. Don’t get emotional sir. -How is your hand?
-[Groans] It’s ok sir. No problem. Why did you risk?
Taking a direct shock is dangerous. Anyhow, you responded
like a senior doctor. Even I were there then,
I wouldn’t have responded in this manner. -Thank you sir.
-Dr Jayaram my friend. I just received a call that
Nandini got electrocuted. -Nothing to worry, she is fine.
-Ok. Yeah, Jayaram,
he is Dr Chandu joined recently. -Hello sir,
-He is Jayaram, my family friend. My close buddy. -Nice meeting you sir.
-Good. Though he is a junior doctor,
he risked his life and saved Nandini. -Chandu good.
-Thank you sir. Today you didn’t save Nandini’s
life alone, Mr Murthy’s too. Because Nandini is Mr Murthy’s life. By the way,
where did you work earlier? Ah… I worked at Apollo for 6 months. I see, even I work for Apollo,
but I never saw you there. Ah.. I mean.. He has a memory loss. Not at Jubilee hills Apollo,
at Secunderabad branch. Secunderabad Apollo sir! Hey Jayaram,
do we need those details now? Sir seems to be have a good height. -Secunderabad…
-Where is Apollo in Secunderabad? Damn you! Just because you told in the interview,
you need not blabber everywhere. Who do you think he is?
Senior doctor at Apollo. Moreover our Murthy sir’s friend. Thank god, he took him inside. Else we both would
have been in the soup. How would… How would I know
whether he’s from Yashoda or Apollo? You don’t know a thing! Ok, forget it! You did something that may
get you settled in life. Sir was impressed with you today. You! They’re coming. [Singing] Why has the nurse come alone to my room? Does she do the body cleaning? Damn! We don’t get to relax even
for a second in this nursing home. My legs are aching standing
since morning. Shh! Don’t remove, I can see everything. Whoa! 24 carat gold! The gold rate in the market is too good. Can make not less than
Rs 90,000 if we sell it. Control! Control Ganesh…
You are in coma now. [Sniffs] Argh! She’s giving me a
shock for every carat. [Beep intensifies] Are gold rings necessary
for a person in coma? Your sight was on my gold? It’s my sentiment ring. How do you
steal from chain snatcher Ganesh? It’s a sin! Hey, I always keep longing
to get to this room. I can’t get a injection done,
but giving it is a splendid experience. It’s an awesome feeling. What is our coma fellow doing? [Sniffs] What is this foul smell?
What phenyl are they using? God! The Psycho fellows came,
time for their torture. What are you doing here sony? -You came to see me?
-Should I really come here to see you? Came to check BP. Are you checking the BP
or stealing th bottle? Hey I smell cigarette here.
Did you smoke? Doctor! Hey you started
puffing cigarettes too? I’ll give you a tight slap.
Don’t you know how to talk to a woman? I just sprayed room freshener. We should remove his clothes and
clean him. Will you stay back? Very funny! Why don’t you stay back,
it’s all our routine here… Ok, move! -Doctor!
-Yes! Shall we get the injection ready? [Groans] You are playing with
my body at your wish. [Grunts] Now you got used to. Credit goes to you. -Why do you rub? He doesn’t have sense.
-Point! You lie down please! -I will call you if required. Please go.
-Ok madam. Dad told me that you saved me. Why did you take such
a huge risk for me? What if something
happened to you? The joy that a mother gets
when she gives birth to a baby is similar to that of a doctor
gets when he saves a life. -Thank you
-Welcome ma’am. But how did you get such
sharp thought in that moment? -Naidu has told me.
-What? Naidu told you? I meant, I once did the same to Naidu. Oh! [Phone ringing] Excuse me ma’am, one second,
I’m getting a call from Medwin Hospitals. I applied there too before I came
here. SO if you don’t mind… Please talk.
Thank you ma’am -Ah, Hello!
-Me, Valasa speaking -Tell me sir.
-Hey… Sorry sir.
I joined in Nandini nursing home sir. Huh? Resigning within a
month wouldn’t be good. Aha? Though you pay me Rs50,000,
relationship is my priority. Huh? What is he talking unrelated? -Yes, thanks for calling.
-Hey, hey… Looks like he’s trying trap. You are a smart fellow! -You are really great.
-For what ma’am? You need not go anywhere
leaving our nursing home. I will take care of you. We need your services. Many thanks Nandini ma’am.
Even I don’t want to leave this place. Even if I do, I may not
find nice people like you. -It’s time for my rounds. Shall I?
-Ok. I see you the first person to
mix coconut water with brandy. I don’t think there wouldn’t be
another idiot like you. What a taste! It has a different taste! Isn’t it surprising that an
MCom holder got an MBBS job. Moreover, within 2 months, dad-daughter
duo got impressed and hiked your pay. Don’t feel bad, it’s your idea after-all. Idea could be mine, but you
are explicitly executing it. That’s not the thing. I tried to
impress her there. It worked out. I’m not talking about your pay. Everytime Nandini ma’am sees you,
the happiness in her face, her smile, totally looks different. What do you say now? I mean, till when do you
do these mediocre things? Why don’t think in the angle of Nandini
Chandrasekhar,instead of Nandini ma’am? I understand what you say.
I have a clarity about life. I have a better clarity about girls. Girls calculations are
different in a way. If we are in it, it’s fine,
else they know where to put us. You are talking a lot about girls. Don’t tell me you had
a love story earlier. Tell me if you had. Leave it, not in this mood. Anyhow, it isn’t that great story. Hey, the stuff with the drinks,
and the love story in the lanes, give you a nice feel. Tell me! A year ago, I worked with
Punjab National Bank at Vizag as a loan recovery
agent on contract basis. They offered me the job
seeing my bike than me. I took a room in RK beach.
Beach is right opposite to my room. While I was enjoying that
peaceful atmosphere… I heard a cute voice from
the ladies hostel beside. What? Amulya, the groom family is
coming to see you this Saturday. How do you think I can come on Saturday? I have to go to office.
Why don’t you fix it on Sunday? -What is his salary?
-Rs45,000 What’s this dad?
You said he did his BTech 4 years ago? Just Rs45,000? Usually it ranges
from 75,000-1 Lakh these days. Fine, how many members are visiting? His uncles, aunts,
grandparents,cousins etc., 11 members in total. 11 members?
As many as a cricket team? Won’t it cost around
Rs10,000 for so many? Ask him to get just two
people along with him. I don’t know what you do dad,
but my budget is onlyRs500. -Give it here, I’ll talk.
-Am I not speaking? Amulya, doesn’t it look bad
to stop who want to come? Ok, how is the house
construction work going on? Yeah, going good. -Ok, mom bye
-Ok. Always counts every penny.
From where the hell did she get this? -Ofcourse from you!
-[Exhales] The very next day I heard
the same voice intriguing me. I don’t want your service.
Why don’t you ever bother? There’s no signal inside the
room, I need to come out and talk. Even the amount is being
deducted, can’t you understand? Ok, give us the details of when
and how much balance was deducted. Ok, then write down. 78 paise on February 7th, and 42 paise on the 12th n again 12paise in March! Totaling to 132 paise! What? Are you cribbing over 132 paise? Aren’t 132 paise money for you? Subtract 132 paise from 1 Crore,
the value comes down into Lakhs. Having Crores turnover business, when you
could talk in terms of paise per second. Shouldn’t I talk in terms of paise?
[Phone ringing] They don’t know when to call. And she doesn’t know
which direction to sit. -That day,I started early for collection.
-Yeah, tell me At Navagraha temple,
with a kg gingelly oil, and with a kg cow’s ghee, if you light
a diya in lotus leaf brings you luck. You watch random things
on TV and keep telling me. Do you even know how much its costs
for 1 kg gingelly oil and cow ghee? Would cost more than Rs 1000. You hardly value money. I would go to Lord Venkateswara
temple in Dwaraka nagar near by and offer Rs10 and pray if you
really want me to. Don’t tell me about such
expensive offerings for my wedding. Ok, it’s time for my office. Bye! I wanted to meet her and
while rushing downstairs… I had an obstacle… I missed that girl again. We have been to Vijayawada,
brought this after puja… I noted that she promised her mom
that she would go to temple. [Temple bell ringing] I went in a blind faith that she would
come atleast to keep her promise to mom. She told her mom that
she would go to temple. Did she think that Rs10
offering is also waste? I should see that finance minister today! Don’t utter a word!
Tell me where did you hide it? Don’t don’t know about me.
I left them right here. I don’t know sis. If you say that you don’t know,
did you think I leave silently? I don’t know what you do. I really don’t know anything sis. You kept somewhere else to avoid
Rs2 if kept in the shoe-stand. It’s not my responsibility
if a dog takes it away. [Music mutes voice] -Bro, atleast you tell her…
-Hey… you go! -What happened?
-My new sandals, bought just an year ago. worth RS175. One is lost
and the other is here. Alas! -See his reckless answer when questioned
-Yeah, very reckless. -I have but a new pair now.
-Yeah! Moreover there are no
good offers in the market? Yeah so sad, don’t worry.
Nothing can be done once lost. They say losing sandals
brings you good luck. Come, I will drop you
till the shop on my bike. No thanks, I will go by share autos. Hey… What will you do with that single sandal? Nothing much. I have another single one in the room.
I can use these two for bathroom. Oh yeah, you can use this way too. [Phone ringing] Hey, Venkateswarulu sir calling… Chandu where are you? Sir, came to blood bank on a minor work. I have an urgent work to attend. You have to be on duty
tonight. Come immediately. -Call that Naidu too.
-Ok sir! -What’s up?
-Drop that! Night duty. Damn! I lost all the inebriety. First have a mouth freshener, patients
may die of your mouth’s foul smell Last peg! Damn! He ruined the mood while
I’m listening a nice love story. He is like that anyway. I’ll change and come. [Phone ringing] Yes, dad… Haven’t we taken a loan of Rs50,000
from landlord pledging our farm? He says it has now
summed up to Rs72,000. He says, he doesn’t give the farm
back if its not paid by tomorrow. Do you have any money? How can I arrange by tomorrow dad?
No that easy! Fine, I’ll call tomorrow morning. Should get his injection ready
by the time Chandu comes. Don’t keep giving at the same
spot. Please keep shifting. Why are you so serious?
Did Venkatewswarulu sir say anything? No, dad called me. He asked me
to arrange Rs75,000 immediately. Though the farm is small,
he has a sentiment with it. He’s afraid that he may lose it. You don’t panic. I have an offer
that gets both of us settled. What’s that? I met a party recently
they want a B positive kidney. If the deal is ok, they said
they would give 5 Lakhs advance. Hmm. Good. Firstly we need to find
a person who would give a kidney. Then we should convince
him. It’s a long process. Will you lose your mind at times? Why can’t you find things
right in front of you? -The donor is right here.
-Huh? -This fellow?
-Yes. Ofcourse. Though his character is negative,
his blood group is B positive. How is that possible dude? Argh! I peeped through the window while
the kidney operation was going on. They should be somewhere here. Hey, not somewhere here,
firstly find out where they would be. Why should we find out when
we can know by cutting? Cut it, put your hand in,
you’ll find two of them. Leave one and take out the other. This doesn’t work out.
Talk what’s possible. Apart from these two.
He has another two. Shall we take them? -What are those?
-Eyes! Is he a mango tree,
to pluck what ever you wish? Spare him! But what’s the point in sparing
him though he’s available. Isn’t it tough to arrange
that huge amount in a day? I’ll try somehow. Let’s go. [Dialing] [Phone ringing] Hello Dr Chandu, what are you doing? I’m at the jogger’s park.
Can you come by? -Yeah sure madam.
-Thank you. -Yeah, I’m coming, starting right now.
-Please come fast. Life sucks! Damn! Will she make me do exercise here? [Murmurs] Is everything ok? -[Clears throat]
-Oh! Good morning Nandini madam. Why are you in this dress?
You should have come in jogging dress. I was called for Night duty
by Venkateswarulu sir. So I came directly from the hospital. Oh, I’m so sorry,
You were on a night shift? -[Yawning]
-I thought you were free today. -I have a habit of jogging everyday.
-Ok. If I skip even a day,
I feel something missing. Being weak,
I couldn’t come after the accident. I came after a week today. Dad is not letting me go. So I came without his knowledge. I thought it’s better to do under
doctor’s observation. So I called you. Yeah better. I feel assured you’re here, if I fall. I have already done two
rounds. Can I do another two? [Murmurs] I will fall down if
I do those two rounds with you. You better don’t.
You can increase gradually. This should do for now. I want to do, but should
listen to doctor’s advice too. Isn’t it?
[Murmurs] When does she leave me? I forgot to mention, your account will be
credited with 2 month’s salary,Rs1 Lakh. Thank you madam. ‘Unnecessarily you cursed when a
girl like Goddess Lakshmi called you.’ Oh, call me Nandini, Ok?
I can’t lose efficient employees. Thank you ma’am.
Oh… Sorry, Nandini. Even i can’t lose boss like you
who searches and finds talent. You please don’t worry. I will never
go away leaving Nandini Nursing home. Thank you. Nandini, if you don’t mind,
it’s time for bank. -Huh?
-Sorry sorry, it’s time for hospital. Oh, ok. Yeah! Thank you! Hey, why are you taking
trip in the midnight? Boy, get two special tea. You brought me so far just for a tea? I’m very happy after a long time. I never thought I would
get money when in need. That’s the matter! [Groans] It’s ok. You leave. Didn’t I say about Nandini madam? If she really doesn’t like you,
why would she hike salary in a month? and why would she pay
two months at a time? This looks like love dude! -Yeah?
-Isn’t it? -Ouch!
-Mosquito! Love is also similar to this.
Some bites will do with a scratch. Another may even cause dengue. We just have to be very
careful all the time. Look, I have a clarity
with love and mosquitoes. I am neither ready to get
bitten nor interested to scratch. I guess he’s bitten by
some dangerous mosquito. The other day, you only told
about the girl in the love story. but not about love. Please finish it
fast, I am thrillingly waiting for it. Please give me some money. Please. Please give me some money. Son, please give me some money. Please, son. -Get lost.
-You’ll never give anyway. Hi. How are you? -Waiting for the bus?
-Yes. I am headed towards your office. Come, I’ll drop you. No thanks. I’ll take the bus. I had a pass. Why to take the bus pass. Waste of 1000/- per month. We can share the petrol if you want to. I feel comfortable in the bus. Buses are not running for today.
80/- for Gajuwaka and Steel plant. -Get in.
-Let’s go. If we miss this auto, we’ll get late. Why to.. ..sit uncomfortably in that and pay 80/-! At least for this day? No. Don’t force me. Please. Ok. Give me one reason for
not getting on to my bike. I’ll leave. My dad is selecting
matches, for getting me married. He collected 8 Lakhs for that purpose. Let’s say I got on to your bike. Someone from my village sees us. And might create a news that
Amulya is roaming on bike with some guy. My dad had to pay 2 to 3
extra Lakhs to cover that comment. Does me and my dad need all that? It’s just 1000/- if I take the bus. Is it necessary to pay Lakhs for that? Wow! The way you thought
about your dad and your village! It’s Ok. Bad name for you and loss for you dad. I too don’t like it. I’ll take leave. You
take care of your safety. Take care. Hello! Just a minute. It seems inevitable for this day. Get on. How clever you are! Please get off once. Why did the bike stop? Amulya ma’am. You are very selfish. Why did you say so? What if… someone
from my village sees me. And talks about
Chandhu roaming with a masked girl? Even my dad will
expect some dowry for me right? What if that misses with this bad name? I too will miss on my dowry right? Yeah, you are right. Yeah, we’ll do something. You too tie this kerchief. You expect dowry? Yeah, had to. If I get a masked girl like
you, there’s no wrong in it right? You get on. “You…” “You…” “Are filling my eyes.” “I…” “Am becoming…” “You…” “I moved like the wind.” “Just to reach you.” “I forgot the time.” “Playing a game with you.” “My heart lost it’s mind like a kid.” “My eyes lost their sleep.” “My heart lost it’s mind like a kid.” “My eyes lost their sleep.” “You…” “You…” “Are filling my eyes.” Yeah, I am thinking of
asking you this from a long time. Why do you value money so much? Money is like the oxygen. One can’t live without
any of them for long time. You are thinking in a wrong way. Human relations are important. Money comes after that. I had to take this call. Hello? Yeah tell me. Bill please, sir. Hey. Where’s my purse! My purse is missing. We don’t care, sir. -It was in my pocket until now.
-You need to pay the bill. -What happened?
-Please, sir. Money… Do you have a 200/-? -How much is the bill?
-200/- madam. Thank you, ma’am. Thank you very much. -What’s all this?
-Is it clear now? He respected you and brought
you a chair when you came here. When you said you lost
your purse, everything changed. He haven’t re 500 Internal Server Error

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