NASA Finds Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

NASA Finds Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

Researchers have discovered the most similar
planet yet to Earth, 1,400 light-years away. Kepler 452b orbits its star in 385 days, just
20 days longer than our own year. Its star is just 4% larger, a billion and a half years
older, and 20% brighter than the sun, meaning 452b is firmly in the “goldilocks” habitable
zone that puts the odds of it being rocky, like Earth, between 50-62%. Scientist Jeff Coughlin says “this is the
first possibly rocky, habitable planet around a solar-type star.” All 11 previously discovered
exoplanets of similar size and orbit circle smaller, cooler stars. The planet was found by the Kepler telescope,
which searches for possible Earth-twins by observing periodic dips in the brightness
of stars as planets pass before them, like the way our moon causes an eclipse here on
Earth. The Kepler telescope stared at a single patch
of the Milky Way for four years before its pointing system failed in 2013, but the mission
still succeeded in cataloguing more than 4,600 exoplanet candidates. This means astronomers
still have huge amounts of data to sort through and make new findings, like this discovery.
With 452b, just over 1,000 of the exoplanet candidates have now been confirmed. 20 years ago this fall, the first exoplanet
orbiting a distant star was discovered. And with the successor to Kepler launching
in 2017, the pace of discovery is about to increase substantially. The Transiting Exoplanet
Survey Satellite (or TESS), will be able to cover hundreds of times as much sky as the
Kepler mission, and will identify prime targets for further examination by the successor to
Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope, set for an October 2018 launch. Astronomers can now project with some degree
of confidence that of the 600 stars within 30 light-years of Earth, there should be roughly
60 potential earth-twins. So, according to Dr. Didier Queloz, the man
who co-discovered that first earth-like planet 20 years ago, “If we keep working so well
and so enthusiastically, the issue of life on another planet will be solved.” Like and share this video to help others on
our little rock become aware of this good news. For the video editor Brendan Plank,
I’m his brother Bryce, thanks for watching.


  • László Löwenstein says:

    1,400 light-years is a long ways away, but we can still study it from afar.

  • Hans Rippe says:

    WE ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • review master india says:

    I hope if we get there those people haven't destroyed their enviormebt

  • RainCraft says:

    I havent watch the video yet but what if THAT is earth like 1 billion years ago and us we're all gonna die and then earth might turn into venus or moon or any planet

  • Laufield says:

    Avatar real life

  • falling apart says:

    Aliens are gonna make us pay to stay there for a week

  • Ochir Ochir says:

    I have a theory that that is the previous each and God left that for humans to find
    As God destroyed the previous earth and the only surviver was an octopus
    And when God destroyed that earth he made a new one far away from that earth and a part of the previous earth have hit this earth
    When dinosaurs ruled the earth and when it hit like since the oxygen and everything is different the gas or known as oxygen killed them cuz it's a different oxygen due to the previous earth well there is other parts of the previous earth going around the milky way and crashing to other planets causing more meotor which soon will hit this earth which will cuase extinction of humans (if it happens) and if nasa sent an astronaut and see if we could stay there.
    And there might be a chance for new species on it maybe we'll find out?
    Like if you agree and the edit was to continue typing as my fingers were tyred

  • Jerry says:

    I told you there is such thing is earth like planets

  • Cushiteoriginal warrior says:

    The sooner we move away from using fossils fuels the sooner we approach achieving our first warp drive. Sadly, humanity’s leaders are concerned with war, greed and division. I pray for our species, I know we can do better!!!

  • YAFAY says:

    kepler 452 🅱️

  • Jude _ says:

    lol when our earth dies nasa should bring us to that planet

  • Anymation says:

    Yay let’s colonise looool

  • Blonde Chic says:

    Think about it there could be another us out there somewhere in space! Fasinating and a little terrifying lol

  • zacqonos says:

    i wonder when astronauts will get there probably like 40 years tbh

  • poweryoutube knudsen says:

    We have to see another real planet😉

  • Nubian Princess says:

    As curious as I want to know what's on it we humans should stay where we are as we already destroyed this planet enough…if there are beings on that planet they'll be pissed off if we invaded their world and destroyed it

  • Cyndi Schneider says:


  • This is Sparta! says:

    I will never leave my ancient world

  • Blanca Vasquez says:

    What if we move to the planets

  • Shrinithi Gajendran says:

    is it near or far NASA give an answer

  • Virginia Shugart says:

    It is amazing about the universe many misteris. I'love it.

  • Mr. Stano says:

    Dear Atheists, may Jesus our Lord bless you and may he open your eyes😊. This is all fake….we can not leave earth, they are lying to us for years and years 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • death death says:

    More like namek!

  • John Gamer says:

    Why do we need another earth 🙁
    Is our planet not good enough?

  • yeet øf doom says:


  • Cool Girl 3000 says:

    My grandma is a science teacher and this is what she said, If there is life it will probably

  • Bakhtiyar Mamadaliyev says:

    What if we are the aliens that immigrated to the earth and started all over ?

  • Noob Master69 says:

    We gonna dominate all the planets ALL HAILL FRIEZA!!

  • Enrique Diaz says:

    What if other planets have toxic or deadly viruses or bacteria. What about the vegetation?

  • ROYCE ROLLS says:

    And you believed them even though they cant go to the moon… wow…

  • albanischer SS - Soldat КОСОВО ЈЕ АЛБАНИЈА says:

    Let's Invade Kepler 452b !

  • Jamie Walton Jr. says:

    I have always believed that people or living organisms like us is also at another plant we haven’t discovered

  • Muhammad Slant says:

    قال جل جلاله 🙁 وماينطق عن الهوى . إن هو إلا وحيٌ يوحى) صدق الله العظيم Muhammed massenger of god told us that befor 1400 years old ago قال الله عز وجل : ( إذ قال يوسف لأبيه يا أبت إني رأيت أحد عشر كوكباً والشمس والقمر رأيتهم لي ساجدين) صدق الله العظيمSun is yagub , red star is Jussef mother , kleper is Jussef , 11planets is prothers thier moons is wife's. There is'n't god exept Allah , Muhammed massenger of the god.

  • Scott says:

    1400 light years away,…..Next one …cause we ain't making that trip

  • Kepler Sangkuy says:


  • nightlightabcd says:

    1400 light years away. I don't think we will be going there anytime soon!

  • donnie brasco says:

    ID rather go to the diamond planet and take a chunk out and come here and be rich RICH RICH

  • Patrick Pawol says:

    Unless God desired there to be life on other planets, then Earth is the only life sustaining planet in our universe. ISAIAH 45 verse 18.

  • Drfate 786 says:

    The issue with finding earth-like planets is that we might not end up liking what we find. Most of these planets that they found appear to be dead exo-planets with the shocking truth being that we're (possibly) seeing them potential millions of years in the past as light is merely being refracted from that corner of space. They could already be developed earth-like planets with alien species on them, species that if we found would be too horrifying to contemplate as their biology would defy our own. We tend to think that life would evolve in the same manner we did but the truth is that life adapts based on the situation, we're the result of a fluke upon a fluke upon a fluke. We could very well be the only intelligent alien species for billions of light years which makes it our task (and birthright) to transcend death and seed the universe with intelligent life. In a sense, we will be the potential progenitors of alien life if we ever develop to that point.

  • Michael O Neill says:


  • Test Games says:


  • Sumaiya Ibrahim says:


  • Music Reflex says:

    We dont know if there someting bigger in that planet that could kill us what if their creatures that you can't even kill

  • Sfg77 Dfjuhfg says:

    God created worlds without number

  • Jaff Culla says:

    If we live on another planet, it might be hard because we forget about our home, the natural resources in our planet, happy memories, and we forget the Earth we liven on

  • I am dumb and says:

    Ya, first we are destroying earth, then we are heading to the next beautiful planet to gather their ressources and kill other animals and the nature. Why not first trying to stop plastic waste on earth? Humanity kinda sucks…

  • Jordonna Sonthixay says:

    Another planet for mankind to go and destroy, just like this ONE.

  • Jesus Velazquez says:

    If planets pass by one another in outer space without ever colliding does that mean that our planets are attracted to another planet that's why we stay on the grid of the solar system. Allowing our planet to stick the program

  • SRI RAM says:

    No chance…

  • Suryawanshi 4uShreenath says:

    Can we go there? I know that it takes too much time but if we can survive in spacecraft and our progeny can survive there. But basic question who will first go there? And how other travel there before earth vanish

  • Ben Clements says:

    This also explains aliens if they are real and said a lot older so if there was life forms on another planet they 2 would want to know what is in there was more planets so that’s how they got hear so maybe that’s what some could think about more search into aliens if some how when finding planet you could send a message ?

  • Zoya Spencer says:

    1400 light years!!!? I don't think Elan Musk is gonna have us going there.

  • USV Entertainment says:

    and it will be ruined by people of earth ..ever settled there

  • Abseiduk says:

    If it was just 14 years away I would have merely moaned, if it were 1400 years away I would have said get the hell out of here you crazy dude! But 1400 LIGHT YEARS away???…#=h+/@v#

  • Donald Rashid says:

    Unless God desired for there to be life on other planets, then Earth is the only life containing planet in our universe. ISAIAH 45 verse 18.

  • Kairat says:

    I think it's not so far for ours souls.

  • Kerbal Panda says:

    So there is other life than us. The plants.

  • Waterfall Subliminals says:


  • *solouglyfish* says:


  • The Star says:

    i never heard about the goldilocks Zone yet

  • ZAXDOO71 says:

    Obadiah 1:4
    Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down," declares the LORD. – I guess humans will make it to another exo planet, whatever

  • Devender Hooda says:


  • ayush raj says:

    How far is this from our earth

  • EnszoD Gameplays says:

    I saw in facebook someone posted fake planets. Just look like a frying pan

  • skywatcher1972 says:

    IMO, conjecturing about any planet over 50 l.y. away is a waste of time, as we can never visit it.  (And there are scores that are far closer.)

  • yeet says:

    0:33 wait what
    jeff kaplan has a genius brother?!

  • Tom R says:

    It would be cool if it was real

  • Frederick Saludares says:

    I think some of the planets NASA has discovered are still forming. Maybe in the future, they will soon become habitable, just like the Earth.

  • Darren Davies says:

    We need better tech 2 🐌

  • Omer Naseer says:

    In spirituality they say what human mind able to think we can make it , I am sure that people will visit these planets.

  • Kaylann Singleton says:

    This is a random thought. But it really interests me; Just think, there could be a lifeform, (ALOT like us Humans, same life style, possibly have better technology,) thinking if theres another life like them out in the universe (which would be us)
    But im not talking about another lifeform ‘Alien like’, Because alot of people think of Aliens as a different lifeform with Extreme technology and that, no, Im talking about a different kind of “human” species. They would still be considered as “Aliens” to us tho bc they are a different species than we are. (OR ARE THEY?)

  • brooo stob it says:

    What if the astronaut missed thinking that is earth then they just landed on it

  • a b says:

    Believe it or not last week when i was driving back from work I just looked at the clear blue sky and saw something looka like a blue dot. Maybe it's the one. I should've taken picture. But as i came closer it was park and kids playing with a blue ball look like earth. Oops!

  • Stewie Griffin says:

    I came all the way from family guy universe to ask you for the name of that song at the beginning of your video.

  • Magic Mike says:

    A planet similar to earth you say.maybe there could be liveing things in that new planet like a different human races or maybe a different being that could be aliens or a completely different monster but we probably will never find out since you said its 1400 light years away and or technology sucks so bad we cant even reach a light year sice you probably be dead by over age and that traveling one light year with the fastest vehicle in earth would take 20,000 years and times that by 1400 so yeah we will never find out and traveling a light year is exactly impossible so never mind 1400 light years.

  • Music god And gamer God says:

    Actually China found it 2015 and inside it has all sand but they are not sure

  • MySkullSide Brandon says:


  • MrKratosndante says:

    What if we human is coming from that so-called 2nd earth as the earth was destroyed by us..

  • Gregory Tate says:

    Greatings earthlings

  • SEMI OG says:


  • xXx NoscopeR xXx _ says:

    We need to move there and filter out everyone with a criminal record

  • Kiriha Aiya Sakura says:

    What is our 9th planet of our solar system?

  • Ethan Backwarde says:

    I wouldn't want to go there,there probably monsters there

  • Sven Scrowe says:

    There is life there and their people have been here for a long time! This planet was not discovered but told where it was +

  • Noodles says:

    Cmon there’s obviously “aliens” or animals,creatures whatever y would there only be stuff on earth

  • Ferreo Miguel Alegandro says:

    Nuestro planeta earth 2,0 hoy esta havitado los humano del futuro

  • High school Hottie says:

    this daily conversation poses silly q 'are we alone'.nasa guesses 10 billion earthlike planets in just our own galaxy (a not big common spiral gal) —  of 10 billion similar environs, as we did some lifeforms will be intelligent(thus, a silly (supplant your own adjective here:)) question

  • Shehzad brilliant Gulzar says:

    Superb place to live man woman and produce children if reached there abruptly

  • ItsKaLani says:

    The people on Kepler are watching a similar video about Earth 😭

  • Clyde Davis says:

    We need to take our nuclear power capabilities and find a way to take the matter from earth and build out towards the path of our telescopes so that we can actually arrive there we are not getting anywhere here at least if something does occur we can create a self sustained environment in space and multiple outward.

  • Summer Wilson says:

    Great more planets they can destroy like blind dogs

  • Andrea Ante says:

    One thing I can say it's a full of Mystery the Earth the planets out there we humans and are we only one here in earth or theirs more people out there outside of the earth? we have many questions but no one can answered maybe some can answer that question but theirs long process and research for that questions

  • Truth Express5 says:

    … yeah right…! BS…!!!

  • Amazing indian science says:

    I wish to go here

  • Little G O says:

    you or fack

  • Jodi Nielson says:

    Anything to take out eyes and minds off our creator God. Billions of yrs. older than earth? Psh Were you there? Earth isnts even that old. And no I wasnt there, but I follow the earthly evidence and believe what creator God says about His place. And other life? I dont think so, were made in the image of God. So were more special than we give ourselves credit for. And Aliens or lack there of, is just a distraction.

  • Infinity Animation says:

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  • Monty Thorak says:

    I'm happy to live here, hopefully everyone will be happy

  • Quinnlan Kuhl says:

    forefty two B

  • XOX Gamerboy says:

    I like to go this Planet Earth 2.

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