New Revelations On Retrograde Planets In Vedic Astrology [With Russian Subtitles]

New Revelations On Retrograde Planets In Vedic Astrology [With Russian Subtitles]


  • Nikhil Bhouraskar says:

    Simply Wow!!

  • Trance_Verse says:

    FABULOUS! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • ramlaltransformer says:

    amazing this is a new insights in retrograde

  • Amit puri Sarswati says:

    God bless you sunil ji having connections with these evolve souls ..
    Thanks to Rao ji..

  • murtaza ikhlaq says:

    if jupiter's speed is -0.133 will it still be retro ?

  • Praveen Dighe says:

    first video on retrogression with absolute clarity

  • meshed1234 says:

    Fantastic as ever, what a blessed way to spend the weekend! Thank you so much Narasimha guruji, and to the whole saptarishis team. Sunil ji great as always, and srinivasanji is v sharp!

  • Vaidyanathan Purushothaman says:

    Good Presentation. I would also think that the Stationary planets conjunction with a planet in close quarters, < 5 deg. would have its impact also in respective charts, D1 D2 etc. Any comment?

  • madhuha das says:

    PVR Narasimha is a great teacher, very concise and precise, his analysis of the planets are admirable. when i am confuse about something in astrology, i always go back to his previous lectures. i have listen to many, many classes of astrology but no one compare to him when it comes to the explanations. thank sir.

  • challa.jayadev vara says:

    very logicl presentation PVR ji..

  • rohit khanna says:

    Thanks for the effort to put this wonderful video. One question that comes to mind is what happens to a planet, when it is retrograde or stationary and it is in house of exaltation or debilitation? Some sources are of opinion that exaltation turn to debilitation and vice versa. What is your opinion or observation about the same.

  • Krishna Chaitanya says:

    Planet speed of movement
    Mercury – 1 degree per day
    Venus – 1 degree per day
    Mars – 0.7 degree
    Jupiter – 0.08 degree
    Saturn – 0.03 degree

  • kadiyalidurga says:

    we should have session on your software JH for one hour and how to use your software more effectively and this season is quite good , and we do not how to use many entries in your software JH

  • Nurani Easwaran Subhramaniyam says:

    what a clarity.Thanks

  • Vysakh k a says:

    Thank sir

  • Rahul Ahiwale says:

    Wonderful insights! Just one doubt, Sir at 47 minutes, you said Saturn aspects 6th house from third house…..I am little bit confused on this aspect. Is this some part aspect like 3/4 th aspect that you mentioned in earlier example?

  • Sri Murthy says:

    Great video thank you Pv Rao sir and saptarishis.

  • jaya bharathi says:

    Pranam! Another video from great great Shri PVRao Garu. Bahuth dhanyavad for sharing the great knowledge. We bow our head on your feet with full of gratitude. SUNILJI! thankyou for your channel…which became a great platform …it is the gate way to the world of authentic astrology. We humbly requesting you Sir to make a video on live demo of Fire ritual and tarpana by Shri PVR Sir! Please please we have been trying to learn with available source in Jhora, but very much unclear to perform properly. Please do this though it's difficult. It's very helpful. Please. And how to use Jhora… though we have read all guidelines it's very complicated and confused. Dhanyavad.

  • USS Spirit says:

    PVRji, much gratitude for giving us Jhora, and for working on releasing it for other OS. Can't wait …

  • Devdatt Dave says:

    Thanks.Wonderful session.It will take some time to digest and experimentation. You have given now direction to think and apply,still clarity and sub-divisional chart you are very quick you know J.HORA and can apply at will.Pranam to you and your knowledge.

  • Rob Sep says:

    Great video

  • Srihari M Simha says:

    Absolute brilliance and clarity of thought on this important topic of retrograde planets by PVRji. Our namaste and greatest regards to you sir and to saptharishis entire team. A great soul/guru indeed being a guiding light to lakhs or millions of followers.
    Beautifully explained concept on Desire, Action and Stationary bhava of the planets. Intutionally iam just feeling if for a person if the planet is in stationary then it means it is acting with absolute clarity as per the divine mother grace. Its like working to fulfill ones karma with detachment. You neither have attachment nor you worry of the path/karma you follow, it could be good/bad all in relative sense. Just like when Lord Krishna motivated Arjuna to work as per the divine will and dharma, although it was a war. So if one or two planets can show us this chitta state (stationary state) in great divine personalities and influential individuals for the world and to the human race. Then i think if all planets expresses this bhava of stationaryness then i think that great soul would none other than be god, the supreme personality himself.
    Thanks again for sharing this divine knowledge.

  • Rakesh Shrivastava says:

    Thank you PVR Guru Jee.
    I was expecting some more clarifications from the video as it is widely said that – Retrograde planets in own/exalted houses gives opposite results and vice versa.??

  • witty sparks says:

    PVR's computer clock turns 11:11 am exactly when video is at @23:11. I saw this exactly at 11:11 am on my computer clock.

  • aj sh says:

    Donald trump has Sun in Taurus and clearly his personality reflects a taurean.

  • aj sh says:

    Aurobindo birth details are wrong.

  • SRK says:

    For all our "Ichaa Sakthi" to learn about Retrogression, here is the pure "Jnana Sakthi" imparting that knowledge to everyone. Koti koti pranams for your "Kriya Sakthi" behind this video, Sunil ji and PVR garu.


    Pls make video regarding on D60 Shashtiamsa Chart!!!

  • Nisha Lal says:

    Great insights, seems very logical , thank you so much for such an extra ordinary session.

  • siddhant dua says:

    For all those who believe that retro exalted planets behave like debilitated: king george had retro exalted jupiter in 10th house and in his dasa he became the king of the greatest empire the history has ever seen till date

  • Sowmyanarayanan Vijayaraghavan says:

    Blessed we all are to listen and learn from this Legend, Thank you Mr. Sunil and Saptarishis Team for arranging this series from Sri. PVR Ji..

  • singh Dhillon says:


  • Olga Chumachenko says:

    Jupiter in Virgo in D1, so it goes to Capricon in D10, debilitation

  • Michael Mallal says:

    Namaskar, I have lots of badmash retrograde grahas.

  • Chakrappani CN says:

    Hello Sri PVRN Rao! Your presentation was extremely wonderful and it put me motionless, that is, 'stationary' and I could understand the full meaning of my retrograde Saturn in my life. Looking back, I could well understand the reason behind all my actions vis-a-vis my family, my siblings and others in the family. Yes. Family, because, my Saturn is retrograde in the 4th house. What I could understand from your presentation more is that the speed of each planet would determine the seriousness of purpose in the life of every subject. Even when a planet is direct, the speed at which it is moving at the time of birth would determine the conviction with which the native would perform his actions with respect to the respective 'agenda' of each planet. Thanks a lot for putting everything relating to Ichcha Shakthi, Kriya Shakthi and Gnana Shakthi, the driving forces behind every planet translating to its motion, viz., direct, retrograde or stationary. My thanks are also due to Saptarishis Astrology for bring this topic to us!

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  • Meltem Meltem says:

    What a knowledge! Great logical information,thank you💟

  • Julia Zhukova says:

    Thank you!

  • Janin Manko says:


  • Global Writer says:

    regardless of what ancient dictum says about retrograde planets, applying logic in astronomical context, it can be easily deciphered that when planets are closer to earth, they exert greater force/energy/gravity/rays/ etc etc. This principle when applied to astrology simply means retros yield stronger influence people and their lives. You dont need sages to tell you that the force of attraction is greater between two masses when they are closer. Thanks though for something worth consideration.

  • Rakhesh Goel says:

    Also in Aurobindo's horoscope…rahu is also stationary but not discussed

  • Aparna Mukherjee says:

    Gratitude. Very fortunate to get a chance to hear these pathfinders.
    Libra rising AK Venus with stationary Mercury in Gemini. Don't know what really means by this.

  • Tejas Gajjar says:

    Sir Narasimha raoji you are very kind person, you like to explore your knowledge for good purposes…..

  • Sidz22 says:

    Very interesting video.

  • maruthi prasad says:

    Sirs, Can jagannath hora be available as mobile app?

  • Shylasri Prasad says:

    Excellent explanation sir
    Thank you very much.

  • Kirubakaran P 786 says:

    Please can anyone tell me Stationary, Retro & Direct State of Planets on 05-Aug-83 @ 8:46 PM @ Tiruchirappalli

    I guess my Venus is in Echa Sakthi but Jupiter is Stationary..

    Please anyone help with this regarding

  • A Muted Light Surrealism says:

    I am retrograde
    I am the triple conjunction cycle of Jupiter and Saturn RX
    THE LIBRA OF 1981.

  • Helena Karlsson says:

    I think we should not complicate things here. In jyotish planets which are moving fast is in bhita, in "fear", and will not give good results. Planets moving slowly are strong. Thus retrograde planets are very STRONG . That means their signification is strong. For exemple Shani retrograde makes the person disciplined, serious, hard working, but also gives the person a hard life with many sorrows. Saying that they give the result as if in the previous sign makes no sense at all. Then planets moving in the normal, forward direction would give the result of the next sign from that which they are situated in. No logic there, sorry. Nor do they behave strangely or internalise the energies. That is a concept borrowed from western "astrology".

  • Sujoy Ghosh says:

    Dear Sunil Ji,

    Hope you are doing good. I have got an interesting birth details of a person who has four planets retrograde which if you and Narshima Rao Ji feel can do the research. Do let me know if you did consider this birth details in your research and what where your end results and inferences of this chart.

    The reason behind giving you this birth details is to give you a good example on this important topic and also due to the fact that untill now none of the Astrologers who had studied this chart could comprehend its results.
    DOB : 22 DECEMBER 1977
    TOB : 00.42AM(MIDNIGHT)

    Thanks a lot
    Sujoy Ghosh

  • eshaan joshi says:

    as someone interested in occult and ur reg subscriber i would like u all to look into the sppeds of all 7 planets and maybe lot of astro data is lying i there

  • Jayram Patel says:

    Thank PVR Sir to share such an extensive knowledge…,🙏👏👌

  • Viyaan Chaudhry says:

    🙏 Om Gurave Namah 🙏

  • Sandeep Kumar says:

    For retrograde planets, which direction should we look at its drishti(s) – backwards or forwards

  • H shekhar pathak Rintu says:

    Very confusing video intruptions without logic

  • Amit Uniyal says:

    I watch all the advertisements of this channel to promote the true astrologers by Sir Sunil John… God bless You always

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