New Zodiac Sign, Astrology, Horoscopes = BS

New Zodiac Sign, Astrology, Horoscopes = BS

without the stunning and taxes brought to
you by west coast offering premium web hosting since nineteen ninety eight but a west coast
dot com slash you might see with twenty five percent off your order astrologer park kunkel uh… cause quite a bit of controversy
recently because he added or up brought attention to the thirteenth sign in this zodiac file
of the story milos store now let me just tell you this this is not some new phenomenon it’s actually
something that’s existed for quite some time but this particular astrologer brought attention
to it right so other astrologers are like op wise avoid making such a big deal about
this it’s not that big a deal uh… yeah my acts ok you know why all those
professional astrologers just went out of business davis on this is the slower crap about already beat you were born on april twenty
four all ours that is your this in this and there’s because
you that this year the bullet well you all right okay but if you’re bored aren’t up until lactate
depressed bartlett separate that means jurors said that there is light years away by how
you are utah i don’t pay attention science wicket maltbie this thirteen signs and everything’s topsy-turvy ferries non-policy
squats replacing mark and i think that there has been there’s
a difference between the western astrology in eastern astrology now let me clarify one thing at in terms of
my opinions of my thoughts on this i’ve never believed in astrology and signs
and you know what sign you are determines the type of person out personality you have
it’s all bs about my pediatric but in terms of astrology there are two different types
and there’s westerners easter in western astrology it’s what you’re used to the twelfth signs you know priciest cancer
demonize all about uh… but when it comes to in eastern astrology
there’s thirteen signs and thirteen sign in the zodiac i might be pronouncing the strong but it’s u_p_s_ yahoo knows that it’s it looks like
octopus army arcade and so down to protect you’ve you’ve all the wrong dates you might
be dr busted made but back at so what happened i think that you all those
people are all of course your that way because your ah… super policies are yours scorpion well you
are and now the tears at your octopus what uh… what now about that better it proves uh… or something we all knew anyway insides
role crap what so everybody mourn on depot thirteen is the same exact percent doesn’t make any sense and that they’re really is true the version of this of course is the chinese years you know the the dog-eared writing your
setter that makes even less sense everybody born in nineteen seventy years as
the savings that personality cap but you know what now the chinese version says i’m excited and i
think that makes total sense manned fair it uh… like i was proud that i was at the beginning
of the in several equal made and now it turns out a little flopping around
fish battle of lake with that so that you know
i’m not a buyer that and the chinese film a dark him right granddaughters are i expand out that it had
perfect pitch is self all this is for wally and these people
taught us all we do that all you did know that there is the review sites and while we’re at when they’re ready when
got their sides and has been in the newspapers for decades and
decades what interests you just roger as speak up
then nonsense the scam anti-western spa offers
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dot com slash the white t you know i think about that i think west coast uh…


  • GymLeaderKit says:

    He is such an aries. You are not NOT my sign.

  • Jocelyn de guzman says:

    These 'newscasters' are ignorant- they need to read and be educated. At least the first couple of pages in the Bible and compare it to the Book of Mythology- same symbols and concepts. Can't stand ignorance. These are people who like to conform and be negative.

  • DerrenBrown100 says:

    @dahacknat So you're saying that no Aries believes in religion or astrology?? Wow you're an idiot. Religion and astrology is bullshit!

  • freeforscott says:

    @DerrenBrown100 Hey, I don't care nor read anything from Ken Wilber, its the content of the book which are the writings from prominent SCIENTISTS (you clown). Why don't you read anything from Nobel physicists working on quantum theory. Many of them become very "mystical" when asked about the roots of the Universe. Again, if you are biased and write something off, you might miss something important. And yes, some things can travel back in time, just not Humans (yet ;-).

  • Jay Fenty says:

    Wow tht guy is fucking anonying my god!

  • Maidenfairy12 says:

    Aquarius i am

  • Mrdutchkid123 says:

    holy shot 25% off my order?!?!?! omfg wtf am i doing here?

  • Shelbyville24 says:

    my night just got ruined

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee Yeah, tell that yourself tranny

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee Yeah you did. You offended me with your stupidity.

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee Both, to be exact. But please explain it to me.

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee But I don't get it. You said Pluto was like the Zodiac sign but then what if the moon was in equinox with Ophiuchus, cause before Pluto comes Neptune so they couldn't have been within the same perihel of the Tiger star system…

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee A metafor? You mean like if I say bananas and my mum says dont say that and I say but mum but shes all like go to you room and im like well fine then bitch and i eat her strawberrycake? she likes strawberrycake.
    And so that would mean its not really jupiter or mars right, cause they're not doing abiogenisis, so then what would earth's zodiac sign be?

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee But then what is the Higgs particle of saggy tarious if Plutos rotational axis is homogenic?

  • Parralyzed says:

    @hotarunee yeah, taht's what I thought…

  • I'm a pooping unicorn says:

    I will always be Scorpio b/c I'm a freaking sex symbol ;D (jk, jk)

  • Big Poop says:

    my dad's a pisces!

  • ITZxLoUiE says:

    just because you dont believe it… you shouldnt talk shit about it.

  • ITZxLoUiE says:

    Wow…. why talk shit about something you do not fully comprehend? Astrology is way deeper than it seems.

  • TheMoorishSheikessGoddess says:

    You can talk all the bullshit you want about 13th sign Astrology but the looney tunes on this video are being paid to cause's no scam and you all know you can't decipher 13th signs..eEveryone can't read was taught by our Egyptian ancestors..Western 12 signs has always been wrong,,2013 and beyond will make it irrelevant..kudos to 13 signs astrology,com and its new software Prometheus.. Brother(Ra) made the world aware of 13 signs Astrology in Dec 2010 on blogtalk radio!!..

  • Basiltheking says:

    Astrology has no scientific evidence to prove it.Superstitions are as true as you believe them to be

  • tomekville says:

    real astrology is lost this days but ppl who brings ''eastern'' astrology back they will be misunderstood .western astrology are kindergarten.

  • DecadentDelights says:

    In the Chinese zodiac I'm a bunny ­čÉ░

  • Atheist603 says:

    How's astrology any deep ? lol it's none sense

  • RyanIGD says:

    DRok112 it is Ophiucus OH-PEE-YO-CUS?

  • RyanIGD says:

    Opps messed up at the last word did not mean to put the ? there

  • Jeremy Black says:

    they don't no what there talking about making jokes like really though

  • Gilberto De La Vega says:


  • Daneyssa Aguilera Medina says:

    This video was incredible easy to make my critical thinking analysis.. Thanks so much!

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