October 23, 2019 Mid-Week Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

October 23, 2019 Mid-Week Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

ah hi everyone its Sloane Rhodes here
welcome I thought I would do a midweek reading just because it’s been kind of
an intense time for myself and other people that I thought I could offer
maybe a little bit of support with the reading for everybody and so today I’m
drawing from the Oracle of visions deck by Ciro Marchetti it’s a rather
complicated complex deck in my opinion I don’t like to use it that often but I’m
kind of on edge and it’s kind of edgy so I thought it would work for today’s
reading so I’m gonna go ahead and get a card just midweek reading for the week
of October 21st 2009 teen today is October 23rd and I’m gonna will say Oh
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the site to to view the course so anyway that’s happening let’s go ahead and get
started all right so the week of actually
midweek the week of October 21st today is October 23rd or 2019 what are
the messages for the rest of this number 48 I’m gonna show you the card remember you
may have your own intuitive understanding of what this inventory
means for you you may be drawn to a particular part of the image or a
symbolism so always trust your own powerful intuition as I experience the
artistry and symbolism of this card I kind of feel like there’s this Pandora’s
box that has been opened things are coming into the light of consciousness
now whenever we are going through a shift as we our planet airily
individually in order to move ahead seemingly or open up more or move
forward things have to be addressed right so it may be that there has been a
lid taken off this week or you you or someone or your interactions with
someone has led to poking around the dark recesses of your dynamic of your
interaction with each other or you may just be allowing more light into the
darker more obscured recesses and feelings within your own psyche right
within your own spiritual understanding of self so it’s kinda like Pandora’s box
right you’ve opened the dark the dark box to look inside and you’re letting
light in and then you can’t seemingly you can’t control what comes out you
know because suddenly what was obscured is now becoming enlightened okay
you know reference you or a situation or whatever so this can cause quite a bit
of stress and feelings like oh what am I done why did I why did I poke around you
know in there but remember as we look at this this imagery it’s all kind of going
up into this beautiful crown right the crown of consciousness so it’s but it’s
complicated you know it’s not like a simple crown there’s like all these like
recesses and and ins and outs and darker areas and so the light has to kind of
work its way through wend its way in and around and enough right and too into um
more divine light so just being so so easy with yourself and as this occurs
you may find yourself feeling like I can’t ever get ahead right why am I
going through this I began I thought I’d worked on this you know we are going
approaching Mercury retrograde as well this idea that things you know coming
back to be addressed remember patterns don’t ever go away
they come back to be worked on right and the more that we have consciousness
around them the faster we work through them again and again and again with less
stress less attachment all of that so be easy this week for me I really felt a
lot of anger you know coming up this week as I was noticing
I would say the anger and others and I realized that not conscious anger on
their part but deep-seated unconscious anger and others and I was experiencing
it with myself and I realized that they were actually reflecting back to me my
own unconscious anger you know and anger is rooted in fear you know fear the
inner child’s fear that she’s not safe or she’s not loved you know and so I
lock him up for me already this week and I was super super angry in this and why
am I so angry you know it’s an older pattern and and then I would find that I
would cry you know anger crack well actually the crying the grief is in some
ways the movement into consciousness and healing because the anger masks the fear
you know and the grief allows your heart to open and awaken more through your
vulnerability so it’s there’s a lot here we can we see this you know she sort of
opened the box and then all these all these fairies or you know whatever it
may be have come out she’s like oh shoot what if I done and she made just be
focused on one particular one as I kind of see it here but there’s a lot there
so you know the ego may try to you know hang viola over here over here look over
here at this pattern this individual this thing is the thing that you need to
focus on and because it’s especially if it cost you stress or grief or anxiety
and you can say yes that that feels familiar I don’t like that feeling but
you may also be missing all these other wonderful things that are coming out to
remind you of your your your bountiful self your abundant self your deeply
loved self dreams inspirations creativity connection what’s a lot there you may even okay well okay I don’t know
why this expressions came to my mind that um what is it some heavy is he who
were he or she who wears the crown right and it may feel heavy you know and
remember the crown of consciousness is light and airy but the crown of unconsciousness is what’s heavy the
crown of self judgment is what’s heavy the crown of anger keeps us feeling our
attachment to our egoic sense of self and that feels into a golden it fills
and entrap and trap being that it’s a word you feel trapped by that you can the crown of consciousness
can’t feel like a burden right you may feel like you’re the only conscious one
in the group you know why do I curse with this consciousness I see all of
these things that are going on in others but remember what you’re seeing in
others exists within you it’s a hard one don’t to come to terms with sometimes on
an intellectual level like yeah I get that but when in my case seeing the
anger feeling the anger and I’m still angry I don’t know they don’t realize
they are bringing it up in me that which needs to be healed and it’s a little humbling you know can be
but that’s okay that’s part of the egoic dis identification the death of the ego
so this week it has to crumble it has to dissolve so that you can feel the peace
and serenity but you may feel like oh no what am i dad this week so anyway I hope
that you find that helpful I wish everyone much love I hope that everyone
is able to come to the heart as often as possible to feel a sense of peace when
you can remember to I have that video up physical feelings what is it it’s on my so my channel page I’ll put a
link here as well physical feelings of anxiety sadness all
of that so those feel those physical feelings come up and it feels awful
right you feel it in your body hold it for as long as you can cry through it do
EFT tapping if you’d like to do that there’s a lot of videos I like Brad
Yates his videos on the FT emotional freedom technique there’s a ton on
YouTube if you find that helpful they hold the feeling as long as you can
I can cry through it wail at the moon if you need to because on the other side of
that is the the peace the more peaceful experience in the heart so alright I
wish you almost love and remember that the slope Academy is available for
online purchases of the online courses there’s 60% off and the code is final
sale and they’re all downloadable again so I say it again in case you’ve already
purchased an online course you can now download all of those courses
alright just left


  • D. says:

    Thank you for this video Sloane and your lesson about anger. You are a wondrous spirit.

  • Writer6 says:

    Awesome reading, Sloane! This reading was spot on me for me personally in terms of what has been going on in my life lately, and it definitely really resonated with me. Out of all of the tarot card readers on YouTube, you're definitely one of the few people whose readings typically really resonate with me the most on a personal level on a regular basis. Keep up the great work! 😀

  • Tracy D'Anneo says:

    Thank you!

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