October Pick A Card Tarot Reading! 🔮 2019 Prediction 🔮

hello friends and welcome back to
another tarot pick a card reading today’s reading is all about
messages we need to hear for October 20 19 October is already upon us and let me
just start off by saying October is by far my favorite month I am an autumn
type of person I love the fall I love the changing of the leaves
I love the cooler weather it’s just it is my favorite time of year my wedding
anniversary is in October and I’m just so excited for this coming month I do
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regards to today’s reading this is a general reading so if these messages do
not resonate with you it simply means that they were not meant for you at this
time okay and if you do not like the outcome that the cards are saying the
cards are telling you based on your current energies your destiny has never
set in stone and if you want to change it then you take the steps in the action
to change your destiny okay so with that let’s get started
for today’s reading because it is October and I’m so excited for October
this is a big reading I am using seven different decks and I am I’m excited for
today’s reading I do want to warn you that my one dogs right here the other
dogs right here and hopefully they don’t make noise but the ones a great game
Mastiff mix puppy and she tends to snore so let’s get into
this reading so here are today’s piles I’m going to do something a little bit
different you know a lot of readers will put crystals on the cards to help you
choose these top cards are all actually from a crystal Oracle deck that I have
so I am going to let you choose with the cards like this and then I’m going to
flip them over and we can reveal the crystals beneath and if you want to
maybe pick a different pile or listen to two readings you can do so based on the
crystals that are revealed underneath them so first I want you to take a
moment to look at these cards and figure out which pile you would like to pick I
want you to pick with your intuition and not your eyes so if you need to take a
moment to pause the video and meditate on these cards please take the time now
okay so this is pile number one pile number two pile number three and pile
number four my number one is green fluorite pile
number two is amethyst pile number three is red jasper pile number four is aqua
marina so let’s begin with the group number one
the green fluorite group and the group number one so if you
picked this pile with the green fluorite this is your reading for today so let’s
start with this green fluorite is typically a stone thought of for
absorbing negative energies for clearing your mind but it is also a green crystal
and green crystals are often used for prosperity for money for luck so if this
is what you pick this is your meeting let’s start with the tarot cards and
actually doing tarot cards from two different decks today so we’re going to
start with the gilded Tarot we have the ten of Pentacles these six of cups in
reverse the ace of swords the hair event and strength so I always like to start with any cards
that pop up in Reverse you know like let’s just get the negative over with
because usually that’s what a reverse card means so the six of cups in reverse
tells me that you’re holding on to something that’s in your past that you
really need to forgive you have a lot of opportunities to move forward I’m seeing
that with the ace of swords as well as with the ten of Pentacles these are both
cards of opportunity and moving forward but there is something holding you back
so in this coming month I really want you to think about what it is that is
holding you back from your dreams what negative energies do we need to let this
green fluorite absorb and read our bodies of with the – and strength I’m
saying that maybe you are beginning the new journey into perhaps education or
spirituality something that you’re trying to better yourself you’re trying
to better your situation but it’s taken a lot of courage and strength for you to
begin this journey it might be because whatever is holding you back and has
left you nervous about the decisions that you’ve made to go forward but I do
see that we’re at the beginning stages of this and we can we can move forward
there is lots of opportunities available to us and our blockages are really
within our mind and then for our other cards we have the magician the queen of
Pentacles and the Empress you pulled a lot of Major Arcana cards today
so the Emperor’s I love this card it’s this ox but it’s representing the
Empress who is you know beautiful and nurturing and she is just in this
wonderful landscape and I just I love the imagery on this card it’s so
beautiful because you know don’t we all feel like an ox someday but underneath
all of us is this beautiful Empress and then again we have this queen of
Pentacles who who’s represented by a pig in this case but again the queen of
Pentacles is beautiful she represents the practicality within all of us and
nurturing nature you know providing for your family and then we have the
magician who is all about being resourceful
I think this fox is a wonderful representation of what the magician is
sometimes the Fox can be a little slide but Fox gets what they want
and they always you know they know what they want they go after it and I think
that’s what we need to be we need to understand that this wonderful feminine
energy now you don’t have to be a woman you can be a man and have feminine
energy but this feminine energy is within all of us and we needed to tap
into this divine spirit to move forward and sometimes we might need to be we
might need to be a little sneaky so with this six of cups in Reverse it’s really
reminding me that this blockage is really within us and so this this might
be you know a time for some incantations maybe it’s some hypnotic suggestion
meditations as you go to bed something to help you move forward there are some
wonderful bedtime meditations that can really help you move past these
blockages so depending on what it is I’m feeling
like we might be struggling with a weight issue or perceived weight issue
just with the pig and then this ox so maybe listening to some meditations
about self-love about reprogramming the subconscious mind for better food
choices or if it is a health issue like maybe you’re wanting to give up smoking
again hypnotic suggestion can be a wonderful way to help you move forward
because I’m seeing whatever it is it’s really in your head and when you can
change your story you can change your life okay so this October I just really
want you to to focus on you okay you’ve got a lot of really wonderful positive
qualities but you’re stuck in your head okay so let’s move on to these cards
which is the earth magic for achill so we have new moon which is promised we
have a rainbow which is blessings we have clouds with just shape-shifting and
crystals which is focus so again I’m seeing these cards really telling me
that there is a lot going on in your life and that you’re just you need you
need to be the clouds you need to be the shapeshifter you need some morph and
adapt to get what you want but with your focus you can really change and receive
these breath blessings and the promises that you desire and then let’s see these are the energy
Oracle cards so we have man holding a coin
we have door 2 value and we have cornucopia so again there is a door in
front of you that can be open and so there’s a lot of money represented here
but this doesn’t have to be money these coins this value can be whatever you
attributed to so whether it is a health goal whether it’s a relationship goal
whether it is financial abundance the doors aren’t opening for you but right
now I feel like you’re being presented with this cornucopia and there’s just so
much you’re not sure where to go so if we can really focus on what we want and
understand the blockages that are holding us back then this door will open
and this man holding a coin will be on the other side I just provided so much
value to our life again this doesn’t have to be a man this is just a
representation this could be you know this could be a woman it could be a man
it could be you know not even a physical entity it could be your dreams just I’m
feeling masculine energy attached to whatever your goal is and then let’s see
what your moon ology cards have to tell you for October first card so
appropriate work through your fears and then we have have faith in your dreams
and show the world the real you exactly this October you need to work on self
love because the the negativity in your life is coming from you
okay there is nothing in this world that we can’t accomplish if we don’t put our
minds to it but if we don’t believe in ourselves we’re never going to
accomplish our goals so this month I really want you to focus on what it is
that you want and work on changing your story
you can be the clouds you didn’t shape-shift you can be this rainbow and
have a the bucket of gold at the end right there is so much here in front of
you but your own mind and your own fears of the what-ifs is what is holding you
back okay group number one so that’s your reading
I just wanted to pull a few affirmation cards for you so let’s see what it is
that the universe wants to tell you for October 2019 okay when I’m in alignment
with love of the universe peace cannot be disturbed disrupted sorry I’m reading
it upside down okay and then we have the universe works fast when I’m having him
fun yes this goes so well with what I was saying we need to just let go of our
fears we need to have fun we need to explore the world around us oh and then
your last card this could not be more perfect I let go of the shadow of the
past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love and you know
who that someone is that they’re talking about they’re talking about you you need
to see yourself with the eyes of love okay so that’s your reading group number
one I hope you enjoyed it if you did please give this video a thumbs up and
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up in October and if there is anything you want to ask the cards please let me
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guys have a fantastic day and I’ll see you in the next reading bye
hello group number two the group that picked light amethyst
so before I start your meeting guys I thought that was a hair but it’s just
the card before I start your reading I want to let you guys know that these
cards were just jumping out at you whoever picked group number two the
cards want to tell you something so important that all of your cards were
just jumping at like I barely took me any time at all to put this group
together so group number two you picked the light amethyst and this is all about spiritual growth and ridding negative
energies I love holding an amethyst well I am meditating in fact I actually have
this beautiful amethyst point just right behind me as I’m doing this reading I
have some other crystals as well in fact other amethyst but I have that one I
wanted to show you so if you picked this group and amethyst might be something
you want to add to your collection if you do not have it already it is truly
wonderful for meditation so look at all these cards I have for you today we’re
going to start with your tarot cards I’m actually using two different decks we’re
going to start with the gilded Tarot so your cards today are the six of swords
the nine of swords ace of Pentacles the star and the High Priestess okay lots of
swords today it’s kind of telling me that you might be a little bit in your
head okay so let’s start with the ace of Pentacles right here in the middle this
is showing me that I have a feeling you’ve got some new opportunities coming
to you this October these opportunities very well could be
for financial growth could also be for spiritual growth I have seen that
because of your Major Arcana cards over here with the star and the high
priestess but let’s go over to this stored energy this stored energy is
really telling me that you’re kind of you might be kind of stuck in your head
okay the six of swords is about transition
and change you know this just figure here is on this boat and he is going
somewhere he’s alone he’s alone in this boat just on this journey to wherever he
might be going wherever you might be going but we have this nine of swords
which always makes me think of anxiety but because of all this other sort
energy I’m feeling like it’s in your head group number one was stuck in their
heads two and I feel like maybe it’s a blockage with this with this fall we
need to just be inside and meditate and you know work on ourselves but with the
start and the high priestess I mean this is all about renewal and finding your
purpose and the high priestess is all about intuition so whatever your purpose
is wherever you are heading towards this ace of Pentacles trust your intuition
it’s it’s leading you down the right path okay so let’s see what your other
tarot cards have to say we have the nine of Wands
which you know it’s all about courage I always think of this card I love this
card with this it’s actually I believe it’s a bighorn sheep
it’s bighorn sheep up on a mountaintop and I mean I’ve seen bighorn sheep out
in the wilderness I live in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada and we see
these all the time on the side of the road and it’s got to take courage to
climb up those mountain peaks right so we’ve got that and then oh you put the
high priestess twice okay you you guys with the amethyst the High
Priestess you guys are this is spiritual right this is why the cards are jumping
you know that you they knew that you wanted to hear something and then we
here we have the three of Pentacles which is about it’s about implementation
reaching up to the highest branches to reach your goals we’re on the high peaks
here you guys are reaching for something big you are going for your dreams this
October and that is so exciting I really want you guys to trust your intuition
okay look at the imagery on this card let me
hold it actually closer to the camera okay so we have the moon which is
representative of our dreams and we’ve got the webs like we are gonna catch our
dreams in this skillfully crafted web we’ve got the the black widow spider
here which is you know just she’s she’s potent she’s fierce she’s amazing right
and that’s that’s you you are this High Priestess you are whatever it is that
you are going for group number two it’s your gonna get it and you are you are a
force to be reckoned with okay but again we have this nine of
swords here which is showing me you’ve got some anxieties and I just want you
to say that we I just want to say that we do not have to give in to this fear
this worry this anxiety we need to understand the difference especially if
you do feel into it if you need to understand the difference between
anxiety and what your intuition is telling you okay because I know I
totally get in my head like that where it’s like oh my gosh and mine is my
intuition telling me not to do this or is it just my anxiety telling me not to
do this so I think a practice of mindfulness which will help you discern
anxiety to intuition it’s really going to help you out
okay so let’s pull your earth magic oracle cards we have purification rain
green man just synergy ocean which is the ebb in the flow and wolf instinct
they’re literally just talking about instinct was I not so again I see this
with the ebb and the flow and the purification here is that we need to
learn to work with our intuition but not let our anxieties get in the way okay
there needs to be this balance and then you know we need to be able to trust our
instincts but we need to understand what is instincts we need to be able to
purify the energy to figure out whether it is anxiety or instinct we want to
trust our instincts but we don’t want to entertain anxiety okay so that that I
think is going to be key for you this month group number two okay it’s just
working on understanding the difference between anxiety and your instinct
because once you can get over the anxiety then this manifestation that
you’re working on is you know it’s coming so now we have the energy oracle
cards and my favorite card right on top I actually have his card in my intro is
the goddess of the moon a whole bunch of min energy again with this High
Priestess so I’m just gonna put that right there
and then we have the temple path and the women woman holding coins so if you’re a
man watching this I’m sorry I do feel like I’m speaking to a woman you might
have a lot of feminine energy or it might be all women watching this reading
I’m not sure but I am going to assume you’re a woman at this point and this is
you in your future you are holding this coin which is you know it’s just a
representation of abundance whether it be financial abundance
whether it be love or you know whatever you define as abundance in this moment
and we’re holding it up on this on this temple path like we are on our way to
this is a spiritual journey so I’m not even sure if this is if this is going to
be finances for you I mean everyone is concerned about finances because money
is a wonderful tool in this world but I feel like you have you have dreams that
go beyond the monetary they go into the spiritual realm and things that you want
to manifest and bring forth it’s you know you’ve died what am I trying to say you have dreams bigger than earthly
desires you want to share knowledge you want to share your wisdom and yes money
is wonderful but it’s not your motivating factor I don’t think I think
it’s you you want to be this you want to be this goddess you want to live down
your temple path you you want to just share positivity and amazing things with
the world I feel so group number two I really feel
you I want to know who you are down in the comments down below okay so now moon
ology cards it is time to take action yes we cannot let this anxiety get in
our way we just need to push for it and look at that we have another bighorn
sheep okay like let’s just courage is ours we can do it we can conquer the
mountain in front of us okay and then we have the answers you need are coming and
emotions are running high again I feel this emotions is very much anxiety
but you need to you need to just work on what is anxiety versus what is intuition
and then you will really be able to move past the anxiety and those emotions that
are that are blocking you okay and I think that’s that’s the answer that you
need okay I’m gonna pull just a few affirmation cards just to see what the
universe has to tell us for October okay I guess it’s these two cards they do not
want to shuffle it I choose love no matter what and then I create mindful
moments throughout the day reminding myself that I am love and miracles are
natural wonderful and I’m going to pull one more cuz I pulled two three four
group number one so let’s just be fair and there we go
I am the dreamer of my dreams yes you are you are indeed group 2 so if you
left this reading please go ahead and give me a thumbs up I would really
appreciate it and while you’re down there please subscribe to the channel I
have all sorts of wonderful readings coming up in the month of October I
can’t wait to see you on the next reading have a fantastic day
and I’ll see you later bye hello hello group number three the group who picked
the bread Jasper so bread Jasper is all about courage and independence so if
this is you this is your reading and I can’t wait to see what the cards have in
store for you so I picked lots of cards today but we’re gonna start with your
tarot cards which we have two different decks that we’re working from let’s see
what we have we have the page of ones z10 of swords
the Wheel of Fortune right in the middle perfect 9 of cups and the four of swords okay so let’s start with this page
energy I’m feeling like we are kind of at the beginning of a journey which is
again sometimes the wheel of fortune means good luck
it means karma but it also is a turning point things are shifting right think
about the clock the hands moving we’re shifting into a new experience I’m
feeling like that is what is going on with you this October okay there’s
there’s something new that you’re shifting into and I want you to approach
these shifts with gratitude I want you to be happy at every moment and really
appreciate the small things this month the ten of swords this is either
something that you have just experienced it might be something that you’re just
getting over and shifting out of as we enter into October or it could be
something coming up so I just want you to be prepared that there might be a
little bit of a little bit of trauma this month you might lose something or
you might experience some kind of crisis for this month but I’m feeling like with
this with this for assaults that okay there’s a plane going over really
loud I’m feeling with the support of sorts
whatever this is you can just you can get over it with rest and read you know
this might even be illness you might be getting you know just a cold or a flu or
something might might hit you this month but rest and recuperation is what you
need okay and then we can just get back on the path to doing what we got to do
and I feel like you know the path that you’re going down this month but it’s
just you just have a few little hurdles that you have to get over
so let’s see what these other three tarot cards can add so we have the
intent of Wands which is all about responsibilities we have the six of
Pentacles and we have the fool so again this kind of it’s the fool speaks with
the page of one’s really well because they both speak of new beginnings and I
have a feeling that whatever it is that this little hiccup is that’s
interrupting your journey it’s not going to be a big deal you’re going to get
over it just fine and you’re going to be on your way I see this month as an
opportunity for giving and for sharing so whether this is knowledge whether
this is giving your time to an organization to a charity I don’t know
when the American Thanksgiving is but the Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up
and you know it’s always a good time of the year to give if you have extra
canned goods in your pantry or a couple extra dollars in your wallet that you
can give to a food bank I would really suggest doing that this month there are
a lot of people in need and you know a lot of people going through a lot worse
of the crisis than what you’re going to be experiencing and this 10 of ones I’m
just saying it’s a lot of responsibility a lot of burden but it’s
not it’s not a bad thing okay I’m feeling like maybe you’re just feeling
like you do need to give and when you feel like you need to give I want you to
do that so this might even be if you’re if you’re walking down the street and
you see someone who is struggling it just offers some help okay
and I want you to just listen to what your heart is telling you and if you
feel like you can help someone I want you to do that this month okay because I
love this full card with this grasshopper it’s just leaping over this
stick you know that sticks in his way and he’s just leaping over it without a
care in the world and that’s what I think you’re going to be doing is that
these little blocks in your way you’re just gonna leap over them you’re just
going to trust me and you’re just gonna keep going
okay but the fortune is on your side this month okay guys in group number
three you know especially with this red Jasper you know just just trust yourself
you’ve got the courage to go for it so let’s just let’s do it look let’s move
ahead let’s see what your oracle cards say so we have forest which is reminding
us to breathe which is always a good message we have dance and celebration we
have wind activation and we have stone people vigilance you know what I heard
when I put this down is that in in order to receive you must give right you must
put out into the world to receive back so let’s start that process by giving
what we had so that we can get back what we need okay at the end of this month
you are definitely going to be dancing you’re going to be celebrating but
remember we had this this four of sorts which corresponds to this forest card of
of breathing so just remember to take time when you need it this month I feel
like things might be very quickly this month and I just want
you to take time for yourself to breathe to relax as this month goes on and then
we have the magician in the mirror we have n V then we have door to spirit
so with this magician and the mirror I see this card speaking a lot of balance
let me hold it up for you so you can see a little better so he has you know the
balance of the blue and the orange the air or the water and the fire and in
between is this magician just you know bouncing and I feel like that’s a really
good message for you that we need to balance this month you know with the
giving and receiving rest and recuperation to action just we need to
make sure that we are living in balance with what we want we need to rid
ourselves of envy this month right by when we’re how if we can help other
people you know we need to see the good in everyone and we need to not compare
we don’t need to judge you know if we can give a dollar then that is wonderful
we don’t need to feel bad for not being able to give twenty dollars or two
hundred dollars or twenty thousand dollars you know whatever we have is
what we can give and we need to be grateful for every little thing that we
can give and that we have to and then the door to spirit is just you know I’m
seeing this as the actions that we take this month are just leaving us one step
closer to our goal we are opening the door to what our dreams are okay and
then let’s see what your moon ology cards have to say so your dreams need a
practical plan so this might be saying that you know as your as your giving and
as your receiving this month we just need to put into practice of what is my
intention behind this why am I doing this what
what am I getting out of it what is the world getting out of it and just
understanding your actions really taking the time to understand why you’re doing
something are you giving because someone means it or are you given because it
makes you feel good are you giving because it makes you look good so let’s
figure out what our dreams are and put a practical plan into place we have the
end of a rough cycle approaches and it’s time to release negative energy so again
these cards really speak in balance with each other as the end of this tough
cycle approaches you need to release the negative energies and with this red
Jasper card I’m seeing that you have the courage to do so you have the courage to
move forward and just live life to your fullest potential okay and now I want to
draw just some affirmation cards for you to see what it is that the universe has
to tell you for October 2019 what does the universe have to tell
group is number three for October 2019 there is nothing sexier than my
authentic truth which is so true you really have to be yourself and you know
there’s nothing sexier than you there’s nothing more beautiful than you we have
attack pain fear judgment and any form of separation are merely calls for help and then we have there is a stream of
love supporting my dreams okay group number three so those are the messages I
have for you for October 20 19 if you enjoyed this reading please give
the video a thumbs up and I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel
because I have all sorts of amazing readings coming up for the month of
October I’ll see you guys in the next video have a fantastic day
bye hello group number four the group who got the aqua marine so aquamarine is
all about luck and protection and fearlessness it is a stone of the ocean
there’s tales about mermaids taking aquamarine as talismans and it’s it’s a
very fascinating stone if you want to look it up I highly suggested it’s it’s
quite an interesting story around aquamarine so that is the card that we
are starting with for your reading and look at all these wonderful cards that I
picked we have oracle cards as well as tarot
cards two different kinds of tarot cards in fact so let’s start with these we
have the knight of Wands we have the death card we have the nine
of ones we have the three of cups and we have the king of Wands so first let’s
start off with the elephant in the room the death card this does not mean a
physical death the death card is all about endings and change but you know
what for butterflies to emerge the caterpillar has to die and disappear
right so death is not a bad thing it is simply a transition to the next phase of
life so let’s figure out what else we got
going on here we’ve got the 9 of Wands which is about courage and faith we’ve
got the knight of Wands which is about energy and
and taking action towards your dreams we have the king of Wands which you know
he’s an entrepreneur a natural-born leader and he’s got a vision in this
world and then we have the three of cups which is all about celebration so I seen
as death as maybe a transition into the next phase of your life maybe this is a
new business opportunity maybe it’s a new romantic partner maybe an old
relationship has passed and you’re celebrating this new person that is
coming into your life there is something beginning which is
very exciting very very promising and if you don’t have any aquamarine I would
suggest you go get some and maybe carry it as a pendant or carry it in your
pocket it’s a it’s a stone of luck and I think that I mean I’m seeing you’ve got
a lot going on here but you know we could always use a little bit of extra
luck so what else do we have here we have the moon okay this is all about
illusions and your subconscious and then we have the page of cups and we have the
nine of cups okay and look I was talking about a butterfly earlier was I not and
we have a butterfly a beautiful butterfly on top of this nine of cups
and this is really showing like satisfaction with what you have you’re
very content in your life at the moment but the page of cup is showing that
there might be some new opportunities coming not necessarily again not
necessarily a change but just something to improve your situation that is
already here so if if the death card isn’t really symbolizing a change it’s
just it’s a progression to the next but you have you have to remember that
you need to take action for whatever the outcome is that you want you need to
take action but the moon card is giving me a little bit of a okay what’s going
on here and I haven’t done it for any of the other groups but I want a little bit
of clarification on that moon card because I’m not quite sure what they’re
telling us there so let’s see what’s a little clarification on the moon card
for group number four please that’s a clarification card eight of
sorts and we have the page of one’s okay so
this this makes a little bit more sense so the ADA sorts is your feeling a
little a little trapped but it’s all it’s self-imposed whether you’re feeling
like so look at this little guy he is surrounded by these sorts but it’s very
easy for him to get out but he’s feeling comfortable in this space he’s feeling
protected but he’s also feeling like maybe he’s a little stuck there so I’m
feeling like this this change is actually a very welcome change and
perhaps this is a change that you’ve already started to implement again
you’ve got another page which is about new beginnings and you’re starting again
not necessarily changing but just you’re making adjustments to reach what you
want to reach to become this butterfly I want you to take time to celebrate and
express gratitude for all the little things because I’m feeling like the
solution might just be that things aren’t happening as fast as you want
them to but things are happening and we need to be grateful for all the steps
that we are taking in the right direction we need to be grateful for all
of these cups that are underneath our butterfly because there are plenty of
opportunities out there for us and the more we express gratitude the more these
that these opportunities are going to be presented to us so let’s see what your
earth magic oracle cards have to show so we have the lotus flower which is a fold
mint it’s a weird word unfoldment but you know this is just opportunities are
opening up like a flower they’re blossoming blossoming I can’t talk today
they’re blossoming into amazing things then we have the DNA card which is karma
you know I’m thinking that really goes with you know with with all of these
cards with celebrations and you know luck is on your side is what I’m hearing
I need to tell you is that luck is on your side and it really speaks with the
aquamarine right you have the opportunities you
need to take them and move forward and just express gratitude and don’t hold
yourself back we have the tree which is grounding and then the desert for a
Vision Quest so this is telling me that sometimes maybe we can get a little
overexcited a little over-enthusiastic and we just need to draw it back we need
to connect with ourselves connect with our intuition with our dreams and really
stay on the path that we want to be on we don’t want to we don’t want to soar
to HIGH we’ve got you know the butterfly and the owl we don’t want to get too
ahead of ourselves we just want to go at a good pace and watch watch things
unfold watch it blossom into a magical experience I thought I had three of
these I do have three yes okay so we have the first chakra
which the first shoppers you’re in shock it really goes with this tree of
grounding one morning and then the Sun so again if we just if we feel ourselves
just getting a little over-enthusiastic a little even a little arrogant in these
situations maybe it’s your Eagle coming into play we need to just remember to
bring it back to ground ourselves and really understand why we’re doing what
we’re doing this month okay but again with the Sun with this lotus flower I do
as you see a lot of positive changes and a lot of positive transitions and things
happening for you in the month of October let’s see what your mood ology
cards have to say what do you need to release adjustments are required and
your commitment is being tested okay so this a you know this really goes back to
the death card with all of these is just it’s a transition that you’re going
through but you you starting to already see the other side of it we just need to
keep going we need to release what is no longer serving us which you know
releasing what is no longer service and serving as an adjustment required are
very similar they work really well together and your commitment is being
tested so whenever you see these storm warnings we need to understand that it’s
just a test and that we can get through it okay then the last thing I want to do
is just to draw a few affirmation cards before you group number four let’s just
see what does the universe want to tell group number four October 28th
we have instead of praying for an outcome I pray for the highest good for
all we have I do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness called
consciousness one more we have I surrender to a power greater than me
okay so that it’s what the universe wanted to tell you for October 20 19
if you enjoyed this reading please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to
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month of October and I will see you guys in the next reading have a fantastic day

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