Oh poor Carla mom hurt cry loudly | Fluffy warn bite her | Monkey Daily 4355

Oh poor Carla mom hurt cry loudly | Fluffy warn bite her | Monkey Daily 4355


  • Paula Thiara says:

    What group is.carla from?

  • Ashley07 says:

    Why Haven't I seen any videos of Sweetpea and/or Popeye and her baby? how are they doing?

  • Janeen Payne says:

    ❤️❤️😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 big mama Carla, protect cutie pie baby Charlee!

  • Beauty Obsessed by Denise says:

    Sweet Charlee she’s so cute! Carla is a wonderful mom too…🐵🐒💞

  • Keep on keeping on says:

    Why fluffy bite her? Just general purpose to keep female in line?

  • Karen Jensen says:

    This video well shows how longer Charlee is getting.

  • Ana Azucena says:

    Ana Maria Azucena Arevalo
    It's my baby
    Charlee ok

  • pam mitchell says:

    I would love to see and hear Carla show that aggression towards Tara…Big Bertha…Leyla…and all the relentless kidnappers when they are forever trying to…and succeed! In napping Charlee!! Carla is way too complacent when it comes to the nappers…! Tara has gotten her again!!! Carla all but handed Charlee to her…

  • Christina 84 says:

    Why won't carla ever let charlee go 2 feet away from her? Did something happen to one of her 9ther babies? Fluffy had been having an attitude lately 🤣

  • Nicole Kk says:

    Why give you fat Mother food ? The Baby does not get anything !!!

  • PannsApprentice says:

    Quasi-Frodo will grow up hunchbacked constantly stooping to suck mom's saggy tits.

  • Fun with jayden says:

    What a fabulous mum.

  • Guerche Edwige says:



    Some one can Cut Off her Extra Skin’s ?That Disturbing her very much! It is Just Skin & Fat ! This will relive’s her a lots!


    Not Plastic Surgery.Just Cut Off the Extra Skin! Is that two Hard?
    Have Mercy to that poor old mother!!!🙏🙌

  • Voltaire says:

    Someone should poison fat ass and that ugly baby

  • Naturalistic Being says:

    Her and Tima from Amari troop need that skin gone but no one will do it!
    They won’t take that risk of them possibly dying from surgery and plus they have young babies that needs them

  • Mary Kennedy says:

    Charlee is so sweet. She really filling out and getting fiestier and stronger. Moms got a sore on her back she keeps picking at. It was bleeding a few days ago. Not sure what happen. She's certainly a great mom and loves lil girl.

  • Jolene Dehart says:

    It's getting hard to watch these two. Poor tiny skinny baby always hungry, and big blob mom getting bigger and bigger every day.

  • Steve Blonde says:

    Her fat body makes her head look really small… Weird 🍥🍩🍪🍰

  • Steve Blonde says:

    How hard is it to put up signs, saying "don't feed the animals" 🍩🍥🍰

  • Joanna Menchaca says:

    Fluffy's an a****

  • Joanna Menchaca says:

    leave her alone fluffy you dumb piece of s*** I've never seen her do anything wrong she's always taking care of her baby a fluffy is a jackass

  • Lana Moler says:

    Why Carla have so much excess skin?!

  • gabriel D says:

    Charlie's mom looks like jaba the hut from star wars sitting on that tree just a big fat flabby sack of shit who does nothing but eat all day when not pooping out another rat like Charlie another worthless that takes from the eco system destroying anything they come in contact with they are really only good for medical experimentation honestly why did God mother Earth whatever is your higher power every animal seems to have a reason why they were placed on Earth they do nothing for the eco system but take and destroy in most cases so really that and for using in circus acts and just the pure pleasure of torturing them these are the only reasons I see they are useful for. I do not think you can domesticate for use as a pet unless they can breed or genetically modify to you can take the aggressiveness out of them if you could do that they could be wonderful pets and even be used for use with handicap people you could train them to get a beer out of the fridge

  • gabriel D says:

    I didn't even see him really bite her he had her by the tail plus she has such a huge fat layer to protect her he wouldn't even get to anything vital to really hurt her it would be superficial wound in fact he may do her a service if he bit her on that fat layer and it got infected and died and dropped off of her or some vet cuts it off but I see these remarks about why not have compassion and a vet to please perform surgery which would be very costly not just the surgery but the after care they would have to keep them until they are healed completely from surgery to try to keep it from getting infected and they are such dirty animals shitting and pissing where they lay sticking there fingers up there asses or all over the backsides of other macaques it would be very difficult and for what reason they can afford to lose a few they are a nuisance.

  • First Last says:

    skin that fat fuck for a winter coat

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