OPHIUCHUS May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

OPHIUCHUS May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

OPHIUCHUS May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading
Monthly Horoscope Welcome this is the energy vibration
reading for the month of April for the Ophiuchus Sun Moon and rising
sign I want to say thank you for being here thank you for being back and let’s
check out your May reading and to see what is happening hi okay please let me know
how you find these ugly toes and to be able to be seen what it’s coming out for
the first week because this month is the wheat is a bunch of fire and it’s gonna
be good it’s gonna be positive you’re dealing with the energy of powerful
energies coming in first week you have an air energy where you are on a new
journey in your life this is going to be good some of you could be starting your
jobs in that sort of a situation or some of you could be moving Wheel of Fortune
is here which you guys I think is the first one in the weeks that is trying to
get in a wheel of fortune so second week is going to be very good there’s
definitely a situation with an organization you could be being very
very very that people or seeing that you’re really really on the ball and you
or write about certain things okay so this is very good so you have hair fire
and hurt and water you guys and this is what I’m saying check out other readings
check out your Sagittarius readings but you obviously are one of the luckiest
people as the sagittarons on this planet you’re an ela you’re totally different
than the rest of these people on this planet okay
most obvious is people are not early earthly and this is what I need to do a
video over okay let’s see a new start Wheel of Fortune is coming in a new
start and you are going to be very successful some of you could have been
on a new journey started something new in a month of May it is going to be very
good second leaf whatever you need to do in the first week it is yes you have a
beautiful energy of the energy of the devil in
reverse so whatever lies in deception that you are dealing with for the
organization or that sort of a thing yes it is over it is over because the truth
is coming out yes it is over because the truth is coming out so whatever the
situation of whatever that was transpiring yes in over because the
truth is coming out energy of the lovers is here some of you were dealing with
some one that was very deceptive it could be that that this person connect
with you only for money and you’re going to be finding this out this person
wasn’t being very honest this person came in your life he was sent by an
organization but it’s as if the lies and the deceitfulness is going to enter the
outcomes of your month is that your financial your material world is going
to be good some of you are going to be meeting as someone who is a past-life
whether a soulmate or a twin flame definitely this is the soulmate and this
is no this is a twin flame and this is the soulmate so it was like there was a
block between you and your soulmate and twin flame and this is going to be
released this block is that people know that you were meant to be with someone
and they were blocking you and now it’s going to be released okay someone
something could be influencing the connection between you and your twin
flame and soulmates and it’s going to be release because they’re going to be
coming in and you’re going to be happy nurturing the outcomes of the month for
you guys is the energy of nurturing and energy that whatever it is that you need
in your materialistic world it’s going to be happening happening for you guys
which is very very wonderful and very good but the most important thing
is that people who wanted to get marry could receive the message that maybe you
are living with someone and the person wants to move the relationship to a
higher ground yes you can receive the energy of marriage some of you are going
to be seen the truth of a situation where the organization that has
strengths firing and there is going to be an alien coming in check out why is
sista Linda’s check out definitely um check out the energies so whatever is
happening and transpiring I don’t know but it is a beautiful layout that is
coming in for you guys so let’s let’s look again what is happening the first
week you have the energy of the hair side there’s definitely a new start a new journey is coming up for a lot of
you do you start a new journey in your life you’re moving forward and in a very
very positive way and as if the universe is back in you and some of you are
definitely if you’re in a marriage or a twin flame relationship this is going to
be good it’s as if you both were meant to be in this relationship okay it’s as
if the universe is sending you to the right people at the right place at the
right time marriages are going to be very good you’re gonna be financial
stability good you’re gonna be very very financial still deal second week a very
wonderful positive energies where some of you are going to be realigned or
reconnect with your twin plane or soul mate and this this this realignment it’s
going to be good because it is going to bring you financial stability in your
world in the third third week you have the energy of the
Arab and now some of you in the third week is dealing with a situation with
groups of people which is organization they can dispel tell public places that
sort of a situation it could be in the the shopping centers this sort of energy
that is coming up now there was a deceptive situation that was plain there
was some deception that someone was being blocked from a communication with
someone else there could be that a network tried to block something that
you were doing it can’t be that a company organization tried to block
something that you were doing and this block is going to be up okay this block
is going to be lifted up in the third week going in the fourth week some truth
about an organization is going to be coming out some truth something
deceptive some lies and deceitfulness about no organization is going to be
coming out you are going to be fine an inner strength to deal with it and
you’re going to be having an elf from others coming in I love these two cards
together and it’s so weird that these two energies came up together is so
powerful and this is why I start to do the readings on camera so you guys can
see the energy of the cards because this is a beautiful deck but also you’re
seeing what is taking place and transpiring in these weeks as we go
along always check out the on-demand please find out all the people who were
born the 29 of November until the 17th of December because they are different
they’re not from this planet okay the energy that they come in to
help people out on this planet you need to make sure that you find out and let
them know about these readings that is coming out
because it’s as if there’s certain information in these readings that will
activate them and let them understand who they are and where they are on their
journeys okay this is really a beautiful beautiful layout with the devil in
Reverse which is very wonderful because some of you have been dealing with some
real deceptive situations and especially that there was an influence in the
relationship between you and someone so some of you could have connected with a
twin flame or a soulmate or there could be a third party in a marriage that is
going to be ending or some of you were connecting with someone and there was
some negative influence in the situation now that is going to be released the
outcomes of your month is that basically what this is saying is that whatever
that was blocking your your financial flow this is definitely definitely going
to be ended so whatever and whoever was sending you negative energies or working
whatever because now on seeing more and more that people are letting me know
that they are feeling the ends of negative energies from other people so
whoever that was working these are bad things because as far as I’m concerned
if you are going to be using you know whatever you call it a witchcraft black
magic or whatsoever you know go back to the bushes I that’s not what it was
meant to be it was meant for took use it to protect yourself and to morals all
blockages and there is just some people I don’t know because I can’t imagine my
family was never like that so we don’t know that sort of a thing I just started
studying different cultures and realizing the things that people will do
and another thing people stopped eating from other people let people bring their
shit to work don’t eat it especially you Opie OSes people
do not eat from other people if you don’t see the person making that food
and they’re going to be eating that food don’t eat it because that is what messed
up a lot of people are not aware sometimes your work oh I cook and I
bring food for everyone why I didn’t ask you you put some shit in there because
you want you and I to be friends ladies and gentlemen stop eating from
people go and get McDonald’s okay anything that McDonald’s and I’m not
giving McDonough’s anything but stop eating from people okay I don’t know
that was a message for someone let’s see what other messages is coming out this
is a wonderful message this is partnership in the Lyons
partnership and alliance so this is good obviously some of you are going to be
partnered up with other people there’s an eland that is coming in is as if and
and it’s a stretched-out to say I’m sorry for something some of you are
receiving the hand of help that is coming up this is a very very good and
some of you are going to be partnered up with people okay so you’re moving on a
new journey whoa the hope comes up for the Sagittarians
and it comes back up in the same position for you guys too
so oh oh ladies and gentlemen oh my god you’re having to read it as a
Sagittarius look at these beautiful now look at this oh there is hope and
positive movement forward isn’t this beautiful that’s the eight of Pentacles
positive movement all forward this is the energy of the eight of Pentacles it
is about connecting with people at work for some of you connecting in new
relationships and reconnecting in new relationships healing marriages and old
relationships and is going to be positive in your marriage and all
relationship and is going to be a positive alignments of movement further
and this is going to be good solitude is what we have here for you
guys so a lot of you are going to be fine in solitude within you’re gonna be
finding inner peace and and reconnecting with yourself okay in a peace and
reconnecting with yourself is going to be very very positive because it’s as if
some of you are aligning with the right positive energies is as if you’re
connected with the universal beams and guides and this is bringing out your
spirituality so this is going to be powerful so a lot of you are going to be
connecting with the right people are the right people to align to you and open
you up to the right energies going forward okay let’s see what is coming up
for the Orpheus’s animal spirit guide who is going to be helping you oh the
pelican spirit let let it shine and definitely definitely you can see this
here happening let it shine ladies and gentlemen whatever is happening let it
shine now the pelican spirit is a very very wonderful spirit that is coming in
because the pelican spirit is giving you a new start and in your world and this
is going to be positive because whatever this new started however this new start
is you’re going to be shining you’re gonna be opening up as a pelican you’re
gonna be showing how beautiful you are when you open up and this is just going
to be so wonderful and so positive so beautiful beautiful beautiful energies
and you guys have the cosmic heart and affirmation is that I am the cosmic
heart I am the cosmic heart so whatever is happening as I am the cosmic heart I
the cosmic heart now this is also at number nine energy and it says this card
invites you to open up your heart fully and tune into the love radiation from
Venus which is the heart center of the universe pure unconditional love is elde
within vedas at a night dimensional frequency and this is where i radiate
that’s why I can’t take deceptive people liars and deceiving people because I
radiate with an eye energy vibration of love which is the ninth dimension
frequency of love okay I did a video and I was talking about coming back to this
planet and I said nothing ever will make me come back to this planet because
Jesus people are so Oracle on this planet and
it is so true and it’s because I write with a knight fifth dimension of love so
I don’t understand the hates the deceitfulness and the lies that people
do against each other okay a higher frequency that we can currently access
lightworkers have that I of frequency most lights workers have the night
dimensional love from Venus I carried out because I’m a 33rd 33:6 so the
angels are suggesting that you find time today to call on mother Mary always call
upon mother Mary and her unicorns and ask them to help you to step down this
powerful but gently lava to a level that you can handle because not everyone can
deal with night dimension unconditional love because you’re just going to be
just blow in your horns okay you’re just going to be crying at everything and and
and you know giving away your life breathe in love from the cosmic heart
and radiate it out to everyone you cross so you know it’s as if you’re dealing
with someone who’s been very rude and that sort of a thing and just call up on
the universe and call upon mother Mary and
to place unconditional love over this person because obviously they could have
been carrying negative energies and that is a reason why because I’m realizing
how rude people can be so learn that the light worker in Van invitation in the
inauguration by fire so you guys have the inauguration by fire and why is that
you’re not from this planet if you were born November 29 until December 17 you
are not from this planet I got a do a video on that but it’s not
I will do like 50 minutes on YouTube but arrests you guys have to buy because you
guys need to realize who you are duality it’s what you guys are going to
be working with inauguration by fire now you are going to say and listen to this
and listen to it over and over again and read again with it you’re not supposed
to do this three times behind each other okay you can do it every other day or
once per week whatever you choose to do but it’s an inauguration through my own
freewill I choose to trust in the sacred fire to cleanse my soul and my mind and
body I have the spirit and power of the Phoenix within me my spirit will be
triumphant raising up out of the sacred divine fire so I surrender my life into
the holy fire of love that which no longer serve me may be cleanse from my
beam and rapid growth of new life and flow to me may I be held in tenderness
mercies and grace as I successfully passed through the inauguration by fire
into the loving fearlessness power of my own divine nature may all beams through
divine Mercy’s be free to love so be it ladies and gentlemen I am wishing you a
wonderful month whatever is going on I’m wishing you really really a wonderful
month and understand that life is full of surprises but just roll with the
punches namaste


  • Justine Mendoza says:

    Kathye Kaan
    , Thank you for my OPHIUCHUS reading I do appreciate it that much….I was born December 17……GOD BLESS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY……MORE BLESSING TO YOU….

  • Antony Bumbc-Edu says:

    Thank you for the insights.

  • Aurorah Dey says:

    OOOHHHHH when I was in corporate America I NEVER ate any of that potluck crap! You are so correct Kathye! Thank you for this reading. I pray that all of this good fortune manifests itself this month!

  • ghost writer says:

    what is Ophiuchus compatible with eg scorpio and what else

  • Mamma Kush says:

    Thank u so much. DEC 11 here. I truly hope for new starts and journeys…. so very needed 🙏🏾. Thank u!

  • Melissa Darnez says:

    Please do a video on ophiuchus.. 🙏 I've always felt different and out of this world, no one understands me. And I never understood people why are some girls mean and bully, When I was little I use to tell my mom, I wanna go home… What ever that meant.. but I knew it wasn't here, I have been told by someone gifted that I have a genuine kindness and that's why it's so hard for me to make through… People were not always nice to me my hole life and just now at this age I'm not taking crap from people. It's not that I want to be mean, it's just people made me this way. The outcome of my life 😔 thank you kathye namaste… ♥️

  • Pikasde says:

    thank you, be blessed! wonderful month to you too!

  • Dj SpinBad says:

    Thank you very much nice to know ophiucus readings are happening. Aloha from Hawai'i love your accent by the way.

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