OSHO: Marriage and Children

OSHO: Marriage and Children

presents Marriage and Children Have you ever come close to getting married? No, never. I have been against marriage from the very beginning, because it means cutting down your freedom. Getting attached legally to a woman or to a man, no Freedom to me is the ultimate value, there is nothing higher than freedom. It was difficult, because I was fighting from the very beginning. My parents were in difficulty, my family was in difficulty, but I told them absolutely clearly that I was not going to be married. They would have been perfectly happy if I had been going to be a celibate monk. . I said, “No, I am not going to be a celibate monk either.” That was their trouble: if I was going to be a celibate monk they would be happy. In fact, they would have felt proud that their son had become a great monk. I said, “No, both are ditches. I am going to walk just in the middle, on the razor’s edge.” And I have enjoyed the walk tremendously. So, what would you say now to all the people in the world who are married? Should they all get divorced? Everybody should get divorced, without exception. People should meet and love each other, occasionally, as opportunity comes. There should be no ugly state when a wife has to make love to a man whom she does not love anymore, but she has to fulfill her duty. The husband is fulfilling his duty: while he is making love to the woman he may be thinking of some other woman, she may be thinking of some other man. What kind of neurotic society have you created? If you don’t love each other at least be human and say frankly that it was beautiful to be together, but now it is finished. Say goodbye. I would like marriage to disappear completely from the world, and with marriage, divorce will disappear. With marriage, prostitution will disappear. With marriage, most of the work of the priest will disappear. With marriage, almost ninety-nine percent of the work of psychoanalysts, therapists, psychiatrists will disappear. It is marriage that is creating all kinds of psychological perversions, repressions, guilt. It is simply human: you see a beautiful woman and you would like to have some time with her. It does not need any God’s permission even your God committed rape with the Virgin Mary, without her consent. Do you believe that story? I just believe that story because it proves that your God is a rapist; otherwise, I don’t believe in the story. Jesus must be a bastard it is certain he was not the son of Joseph, and just to cover up the whole thing, that great story has been invented. He got God to do the job! They say God is a trinity: God, the Holy Ghost and the Son. The Holy Ghost did it, but he is part of God. It is just like my hand is part of me and your genitals are part of you the Holy Ghost is part of God, perhaps he is his genitals. Otherwise, how could he manage to make a virgin girl pregnant? What about family responsibilities, the married partners’ responsibility to their children? Children should be the responsibility of the commune, not of the family. It is the family which creates tremendous problems in the children’s minds. It gives them all their sickness, all their superstitions, all their stupid ideas, theologies, religion, political parties. It enforces on the child. The child has to be freed from the family. If you want a new man, then the family is an ugly institution, its time is over. It should be replaced by the commune, and then it is very easy — the commune takes care of all the children. There will be the father, the mother; they can meet the child, the child can come to them. But basically it is the responsibility of the commune to take care of the children. The children will have many uncles and many aunts, and they will have more opportunity for human contact with different types of people. They will be immensely enriched. Our children are very impoverished; they know only one man, one woman, and they know the constant quarrel between the two. The woman is nagging the husband; the husband is beating the woman. And this is what you are training them for: your boy will repeat you; he will knowingly or unknowingly be your carbon copy. Your daughter will repeat your wife, knowingly or unknowingly. That’s why no son can ever forgive his father, and no daughter can ever forgive her mother. They destroyed their lives. It is absolutely a psychologically proved phenomenon. But if the commune takes care, then they will have experience of so many different kinds of people. It is my experience that every person is so unique that the more contacts, intimacies, love affairs you have, the richer you will be


  • jeanpol casanova says:

    Freedom and love together

  • jithesh nileshwar says:


  • sily says:

    Il problema è far funzionare la “comune”

  • Jackleen Jesus says:

    He is awesome..what a man of stature..salute to him

  • Key Himself says:

    1.7k thristy people watched this video.

  • rahat hameed says:

    If a person does not get married then there is no family and who will raise the children and take care of them because mother is busy in making love to another man now and father is busy in making love with another woman. And both of them are producing more and more children. But who will take responsibility of those children?

  • Mohammed Alzahrani says:

    OSHO is dead wrong on the issue of marriage among other things to do with sex.

  • Art Lopez says:

    Hmm it might seem to be a bit odd I wouldsay but , alot of what Osho says I have come to the same conclusion without even knowing, or ever listening to him ultil today.

  • Nofapper 012 says:

    Struggling with singleness

  • Caverman says:

    "even your god committed rape with the virgin mary"

  • 1 ' says:

    And i thought i was the only one who thinks like that

  • rosesnribbons says:

    yes, and probably that's the reason most of the children in his commune were sexually abused. It's great to listen to these things, but in practicality, it doesn't work. And we all know what the many love affairs has gifted to the world–AIDS! I agree that people who don't love each other should'nt stay together, it's poisonous. Yet, there are many times we are not a fan of what our spuses do or the way they act (which is natural when any two human beings stay together), yet we respect them and love them , and are thus willing to not emphasize on their defects. If each were to run behind their infatuations when they are really in love with their spouse (but might be going through a stress period in their lives), imagine the amount of love that would be lost! Imagine the amount of scandalous relationships it creates! And everyone knows how challenging kids are at times. Yes, the community should also look after them, but someone needs to take ownership and the responsibility for them. No matter what flower words you say, nobody is going to look after other's children, especially when they are being a challenge, which is what children are, most times! How many children has he taken care of? Other than embezzle money out of their parents!

  • Amin Karimi says:

    Osho is a great teacher but unfortunately some of the analysis is superficial, one of the major code in nature is reproduction. For human raising children is a two parent responsibility job (like other animals ,for example penguins). the community can take care of the children but what about the ownership code in nature? ownership is a strong motivation in evolution process. Nature don't care about your freedom it just want to evolve itself and it will do it. it is not a pleasant method and freedom, of course is at the least of its priorities. To be free one need to rewrite most of the evolution codes again.

  • Amin Karimi says:

    what Osho said is a Hunter-gatherer period in human life at that period, human lived in a small communities, children raised by everybody and sex was free between the group members (of course based on the power) after agriculture revolution the ownership change this lifestyle. if that lifestyle was the optimal one, the nature didn't evolve to the agriculture period. therefore if he say we should go this type of lifestyle one need to consider that we already passed that period!

  • Indermohan Singh says:

    It's wonderful to see Osho being scared of his freedom being taken away. Maybe it is being wise or maybe it is just being weak.

  • Parag Chandra says:

    This man was on another lavel of spirituality….

    He have guts to say the things in society as they are originally which we are afraid to say even to ourself…..


    Thanks osho

  • amritika says:

    Way ahead of times,everythng is so relevant in these times.Great master

  • odd4sout Mapping says:


  • Anon Anon says:

    But what happens when a woman gets pregnant.. If there is no marriage, is he saying the couple should stay as a family, but without the legal requiremens..

  • TundrazZ R says:

    The greatest mgtow of all time. Rest easy sir.

  • DIEGO ALIONE says:

    Marriage is degrading..

  • Faizan says:

    I cant believe ..how people are following this idiot person..HaHaHa

  • RIALAS says:

    Promiscuous speach.

  • Vimal Marandi says:

    So so true. I am 21 years old and I think the same.

  • khaled Alamri says:

    Without marriage and relationship, you simply would not exist

  • Andy Gugu says:

    Love, freedom is the ultimate wish

  • Sai Govind says:

    This is exactly what i think about marriage!🙏

  • Emilio Ibrahim says:

    I can't believe why they don't teach this in schools and universities….why the hell I'm hearing this for the first time in my life!!!! Fu*king love this guy

  • Mary Lotus says:

    he is pure love and freedom

  • lurnfitness says:

    Could you imagine is Jesus had a sense of humor? Why is humor so absent in major religion? Its refreshing to listen to someone who can poke fun at ideas that are blindly accepted as fact. Love it.

  • Sar Wan says:

    God is a rapist .Jesus must b a bastard. It was certain he was never been son of Joseph: Golden words which can b spoken only if u r ready to face death the next minute. He was brave enough to say things which we can not even imagine sometimes.

  • A V says:

    Osho had said that every married men and women should get divorced but how can is it possible nowadays ❓

  • Khorinus says:

    Mind blown! Genius!

  • Stress free life says:

    Truth from the great courageous rocking OSHO ..2019 year👍👌🙏🙏

  • Geeta Negi says:

    Love u Osho

  • PoleaM says:

    💖I was born with this type of understanding….I knew….

  • thaik56 says:

    Upon hearing his first words, OSHO is MGTOW!

  • Maria Janaina Tomaz says:

    Acho q ele tem razão no que fala, mas p isso teria q muita coisa ser mudada, colocar um filho em uma comunidade já distorcida, não dá e o perdão é interessante pq os pais fizeram inconscientemente. Mas o q ele fala é muito correto. Somos o q aprendemos, se não tivermos psicopatia, ou outra disfunção cerebral, claro.

  • Gems & Jools says:

    Osho saved me in my darkest days … I LOVE him!

  • wanderstudi says:

    Individual freedom can also be that everyone is free to decide if he / she wants to marry or not. Osho always speaks with such certainity that is very tempting simply to adapt to everything he says. In some parts I agree, in others not. Don‘t stop thinking for yourselves people.
    And I totally think you shouldn‘t be brainwashed into a certain way of life by society (like it seems almost mandatory to get a house, marry, have children and so on).

  • L Pearce says:

    Even a sensationalist documentary like wild wild country can't keep people away from the truth of Osho's words. It's undeniable.

  • Satyajeet Prabhu says:

    I love how people are wholeheartedly agreeing to what he is saying. But have you really considered the implications of what he is saying? Are you willing to drop your jealousies and possessive tendencies before you jump into such a social structure? What happens when you lose your youth and find yourself without a partner? He is talking about an amazing society of absolutely free humans but looking at how most of us behave in relationships, we are far from ready for such a thing. It's time to work on ourselves first to reach such an evolved state.

  • CleanMcSteve says:

    While I disagree on what he says about marriage (i'm not against others and free love). He was pretty spot on with raising children. It's how we have done it for thousands of years. it takes a village to raise a child. We have lost that in our society, it is driving us further apart from each other within our own community. Sons repeat the mistake of their fathers, daughters repeat the mistakes of their mothers.. An endless cycle heading down for society as a whole.

    Watching his videos, Osho does speak some wise truths. You can see him as an cult leader or some crazy guy. but you cant argue that he speaks about true freedom for us all, to bring us all together in some way.

  • William Delong says:

    Society is in conspiracy against the manhood of it's members.

  • NGilTV says:


  • travelfox721 says:


  • artisticagi says:

    Wow. Never saw it that way. Mary was raped. 5:10
    It takes a village to raise a child -African proverb. Yes I agree with that it makes much more sense. I want to move onto a co-housing cooperative one day.
    I still think marriage is important, but I see marriage reserved for when I want to have children. I don’t think having a bunch of single mothers has done much good in the world- look at the black community.

  • Neera Sharma says:

    I totally get him he is so right about marriage and how things change between two people after a while at first it's goosebumps and romantic but it does remain like this after being together for a while…and while everything looks good we change ourselves not intentionally but we do because to save marriage we have to drop our ego we have learn how to compromise and cope with a situation at beginning its fine but when you realize this is not who I am and I just have one life and I don't want to live pleasing others but there you are…stuck coz u don't want to hurt others…

  • chitti babu says:

    No doubt you r brute

  • Rajdeep Ghosh says:

    One day this will happen but right now This thought is ahead of its time.

  • wiseup Powell says:

    Powerful very powerful love it

  • Roopa Singh says:

    Thx Osho…
    U make life livable

  • Michelle M says:

    Smart man 😍

  • vijayaranga L.R. says:

    Osho is truly perfect.his talks are very natural.

  • Barthelemy Lazerlips says:

    He is very good and funny.
    Great soul

  • Videnda Noor says:

    All the man sound ver happy under this post 😂 it cracks me up.

  • Prudhvi Raj says:

    I can't listen to this nonsense anymore. He is saying that relationships should be open, free, willing and non-entangling. The theory looks on paper but the moment it is applied to society, the society will crumble. The outcome of this stupid spark is the inferno of irresponsibility that will consume the world. It's all fine and dandy for him to say all that, only, had his parents thought the same, he wouldn't have been here. His teachings directly go against and tear the fabric of society.

  • Sangam Manjunath says:

    I feel so scared because I kinda agree with Osho!😳🤫

  • Marie Hunter says:

    He speaks nothing but truth

  • Cross Point says:

    It's more than crazy. Just fun. Take it easy

  • Lol Lol says:

    I don't think the community handled all the need of a child. How many community are cracked an able to stand by their feet? The answer is simple a child needs a community as well as a family who support each athers.

  • Anto Paul.... Doha says:

    Different man ,,, different way of thinking …

  • Nikhil Kamal says:

    Es video ko plz hindi me upload kr sakta h kya meri English week h…

  • Candelaria Racioppi says:

    I love you Osho!!! …Genius 🙌

  • Cappa Donna says:

    This is radical.

  • Miha Skorjanc says:

    THE BEST!!!! I agree 100%. He hit the nail on the head! Absolutely wonderful!

  • Mario M. M. says:

    This is hilarious.. 🤣

  • Prasad Sgv says:

    Wonderful talk.. just can’t disagree

  • Manjunath S R says:

    What is the man is deeply in love with a woman and during the period of relationship the woman falls in love with someone else. As per Osho, the woman is free to leave him and go and sleep with the new man. In such a case what will be the mental condition of the husband? Marriage is a bond that enforces the thought of non-promiscuity.

  • Joanna Barcikowska says:

    Totally agree with 1000 %%%%%

  • shraddha chauhan says:

    Words of Osho make me meditative…

  • Sublime Diakrisis says:

    I so agree omg the community!!!!!!! This is the future! Thank you Osho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Vilela says:

    Soo.. when children should be made? If you have no family, when does the little ones comes to this world? Randomly?

  • baderlbdr r says:

    كلام يُحترم

  • Sting says:

    EXCELLENT 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Johnny Esmond says:

    is marriage unnatural?

  • Mishad Morshed Zubayer says:

    Osho just said the Truth about the nature of human beings. Simple!
    Its us who made it complicated over the hundread of years.
    I have huge respect for this great man. ❤

  • Jissmon J mathew says:

    The real human being

  • shylu paintings says:

    The moment he told everybody should get divorce without any exception…he nailed it

  • Alien kumar says:

    Marriage is just like incurable disease…avoid marriage…live life…

  • Tempus Est Iocundum says:

    How could men control women without marriage? It's such a diabolic invention!😈👹👹👎👎


    Love n respect from karachi 😍😍

  • ZachLion says:

    I fully agree with this!! Salute OSHO

  • Petar Zahariev says:

    aah Osho thank you so much, you made my day again!

  • Hernan Perez says:

    Absolutely agree!

  • Michelle Ma says:

    Real freedom can only come when one knows how to deal with every situation in their life peacefully and joyfully. He might be very advanced and able to handle all happenings in his life very well. That gives him the freedom to have an open relationship. But for most people who are still unconscious about the cause and effect of their own behavior, it is nothing wrong to have a stable relationship, potentially marriage, so that they can focus on other perspective of lives. Imaging an old man or a woman who doesn’t have a stable relationship n have to think “ oh which bar I should go to talk to someone or hook up with someone.” It is just sad.
    Would like to invite all to find video about Sadhguru and listen to his opinion about marriage and relationships. It might gives you some new perspectives. Then you can choose either way based on your own situation.
    All the best.

  • TheQuestion andtheanswer1 says:

    That is well and good but I dont think it is realistic in the real world

  • Eu Tu says:

    Amazing insight.
    And children living in comunity will not only take advantage of the interaction with many adults…but also would not be forced to adapt to angry parents, they will simple move to another aunts and uncles..
    And there it will be many other children which gives an immense help.
    Children will test and live how is to COOPERATE. is exactly what we need as a human species if we don t want to face extinction.
    Amazing advantages to live your life while you learn to adapt and share with others.

  • Shubham Gavai says:

    Osho is so funny really great

  • Sucker Punch says:

    He was way ahead of his time.. people from the year 3000 wont find him crazy..

  • kenannyavuz says:

    doğru.temelli eleştiriler.

  • Sueda Soylu says:

    I am not the only one thinking like this! HURRRAY!
    and i am not talking about just this video all of them.

  • yes kol says:

    I wish I saw this before I am trapped in a marriage

  • Shammi Singh says:

    Sheela Ma anand @ 6:40

  • Sam.A Alamery says:

    His English is good

  • SOFI says:

    Wow just wow

  • deepak sharma says:

    Osho was way ahead of his time …

  • Dajene Martina says:

    I noticed that he never had one moment of a blinking eye while speaking. Strange

  • Rohit Shinde says:

    Now I know why US govt got him killed?

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