Parivartana yoga | dhainya | kahala | maha parivartana yoga in vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

Parivartana yoga | dhainya | kahala | maha parivartana yoga in vedic astrology | ASTROLOGYY

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welcome to another sunday special video. in this video, you are going to watch about
parivartana yoga with an example, and how to apply this concept in divisional charts
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better late than never. getting back to today’s point of discussion,
the word parivaratana means a change or a transition.
parivartana yoga is like a common noun in astrology. it is used to refer a planetary
combination, where two planets exchange their signs. i said that this is like a common noun,
because this yoga is not restricted to any one set of planets but any planetary exchange
is considered as a parivartana yoga.this may sound a bit confusing at first but as the
video progresses you can get a better understanding on how this works.
let’s take an example.,one of the parivartana yogas, i saw.
Mars in cancer and moon in aries for a libra ascendant.
cancer is ruled by moon and Aries is ruled by Mars. Now, Mars and moon are in exchange
so this is what we call a parivartana yoga, parivartana yoga between mars and moon. Let me tell you, how to understand a parivartana
yoga, and when we can get the results. Parivartana yoga is when two planets are in
each other’s signs. So, They have an exchange of signs., and energies.
If we look at the above example, Mars and moon have exchange of energies between the
two. The results depend on the two houses these
signs fall in, Which you can understand soon.
There are different types of Parivartana yoga. And the results have to be analyzed accordingly.
They are categorized according to the house Lords involved in the exchange, the dignities
of the planets and also The three types of parivartana yoga are:
1.Maha parivartana yoga 2.kahala parivartana yoga
3.Dainya parivartana yoga Maha parivartana yoga is formed when planets
ruling the houses other than the dushthana houses I.e 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses
are involved in the exchange. Remember, The house Lords involved in the exchange is the
most important thing. an exchange between 5th, 10th house lords
is a maha parivarthana yoga. The Lords of Kendra , trikona, 2nd house and
11th houses are involved in this yoga so the results can be a Raj yoga or dhan yoga, which
help a person to succeed in this material world.
i will give the examples after defining the three types of yogas. Let’s look at Kahala yoga. This is formed
when the Third lord is involved in the parivartana. third lord’s involvement is a must. In maha
parivartana yoga, 3rd,6th,8th,12th lords are not involved. it’s a kahala yoga when the
exchange is between any two house lords, given,one of the planets rule the 3rd house. and finally, dainya parivartana yoga. this
is when any of the 6th, 8th, or 12th lord is involved in the exchange of houses with
a kendra or trikona lord. if the planets which are exchanging houses,
doesn’t rule 6th,8th, or 12th houses, this isn’t going to be a dainya yoga. dainya yoga
can also look like two vipreet raj yogas because in this case there are chances of two dushthana
lords to sit in each other’s houses. don’t worry i will make a video on vipreet raj yoga
with an example chart as soon as possible. okay, let’s look at examples and you can understand
how to see if the parivartana yoga is dainya or kahala or maha parivartana yoga. let’s look at this with an example,
BUT, only after a smaaaaaaaall break. friends , this is to tell you all that if
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on astrology.. and here’s the example.. i’m taking an exchange between mars in cancer
and moon in aries. if this exchange is found in the chart of
an aries ascendant, mars rules 1st and 8th houses and moon rules
the 4th house. so in this exchange, 8th lord is involved
so this is a DAINYA YOGA. the worrying thing about dainya yoga is, there
is an involvement of the 6th,8th or 12th lords so there can be some troubles or issues the
native has to go through in their life but, because of the exchange, the native can come
out of this in the right dasha., and at the end of the video, i will also tell you, how
to see in which dasha the native can get the results. if the same exchange of mars and moon is in
the chart of a taurus ascendant, mars rules the 12th and 7th houses, but moon rules the
third house, so this is also a KAHALA YOGA. if this exchange is found in the chart of
a cancer ascendant, mars rules 5th and 10th houses. and moon rules the ascendant!! so
this clearly indicates a MAHAPARIVARATANA YOGA. if there is a dainya yoga in your birth chart,
you can go through some challenging situations and they can come out of it. if the exchange is a kahala yoga, that indicates
a situation getting better with time.the person efforts, mental abilities, courage, determination,
younger siblings or skills help them in getting better out of the situation. and if that’s a maha parivartana yoga, then
the results are felt more easily, the person need not be doing as much effort as in the
other two cases. it doesn’t mean that every area of life ruled by these two planets is
going to be good. for this, we need to consider the divisional charts. let’s see if there is an exchange of mars
and moon in the case of a libra ascendant. so mars rules 2nd and 7th houses, and moon
rules the tenth house. so this is a maha parivartana yoga.
if we look at the planets individually, 10th lord moon is in the 7th house in a fire sign,
aries, and it’s lord is debilitated. so the natives relationship with mother can suffer
, and the person’s public image won’t be very pleasing, and desirable., and the person can
be very aggressive and impulsive. and 7th and 2nd lord mars, is debilitated
in the tenth house. so the person’s earnings and marriage life
may suffer, due to, the person may lack determination and will power, which are
some qualities associated with mars. this mars is also aspecting the fourth house
of emotional comfort, relationship with omther, and happiness, so that can disturb these areas
of life also!! but, here, there is an exchange of these two
planets. so mars’ debilitation is getting cancelled,
which we call a neech bhanga raj yoga , which is a different concept , so i’ll make a separate
video on that! because of the parivartana here, the person’s
will power has been very strong, their work, public image, relationship with wife, which
are supposed to be difficult at times, they have been good. and the person works in a
public sector organization!! the person own lands, houses, vehicles and of course a good
life style which lacks nothing. and now, let’s see when will the results can
be experienced. the results can be experienced during the
dasha-antardasha of both the planets involved in this. if we look at the above example, the person
got his job in mars-moon dasha because the exchange is between mars and moon.
similarly, if the exchange is between jupiter and mercury, the person can experience the
results in mercury-jupiter / jupiter-mercury periods. coming to the divisional charts, if you find
the above exchange of mars and moon in a divisional chart, say d9, this indicates that the person’s
public image will get better after marriage , their public image is depends on their spouse
who increases it. they can have a very dynamic spouse and a very blessed relationship., to
say a few. if the same combination is found in a d10
chart, the person can be working in a government hospital as a doctor!!
because the now, we look for the combinations influence on work and 10th lord being moon
is in kendra, and 7th lord and 2nd lord mars is in 10th house cancer.
moon being in kendra can strengthen the chances of government job and mars in the 10th can
make the person an engineer or a doctor or a sportsman. so first of all, check which type of parivartana
yoga it is.and then check the planets’ dignity and proceed to the areas of life influenced
by this combination, by looking at the houses ruled by the planets and the houses aspected
by them. so if you want to know about the north node
of the moon, RAHU,, or pancha maha purusha yogas and bhavat bhavam concepts, you can
find the m through the icard above. and i believe that you felt this video, so
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  • Avinash Gupta says:

    What about Parivartana yoga between 6th lord mercury been in 10 house and 10th lord saturn been in 6 house in a birth chart for Aries ascendant . Is it good or bad ?

  • JessaJay says:

    Why do you have your subscribers on private? 🙂

  • Abhilash Davanagere says:

    ln my d9chart moon is debilitated in Scorpio in third house and mars is debilitated in cancer in eleventh house what type of parivarthana yoga applys here please answer me

  • sainath kodati says:

    i have cancer ascendant parivartana between 5th and 7th lord

  • Trupti Rekha says:

    i have mercury in 8th and venus in 9th ,its a libra asc chart ,so will it b a parivartan yoga ?if yes which type it is

  • michael mcclure says:

    its fascinating that J Krisnamurti.. Osho Rajneesh and Ramana Mahashi all have Dainya Yoga in their charts.

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