Part 3 – Saptarishis Astrology Interviews Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra

Part 3 – Saptarishis Astrology Interviews Dr Suresh Chandra Mishra

Lets take another chart. This person was born is the same year 1956, 4 days later, at 1726 hours; similar to our last chart. Only moon’s position has changed in this. Rest all planetary positions are more or less same. But sankranti factor is not there. Moon’s kala is better here. This person must be of same age as previous chart that we saw. But this person never got sick in the life. Financially, he is well-off and that’s not because of inheritance from family; he made all money from his own effort. So, just because of sankranti factor and weak moon factor, it turned native’s the whole life upside down, despite have 98% similar positions of other planets. On researching, you can find this in other charts also. Out of 5 panchanga factors, if any one factor goes low, you can see how it changes the life pattern. Rishi Parashar has indicated 18-19 such factors in BPHS, in the very end. But, in today’s era, it’s most important. Parashar thought it was not so important as people will understand its importance, so, he mentioned it in the end. Nowadays, people should be given sour things, before giving them sweets. There’s a chapter in BPHS by the name ‘Ashubh janm Adhyay’ (meaning Inauspicious births). If you will study that chapter, all these 18-19 factors are listed there. It explains why, even after having strong planets, good yogas, why don’t those yogas frucity, why do they fail. It’s all explained there. I have explained you some of Panchanga factors, there are 2-3 more such factors which are related to Panchangas only. Therefore, Panchanga is very important. Without looking into Panchanga, if you are jumping into kundali(horoscope), then it’s similar to diving in a pool without looking at water level. It can be dangerous and increases the failure rate. Sir, as we know, for rules of Jyotish(Vedic astrology), we do have some exceptions to overrule them, as well. Can you tell us such exceptions; because we have seen some charts of Industrialists/politicians who were born in Amavasya(new moon day) or a weak moon, but have reached high status. What are those Panchanga factors that strengthen the chart despite all that? You are doing me a favor by asking right questions. Exceptions are always there. Those exceptions because of which despite having sun and moon conditions of new moon day i.e. despite being born on Gandanta or at twilight, in which conditions does native live prosperously? All those exceptions have been listed Saravali’s Chapter 35. It’s Rajyoga Chapter. As you mentioned word Industrialist, I recall something, there was one Industrialist from Gujarat State of India, he also rose from nothing to great heights He was born as Sagittarius Ascendant. He also had sun and moon together in Sagittarius, meaning a weak moon, somewhere around New moon day; I don’t remember exactly. This exception clearly applies there. In Saravali, it has been said that if sun are moon are together from 0 to 15 degrees of Sagittarius, then it creates a Rajyoga, which is evident in this Industrialist’s horoscope. We must, therefore, remember exceptions also. Regarding the conditions in which even those born in Gandanta can have Rajyoga fructified, he says that even if born in noon or midnight, i.e. 48 minutes before or after apparent noon or apparent midnight, it creates a fearless, bold and strict ruler/king. Exceptions are at lot of places, but for that we need to dive deep into the shashtras. You won’t find these on the upper surface. From Panchanga, we will now move on chart analysis. As we study, we are told that first thing to note is how strong the ascendant is. If the ascendant is strong, the native will be able to overcome other deficiencies of the chart. For this, should we look at ascendant degrees, ascendant nakshatra lord, ascendant OR do we look at the moon, moon’s depositor, moon’s nakshatra lord? At that place should we look for basic strength of the chart? Parashar has spoken of 3 kind of Lagna – Sun Lagna, Moon Lagna and Rising sign lagna, in increasing order of importance. Sun lagna is less important than moon lagna which, in turn, is less important than Rising sign Lagna; rising sign being the most important. To consider combined strength of all 3, he devised the Sudarshan chakra methodology. There’s a chapter on that for studying the combined strength of all 3. If you see Sun, moon and earth, these 3 create our destiny. Sun and moon are part of Panchanga, being used to measure time, something we already discussed. Regarding earth, we live of earth, so the rising sign on eastern horizon will have impact on earth. Local rising sign on eastern horizon was therefore incorporated. So, all 3, sun lagna, moon lagna and rising lagna are important. We previously discussed that Sun and moon form the basis of strength of a chart. In terms of building’s strength, we can say, sun is like Foundation of a building, Moon is the DPC(Damp Proof Course- signifying inner strength) , while rising sign is the outer coating of the building. We need to look at combined strength always. It was said pretty straight, that for strength of Hora Lagna, see If lagna lord is connected to lagna in some way. If Jupiter, Lagna lord and benefic mercury (not malefic) is connected to Lagna to some way, it gives strength to Hora Lagna. After that he indicated about few more things for deciding the strength like how many strong benefic planets are positioned trine to lagna, that also strengthens lagna. Benefic planets in 2nd and 12th to lagna also strengthen lagna, even if lagna lord might be weak. Benefic planets in 6th, 7th and 8th also strengthen the lagna by providing benefic aspects. This is called Adhiyoga. Like if America supports any Asian country, then that country feels stronger too i.e. supporting from a distance. So, neighboring planet’s strength is there, Lagna lord’s strength is there and planets posited there also strengthen. E.g. if we have Cancer ascendant chart with a weak moon, but if Jupiter sits in Ascendent, then Jupiter gives strength to ascendant. If in 2nd and 12th to lagna, we have benefic planets OR in 6,7,8 to that, then that also strengthens lagna. In fact, not even for lagna, for any house, look at house’s lord, any planets posited, look at nakshatra in that house, check if that nakshatra has any malefic planet. Other than that, look at 2nd and 12th houses to it; look at 6th, 7th, 8th houses to it; and also 5th and 9th houses. Every house gets strength from benefic planets in 5th and 9th house from it. If no planet is there in Lagna and prima facie lagna lord looks weak, but 5th and 9th have strong benefic planets then it will strengthen lagna. There are other methods also for finding lagna strength. But don’t get directly into Shadbala, I will advise that. In computer, when you look at Shadbala graph, if you see, one planet’s bar is high, other planet’s bar is going down, it doesn’t matter so much. Sir, you specifically used the word ‘functional benefic’ while talking about 2nd and 12 house planets. Some people, for example, see if Jupiter is sitting in 2nd and 12th, even if malefic, they simply think of Jupiter as always benefic. Is that right? It’s half correct. Because if Jupiter is always benefic, then while posited in 2nd house, why does it give diseases in body parts related to 2nd house to lot of natives. Particularly, cancer ascendant, even Jupiter is posited in 2nd house, then native gets some disease/problem related to mouth, speech, voice. Jupiter gets frustrated in 2nd house. Now, if benefic mercury is in 2nd, Venus is there in 12th, then you won’t see such problems. So, while looking at planets in 2nd and 12th, look exclusively whether they are functional benefic or not. Like as I said about Jupiter giving mouth related problems in 2nd house for cancer ascendants. Satyacharya has said in such cases, there might be swelling in mouth. Swelling can be due to many reasons tooth problems, mouth sensitivity, vocal cord problem, inflammation, cough and cold, bronchitis If only being a natural benefic was the criteria, then why will that happen? so, that was ONLY for functional benefics, not natural benefics. On similar lines, we have this belief that the house to which Venus is posited as 12th, that house gets strength, gets benefic influence. If Venus is 12th to ascendant, will it be a benefic in all cases?
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Yes, that will depend on which ascendant sign is it posited 12th to. If Venus is functional malefic to that lagna, then it won’t support lagna(ascendant), but will support if it’s functional benefic. It was said in Uttara-kalamrit, except for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, for D-1 and D-9(Navamsa) charts, Venus posited in 12th becomes benefic. Now Why is that? Because for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, Venus is yogakaraka planet, being lord of angle and trine (kendra-trikona houses) houses. When yogakaraka planet goes to 12th, then it will reduce the worldly comfort effects. For Aries ascendant, Venus in 12th will be in Pisces, which is Venus’s exalted position. For Taurus ascendant, it will be in Aries. In saravali, we have a shloka, that venus, if in Revati or Ashwini or Krittika, it anonymously becomes Rajyoga karaka (provides kingly comforts). That will be for Taurus ascendant. For Gemini ascendant, 12th house will be Taurus. In Taurus, Venus will in own sign. For cancer ascendant, Venus will be 4th and 11th lord. Being 11th lord (Baadhakesh), it will be slightly problematic. Though we are talking about 12th position here, but by some connection, if Venus gets related to 8th house also, then it will be maraka(killer) also. So, cancer is exception here. You can calculate like this for other ascendants also, but general rule is other than Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, it might get benefic. Not always but can be benefic, can get malefic too, though. You talked about strength of ascendant. Not everybody knows their right birth time and sometimes ascendant also changes in 10 minutes timeframe, so, regarding birth time rectification, how can we find out the correct ascendant of a person? Parashar has written first 2-3 chapters on the characteristics of zodiac signs only. In Brihat Jataka, Varahmihira has also written about it. You can match the appearance of native with the characteristics of ascendant sign and try to find if that matches or not. Varahmihira said this clearly that characteristics of Ascendant’s Navamsa sign and lord will reflect in native. Second thing is moon’s navamsa position can cause some variation in facial complexion of native. For cancer ascendant, he said – it will be fair complexioned native; but if in Navamsa(D-9), moon goes in Capricorn or Aquarius, then native will have slight dark tinge, but basically will be fair-skinned only, not even wheatish. Based on moon’s navamsa position, his facial features can be predicted. Based on that, you can even tell that native will not be V shaped body, rather will have straight shaped or a big tummy. Even for height of native, whether a person will be tall or short depends on what country/area he is born in. Since average height varies for country to country. In India, average height is 5.5 feet while this might be 6 feet in other countries. In India, 6 feet will considered tall here. So, based on his height, face complexion, body structure, we can decide and confirm the ascendant. Mishra ji, you told us how to rectify chart for ascendant, some details you said we can get from Navamsa and navamsa lord position. But how we reach that state of time range where Navamsa of native be fixed? We have only talked about moon navamsha here, not ascendant’s navamsha. So, we were able to finalize on the Ascendant, but for birth time rectification, how can make it more precise? How to reach at correct Navamsa(D-9)? Based on lord of Navamsa falling in Ascendant and that Navamsa’s rashi, the native’s personality/outer appearance gets created. Based on strong planets posited in 1st and 7th house in Rashi chart(D1), it cause some variations in native’s personality, though. He may get fat or slim based on that. Based on those variations, you can move the chart by few houses to finalize on the ascendant. His navamsa can be fixed by looking at moon’s navamsa sign and navamsa lord. Based on native’s appearance, we can compare it with moon navamsa sign’s characteristics to finalize it. After that, there are body symptoms/signs also which can be looked at. Starting from head to feet, if you allocate the body parts in 12 sections, from Aries to Pisces, then wherever Mercury is there, you will find a birth mark on that body part. Let’s say mercury is in the 7th house, there will find a mark on the private parts of the native. That fixes your Navamsa too. According to Dreshkana/decante(D-3) also, body parts can be divided into 3 equal parts, 1st part will be from head till diaphragm, 2nd from diaphragm to belly button, 3rd from belly button to feet. Every Dreshkana/decante can be further divided in 12 sub-parts; Starting from lagna, allocate 12 houses to sub-parts for each dreshkana/decante. For example 1st dreshkana/decante can divided into temple, eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth and so on. When you divide it such a manner, whichever house mercury is sitting, there will be a mark/birth mark/scar there. Generally, it’s either a mole, black/brown spot, skin tag or lentigines.. In cases where there is no such mark, native must have sustained it within one year. That mark will decide which lagna and navamsa is the correct one. If you will read it, Varahmihira has written it very systematically. First look at Lagna and lagna’s navamsa sign and lord, that will decide the outer appearance. And the strongest planet sitting in angles will have impact on Lagna, complexion, so, consider that as well. Finally, we will decide from moon’s navamsa sign and lord. And, if native has mark on his body, then that can indicate mercury position also. All this has been told in first few chapters (of BPHS) itself, but students leave these chapters mostly. Students think that they know nature of signs and move on chapters on rajyogas and all. But, the real secret of Jyotish lies in these first few chapters itself, which help us in distinguishing between two horoscopes.


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