Pisces Horoscope  & Tarot Reading | Love | Jan 27 – Feb 2, 2019  💌 💰💖

Pisces Horoscope & Tarot Reading | Love | Jan 27 – Feb 2, 2019 💌 💰💖

Hello Pisces… Pisces Suns, moons stelliums where you have four or more planets and/or asteroids and the sign of Pisces
at the time of your birth as well as ascendance or risings well this is your
Tarot Oracle and astrology horoscope for the week of January 27 through February
2nd so love and money or finance reading we have some special numbers for you and
we are also going to look at some archetypes so we’re going to have a
couple of different decks that we’ll be using for you today compilations of
decks any any deck that I’m using you can find in the information box in the
Amazon store and also just wanted to let you know that based on popular demand we
are going to be doing our monthly readings versus our weekly readings it
seems like you guys enjoy those more so than just the weeklies so we’re gonna do
the monthly readings for you starting in February so this is your I’m not gonna
say your last weekly reading but yeah we’ll see how that goes we’re gonna
start at the monthly readings next month and we’re gonna we’re trying to stay
flexible so that we can give you what you want okay so if you are interested
in daily, weekly or annual Tarot go to the app it’s called daily
horoscope we have links to that app in the information box and you can get that
for Android or iOS systems for iPhones alright so those special numbers 1,
5, 10, 14 and a 46… I’m going to give you your astrology
overview while I’m shuffling there are some indications of some internal
conflicts going on which is not new for Pisces and that’s why I
love Neptune being direct as a Pisces myself when Neptune is direct everything
is just so much clearer but right now Neptune’s….or when Neptune is retrograde
my apologies but right now Neptune is direct in Pisces and it helps us to kind
of like dream but it also can put you in a fog of unlike Capricorn who doesn’t
really like the second guess themselves Pisces can sometimes second-guess
themselves and our two rulers the traditional ruler from ancient times of
Pisces is Jupiter is actually at war or not in good cahoots with our new ruler
which is Neptune okay and so we’ve got the great beneficial ruler that’s going
against the ruler of Dreams which means some of us want to have fun and enjoy
life and we want to decide to be happy but our minds won’t allow it the mind
won’t allow what the heart wants to enjoy this is how this is coming out so
this is how we’re gonna put it all right I don’t know what kind of reading this
is called but you know that’s how they came out that’s how we will look at them okay so what we want to do with this
particular reading is we need to look at the archetype Oracle’s and ask specific
questions to see what we can do about this conflict between our minds and our
hearts what do you want Pisces you want what’s in your mind or do you want was
in your heart now you know the bible does say that the heart is
deceptive right so we’ve got the eight of Wands which is Wands indicating
sometimes travel by air sometimes it can indicate you just sent out some resumes
okay sometimes this indicates people are
getting ready to relocate or move so there are a lot of things going on
and you’ve been having your fun you’ve been getting away with a few little
naughty things Pisces and and that’s all good and there’s a Justice card
indicating that for some of you you you kind of like eloped or what-have-you for
some of you you have court situations that turn in your favor magically you
went in thinking it was gonna go away do it another way you just left and you
were like you were like okay alright I’ll take it
and so but for some of you you kind of just jumped the broom okay you went into
these situations with mates and you said I’m just gonna do it they’re not like me
they don’t live where I live I don’t know anything about them I am going to
take a chance cuz if I don’t I will never know what I’m gonna do but this is
sideways and so basically what that means is since this came out under this
you decided some of you who I think this is a good thing you just to go ahead and
leap you decided to go ahead and take the flight you decided to go ahead and
do the long-distance relationship go ahead and relocate to be closer to
someone that you love go ahead and take the job and leave your family behind you
took a chance Pisces you took a chance but we’ve got this temperance card stuck
in the middle here with just throwing a little bit of a monkey wrench in it for
me so let’s let’s do a card and see what is temperance saying to us because it looks
like the deed is already done oh I get it I totally get it
okay so temperance comes with the card of consulting with other people meaning
that you don’t there are times and I don’t always advocate this Pisces but
there are times when you need to just leave okay you just need to go ahead and
do it you don’t need to talk to a lot of people and what this is saying it’s not
saying don’t talk to anyone it’s saying be careful who you talk to
don’t talk to everyone because somebody just might talk you out of it and you
don’t want that you do not want that no you don’t that is why it’s so important
to use clarifiers okay because we would have never gotten that now we said we
were going to look at some of the archetype Oracle’s and ask specific
questions to see what do we do about the indecision what do we do about the need
to take other people’s advice that just confuses us what are the Oracle what is
the Oracle guidance for us what are the Oracle’s saying to Pisces for the week
of the 27th of January 2019 I need to clarify the partnerships and alliances okay let’s clarify the mental conflict okay and let’s clarify the rescuers okay
so what we’ve got here Pisces is friends
and alliances and a favor about favorable outcome meaning that this
person that you’ve decided to connect to the hand that is reaching down to pull
you out of those doldrums go ahead and grab it take it because you will
experience a favorable outcome all right now remember we saw the temperance card
and you see here you see the scales of balance meaning that all will be well
you have the water or the emotions and then you have the mountain behind him so
there needs to be a balance not all water not all mountains and Hermits and
all of that but unless keep everything balanced and just believe have faith in
this situation and there’s definitely mental conflict maybe for some of you
the number two you were on something that happened with somebody else or you
were waiting on another job or you were waiting on another situation or you were
looking for another home to come through for you there was another apartment
complex you wanted to move into or what have you so it’s still here but you
cannot operate like this you’ve got to close that up and have be single minded
so that you can have harmony with yourself and with others
that’s harmony is a beautiful thing and it binds you see the heart chakras are
involved we we initially asked the question what do we do do we go with our
minds or do we go with our hearts this time you go with the heart you go with
the heart Pisces and I need to understand a little bit more about this
rescuer uh okay so what happened is this Pisces has
always been the one to put the love line out you want to put it out and help
everybody and we want to make sure everybody’s okay and we end up getting
hurt because that happens with angels angels get hurt
okay because humans don’t give angels back what angels give humans so we
should stop expecting it to a certain extent and we should understand our
purpose in this life and what we’re here for
but because we don’t yet get that we throw it slime and then we get hurt and
then we have self-esteem issues or we don’t feel like we got what we want in
our solar plexus chakra is all out of whack and stifled and not moving and
we’ve got to get those things going again for ladies I mentioned that
chakras move counterclockwise for men it’s clockwise it’s a golden energy
right underneath the heart and above the navel area get that second brain going
because it’s that second brain that’s closest to the heart that gut that tells
you to please please move forward basically all that intestinal energy
down there is just a second brain okay how else will your body know how to
process all that food now for some of us Pisces is a little bit difficult but we
still need to listen to that gut from time to time in order to get what we
want don’t second-guess yourself don’t feel
that you’re you’re not good enough don’t feel that you’re not pretty enough
don’t feel that you’re not strong enough you are you are well able to be loved
and every now and then every now and then those angels that you are that
always help these humans end up getting another angel to help you so this time
you might have to leap before you look okay alright you take care bye-bye

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