PISCIS Ex PAREJA ♓ Entre 2 Amores ✌💖💙

PISCIS Ex PAREJA ♓ Entre 2 Amores ✌💖💙

how are you dear pisces welcome
for this special ex-partner reading already this week from January 6 to 12
of this 2011 that have passed a wonderful new year
spectacular in every way to you pisces many making changes
in his life of pisces in new cycles so very happy for you
those who are in it and those who are not start this new year doing the
changes needed to go in search of that bikes happiness my name is
mauricio cortez tarot so can i search in social networks for those
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benefits may opt and we go with your pisces reading
from 6 to 12 disney December 1 12 January of this 2011 how are they going to be
you in relation to your ex partner pisces in this week
your energy is pisces in relation to that ex-partner I feel that
still many of you are still remembering despite having a new
relationship or find or have found someone or someone like it or be
looking for someone still follow thinking about that former couple try to
have fun enjoying being happy but I still get love
from the past and most likely they exist in a new relationship not yet
are in love or be some friendship with advantage something like that but
still have doubts if really wait or turn the page
or definitely play it for this new person men especially from
the pisces sign already in Pisces sign women even
some also out there with triangle loving i mean they are letting themselves love
some and are in a new relationship already and waiting for that ex to play
couple know he came back or wants to return the younger especially
because they still have doubts want choose but I don’t see them badly I see them
they are right as they are leaving wanting but try to act with
with justice honestly do not play neither pisces or sit too much
empowered because the same is not good so I don’t see them wrong with certain
doubts but with very good opportunities of having a new relationship
watch out for the love triangle ok yes are not completely sure go
step by step those who have children already from Pisces it’s like they are more focused on
material issues the same children in their labor projects do not feel that
that ex-girlfriend maybe never gave them that they needed to be happy or
some will be only communicating with them on issues of
money but nothing beyond it’s like that you will be interested in that more than
person come back with you it’s like that help them financially they are pure
It’s like he’ll not be interested in coming back even if you started a new
relationship this person if I wanted to go back ok it’s like it’s going to have to go
because you already are like bored of the subject for fish that
are you really waiting for that person the only contact they will have is by
the children and for money and they will have to you go your way in the case that
you are what you are waiting for and that they are asking for an opportunity because it is
true that it’s not a week like to to give you one
new opportunity in case have been to blame for the term
let’s now ask how are your explicit in relation to you if the
strange if they want if they want to look for them if somehow they are still
in love clearly I feel that their exciscis are in decision making
are in decision making and even many of you have communication
with them but they are with more than one person especially if you are
pisces women their ex-partners feel they have more than one woman apart ok
then you kind of know that this person is not worth it yet so
they still wait they want them to decide yet so are you willing to wait for me to take
decisions so this person is like this while
your give them time to decide they are going to
be can be with one with two or with three ok in other cases
I feel that that can communicate with you to
that you give them some chance but you are already looking towards
to the other side in the event that that you don’t want to come back and that
they just want to know how is that person most likely still
receive news from them or about they that speak to them even that they want
come back and sometimes you think about it but it’s like getting in a new way
for what it is is just like more empowered then this week
communication could be but his ex-partner does not in fact make decisions
and in the opposite case you don’t they are going to fish a lot in case
are on a new path ok then you don’t know what to do your
ex-partner is how there goes especially the youngest of the sign the countries
who already have children for example how is your ex partner in relation to you
this one is very tired, that is as he also has hidden feelings
towards you pisces wants to make a restructuring of his life but the
lie and everything he did wrong he is playing tricks then like
that is quiet suffering this person in case you are
in a new cycle and that person has them wanted you know it’s not right
is suffering quiet but is suffering the karma of everything bad that
did with you in the event that you were the culprits of
relationship term you are going to have to be there in
silence or are you still keeping that feeling for that person despite
that you know you can’t be with that person that somehow
have a new relationship is like that you will suffer in silence pisces
and that’s not positive you have everything the power in your hands to be able to create
your future in a different way and to that have to restructure already have
that totally restructure your life and his way of seeing love life in
general okay
and even much of that ex-partner i don’t know what what would they like even everything is
suffering a super big trial and are seeing that you might take a
different path and that they can no longer do nothing and the truth is that they suffer but
alone as quiet and that you know and in the opposite case I tell you
they are the ones who are suffering there and have that make important decisions and is
because that person is already in a new relationship ok then this week is
time to make decisions let’s see what obstacles there are for
fish that have no children what obstacles there would be for you to return
in this week with this ex-partner and clearly for some they tell us what
that the issue of you not clearly valued don’t forget it in the
if you have not been valued in case you don’t
they valued that person that’s is the main obstacle of why none
of the two wants to approach but also there is another thing that there are pregnancies of by
half might be for your ex-partner to go to be a father or mother or that you are
pregnant or are going to be parents and that that makes it harder to resume
that relationship is very strong to more than some will arrive
this reading that of the obstacles that there could be in this week and those who
they already have clearly respected children only lack of understanding or
be three letters that speak practically having eyes
closed from not understanding the process already not being able to do anything and for those who already
they have children and they are more adults and they were waiting or are in love triangle
if still excited they should take off the blindfold it’s time to be
happy no no for the children try to recover that person because they are not going
to do at least you who are watching in reading this week
they must seek balance in their life and see what is really giving
there are not many obstacles in relation to that person especially clear if they are
women who already have a new partner and that you live and excited
let’s see yet so signs would be like those who could approach you
pisces in this week either to talk talk to for
close a century to apologize for here for you would be better
aspected in case they want play it for that person already then
let’s see let’s get three signs that are like what this week from 6 to 12
would be the most that could be more receptive or
there could be a certain approach et cetera the first would be if just
just like you but notice that the hanged appears or here I already
talk about what they would have to do a huge sacrifice that is not being
I was telling them that they should see the life from another point of view and that
sacrifice would have to be on the part of your ex-partner of you but very big
so things will work for you who came out pisces in the case
would have to see the ascendant to clarify each
and get some other advice the other sign it would be in this case virgo that virgo as
came out aquarium tells them a lot or does not want to make decisions or you
pisces are the ones who don’t make the decision if he played it, he found yes or no or that
person is among you I to someone else then this sign could
have contact but it will still be undecided and if they are waiting a long time
time I think it’s time for you take the pan by the handle and
the other sign would be aquarium and is Aquarius was guilty of finishing the
pisces relationship with you the most it is probably not having a good time
be with depression be with formal moment or that aquarium you are
going on is making us go through this depression any be alone ok me
I feel that with this sign the thing is complicated because they need to mature
they need to have more wisdom to handle that relationship Maybe it’s showing us what it is
very difficult to look for this person or that just don’t know where it is
find but well more than one as I tell you it could appear if you
they want or they could search and they would have to play blue for
to see what happens with these signs the others are generally could happen
anything but these are the ones more could approach
pisces this reading what solves you take it and don’t check its ascending
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from pisces ah sorry sorry pisces no we are not leaving
almost cut the video dispute excuse me we don’t lack the interactive crisis
but how excuse me and if the interactive is not missing just like
for others this interactive needs focus on your partner not your ex-partner
today that ‘don’t excuse me it must be because it’s the last sign and my head is a
a little complicated already but they are going to concentrate your ex-partner and let’s see
what could happen in this week that maybe
that is something they don’t expect or if it could change something important in relation to
this person to see what the letters but if you advise us a little more
I’m going to give you five seconds so that choose on the side you like best and
think about your ex partner ok pisces those who chose the side
left to see if there are any surprises in this week on behalf of your ex-partner or
what could happen I think the doubts for this group persists in pisces
persist and not much decisions are made doubt and it seems to me again the subject of
that are between two people especially if your ex partner is a man
if you are women and man is between two people good and also if
they are man could why not also their ex be between two or you be between
two people and while these doubts no clear up they will have to look for the
way of making decisions and not staying arms folded otherwise the
energies are not going to move and they will be so maybe for how long what
they chose this side to see if here we show something else that has to do with
a former partner for countries that they chose this side
look at the head in two men most likely this person is
away from you from your ex partner because is between two people or between you
and another person and be away or away so they had some contact
because or maybe it’s in a new relationship then most likely
they can find out or maybe he tells them that that you don’t want to take away a
time for those in a love triangle but maybe you already
they decide to start a new relationship because this person didn’t appear anymore
then they will be like in a kind preparing to make changes but
nothing drastic that I tell this week goes this week so it will seem
he will look for them he will come crying no at least those who chose this
group or the other even I also don’t see biggest change I feel they stop
hospice this week a lot is like a new way as I tell you already decided
and others are deciding but they are the pisces that are waiting and I at that yes
I would advise you not to wait one does not have what to expect love if one is loved
love and if no no no there is no intermediate ok then amen if you are pisces and they are going to
see that things change a big hug and now we see each other


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    Pero esa relación entonces le está haciendo daño

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