Piscis Fin de Semana ♓ 1 al 3 Noviembre 2019 + Consejo Semanal

Piscis Fin de Semana ♓ 1 al 3 Noviembre 2019 + Consejo Semanal

welcome dear pisces for this
special weekend reading of 1 to November 3 Friday Saturday and
sunday with the extra we’re going to perform from 4 to 7
general reading of energies from 1 to 7
with fairy council decree number of
luck and so very grateful to you dear pisces for your
comments your great support on the channel if new is my name mauricio los
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Pisces first weekend of 1
to 3 November wampis wonderful
they would not do us good for a long time letters especially the scopes
emotional for pisces and yes to see always for pisces and usually
for pisces they show me themes related to the past love
in the general emotional line it tells us that many of you have made a
evolution and a very positive change in how are they facing disappointments
loving is how they are facing the emotional life despite still having
memories of the past especially those countries that had family or had a
couple and so on for you is going to be a bit more difficult but it has all the
official universe support to leave go ahead the high priest tell us that
there is a renewal of energy there is a a unique opportunity to hold on to that
change to that transmutation that finally clarify all your doubts
as for the couple’s issues to heal to be able to evolve to be able to have a
more spiritual connection with life with the environment understands me with you
themselves it’s a very nice weekend if you propose it especially
to understand the problems with couple issues if they are in a relationship
maybe to transmute your relationship current for a more positive energy
you can no longer follow me a relationship for make changes that allow you to be
happy even for just a while because they will understand many things if not
have any partner forget that person from the past forgive heal that
situation to attract this new person who is on his way to you
and even all this energy and this transmutation is going to appear
job opportunities and this too it comes from a couple of weeks ago
pisces are improving a lot the energy but obviously for countries
that understand making many people of each sign and
some have a hard time making take decisions and make changes but there are
others that are advancing as a plane that they left a toxic relationship and that now
have work they found new couple then friends of pisces no
wait more and if they are in one at a time conflict now try to fix it and
if you feel that there is no choice take the necessary measures to be able to
be happy in this weekend the universe and god are going to be on your side
to help them advance well in the job opportunity or be that
power your current job is powered maybe with more money with news
positive with support from the environment if not have work come to opportunities or
help from a friend is very well aspected
the advance also in the subjects related to work and even to
through friendships or people who I can meet this weekend friends
of pisces especially women of sign can you find that prince charming
how long they wait but they should leave the spent clinging to energy more
spiritual understand and the universe is going to us to reward women especially
of the sign with a special person to men are going to have the chance
of changing attitudes maybe they haven’t been positive or that has made them lose
some couple or they will also have the opportunity to meet that woman
special and even the related topic with business or work
maybe they go to some interview of job they know that person at
better they go for a walk they go to some board something and they know that special person
but they must let go of the past for people who have work
as I told them even new parallel business offerings of
new job very well on the line familiar as I tell you there will be
still right to some concern still family lines things that
they must change especially for those who they have children but must keep fighting
many of you are sometimes afraid of not having the strength to leave
go ahead but they have to fight too against his inner demons pisces with
that with that with those demons that to sometimes it has not allowed them to move forward and that
they make them go back to the past or that gives them fear making drastic ties
from 1 to 3 they will tell us to countries from 1 to 3 d
November fairies as tips we they say the new home moving is a
step in the right direction is moving for me is not just a
change of house or change of place of work is a move also internal
of leaving everything emotionally negative or everything that made them wrong to transmute what
and switch to a new energy for example
then they must be like they will be again pisces friends to be happy and this
high priest energy on the line as a couple he tells me what they see in many
positive opportunities many opportunities for total change that are going
to bring a lot of blessing let’s see true continues in such a beautiful way to
the week from 4 to 7 pisces from 4 to 7 this woman who appears
there in the general emotional line we says it can be a great contribution to
keep drinking or leaning on these decisions
I still exist that for pisces there are concern for money maybe many
of you who have children separated maybe they are afraid of not having this
contribution of the couple or that does not reach but believe me flat friends and staying
good emotionally and vibrating high god you will send everything you
need so not to be afraid of ask for help if necessary comes for many of you they will feel a
emotional support that will allow them perform better or walk happier in the
line of work or will allow them attract better abundance follow this
positive energy although the 2 of spades it tells me that many of you who are
there embobados before some relation or stuck there in the matrix many of
you are not going to realize these opportunities that is why it is indispensable
be open to this weekend at changes
okay there is still trouble and is
money related and there are still things that will remain there
unfinished despite being in a transmutation process and that sometimes
he will throw them there a little to feel just for the changes that are happening
but you should ask for help from you depends on changing this energy from
the weekend that will be very positive to continue projecting
towards the coming days of you it depends on speaking the dialogue in
express what they are feeling asking help your family in the energy of the
family improves a lot during the week so don’t be afraid
that things are not going to work or what or that someone is going to go wrong
aspected or will get hurt from some situations that you can decide
emotionally don’t be afraid pisces look for your happiness
look for your happiness they will receive support they will receive help but from you
it will depend ok the singles of the sign already I explained in the previous reading of
weekend so I’m not going in more in detail let’s see what they tell us
the fairies as advice now from 4 to 7 of
November does activity
defend your beliefs and say only if you really want it
and this is clearly that he is saying you have to decide and if
you don’t want to continue in one relationship don’t say yes if you don’t
they want to continue in a job or not they want to accept something that is going to
torment emotionally say no because they must somehow prioritize
your emotional stability to perform in others at work in the family in
the children in the couple but if you they are not valuing and respecting that
I’ve told him a lot of times and yes things are not going to change then to
defend your beliefs and say yes only if they really believe it and what
they wish from the heart the decree that Christian friends appear from 1 to
7 to help them let’s see what decree appears from 17
for the pisces and that can help them no matter my age I can always
learn more and do it correctly wow bone
what better decree can they always learn more about correctly doing
pisces things it’s never too late I love to learn when the more
I learn more I grow this from learning it also has to do with the connection
this with the spiritual get a little more in relation to energy with
the gift to receive with healing et cetera we are going to see which letter we are going
to represent from 1 to 7 pisces and lucky number for
you also the letter that is going to represent from November 1 to 7 is
the letter of the empress wow the letter of the empress tells us about the power
of creation of creating our future we says that you are going to have the power to
and leave everything behind and create a future different especially for women
of the century empowering in life for men maybe they get more out of their
feminine side and understand the opposite sex take more care of the children or
somehow value yourself as women
get the best out of yourself get pretty get ready value yourself respect this
will allow to create a new world Pisces
the lucky number is number three for you from 1 to 7 of
November I think they are very slow tips that can help you a lot
I’m going to leave you as the final screen the special singles for november for
those who have not seen it will see it now share and comment so that
can participate in the raffle and in the video description are my data
for those who want to pay for one personalized reading thank you very much
pisces and have a great day


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