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new updates. Hii welcome to astrology YouTube channel Jupiter Jupiter is the sixth planet from sun and rules
Sagittarius and pisces signs. Jupiter is exalted in cancer
Deb in Capricorn. Its deepest point is 5°. Jupiter rules the 9 n 12 houses of the natural
ZODIAC kaal purush chart. It rules punarvasu, visakha and purvabhadrapada
nakshatras. The metal related to Jupiter is gold. Jupiter is the karaka of children.
Jupiter in an individual’s chart also show his respect for his
teachers or guide. It also depicts about husband in the chart
of a woman. It shows the kind of man, she can attract
as a husband. Jupiter is masculine planet and a natural
Benefic planet. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. According to mythology, Jupiter is the teacher
of gods The notable traits governed by Jupiter are
… 1. Knowledge and wisdom Jupiter is a knowledge hub which implies that
people with strong Jupiter can become great teachers.
Jupiter itself is a teacher who teaches noble deeds,
religion,spirituality and charity. 2. Ethics and justice Jupiter is the belief system.
For a society, Jupiter is the law, which is designed according to the
beliefs of residents of that society. Coming to an individual, Jupiter is about
one’s personal beliefs and ethics and How well a person accepts and follows
the belief system existing in that society. 3. Fortunate Jupiter is the karaka of fortunes.
In ancient India, people used to follow the profession of their
ancestors. So a father with a good profession, also assures the son to
enjoy its perquisites. This might be the reason Why Jupiter is
assigned to fortunes. 4. Wealthy Being fortunate is not always about money,
just like being wealthy is not always related to money and monetary gains.
It might be about having something like creativity which can
help in gaining more fame than money.Back in ancient days , knowledge
was given more prominence and was considered as the next best possession
after health. Jupiter is considered as the karaka of wealth. 5. Hope and optimism Jupiter bestows with optimism, helping an
individual to go through the difficult times with a hope for a better tomorrow
and return reaching their ultimate goals. 6. Judgement making skills
Having vast wisdom along with morals and ethics enhances the judgement
making skills. 7. The influence of Jupiter on human anatomy
is reflected in the functioning of liver and obesity is also connected
with Jupiter. 8. The professions related to Jupiter are
make teacher , judge, guide, philosopher, counsellor, motivational speaker,
minister, philanthropist ,banker, astrologer and a priest
or a pope. 9. The astrologocal friends of Jupiter are
moon, Mars and sun while mercury is considered as an enemy. Thanks for watching and do share the video
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