Planet X Discovered?? + Challenge Winners! | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Planet X Discovered?? + Challenge Winners! | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios


  • N dl says:

    Are you sure about time and doppler effect? Energy is relative to the doppler effect. True. But lightspeed is not. And time???

  • yitzchak909 says:

    I don't understand why everyone keeps using human made mechanical devices to explain how time works. Time is a constant. If the two twin brothers John and Joe Smith were born at exactly the same time and they know they were going to die at exactly the same time due to some genetic issue and John gets on a spaceship traveling at .99% the speed of light and Joe doesn't do anything except lay in bed. Sure, Joe's clock is going to tick faster, and John's clock will barely tick at all, but they are still going to both be dead of old age at the same exact time regardless of Joe's clock saying he is 80 and John's saying he is 3. It is no different than being on a planet that has a different solar year. You wouldn't say that time is moving slower for subject A simply because a revolution around his sun takes 12 Earth years…

    Or, if you would like to prove me wrong, point me to a project that has taken two radioactive isotopes decaying at the same rate; send one really far away really fast and then bring it back (CERN?) and show that the faster moving particle's decay no longer matches the stationary one.

  • Richard Watson says:

    i thought Gravity affected clocks , like the closer to the earths core the slower the time , not whether or or not a clock is closer or farther away from you , the clock would still have the same time unless in space maybe , no friction or gravity on its working parts and temperature on the main spring

  • Caleb Mauer says:

    But how will planet 9 affect horoscopes? I need to know if I need to be looking for any exciting opportunities I may have overlooked in the past, or if I should be worried about a new friend coming into my life. /jk

  • Chris Barker says:

    Could this be a Brown Dwarf or quite possibly a small blackhole?

  • gamphuck says:

    Wouldn't it be planet IX?

  • Mosley Mosley says:

    Its planet X, Anunaki are coming back. In the bible it says the gaints took favor with the women of earth. So if this is true a planet full of sex starved gaints are coming. Lol Marybeth if you reading this you gonna wish you gave me some. Lol

  • Matt Forbes says:

    Dissapointed that there wasn't more on the planet x thing. :/

  • Aaron Smith says:

    Any relation to the Planet X from Ancient Astronaut Theory?

  • Michsel Holiday says:

    Planet x is a loose term referring to the next planet in our solar system.

  • Michsel Holiday says:

    So based on supercomputer Sims of orbits other kyperbelt objects reviells Avery large planet that is slinging them into the inner ss and pulling them all back .am I the only one thinking that something isn't right here.

  • Michsel Holiday says:

    I want to add comment about the lhc. About gammaray burst we need to make detector closer or increase power to particals and or computers?oh and could create a singularity that doesn't decay?

  • onlyonewhyphy says:

    That's actually planet Scotland, if the thumbnail is to be believed.

  • hera makr says:

    mmmmmh or maybe black hole forming

  • ConfusionFusion says:

    Didn't see the question marks in the title. I thought it unlikely that the discovery of Planet X would be announced on this show before any other news source, but had my hopes up. Hopes thoroughly dashed.

  • Quentin Browne says:

    They should title this video competition update + almost noting about planet x the only fuckin reason you clicked on the video in the first place.

  • Fikitupper says:

    Yea I was hoping the question would be is science related to math.

  • josh ch says:

    Whatever it is, it's flat

  • M0rtanius says:

    Well, did they find it yet? What is the status on it right now, any updates?

  • spitfire184 says:


  • Baba Ayman says:

    Has there been any updates.
    Stupid people just post Nubiru the end is near and drown any real meaningful scientific evidence or updates.

  • Jacob Reiter says:

    photons don't exist

  • moofymoo says:

    Nibiru!! omg! we all gona die!!

  • NORML says:

    Planet X should be called Elysium

  • Ulmaramlu says:


  • Gamers says:

    Hope these two cunts don't find planet X if it exists.

  • Paul Combs - BoMuse says:

    I can only say I find it interesting. A lot of this is over my head, but still enough if it I can understand tos keep checking it out.

  • Joanne Gonzalez says:

    9x planetary distance between space and time in between planet X and planet 9near Pluto space and time has to be measured between space and distance from the converter belt and doubled beyond the universe it's an equal Universe because it measures just the same.

  • Joanne Gonzalez says:


  • Joanne Gonzalez says:

    Don't forget the univesel pull

  • Roger Diogo says:

    Nasa always told us there´s no Planet X, they also told us, planet Earth can´t be seen from planet MARS…

  • Schrodinger's Cat says:

    Nibiru is real. Annunaki overlords are coming!!

  • Rick Jones says:

    It could be larger, it could be smaller then Neptune or Uranus. It could be made out of cheese. It could be made out of dog shit. It could be larger than life. It could have life on it. It could smash into the Earth one day. It could. It could. It might. Not really sure. Why don't you make videos on actual science and not just conjecture. I used to like watching these and I thought they were smart but all it is is guess work. I'm done

  • Horny Toads says:

    they say that every year

  • Junior Carpenter says:

    Mercrcy Venus Earth Mars Juputier Sutarn Uranus Neptune Pluto

    Planet 9 is scaert may be discored like in 2021 or 2020

  • Jiko Jj says:

    Great show. Just 1 thing its pronounced smth like kaüper belt

  • Mr Stanley says:

    been 2 years. any more proof and/or discovery of planet x?

  • Penny and Jakes Mom says:

    that's amazing that there's a perceivable time dilation for humans. what an amazing universe.

  • Rursus says:

    If it hasn't been seen, it hasn't been discovered. The arguments about its existence still go on in August 2018, some claim it isn't necessary to explain the orbital observations of transneptunes, some claim there are other undiscovered planet configurations that explain observations, some claim that the cause for planet X is stronger than before.

  • MacGuffin says:

    the way he says kuiper belt hurts my brain

  • James Hudson says:

    dwarf planets planets?

  • D Wnright says:

    time for an update on this.

  • PocketBrain says:

  • Sharmishtha Basu says:

    These studies are so tricky!

  • Horny Toads says:

    Published on Feb 17, 2016… since then PBS has given absolutely no update on this topic… ayte space teacher… its time you shed light on your Nibiru!!!

  • The Primal Earth says:

    0:39 we have sent a real probe millions of miles and taken actual pictures of Pluto, but for the Pluto model here, you used a recoloring of Ganymede? why? 2:51 wait now you use the actual picture of Pluto… why did you not do that at 0:39???

  • The wormhole tv says:

    Let's call it the batman

  • Daniel Hanauer says:

    how come we see the edge of the observable universe but not a gas giant nearby?

  • chris2crazzy says:

    Yes they have why you think they chemtrail the sky it's too hide it….all you gotta do is take pictures of the sun at sunset or sun rise and go to the app store of your phone and download. Photoshop express this app will allow you to add colors too the picture you have taken…awaken the masses and you awaken ppl tjr3 government fears….ITS PEOPLE IN THE KNOW

  • yaridanjo1 says:

    We discovered it in the 2002 to 2004 time frame:
    Note that the orbital period of 2015 TG387 is in an 8:1 orbital resonance with Vulcan:
    40000/4969 = 8.05 [closer to am integer value. -Barry W.]
    That suggests it may be in a 8:1 orbital resonance with Vulcan.
    If so, future refinements of its orbit may approach 39792 years.

  • Jyotsna Gokhale says:

    Excellent presentation.

    Responding to a comment below about need of changing the name of the seventh planet:-

    It was called Herschel to begin with, after the discoverer, but later name changed to confirm with other planets names theme; however, this name is from original Greek God Ouranos, and should be retained in its non Romanised form.

  • WestOfEarth says:

    Would be nice to have an update on this. I've seen recent research that claims the wild orbits can be accounted for by the sum-total mass of objects in the Kuiper Belt itself. Apparently, and I didn't know this myself, astronomers typically dismiss the mass of the Kuiper Belt because most of the constituent bodies are smallish asteroids. But this research claims when added up, all these tiny asteroids generate enough mass to account for the highly elliptical orbits of the larger bodies we observe.

  • Michael Timothy Welch Jr says:

    My Channel has a lot of this "MICHAEL WELCH (FOOD FOR THOUGHT)

  • marc bell says:

    Read Lisa Randall's "Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs". She and her collaborators see an extinction event every 16,000 years. She posits the possibility of a mass of Dark Matter.

  • Fauzan Muttaqin says:

    It is Allah who has created seven planets (to over to) and the earth is the like of them. [His] command descends among them so you may know that Allah is over all things competent and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge. (i.e Mars, Yupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptunus, Pluto, X) (The Quran 65:12)

  • phhsdj says:

    See I have heard that there is other possible examples for the unusual Orbits just that Planet X would explain then the best

  • Vault Man says:

    are you still working with nasa please answer in your 2018 videos!!!!

  • Josh Boucher says:

    Ha, accomplice to the murder of Pluto. I love it!

    Pluto is beautiful, don't get me wrong, I just am willing for the sake of scientific convenience to classify it as a notplanet.

  • Scorch428 says:

    Why cant it just be gravity from another solar system or the center of the milky way's huge gravitational pull affected these orbits? Could it be? Or not.

  • CommanderBond AJA says:

    high key, planet X is a primordial black hole the size of greenland

  • Bảo Ngô Ngọc Bảo says:


  • IntermediateJesus says:

    (bangs on table)

  • Marshall Wolfe says:

    What kind of belt ? Lol

  • Thomas Gouldson says:

    It's been 3 years. Should we have seen this by now?

  • Kimberly Sanchez says:

    Planet X!Thank You!! Dr.Brown go to hell!!!

  • Sassy Maderas says:

    BullSht… see Robert Harrington and Sitchen on YouTube…. it's incoming already and will swing by Mars and Jupiter were Tyke use to be but now is just lots of rocks.

  • Darkwintre says:


  • Andrew Singleton says:

    I don't consider Pluto to have been murdered or demoted. I view Pluto as being put in the classification it most feels like it belongs.

    Also quy do you pronounce it 'quie-per'? I'd always pronounced it as 'keye-per.'

  • IntermediateJesus says:

    0:27 I heard "Celtic Planethunters" which sounds like a cheesy futuristic fantasy comic book series.

  • Stitches says:

    Dude, why do you say "kuiper belt" so weird?

  • xl says:

    Niburu is coming THIS year.

  • Vincent Gill says:

    According to the Galactic Historian and many other sources – what we focus on becomes our reality. Also the fear factor of a doomsday event. The ruling elite use fear to dominate and control our lives. Best wishe

  • Ompens says:

    So just to clarify a photon clock is made up of one photon…what are the implications of me as an observer seeing it “click”, given that photons need to bounce off the object in order for me to see it. In short is the photon emitting other photon or is it colliding with other photons as it goes up and down so as to allow me to see the photons “emitted”…in the latter would it not loose energy?

  • Michael Longo says:

    What the fuck is the “KWUIPER BELT”????

  • August Pan Pan says:

    How do you about it?

  • Threelly AI says:


  • Ricky Mchone says:

    What if I told you planet X is a star and it Bombs in to Earth every once in a while It made the ring of fire And it does have a planet around it it's called planet 9 I call it planet heaven It's green So called planet X is the star and its Pinkish🌌 purple rad With sparks that come off of it

  • Ricky Mchone says:

    Planet X🌌 i call it star X It's to the lower left of the Sun in America Sometimes it's on top right of the Sun It's 1% brightness of the Sun right now

  • Timberly Mccollam says:

    Its a brown dwaft and you need a infrared telescope to see it.

  • Jason Strom says:

    "This time we're right"…. Lol!
    I heard that many times before.

  • Imtiaz Hussain says:

    This planet really exist

  • Keith Fenderson says:

    What if planet X is Super dense and too small to easily seee?

  • Gangsta man says:

    Shit I just wNt a tee shirt😜

  • Tommy McMahon says:

    Aint no planet x comin cuz aint no space cuz aint not globe earth

  • Greg Jay says:


  • Peter Alton Mertz says:

    In reference to the time dilation segment at the end of the video. 

    That is amazing, however once the moving clock has become stationary; then the amount of ticks for the moving clock will be less then the one that has always been stationary because the distance the light has to travel between moving boxes is longer then the distance between a stationary one. Instead of using a bouncing photon, let us use a imaginary oscillation on a wheel. How much distance does a point on that wheel have to travel in order to finish one oscillation as the wheel speeds up?

    There is a coiling effect here, points on moving wheels have to travel longer distances to make one rotation. That can be demonstrated by taking two boxes place them on top of each other and create a right angle triangle. One from the center points of the first box that is stationary and one from the center point of the first box to the next center point on the opposite side of the box which represent the movement of the box in a time unit. Obviously the line going to the second box is longer so an oscillation of that field will take a longer time. 

    This is important because the oscillations of atoms that make atomic clock propagate at the speed of light, so everything inside that atomic clock is at a minimum propagating at the speed of light. Which just happens to match up nicely with time dilation.

    Now this exact same analogy can be used for time dilation in the curved space in the presence of a gravitational field. Just take a line and then place a curve on the end to represent the gravitational field. Now the vertical line segment of the triangle represents the frame of reference of the observer and the other two line segments represent the angle of the curvature of space. The two other lines represent how much distance each oscillation takes relative to the observer. The one in curved space or at a arbitrary 45 degree angle is longer then the horizontal line outside of curved space, so there for the oscillation in curved space take longer.

    Using the spinning wheel is a great analogy for a oscillation. It is really easy to see if you create a diagram, but can not post it on youtube. Not "Proof", but certainly a correlative effect and something to think about.

  • TWSTF 8 says:

    Of COURSE he pronounces it; "Koyper Belt," lol 😂

  • britforbrixitukip britforbrixituipk says:

    ,planet ferrada is already here

  • Niek Klaverstijn says:

    Will you do a video on it maybe being a primordial black hole?

  • Alejandro Orendain says:

    Are there any studies of Alcubierre's metric of space to travel through a black hole?

  • Call Me Perseverer1 says:

    Maybe Neptune is the planet that causes the effects plus the gravity of the Sun, right?

  • Thomas LaGrandeur says:

  • Garuda Stan says:

    Talking about off topic

  • James Purdie says:

    I like the channel. Are you aware of the abundant evidence of ET life on Earth? Disclosure Project, Tic Tac UFO, Bob Lazar, Rendlesham Forest Incident, Shag Harbor and the hundreds of other documented evidence?

  • Old man Spooky says:

    What an incredible time to be alive

  • Keifer Alford says:

    Kie-per belt or Cor-per belt? Suggestions???

  • Donny Sandley says:

    Many people want to call planet x David Bowie so can you think of a day in the future when man kind sets foot on David Bowie 🤫

  • Alpha Wolf says:

    4:56 space pong

  • Kaian凯安 says:

    It's probably Unicron

  • Tim Boyd says:

    Watis tha 4500 light years ot the cime tid the ruchen spach shutel

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