Prager, Carolla talk free speech on ‘Tucker Carson Tonight’

Prager, Carolla talk free speech on ‘Tucker Carson Tonight’


  • JC isKing says:

    Great movie. Every American should see it!

  • Inga Nodie says:

    There is a freedom of speech and hate speech most people right now defends hate speech

  • White Fang says:

    Ah the ]-w loves free speech for everything not addressing the promised land, where were these two when Trump signed that anti-free speech executive order to stop any free speech against the promised land or ]-ws.

  • Terry Daktyl says:

    Free speech def. = speech which denigrates and dehumanizes anyone disagreeing with the Trumpian doctrine. Answer replies are considered 'treason'.

  • Deuteronomy Cyprus says:

    One at a time please

  • Rose Marie Leonard says:

    Obama is a radical Islamic, nothing to add, just wait and see…

  • Krispy Bacon says:

    hey Dennis is it still free speech if i criticize anything israel does?

  • This isn’t the wholesome future for Canadians- says:

    Some awkward tension there.

    I wonder how much of this film was Denis trying to push Israeli propaganda.. Gotta remind that guy it’s America, Americans are number 1.

  • A. M. says:

    Tucker White Supremacy views on criminal reform published today at the Haters’s channel, was a manifesto clearly saying: do not arrest white people! Only jail for browns!

    He is not even pretending anymore. Oh well, he never did!

  • nakedBison69 says:

    i never understood why Dennis Prager likes Adam Carolla so much. i dont find Adam Carolla to be either funny or clever at all, while Dennis Prager is one of the smartest, wisest people that I have ever met

  • John Naples says:

    Knock off the yellow talk. America IS a free country, Tucker, if you're big enough to exercise it. That's ALWAYS been true. Cowering to leftist rage is destructive to freedom.

  • KMF says:

    Adam and Dennis are great together. Hilarious

  • KMF says:

    Let's see how long this video is allowed up on YouTube

  • alphonso Alvarez says:

    Seems to me I can’t help but get the feeling that they are all involved because they say whoever speaks the loudest has something to hide, and their all squealing like a bunch of pigs. 6 families in control of the news the narrative the shows and controlling of the top points and the brainwashing of the public, They are the peddlers of lies in and they belong to their father the father of lies

  • SemperAugustusBubble says:

    Tucker how do you invite two geniuses on but only give them a combined six minutes to talk? This is why podcasts are destroying traditional media at a rapid pace. People don’t want sound bites. I don’t need ideas condensed into something that fits your commercial breaks. Grow up, and give up on television. It’s dead.

  • idkyet says:

    Only 1 theatre on the whole west coast is showing "No Safe Spaces", which is located in Fresno, CA….

  • Xander Martinez says:

    Poor Tucker.

  • Ken Wells says:

    Dave Chappelle has turned the tide to liberate comedy from the chains of political correctness.
    And sometimes he's so funny I pee myself laughing.

  • So dark her hair says:


    Will Prager have the balls to point out that Lenin and Trotsky spoke both Russian and Hebrew too….strange coincidence indeed 🖕🇮🇱🖕

  • CanMan1000 says:

    Dennis Prager says anti zionist is anti semitism. He hates free speech and is an enemy.

  • Scott Hill says:

    shut up tucker.

  • Póitseái says:

    The Irish regime are currently bringing in speech laws, they're will be words which, if you say, you'll be arrested ? absoloutly insane notion and total totalitarian

  • cristina visconte says:

    Canada wants to see it as well…where?

  • Cardboardhotbox says:

    Its really funny watching them go on and on about gefilte fish

  • Blalack77 says:

    I really want to see that movie, but I'll probably have to pirate it.. I live in a pretty rural area with really only one or two small theaters for 100 miles and I doubt Netflix/Hulu or any other streaming services will feature it because it's not Liberal propaganda…

  • Das Raddiche says:

    If you look at the Rating on Rotten Tomatoes it has a 2 star rating, On Amazon and IMDB it has a 4.5 and 5 star rating. I think we see a bias in the Media.

  • Ruth Harris says:

    You have the right to free speech just not hate speech

  • Tim Wilster says:

    I like listening to these two. Adam is always funny but Prager likes being there so it's just fun. Nice Guys Win

  • Lonnie Nunweiler says:

    Adam would be an awesome stand in for Johnny Carson. Ratings would soar as "adults" tuned in. I'm tired of the 12 year olds telling us what to think and thinking they're smart. They are NOT.

  • Kathy Sexton says:

    New poll results: 1 out of every 3 republicans lie as much as the other 2.

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast says:

    No country has unlimited freedom of speech.

  • Complete Controll says:

    Free speech is evil to Democrats. It’s like a black person who is politically educated.

  • Jeanette La Pierre says:

    If you don't apologize, you become don cherry

  • NovemberTheHacker says:

    Stop having Dennis Prager on

  • Apeman Commeth says:

    Once it’s gone, good luck getting it back! Don’t back down and don’t give up! Free speech is the backbone of democracy! So called democratic leaders are just power hungry tyrants!

  • Justa Wretch says:

    "If you don't fire the prosecutor, you won't get the money."

    ~Creepy Joe Biden

  • james markarian says:

    Meet the "new oligarchs" – Pelsoi, Schummer, Schiff, AOC etc, an elite class ignoring/disenfranchising the average American and snookering the masses with anti constitutionalism rants. Deep State equals a self appointed Administrative State that creates power at any level to promote the progressive illusion and agendas Donnie – start back filling as you drain the swamp so it can't fill back up. After long long reflection I fear this is getting to the point of sedition and treason by the extreme far left.

  • Todd Cahill says:

    JoKe Biden and his CRACK HEAD SON should be in prison with CORNPOP GETTING CORNHOLED

  • Chuck Lotro says:

    trump-an-zees talking about free speech is like christians talking about religious freedom. It isn't persecution and intolerance when they try to limit these for others and it is when others are claimed to do it to them.

  • nobsprepper says:

    E Michael jones. Owen benjamin will red pill you.

  • UncleFexxer says:

    Required reading: Vox Day, "SJWs Always Lie" and "SJWs Always Double Down." Serious primers on protecting yourself from Wokerati mob attacks.

  • QuirkOffs says:

    This muh free speech meme is so stale. It’s a bad joke. Try criticizing Israel and see how much these people really believe in free speech…

  • Dallas says:

    How did Kimmel turn out so wrong!?

  • mommy x11 says:

    Everybody, rush the bully! We need to come up with a plan! Safe space cry-babies have NO power—just tears. They only make a lot of noise. Why are people intimidated by them?

  • absentmindedsmartguy says:

    It's still not showing in my dump hole town of Casper Wyoming.

  • Atelier says:

    Tucker you've sunk to a new low inviting Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend Adam Carolla.🤮 Both not funny, both far lefty lunatics who had porn stars and strippers in they're previous canceled show holds zero high ground or the ability to be paid attention to any longer.🤮

  • specialmitch says:

    Prager loves free speech; unless it's used to criticize Israel, then its anti-semitism.

  • Gary Jaensch says:

    Democrat free speech , democrats can say anything they like, everyone else can say anything as long as democrats like it.

  • DUNE YXZ says:

    Quid pro Joe

  • Paul Deland says:

    Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel & the cast of "The Man Show" have every right of free speech to say I am a worthless piece of crap drug addict…. Love & kisses, "IT".

  • GGW Resurrected says:

    I find it very telling that this j00ish man is now warning us about the horrors of communism, but leaving out the fact that that system was in fact created by his own ppl (a system that ended up murdering 60 Mio Christian russians for " wrong think" ) – leaving out who created and forght for communism blinds us to an important piece of the puzzle in this big twisted war on free speech.

  • laudanum669 says:

    I wonder if Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel are still friends?

  • Fernando Barajas says:

    To Liberals, Democrats and Leftist free speech is only guaranteed if your speech agrees with them other wise your a racist bigot full of hate!!

  • Maryann Wells says:

    Adam is right. The powers that be are doubling down with their efforts to divide and conquer. Most current example is the relaunch of All in the Family.

  • epigmelo says:

    free bds.

  • manic mechanic says:

    There are no safe spaces because I burned them all.

  • CipherBytes says:

    People only love their own free speech.

  • Mag Neff says:

    Free speech? The Trump administration just cut funding to universities that criticize Israel. Blind loyalty no questions asked? Really?

  • quasi bully says:

    They are just like a married couple

  • Mystical says:

    "Free speech is good until you criticize Zionists and Israel" – Prager

  • Dora Dora says:

    No free speech in Denver Colorado, for Eric Brandt, an american activist. He is arrested over 100 times for saying Fuk the police.

  • Justin Gilbert says:

    I wonder what they think about the antisemitism laws decimating free speech that trump recently signed?

  • Orson Jaques says:

    Freedom of speech is a good thing. But I notice in my own life that when I speculate without knowledge or voice an opinion strongly without due credit, God somehow makes manifest my error, – and it can cause me to regret my hurtful speech.

  • AngloGuardian says:

    He will mention the totalitarian Soviet Union…but, will not mention the Bolsheviks?

  • Zonker Harris says:

    tucker had his hands full w/ a "comedian" and a "wannabe comedian" on the panel @ same time. Oneupmanship, lol.

  • Rob Eddy says:

    A good reminder not to lose our sense of humor.

  • Tad Strange says:

    Here is a fact: Dennis Prager should frighten you.


    You left out the "L" in Tucker Carlson's name in the video.

  • Brian says:

    Quit f**** auto playing Fox

  • La Pensulo says:

    Freedom of Religion

  • La Pensulo says:

    Regular people cannot stand up to this.

  • Ricky DJ Moore II says:

    Prager defense free speech…. Unless it's against Jewish practices or Israel. Then he supports throwing you in jail.

  • Chris D says:

    I didn't know his last name was Carson.

  • Christine Marie says:

    They spelled Carolla right, but somehow misspelled the name of the host.

  • thomas Glasscock says:

    Prager, the Zionist and Lincolnite, promoting free speech. That is a strong example of incongruity.

  • John Doe says:

    Prager is an israeli shill.

  • Joe Kania says:

    Kind of ironic, but as I watched this interview I really wished someone would suppress Prager from speaking. I'm much more interested in what Carolla has to say but Prager hogs the conversation.

  • Joe Kania says:

    I knew Prager's "offensive line" comment would bother Carolla and laughed when he couldn't let it go without correcting him. Otherwise, you could tell Tucker was getting a little annoyed that Prager was hogging the interview. Carolla is one of the most interesting, insightful, and entertaining interviews you can have and it's frustrating to watch someone talk over him.

  • Will Carter says:

    Jesus Christ where are they reporting from, Cairo? The amount of delay in this segment is horrible. If they were anywhere in the United States the delay would be measured in milliseconds. The techs on Prager and Corollas end need to double-check their settings and equipment.

  • dasparado says:

    The demand for racism has become far greater than the supply.

  • Brian says:

    Quit f**** auto playing Fox

  • Ryan Sharp says:

    Ya know when I went and watched the movie this weekend it wasn't on the Marquis along with the other movie titles.sounds like censorship by the left

  • Gerald Webb says:

    Is it me or is Tucker starting to slide to the left a bit! I use to watch but now I more often dont! His use of neocon is smug and group think use of a word given toward anyone he finds not apart of his views! Tucker's opinion is becoming even less important then he thinks it does!

  • Munkir Tokage says:

    What a mess of a interview….I love it

  • K Jones says:

    Gefilte fish in a jar; I dont think that theres any room for improvement there at all. – Tucker Carlson, 2020

  • Fennec Besixdouze says:

    @5:00 huh? The defensive line doesn't hand off the ball, idiot.

  • DIGIVOXJ23 says:

    Prager is a Zionist Agent cryptically working AGAINST FREE SPEECH .

  • maynunal says:

    Trump was always going to end up leaving office in disgrace, whether he did it prematurely or as scheduled, which is why it’s even more egregiously negligent and stupid that the GOP hitched its wagon to him in the first place. Don’t ever let them wash off his stink.

  • SSJMatthew says:

    I’m just going to put this out there… footballs aren’t black lol

  • jacebeefer says:

    The current disparity on Rotten Tomatoes for their film "No Safe Spaces": Critics=47%, Audience=99%

  • Michael Kohaut says:

    tuckers like can you assholes stop talking about fis

  • John Lamb says:

    Tucky’s so darn fabulous. I admire his articles in der Tagliche Wichser. I don’t care that he always looks like he got sick to his pants.

  • Jason Matsoukas says:

    Free speech unless you criticise Israel

  • Randall Anderson says:

    Being free to freely speak one's mind is vital, however, protecting those who lie wrong.

  • Me Here says:

    I agree, this bitches at youtube let google manipulate and sensor any and all I want to see, I hope they are the other end some day.

  • norseman bushcrafting says:

    «Freedom of speech that they want to vet and make sure its ok»… so dennis prager type «freedom of speech» ..gotcha

  • Ethan Bill says:

    free speech unless you criticize Israel or Conservative Inc.

  • Right Wing Safety Squad says:

    The amount of internal contradictions and lack of self-awareness on PragerU should be enough for any thinking man to steer wildly clear of Dennis Prager. Carolla doesn't see it and thus adss something productive to PragerU because he's not a thinking man, not really, he's a doing man that occasionally thinks.

  • Scott Nelson says:

    Who is Tucker Carson? Is he related to Johnny?

  • TEAM LLUBTIP says:

    garbage delay kills the whole interview.

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