Prashna Kundali with Sunil Ghaisas – Hindi Lecture – Master Lecture Series 3

Prashna Kundali with Sunil Ghaisas – Hindi Lecture – Master Lecture Series 3

I am a Marathi by by birth, kindly bear with my Hindi. The subject given to me is Prashna Kundali. Normally, generally such questiones arise in our minds that I have the Lagna chart, the rashi chart, I can work with KP syatem, then what is the need of Prashna Kundali? It will be more troublesome to increase the number of things we look at. It would be better to choose one thing. But if you think about it a bit i.e. about Prashna Kundali, you come to the realisation especially for people of our generation, that many times no horoscope was made for the natives. Or even if it is made, they themseves don’t not know if if it is accurate. Sometimes people say, birth took place in the village when the postman paid a visit. What if the postman did not visit? the birth would have happened or not? This means thier horoscope is not correct. Another thing is, some people don’t have a horoscope. Many times, the horoscope is not correct, or there is no horoscope, or at present the person does have the horoscope but questions are always there. There are questions at every step. So, if there are questions, there is a need for answers. This is why we require Prashna Kundali. Another point here is, from every lagna chart or rashi chart, we will not be able to answer some questions. For example (I will speak on this during the lecture), who is the thief? How can I tell the name of the thief? I can surely not tell that by looking at the birth horoscope. There is another question that comes later, a small girl child lost her parrot, will we be able to find it? How will we answer this using the birth horoscope? Another one is, a person’s neighbour had gone missing. How will I able able to tell the answer to this by using that native’s chart for a query on his neighbour. I will not be able to find him. For this reason, we use Prashana Kundali. Like every scripture has its limitation, each faculty has a limitation, the same way, prashna chart also has limitations. Before learning anything, it would be wise to know its limitations. How much can you trust this? How much should I use this? It would be good to understand this. The limitation of Prashna Chart is, if you cast a prashna chart and request us to give you readings for the entire life, it would not be possible. In the prashna chart, you can answer only one question at a time. The second limitation is, that I go to someone with a query that my car is missing, but I could not find an answer. So, I go to another person thinking that I will find the answer and get to know if I will find it. The limitation of prashna chart is, you can solve a query only once. Like Sunil Ji said, in Varanasi, there are many astrologers. People go from one astrloger to another. You cannot go from one astrologer to another like that. This is the limitation. We will see during the dicsussion, when we start learning astrology, there are many topics. One topic is Nakshatra Lochan. In the beginning, the complaint that comes is this. In andha nakshatra lochan, if an item goes missing, it is usually found very quickly i.e. within 15 minutes. If it is lost in sulochan nakshatra, it is never found. During the course of the lecture, we will see these limitations for nakshatra lochan. I have give 4 charts out of 10, which you can note. There is a prashna kundali on visa. The moon is in sulochan. The daughter is hospitalised for cancer treatment. This is also in sulochan nakshatra. There is another one there is a parrot lost. That is also in sulochan nakshatra. This means, the answer should be no. But all three have been recovered. This means, it is important to know the limitations of lochan. Another point to understand is. For instance, today’s nakshatra is rohini. Rohini is andha lochan nakshatra. If a man comes to me, and says that his child is missing. I would say that it is andha lochan nakshatra, search in the east direction and you will be able to find him in 15 minutes. After some time, another person comes and says, he was pick pocketed while getting down from the train. I will give this man the same answer. Will this be correct? Because we know, that we see the child (boy) from the 5th house and money from the 2nd house. If I want to go ahead should I combine this knowledge or not? Should I combine whatever I have learned or not? This should surely be done. This is called the soul of the prashna chart. We need to see what will give the correct prashna chart. The most important thing is the intensity of the requirement. The need or the requirement is very important for the prashna chart. First understand, people know you are an astrologer. While you were going somewhere, you met someone and he asked you a question. He says that he has an interview tomorrow and wants to know the result. If you had not met, would you be able to give the answer to that question or could he even ask that question? You would not. This means there is no intensity in the person. The thought is, now that you are meeting me, please give the answer. This is the way. If possible, try not to answer such questions. There is a way to answer this question which I had mentioned in the 1st August guru poornima event. Not from the kundali but from shiva swarodaya. Ask any question at any time, you will be able to answer it though shiva swarodaya. I had mentioned this on 1st August. So, intensity of the requirement is very important. Is there an intensity of not? We should understand this also. Sometimes, it happens that people say, we know that you will answer our question. Do one thing, you only ask the question also. You tell me what is my question? We can say, that if the native is genuinely asking the question with a pure heart, and has a need. We can look at the prashna chart and find out if it is a genuine question. Or we can say, this question is not there in your mind. Instead of this, your question is something else. We will touch this topic in the course of the discussion. We will also see, what is the correct time to cast the prashna chart. Going ahead, we will see an example. A person’s car went missing 4 days back. He got to know the next day. He came to me on the 4th day. The question that comes to mind is, should we cast the chart for the time when the car went missing, or when the person got to know its missing, or for the current moment? The chart should be cast at the time when the astrologer gets involved in the question. Like we can see. Yes? Sir if the question is asked from Australia. Should we take Australia’s time? But for me, the question has come now. I can answer using the chart which is cast at the time here. I will give you seprate time to ask all your doubts. But I am sure that at the end of my lecture, you will not have any doubts. I will give time for sure. Another thing is, its not that I will not answer the queries but the link gets broken. I will answer all your questions. Think like this, when we sit in office or for consulatations, 10-12 people come and sit outside. People keep coming. A person who was sitting outside for half an hour comes to me and asks. He asks if he will own a house or not? His question is related to a house. When I cast the prashna chart, I can see that I am making the chart of cancer ascendant. Cancer ascendant has a connection to a house. If he had come to me half an hour earlier, it would have been gemini ascendant. Like he just mentioned gemini lagna. Gemini lagna has no connection to a house. But cancer ascendant surely has a connection. Like he mentioned, we had a discussion. I was initially told by Sunil sir that I am supposed to give the lecture from around 4:00- 5:30. I said yes. But, when I saw the time between 4:00 to 5:30, I saw that it is aquarius ascendant. I myself have cancer ascendant. Will I get an opportunity in Aquarius ascendant? Aquarius is the 8th house for me, so I will not get an opportunity. This is why I told him , I will not start before 5:30. Till the time pisceas ascendant does not start and till the time moon does not come to the third house (Today moon is in Taurus sign), I will not get the opportunity. I mean to say, the events that take place, take place as per the time now. Like when you practice prashna kundali paddahati osrt tells us if this question is there or not. The same way, the events that take place, occur as per the time now. What is the most important thing in the prashna chart? The most important thing is the hora which is running right now. Hora is derived from Ahoratra. Means the night and day which are running are called hora. Remove “a” from ahoratra and remove “tra” from the end. What remains is hora. That which runs during the day as well as night is called hora. It is very important for you to know which hora is running. Now you will see, Pisceas ascendant has started and it is Jupiters hora. So you are doing jupiter’s (guru’s) work. You are making efforts for that. Jupiter is in the sixth house in leo sign. Is it not? So, surely you are making efforts for it. The hora which is running will tell you what the question is and you can answer the question youself. Normally, we will apply basics here. If sun’s hora is running, the question will be regarding the father, or promotion, or for the child (son). If moon’s hora is running, the question will be regading the mother, house, or for any kind of happiness. If Jupiter’s hora is running, it will be about knowledge, education, or for salvation. At times, it comes to my mind, Jupiter’s hora is running and the chart which I have cast (Not for now but for the time that I am seeing the chart). Initially, I used to ask the person who is sitting in front of me, that Jupiter’s hora is running so have you come to ask about education,for child, or do you have an intention to go on a journey or pilrimage? The person replied that I dont have any such intensions. I have come to ask if i will get a promotion in the office or not? I thought to myself, the theory is going wrong. So when I saw the prashna chart, I found that Jupiter (lord of the hora) is in the 10th house. The are high chances of the question being related to the place Wherever the lord of the hora is sitting. Or other factors associated with it. We will take aid of 2-3 more things. One such thing is the Lagna Lord for all of us. We have all come a long way in astrology. The strenght of the Lagna lord i.e. is it in a benefic house, has benefic aspects, with benefic planets, or is it in a malefic house. Till the time it is with a benfic planet, it is good. It is it in a malefic house, with a malefic planet, it is a malefic. The second point we will keep in mind is this. The First is the Lagna Lord and second is the karyesh (lord of the matter). The way questions keep changing, the karyesh will keep changing. If the question is on money, the the lord of the 2nd house will be the karyesh. If the question is on vehicle or house, then the lord of the 4th house will be the karyesh. If the question is on the child, the lord of the 5th house will be the karyesh. This is how we have learned it. We have to see the strenght of the karyesh just as we had seen it for the lagna lord. I hope you are understanding this. The third and the most important point which we call the soul of the prashna chart is the moon. Note this point, moon in the chart indicates (Just like hora lord indicates). The moon indicates that it is not the answer. Let me clarify this more. Assume there is a chart with Leo ascendant and virgo moon sign. This means that moon will be in the 2nd house. Out of 100 , 95 astrolgers will say that you will get money. No, this is only telling us that the question is about money. Wheather you will get the money or not? For that we need to study more in detail. This is important to note. For the answer of prashna chart, I will tell you 2-3 things. Like I told you, keep a note of lagna lord, karyesh and moon. Lagna lord’s aspect on the lagna, the house represneting the work, the karyesh or moon. I will repeat, the lagna lord’s aspect on the lagna, the house representing the work, the karyesh or moon. The Karyesh’s aspect on lagna lord, lagna, the house representing the work, or moon. Moon’s aspect on lagna, lagna lord, karyesh, or the house representing the work. The higher the associations of all these, the higher are the chances of getting accurate answers from the prashna chart. I hope you are able to decifer the difference in the points that I have mentioned. I hope you are understanding it. The more the associations, the higher are the chances of getting the positive answer from the prashna chart. The lagna lord’s aspect on the lagna, the house represneting the work, the karyesh or moon. Same way, for the Karyesh’s also. And moon’s aspect on lagna, lagna lord, the house representing the work, or karyesh. Out of these, maximum associations in the prashna chart lead to chances of a positive answer. Prashna chart does not only indicate future events, it also tells us what happened in the past. For that the tajik yoga helps us a lot. A very big astologer in Mulund, he taught me tajik yoga in 1989. At that time, he had told me that, to analyse a prashana chart, you must learn about tajik yoga.

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What is tajik yoga? There are four yogas in this. I will tell you the two important ones. These are the ones which will tell you about the past and the future. Like we know, out of the seven planets, some have a fast motion, and some have a medium motion. Between the lagna lord, karyesh and moon if the degrees of medium motion planets is less than fast motion planets. Moon is always in fast motion. If the degrees of lagnesh and karyesh are more than moon. Moon is fast moving so moon will try to catch them. Its is fast moving so it will indicate events of the future. What happened? I didnt get it. The second way to look at it is. If the degrees of a planet with medium motion is less than that of a planet with fast motion. This means that the fast moving planet is ahead of it. The first yoga is called Ithashala. This tells us what is going to happen. In tajik yoga, the Ithashala yoga tells us what I mentioned. If the degrees of medium motion planets are more than that of fast moving planets, this is ithashal yoga. It will tell us what is going to happen. If the degrres of a planet with medium motion is less than that of a planet with fast motion, it is called Ishrafa or Mushrif Yoga. It will tell us about the events which have happened in the past. Using all these, lord of the hora, lord of the lagna, karyesh and moon. Using these we try to give maximum accuracy using minimum time. we are in the jet age. We don’t have time. We want everything quickly. Like, if a person says his child is missing, if I tell him please sit for half an hour, I will make the chart. After that,I will study it and tell you. The person will think that instead of sitting here for half an hour, its better that I look for the child. We are in the jet age. We want fast relief and that too with accuracy. Normally, why do we take time? We have 12 houses, 12 signs, 12 planets. After contemplating on all these, we give the answer. This is why it takes time. But now I am directing your attention to only 3 planets and one lord of the hora. This should take less time. For answering a query using prashna chart, it should take maximum 5 minutes. It should not take more time than this. We will try to achieve maximum accuracy in minimum time. There is a condition in prashna chart. I am telling you all this becuase going forward, when you see horscopes, you should recall it. Request the person asking the question to write down the question in his own words. Ash him to write it in his own words. I will give you an example. A patient is hospitalised and is in a serious condition. One can ask a question in two ways. One way is “everything will be ok, right?” Another way is “nothing bad will happen, right?” One person will ask, “everything will be ok, right?”. Another one will ask about the same event “nothing bad will happen, right?” We have noted earlier, if lagna lord, karyesh and moon have a connection, we need to give an affirmative reply. So, if he writes, “everything will be ok, right?”. I can say yes to this. But if he asks “nothing bad will happen, right?”, then also I need to say yes. This is why, request the person asking the question to write down his query. This way we will be able to guide properly. Is that ok? Now lets move to the horoscopes. Do you have any queries till now on whatever I have shared with you? We will make make it interactive. If you have any queries on the theory that i have shared, please ask them. Can we proceed? The first one is, “Who is the thief?” Here in Dombivili, there is one Dr. Yogesh Acharya. This question is associated with him. He is a child specialist. What is the time period of the prashna chart? To make the prashna Kundali? Ok what is the time duration of it. For that, what I told you will answer this question. Do you know about fixed, movable and dual signs of the ascendant? If the question is in a movable sign, you will get the answer immidiately. If it is in a fixed sign, the answer will take time. Dual signs will also take time. But more important than this, we will concentate on the four planets that I have mentioned and we will derive a time from this. I am taking an example of the question you have raised. I have made this chart at 10:50, and I will take this as a standard. You will get maximum 5 minutes to answer the question. The moment you come and ask a question, I will cast a chart at that moment and give you an answer in five minutes. If you come in the front and ask the question, the communication will be better. If you say no for a query, when can the person ask the same question again? I mean to say, sometimes people come to ask, when will the marriage take place? For how long does the prashna chart give us the answer? Maximum 6 months or 2 years? For that also, what will guide us is is the lagna lord, karyesh and the moon. You are forgetting one thing, what will we use prashna chart for? For the questions which I am not able to answer using the birth horoscope. For the questions which I am not able to answer using the birth horoscope, I will use the prashna chart. If I have the birth horoscope and I can answer the question using that, then I will use that only. Going forward I will tell you. The person will come to you only in that specific time. We will see how. The first one is, who is the thief? There is one Dr Acharya, his student came and said that there was a theft in thier house. Normally, questions relating to theft, or thief, or desription of the thief can be seen from the seventh house. If mars or mercury are in the seventh house, the thief will be a well built youth. If a female planet like moon or venus is in the seventh house, a lady can be the thief. If there is a planet like Jupiter or Saturn, we can look at an elderly person. Like we can see here, the question is, who is the thief? First I noticed if what she is asking is reflecting in the prashna chart or not. If a theft has taken place in the house, then who is the thief? Moon is in the second house. Like I said, moon is the soul of the prashna chart. Moon is in the second house. The hora is not written here, I will tell you and you can note it down. It is the hora of Venus. When she asked the question, the hora of venus was running. You will notice that venus is in the house of expenditure (12th house). And moon is in the house of wealth (2nd house). The question was about money. Lord of the hora is in the 12th house. This is telling us that something has surely happened.This means they are asking the correct question. Now we will see if the answer is yes or no. The lagna lord is Mars. The second house is the house of the query. Lord of the second house i.e. jupiter is the karyesh. Lagna lord (Mars) is aspecting the second house i.e. on the house of the matter. The lagna lord is aspecting the karyesh. The karyesh i.e. Jupiter is in which house? Jupiter is in the 9th house. Jupiter is aspecting the lagna. Whatever we have learned, should come out now. That means, I will be able to find the thief. To see who is the thief, I looked at the seventh house. Rahu is sitting in the seventh house. We know that saturn and rahu are classified as lower class. Like a servant. So, I said that the servant in your house might have done the robbery. They said, we already know that. They asked me to name the person. We all know rahu is not a deha. I will not be able to tell the name though this. To clarify the name, I have to see the taurus sign. Who is the lord of Taurus? Venus. It is also the lord of the hora. We need to redirect to it. And this venus is in libra. What is the sound of libra sign? “Ra”. So I asked them, they said, there are two servants and each is pointing the finger at the other. One is saying the other one did it and visa versa. So I asked them, out of the two servants does anyone have a name begenning from “Ra”? So they said yes, one servant’s name is Ravi. Can I give more information about this? I asked them, the 12th house is the house of expenditure. It is 12th from the lagna and also means to travel. So I asked the, that has this person Ravi gone out of station? They said, this person has bought a ticket in the morning and is planning to leave in the evening. All this information that I have got is from these things which I have paid attention to i.e. Lagna, lagna lord, house of the karya, the karyesh and the lord of the hora. How much time did it take me? To describe it to you it took me five minutes but it took me less than two minutes to give the answer. Because, I dont need to see anything else. Where is Saturn, where is the sun, I dont need to see all this. I just need to focus on four planets.I have noted the lord of the hora and moon, so I just need to check if the lord of the lagna and karyesh are saying yes or no. Ok? now lets nove to the second chart. When you look at the chart, you will notice that I have not made this sitting in front of the person. Yes, the goods will be found because the lord of the lagna, and the karyesh have an aspect. So as I mentioned, he was about to leave in the evening, but they caught him. He admitted the crime and the goods were recovered. But what was the question? Was is if the goods will be recovered? The question was, who is the thief? I just need to answer that. I am finding more things simply out of interest. Isnt it? If you see the time in the second one, it is at 6:30 in the morning. No one comes so early to ask a question. A student asked me a question over the phone. She asked that her neighbour had gone out in the evening the previous night. I asked her what does he do? She said he is a very senior offcier in Bank of India. She said, he went out in the evening and didnt return at night. They were looking for him the whole night. Everyone was looking for him the whole night but were not able to find him. That is why she called you. I said, I dont have a panchang right now. She said that she had cast a chart at that time and would share it. I said ok. There is an urgency otherwise no one will call at 6:30 in the morning to disturb you. Especially if it is a teacher and student relationship, she would never do it. So there was an urgency. The chart had a scorpio ascendant. Sun is in the ascendant. I am describing this on purpose. Sun is in the ascendant. Moon and mars are in the third house. This means both lagna lord and moon have gone to the third house. And if you see the degrees, moon is at 25 degree and mars is at 24 degree. This means both of them are in dhanishta nakshatra. Could this student have called me earlier? If she is waking me up at 6:30 in the morning, she could have done that at 6:00 also. She sould have done that even at 5:30. Or could have called me after 7:30-8:00. Why did she call me at 6:30? This is dhanishta nakshatra. I had told her, if you have the neighbour’s birth horoscope, get it at 11:00 in the morning. She got the horoscope. The neighbour also had dhanishta nakshatra and capricorn sign. If she had come half an hour earlier, would it have been dhanishta nakshatra? It would have been shravan nakshatra.If she had come a few hours later, it would have been dhanishta nakshatra but in aquarius sign. Isnt it? But the missing person had dhanishta nakshatra and capricorn sign. Like i said, the events that happen, or the problems we solve, is as per the current time. Before this, I want to take a break and tell you. When I say, I said this, I said that. Here “I” am a part of that play. I am just playing my part. The credit of accuracy goes to astrology. I am just a part of it. Like Sunil Sir said, you should know the story. You should the the story of any horoscope. So I am a part of the story. I have to put it this way that, “I” said this, but actually it is a part of the play. It is scorpio ascendant. Lord of the ascendant and moon are in capricorn sign. She said that sun is in the ascendant. She told me this chart over the phone. I told her, this man is behind the bars. She said, sir how are you saying this? See, the first lesson we have learned is, if sun is conjunct with saturn or saturn is ascpecting sun, it is a bandhan yoga. We will go to moon and mars later. First, I will see who is in the ascendant and who is aspecting it? In the beginning I will have to note that sun and saturn are aspecting each other. This is bandhan yoga. He is behind the bar. She said, it cant be. She said, he is from a good family. This is scorpio ascendant. See lagna lord i.e. mars and moon’s degrees. If you notice, moon is at 25 degrees, and mars is at 24 degrees. We spoke of Tajik yoga, lagna lord and mars are in tajik yoga in third house. This means they are telling us about what has happened. He is going to talk about the event which has happened. The second thing if you notice, I spoke about sun and saturn being opposite each other. Lord of the hora i.e. saturn. Saturn is in the seventh house in taurus sign. She said, this man cannot be behind the bars. I asked why? She said he belongs to a good family and is at a very senior position in Bank of India. I said, this is what the chart is indicating. She asked me, by when will we get to know about him? Since it was a fixed lagna and hora swami is saturn (medium motion). Note another thing, if in the prashna chart, moon is coming in the kendra, then especially for a missing person, the person comes back home. Normally, we say that the house of gains is good and the house of expenditure is bad. But if you see this, moon has gone out of the kendra to come to 11th house. And if the moon is in the 12th house, it is about to come to the kendra. If moon is about to come to the kendra and the question is about a missing person, he will surely come back home. As I mentioned,it is a fixed lagna and hora swami is saturn (medium motion). I felt, when the chart rotates and comes back again to a fixed ascendant, we will get information about the person. And then, when the next fixed ascendant comes, the person will return home. Someone was mentioning tattva (element). Saturn has Air element. Is it that the air flows only in one direction? No, it is intermittent. If saturn is the lord of the hora, or if saturn is the lagnesh, karyesh ,etc then the event will occur in installments. It so happened that at 11:00 in the morning, they got a phone call at home from Kalyanpur. At that time the ascendant was aquarius. At 11:00 in the morning, they got a phone call at home from Kalyanpur saying that the man is in thier custody. They asked why? He had gone to a hotel at night and there was a raid at the hotel. Like the way everyone else was caught, he was also caught. But normally, if we look at just the lagna and moon. Anyone would say, he has gone for travelling, or gone to a neighbour, or to a relative. But all these are related to the ascendant. Who is in the ascendant? There is sun and saturn is opposite it. The first effect will be on the planet in the ascendant. And the sun – saturn bandhan yoga was the first lesson I learned in astrology, ever since I started learning astrology. Notice this in day to day life also, everyone who has a connection of sun and saturn would not be behind the bars. But they will not be free. they will not be able to do work as per their minds. They will always be dictated by another person and they will have to do the work accordingly. Notice this if you have this in your horoscope. This is the conjunction. If they are in opposition , it is called bandhan yoga. A call came in the afternoon from the court that this man was caught in a raid. They said, the bail will happen but you will have to pay. In the evening, when it was taurus ascendant, this man came back home. Again in a fixed ascendant. That time also sun and saturn were opposite each other. But at that time saturn was in the ascendant and sun was opposite it. What is the question? The neighbour is missing where is he? We have given the answer to that, if sun and saturn are opposite each other, he should be behind the bars. Lets proceed. Normally if it is amshatmak yuti, it will be long lasting. In prashna chart, time changes. The time will change between now and evening or morning. We will see prashna chart for instant things. This is what I said, looking at the birth horoscope, can we say that on 22nd November 2001, he will be imprisoned? Can you say that? You can’t. But it has happened, that’s a fact. This is why in the beginning, I mentioned that there are some questions which can’t be answered using the birth horoscope. These are our limitations which we should accept. We should carry them to move forward for success. If there is a question, it needs to be answered. I cant just sit and say that I can’t answer it using the birth chart. I have to give the reply. If sun is spoilt by saturn, even if it is in its own house, even if it is a parivartan it will happen. The basic is that sun and saturn conjunction or opposition is a bandhan yoga. Take any old text book, this is the first lesson that is given. Sun and saturn conjunction is bandhan yoga. Take out horoscope number 5. I have to confess something. When I solved this chart, I didnt not have the confidence that I will give the answer. I will tell you about the incident. It was getting difficult for me to give a negative answer for this. But if we see, in the begening it seemed like a negative answer. But like we say, well wishes work. If I touch the feet of an elder person, and he blesses me, I feel something good will happen. We say that right? In my mind also the wish was that the answer to this should be positive. This is at 7:30 PM in the evening. At that time, a father came with his six year old daugher who had lost her mother. The mother had passed away. He brought her to me. Sometimes we feel what kind of a question is this? Parrot lost. Is this a question? But if we see the people connected to the incident, we will feel it is. The father brought the daughter and I thought her mother is also no more. He said, there was a parrot in their house which was very dear to her. He said, they were not able to find him since yesterday. The father spoke to the girl and told her that we will get a new one but she insisted that she wanted the one she lost. And she had not eaten anything since the previous day. This means for us, it is a small thing which can be laughed at. Parrot lost. Is this even a question? But for the girl its a matter of life. At that time, I had cast this chart. It is a virgo ascendant. Moon is in the fouth house and the lord of the hora is venus. Normally we see domestic pets from the sixth house. But from the sixth house we see the pets who work like cows, buffalos, horses,etc. We call them pets. We look at that from the fourth house. We give them the status of a family member. When we go to someone’s house and thier dog comes. We say its a dog but the owner says, dont call him a dog, his name is Raja. Means, he is memeber of our family. We see family members from the fourth house. The moon has come to the fourth house. It is indictaed by the prashna. The lagna lord is mercury. If we see the degrees of the moon, it is at 3 degrees. The lagna lord, mercury is at 12 degrees. The lagna lord is aspecting the ascendant. The lord of the fourth house i.e. jupiter is the karyesh. Jupiter has gone to cancer sign and is exalted. We call this a place of fullfillment of wishes. The 11th house i.e. house of gains is also house of of fullfillment of wishes. The karyesh has gone to the 11th house. The karyesh is aspecting the lagna lord and moon is in the 4th house. Moon is at 3 degrees and mercury is at 12 degrees. Moon and lagna lord have Ithashal. Lagna lord and karyesh. Mercury is at 12 degrees and jupiter is at 14 degrees. Out of these which is fast moving? It is mercury. So lagna lord and karyesh also have Ithashal. Right? and the lagna lord mecury is aspecting the ascendant. All these are saying that the answer should be positive. But when I saw the chart in detail, I noticed that moon and mars are together. Moon is at 3 degrees. Who will get moon first? Mars will get moon first. Mars is the eighth lord in this chart. I looked at the girl and tried to assure her that she will find the parrot but internally I was a bit scared of mars. This moon and mars which is about to go above the head was scaring me. But how could I tell her that she will not be able to find the parrot. She would have refused to eat. At that point, it was important to make her eat. So, I told her that she will find the parrot. The sequence of event was such that, I solved this on 24th but the parrot was missing since 23rd March. On 24th I told her that she will find the parrot. On 25th evening again she came to me. They said, “Sir you said we will find the parrot but there we met someone who said that he just saw one cat eating a parrot. I asked them, was it your parrot? The client said, we didn’t see that. Still, I told them , you will find the parrot. Later what happened was, on 28th, when moon was crossing over the lord of the hora i.e. venus, they found out that the parrot fell in the compound of the corporator (MLA) of that area Mr Praful Patil. And he himself saw the parrot with his own eyes. But the watchman insisted that he will let them have it only when the master comes back. On 28th they came and said that they had seen the parrot. The watch man said that the master will return the next day. On 29th evening moon went to pisceas sign, over the lagna lord. Mercury is in pisceas right? When moon went to pisceas the parrot came in thier posession. At 8:00 in the evening, both of them came to me with the parrot in a cage. They told me, they found the parrot. I chose this chart because sometimes we feel what kind of a question is this? Do a easier thing, get a new one from the market. But the girl was not agreeing. She wanted her parrot only. We will see more examples. Take out the sixth chart. If the child was not there, I would have said that it may be unlikely. Sir, but eigth and mars comes as security guard also. It comes as security guard but for this chart who is he? For this chart he is the lord of the eigth house. Look at it as security guard later. But first you will see that he is the lord of the eigth house. Now look at it in more detail. He is not just the lord of the eight house. He is also 8th lord from the 8th lord. Yes, he is also the 8th lord from the 8th lord. This is why I was scared in the beginning. And my fear was proved correct on the second day when they said that they saw the parrot in the mouth of a cat. Now we will move to the sixth chart. We will do a correction here. It is written here that, the bag has been lost with the keys. These keys are keys which are with an officer of the Reserve Bank of India. These are keys to an office. And the money is his own, it is not Reserve Banks’s money. The person stays in our society. He had left for work in the car and someone stole his bag from the car. First, he went to the police and registered a complaint and then he came to me and asked what will happen. This chart is a little tricky. There are two karyesh in this chart. First let me tell you the lord of the hora. It is jupiter. It is a tricky chart as there are two karyesh. One karyesh is keys i.e. office keys. The second karyesh is money. We look at office from the 10th house. We look at money from the 2nd house. This means there are two karyesh. One is for office keys i.e. mars and for money the karyesh is sun. I made the chart and told him that I feel, you will find the keys but you may not find the money. I will tell you the reason behind this. First, lets look at this. Who is the lord of the lagna? It is moon. Moon is at 11 degrees. For the first case, the karyesh is mars which is at 15 degrees. Both of them are together in the house of expenditure i.e. 12th house. This means the lord of the lagna and karyesh have ithashal. Jupiter is with them. Jupiter is the 9th and 6th lord. Normally we consider 6th house to be bad since its a trik sthan and is bad. But we also see duty from there. Jupiter is the 9th and 6th lord. Like there is ithashal between mars and moon and karyesh, there is ithashal between lagna lord and jupiter who is the 9th and 6th lord as well as the hora lord. The karyesh mars and lord of the hora jupiter also have ithashal. Mars is at 15 degrees and jupiter is at 25 degrees. Another thing to note is, moon is coming from the 12th house to the lagna. It is coming to the kendra. Like I said in the beginning if moon is coming to the kendra, there are chances of a poitive answer. The lord of the lagna, lord of the 9th house, the karyesh have ithashal and are suggesting that it will be found. The second karyesh is sun. Normally, we see that 11th house and 2nd house give money. If lord of the 2nd house in is the 11th house, we say that you will find the money. But here, he is not alone in the 11th house. In the second case for money, the karyesh is at 27 degrees. It is conjunct with Saturn who is the 8th lord and with rahu who gives a grahan yoga. There is a conjunction between sun and saturn and sun and rahu. If this is in the 11th house, will he recover the money? 2nd lord is in the 11th house which should normally recover the money. But who have sun with them? Saturn, the 8th lord and rahu. It is conjunct with rahu and saturn. Will the money be recovered? We have just seen 10 minutes back, sun and saturn together will not give the money. It will never give if sun and saturn are together in any chart. This is the seond example. Sun is the karyesh but with saturn. He lodged a compliant in the morning and mentioned that he is an RBI officer. The monent he mentioned RBI, police started the investigation quickly. In the afternoon he got a call and was told that the bag was found and he could come to claim it. When he went to claim the bag in the evening, he was told by the police officers that the bag and the keys were found but they did not find the money. Two things went missing at a time but both had different karyesh. This is why I said this question is a little tricky. Normally, there is only one karyesh in a chart but in this case there are two karyesh. One karyesh is in a good place and in ithashal. The second karyesh is afflicted by 8th lord saturn and rahu. How will he give a good result? So he did not find the money. Sir, if we loose the house keys, will we look at the 4th house. Yes, for house keys, you will conisder the 4th house. Now we will take only 2 more charts. Lets look at the 7th chart. The daughter was in the hospital. A man who works with me had a 10 year old duaghter who had first stage cancer. She was admitted in Tata hospital. He came to ask me, what will happen? I had made this chart at that time. The lord of the hora is Mercury. The intersting thing about this chart is this. The charts which I have shared earlier also have a connection with the chart of the native. In this case also, the ascendant is gemini and the girl was also a gemini ascendant. The girl who was hospitalised was also a gemini ascendant. I want to underline the point that the events which happen in our life are related to time. If you see here, the ascendant is gemini and the lord of the hora i.e. mercury is in the 7th house. Mercury is aspecting the ascendant. It is the lord of the hora as well as the lagna lord. Moon is also aspecting the lagna lord and moon has ithashal with mercury. Moon is at 1 degree and mercury is at 11 degrees. But, the chart is saying that she is in a critical condition. The lagna lord is with rahu and with the lord of the 6th house i.e. mars. She was hospitalised. It is with the 6th lord and also with rahu. Mars is at 5 degrees. Ishraf has happened between Mars, 6th lord and lagna lord. Mercury has come ahead of it. And rahu is at 9 degrees. Meaning, there was only one reason for me to have hope for this case, that the lagna lord had crossed mars and rahu. It is going ahead but it is going to the 8th house. In our charts also this happens that it goes to the 8th house. But it is travelling over the 6th and the 8th lord and going ahead. Another positive point that I found was, that the 5th lord i.e. venus is in the 5th house. 5th lord and karyesh have a labh yoga. It is a very difficult time because already it is with the 6th lord and with rahu. It is a very difficult time but she will come out of it. You will not believe that jupiter which was in pisceas at 0 degree, and sun was in scorpio. This means the chart is of the month of December. When sun crossed over jupiter in pisceas, she came out of the hospital. Till that time she was hospitalised. Cancer can take a life. But till today she is normal. She came to meet me last month, she has no problems and is studying well.

01:09:37,000 –>01:09:45,000
Yes, she had a surgery but since then she is well. She had leukemia. This is not reflecting here but it is refleting in her birth chart. From the birth chart we can know which side the disease is on. Sometimes, they need quick answers, We dont need to take too much time to answer it. As I said, we need to answer in maximum 5 minutes. It should not take more time than that. We dont need to look at 12 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses. Our focus is limited. After looking at so many charts, you must have thought, that all these might be fake. How can I be correct every time. Normally, people have a tendency to talk about only the correct ones. But it is not like that. If you come to me, I can show you nearly 75 cases which I have solved. But the joy of solving those does not compare to the one which I am about to show you in the end. I was not able to answer it correctly. I will have a lifelong guilt over this. Normally, it happens that as we get success, we keep going up. But there is something which brings us back to the ground. In my life and 25 years into astrology, this is the chart which has brought me back to the ground. I have given about 35 lectures on prashna chart but every time I remember this horoscope. This taught me that we have limitations as a person, as a student and every scripture has a limitation. All these are limitations. We are all students and the horoscopes teach us. Lets see the chart. My neighbour had a son who was studing in 12th standard. He went missing. The question was where will we find him? Yes this one. On 21st February 2005, I had cast the chart at 8:45 in the morning. At that time, I was so confident on prashna charts that I used to not even make the horoscope on paper. I used to look at the panchang and reply with a yes or no. I had done the same here. When I saw the horoscope, I noticed that the lord of the hora is jupiter and it is a pisceas ascendant. The lagna lord is Jupiter. The lagna lord is also the lord of the hora and is aspecting the ascendant. The lord of the 5th house i.e. moon is in the 5th house. Both of these are positive. They told me, he had gone to a friend’s house to study and had not returned home. He had an exam the same day at 11:00 (of 12th standard) but had not returned. Will he return or not? They had a fear that he wont be able to appear for the exam. So, I saw that the lagna lord is ascpecting the ascendant. The 5th lord is in his own sign. So I said, dont worry, he will return. Like some people had come to me, some people had gone to search for him and some had gone to the police station to register a missing person complaint. At 11:00, we got a phone call from Dombivili police station and were told, that at the railway station, a body was found and we should go to see the body and verify. We went to see the body. It was the same boy and he was cut in two pieces. I was so shocked. How could this be? But this state comes in the life of every astrologer. Sometimes, it happens that we make a chart and the answer we give is incorrect. So we say, astrology is useless, there is no point in doing this. Out of 100, 99 people say that astology is useless and we should leave it. Very rarely someone says, I might have made a mistake. So I thought, I will refer to some more books. There is a book called Shad Panchashika. It is clearly written in that book, if the question is about a missing boy, take the the sign of the 5th house and put it in the ascendant. Now see the horoscope. Then, I saw the chart with that perspective. It came to my mind that the for cancer ascendant, the lord moon is at 27 degrees. No, it is at 4 degrees. And Saturn which is in the 4th house is at 27 degrees. This is at 27 degrees and moon is at 4 degrees. Where has this moon come from? He has crossed saturn and come here. This saturn is the 8th lord for a chart with cancer ascendant. That means, if I take the sign of the 5th house and take it as the ascendant. I find that the lagna lord has crossed over the 8th lord. What do we call the 8th house? Then I saw this chart again, I figured out that even if I see this much, it is fine. But I should see in more detail to confirm. I saw, this is a chart with a pisceas ascendant. If we see the moon, who is opposite it? Venus. Who is venus for this chart? Its the 8th and 3rd lord. It is the 8th lord. Isnt this life threatning? But, till the time I didnt get a shock, I used to feel that what I am saying is correct. A phase comes when we are wrong. The same way, a phase comes when all our questions and answers are right. And then we feel, we are contolling everything. But as we move ahead, as Sunil Sir said, if you have an experience of 5 years, 10 years, 40 years. We realise, we are not the contollers. There is someone who is controlling us. He is making me do this. I am just an agent between the person sitting in front and him. But, there is just one conclusion. In any positive event, even if we play a small role, doesnt it give us happiness? An astologer gets this joy everyday. Like we were looking at the horoscope of Indira Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru’s autobiography is very big. He has written that even if one person smiled because of him he would feel that his life’s purpose has been fulfilled. An astrologer gets this chance everyday. This joy cant be given by any bank balance. We will learn astrology to get this joy. Thank you for listening to me. I would like to thank Sunil Sir. Actually, he had asked me to speak on astro vastu. I requested him to let me discuss prashna charts. He immidiately said yes and told me if I wanted to discuss prashna kundali, I could do it. For that, I would like to thank him. Suppose, the question is asked in the morning but I read it in the evening. Then which time should I take? When I come in contact with the query or when my role starts. What did I say in the beginning? I am a part of the play. It will be when my role starts. When are we born? When we take our first breath. There was life before me. But when I took my first breath, my life started. So, when my part in the chart starts, I will take that time. If a man comes and says he does not have a horoscope, can you give him predictions for his life? I said this in the beginning, you can answer only one question with the prashna chart. This is a limitation. As I mentioned, a person has limitations, a scripture has limitations, as a student we also have limitations. We need to recognise these limitations and work. If we try to overtake this, we will fail. We will have an accident. The chart which you discussed about the cancer patient was not the girl’s birth horoscope? It was not the girl’s chart. It was a prashna chart. Yes, it was the prashna chart but did they also get the girl’s chart? It was not the girl’s chart. They had called me from the hospital. I had told them, that you get the birth horoscope tomorrow. Looking at that, I had said that she is also a gemini ascenedant. We will not let you go home. I am not going home. I have to go for my duty. Whoever needs to leave early and go home, can do so. I will reveal the biggest secret of prashna in the end. When I was young, I had ordered a book on Bruce Lee from Hong Kong. He made everyone leave. When will the rising period in a person’s life start? To understand the one second technique and to apply it. You need to live a very pure life. There is a lot of ego. You want to take out knowledge? Go head, here is the number. If he wants, he will give you a date for marriage. Today, you have to take a lecture. Then last minute, I will tell him, sir today your lecture wont be happening. Try to act smart with me. I also have some stake here. My karma will get spoilt if such people come. If I didnt do prediction for you, is this what you will do to me? If I exposed you, is this what you will do to me? They spoiled my mental peace. That is my way. If I wanted it, I would have asked for 1500 rupees or 2000 rupees. Earlier 7 people used to come. Then it increased to 20 and then to 30. What was her name? Nothing wrong will happen in Sir’s course. We will not meet useless people. From the last 2-3 leactures, we have told people to get some snacks. We have done this for the last 3-4 years with our money. That time, I had no money in my pocket. Every month, we used to have an expense of 1000-2000 rupees for tea,etc. It took me 6 years to get to Ghaisas Sir. For six years, I asked for his mumber from everyone. Before this also we had organised an event but it did not happen. I had called you at that time, this was 2-3 years back. Every event of ours goes in a loss. Except for the small event where we get 10,000 rupees. I have worked very hard for this. Today also the pain in the foot has not gone. But when the book shop shifted, I lifted 60 kgs. For 2 days I didnt lift, but then, I was feeling embarassed. All these guys were lifting but I was not. My feet pain even now more but thats ok. I dont have time to apply medicine. For the last 3 years I have been after this. Two times, my volunteer has gone to london. I paid money to get it out. I got it 1 1/2 -2 months back. 12 chapters. There is a man in a village, I offered him 2,00,000 rupees, he refused. Earlier 50 pages, then entire 250 pages. You will get a curse. I got scared, I thought that already there are lot of problems, so I removed it. You dont know how much I had to give to get that. The loan which I had taken of rupees 1,50,000 in 2006, I have been able to repay just last year. And I have given it for free. You do it and show me. Professional astrologers, do it and show me. You come here to do business. It is being given for free on the internet. What happened to you. For so many days you were not able to understand what I was saying. This is why I have said all this in front of everyone. Whatever happened to you, dont allow it to happen to others. I dont just have one story i.e. yours. There are 2-3 more people. Madam what happens is, if someone is stuck, some one is in love, someone wants a child. You want a child, do this, do that. It has come in the newspaper today, they have killed a child in the name of Goddess Kali. It was a 4 year old child.


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