Princess of Cups tarot card meanings and description

Princess of Cups tarot card meanings and description

The Princess of Cups represents the earthy
part of water. She is the process of manifestation with the water. She gives form to water, and
from her is the crystallisation of objects and chemical combinations and you can see
on her card on her wings there is the you can see symbols of crystals forming on the
edges of her wings. she is dancing, she is flowing, there is this movement of water,
that is just manifestation, the whole piece. On her head is a white swan with open wings,
and for Crowley this represents the sacred Hindu syllable of OM, and it is a manifestation
of the entire process of of creation. She is a very fertile, creative card, it is the
card of dreams as well. She is from those thoughts and feelings manifest later on to
the solidity of life and the things that you really want out of them. There is very much
this aspect of Hindu philosophy in this card as well because she has the elephant and also
the tortoise and in Hindu philosophy the elephant also animals who support the entire creation.
So she is a support and supporting role she is reliable, she can even though she is solid
you can also, she is form and flowing which allows these to be creative she is kind and
gracious and she is romantic as well, she is a card of dreams and aspirations. one the
cards there is the spiral of water so this kind of serpentine swirls that go on through
the background. We also have the lotus which demonstrates the idea of purity coming and
manifesting from the water. Its a beautiful card and its one that gives hope and confidence
and comfort to people.

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  • Ryan Seven says:

    That shape – always that shape.  The Swan. The Shell.  The Flower. The Fishe's Tail.  The Tortoise Shell.  The Cup…. All the Mushoom.

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