Princess of Wands tarot card meanings and description

Princess of Wands tarot card meanings and description

The Princess of Wands is the earthy part of
Fire. According to Crowley she is combustion or fuel of fire. She allows things to explode
or expand. She rules also the Fiery quadrant around the North Pole. She has plumes of Justice
manifesting from her. She has these strange horns which for Crowley he sees as plumes
of justice, this is the fire of justice manifesting to make things happen. In her hand is a wand
the wand of the Sun, she appears naked in this card. All the other Princesses are covered.
This shows that she is open to everyone, and to make things happen. She is free to combine
with her partner, to be naked, to embrace your lover as well. The flames that she has
is redolent of the Hebrew letter Yod as well. Which is the letter of Fire, and Virgo as
well. Beside her the altar is burning fiercely and you can see rams heads and other rams
around. Appearing around the princess we have a tiger that is on its side like he is lying
down. He also appears in the Fool card. So the Princess is this idea of spring, of energy,
of power, of passion the princess of wands is a woman who is full of energy and can be
vengeful, but she loves life she loves to express life, don’t cross her, because you
will never know what forces of hell she will unleash on you.

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    Love the videos Paul, thanks for posting them. I don't currently own a copy of The Book of Thoth and your videos have given me a good insight into the symbolism in my Thoth Deck. Thanks again Paul and I hope things are going well for you.

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