¿Qué es el Tarot? Mizada Mohamed T01E60

¿Qué es el Tarot? Mizada Mohamed T01E60

There is a lot of light and many messages in the tarot, today I’ll tell you what is the tarot and also a recipe to increase your income [Music] Sometimes we do not live with desire, cheer with joy, with intensity… thinking that we are eternal. We are not. This little body at some point is going to to go, the only eternal thing is the soul. So let’s talk about my phrase… Life is borrowed and we do not know for how long let’s live in love, peace, harmony and thanking everyone and thanking everything and everything means not only on nice and sunny days, the honey the harmony Because from the negative, the falls, the sadness, the errors, the mistakes; from there you learn much more. Minced and in the mouth, don’t taste the same as sowing the little seed and wait the little tree grows to cut the fruits. That’s why is important live, feel, enjoy, vibrate, because life is borrowed and we do not know how much time. Lets live in light, peace, love, harmony and happiness. Hear, I like it a lot the runes the pendulum and the tarot the tarot is a wonder each of the letters has messages very important messages is not of white man comes to my life is not no no no no no no no i’m not referring the tarot can be that of the 22 arcana older and we can have the d use the nearby cigars 22 to use the 78 cards you can use the the Egyptian I have a huge collection then you have to take pictures of me collection but of what you want from pendulums and good many things and good Well, as you are my family, they have followed all of life as not showing them all the collections that I have and Now let’s listen and see the tarot report give him a lot attention is really worth a lot sorry because they are letters that guide letters that they carry by the hand and in the recipe coming back from the report I’m going to give you a simple recipe as always economic and practice and yes yes yes ma how can you increase your income and within questions there are many many many questions that I thank my steals mobile point mx this question says how do I get my ex to return I have three months without your love and I do not know what to do If I’m going to tell you how you’re going to do my life do not miss it let’s see what it is the tarot its origin dates in Italy in the 14th century and consists of a deck with the that you can consult visualize or interpret past events present or futures is based on the selection of letters depending on the order or arrangement in which they have been distributed with prior the tarot consists of 78 letters for interpretation divided in major arcana and minor arcana the major arcana are represented from the creation of the universe to the earthly world in which we inhabit and follow to the spiritual world these they serve to guide the person who is consulted some authors point out that they are not independent entities the arcane older but that is a series of 22 stages that have to be traveled to find the true self and thus reach goals dreams and total wisdom about yourself there are different ways to throw the cards but here we will talk of the simplest method of pulling the great cross when a roll is made of great cross you should start all of left on first they are first placed three letters side by side then you have to put a letter in the part above the center letter and another one at the bottom and there it is our cross but what does it all mean this can be interpreted that the letter on the left talks about the past letter from the center talks about the present letter from the right talks about the future letter located in the part Top center talks about your favor letter located at the bottom center talks about your difficulty talking about tarot is talking about an art extremely important intuitive is by that the tarot cards are due to read with wisdom and knowledge not guess its meaning as each letter It has different meanings should be to resort to intuition to find the indicated meaning of what that the letter is meaning everything seeing the shape he takes next to other letters that come up What did you find very interesting? it’s wonderful and it really is so that I orient you guide a signal a message it’s interesting I hope you have them like to hear you can not miss the section of the questions because I have one that caught my attention and is not the only one there are many people who they asked me how I do it so that come back my ex I am going to tell you how we are going to do and now I’m going to give you a recipe interesting as always simple practical and economical how can I increase my economic income and if it can be that simple, clear desire attitude positivism not you Engraves visualize decree and lean on tools we’re going to need a little plate of clay I like a lot use the mud but it can be copper or glass whatever you want and We are going to use black pepper on a ball the scent clavito and three male children the second day you know that you always I ask that it be the second day of the moon growing we will visualize decree and affirm by saying I am abundance win success and prosperity my income they increase every day more in my home all flows money does not pay every day there flows and flows of economic growth ok all that do you think then what are we going to do very simple we are going to take our black pepper what smells delicious and so if one day your tooth hurts I’ll grab one is not true these recipes idle but if you use for that as not and the three years there they are apart that they look pretty Remember always at home if we have young children and we have pets Put all your recipes in parts tall this is nothing else to do more than visualize decree to affirm that I can achieve everything that goes through my mind this is going to help part of your attitude you win your fight your tenacity to anything that is blocked and I’m not allowing you to have greater growth that there is abundance this goes to help you in your home in your business and in your office there is economic abundance increase your income when the male garlic softens or if there it’s time to say goodbye to garlic male to the sweet pepper and pepper black while the male garlic is not soft so soft it is perfectly all right do it with a lot of love and with lots of light we have many questions and here I bring one in the ink of how to make for my ex to return I can not live without your love now we are not going to talk and well, we have several questions astrological that with great pleasure answered the planets all our planets they stay with us in the certain months determined years has its time the moon the sun the moon now mercury merkur mercury does not cure neptune, pluto and others right now they ask says they told me that this year now it is not already centaur that means the planets each of them by example also now we have to Jupiter in Sagittarius who entered the last year that means having uranus in tauro as it is urane and that is taurus now is not the planet for start let’s tell them is the planet which currently corresponds to him from a few years ago to date aquarium sign being in the sign of taurus means that uranus that is a very planet technological that we and it leads to be very independent to be very revolutionary very what he wants is in the sign of Taurus that is a earth sign that is a sign ruled by venus to have a not in taurus is a is a cycle where we are going to walk with many new things that will come to our life many discoveries many confrontations there may be for that is important to know in what sign find each planet for this way to know how to channel our energies and in this case avoid a grain in Taurus confrontations lawsuits conflicts on the contrary, we are going to take advantage of it to make things happen we’re going to take advantage of it to be more more creative more witty more lying forward more technological that’s compatibility between brothers men virgo pound and scorpion before you continuous signs virgo yes yes yes virgo pound scorpion good here we are talking about virgo earth pound air scorpion water virgo mercury pound venus scorpion pluton are to be carried re well but totally different or totally different point and apart from its DNA of its the dna and to live the same house and what you want for that always I tell them that the fingers of the hands they are all fingers but they are all different the same thing that happens with the families and with the children clear here would have to see what is the ascendant and what is the moon that is very important know what your ascendant is ascending we know it by the date of birth and also the moon to know because if the moon was not going by when you were born but towards the first instance should be very fun as they are all different or virgo timely analytical methodical correct disciplined friendly cheerful pound funny the laughter already know that the Libra do not tell him he’s going to see football wei baseball because I’m going to say you decide, that is, virgo is and that’s why they make the decision of what color we are going to paint the room because what you want so we can not paint blue good blue and if we painted it purple the relationship is very pretty boy you’re a beautiful scorpion dad book scorpion is not going to forget him absolutely nothing what happened the best memories of the zodiac scorpion that they throw to my scorpions do not tell me anything the scorpions are beautiful tender Sensitive romantic so sweet and so tender and vulnerable as my cancer He cited that they are water and militiamen that if are compatible as good brothers there is a lot of difference but to your Once there is a lot of attraction, they respect each other all three compatibility woman cancer man scorpion perfect eye scorpion quote man passion delivery commitment woman cancer home protection apapacho is important they are very compatible because they are water and both the signs of dry water are blended perfectly fine in the situation here is that scorpion it may be a bit of a sign a bit strong for cancer women always you is going to take care of you is going to take care of you will happen to you and cancer demands a lot Attention reach you can not say anything more than once I love you, you have to tell him many times if you are used to give her 12 flowers and one day you it happened to give it a They are super cute a nice couple each one he has a very magical complicity and a lot attraction within your relationship a lot and now the question that comes I’m talking about from the beginning I want to recover my ex as if it were an article I come to give me back to the ring is we have three months apart but not I can be without him Can you give me a recipe? I’ll give you a beautiful recipe for you to love of friendship thousands of values ​​and you respect mommy cute when someone He tells you I do not want to thank you vivencias date your place date your place date you I love I love you what has already left was already gone when someone is no longer our life is that it should not be and recover something that already said goodbye is not to believe in us not to trust We do not believe that I am capable of attract something much better to me the universe takes away what we should not to have in our life give yourself permission to attract to you what that you truly deserve if you can live without him of course yes because you lived without him before you knew him It is not part of your being in your life we live for us to be I good with myself with my self-esteem my self-esteem my safety that’s what project we are avoiding relationships of codependence dependence interdependence because within a relationship there must be the individuality within the living space he made the decision to leave now you have realized my life but it is what better that could have happened to you I invite you to light a pink candle use a little pink room you write in a paper everything beautiful beautiful beautiful wonderful unique and sensational that you you are use that little room light your candle repeat it every night the candle turn on the while you are saying your decree and if that person corresponds to you by right of conscience but this affirmation and this decree that you are doing is for yourself so that and if it’s not the one, it’s definitely the universe has something much better for thank you very much my dear family of mobile thanks to each and every one of you thank you very much thank you for being making this channel grow done totally for you done with many want with much love with much commitment with a lot of light all this we say thank you family thank you thank you I am my a mohamed I want them a lot and I want to see you [Music] thank you very much for joining us subscribe to the channel so you are at So much of all our recipes tips and many topics that we have for you a lot light a lot of peace and a lot of love


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