Rahu Ketu 2019 Transit for All Ascendants and Moon Signs(Jyotish)

Rahu Ketu 2019 Transit for All Ascendants and Moon Signs(Jyotish)

rahu is the thing which you have to look
out for is the thing we how to work on is the thing which drives us into the
future Rahu and Ketu are changing science in this video we are going to
talk about the effect of Rahu and Ketu changing their signs on all the trail
rushes and all the trellis entrance so keep watching namaste and welcome to
pramanik astrology channel i am your host Prasad Mahajani help you raise your
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Medicare illogical videos just like this one and these videos will help you go
further faster into vedic astrological studies Rahu and Ketu are changing
science Rahu Ketu was earlier into the axis of cancer and Capricorn and now it
is moving on to the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius Rahu will be in Gemini and
kate will be in Sagittarius before we start talking about the effects of these
transits one to all the moon signs and the ascendant let me tell you something
about the transits how do we judge the transit to be good or bad we judge
transit from moon sign as well as from ascendant no confusion there when you
when you think in terms of ascendant it becomes more specific and relevant to
you but we also have to consider the transit from the moon the first thing we
have to look for when we are judging the Rahu Ketu transit is to look the science
the Rahu and Ketu placed in into your horoscope what do I mean by that Rahu
will be in Gemini and k2 will be in Sagittarius just open your horoscope and
see where is the sign of Gemini blasting and where is the sign of Sagittarius so
these are the two houses which will be transformed during tests transit so you
will have Gemini sign in any house depending upon your ascendant if you are
Gemini ascendant Gemini will be in your first house if you are say Pisces
ascendant so Gemini will be into your fourth house suppose you are mmm
Lewis ended the sign of Gemini will be into the eleventh house so for this
transit what you have to see is you also have to look for the Leo ascendant as
well as you have to look for you also have to look from the perspective of
your moon sign suppose you have Leo ascendant and
Scorpio Moon so you have to look at the transit from port angles from moon as
well as ascended next point wherever you will have the Rahu placed end this is
the house which is going to be into the spotlight during this 18 months so this
is the house where you have to work in you have to put in efforts this is the
house you will drawn towards this is the house you will take actually with
regards to the material gains you will have we have Rahu in the side of Gemini
so wherever you have sign of Gemini placed in the house where the sign of
Gemini is placed you will get certain opportunity into that area of life and
wherever you will have k2 placed in this is the house wherein you are almost
completing the things signified that signified by that house wherever you
have Rahu placed in it also gives confusion to that house suppose your
Aquarius ascendant and you have Rahu into the fifth
so you will have opportunities regarding the fifth house as well as it might give
some confusion around that house because Rahu is an illusion okay so this is the
third thing the next thing we have to look for in the transit is the lord of
the Rahu Ketu axis Rahu and Ketu will be into the Gemini and Sagittarius signs so
we have to look for the sign of excuse me we have to look for the Lord mercury
and Sagittarius into your horoscope another thing to look for is what are
the planets Rahu is transiting or it is not only about the Sagittarius and
Gemini okay if you have Rahu into your Gemini and now Rahu is transiting or it
or if you have Jupiter in Gemini and now Rahu is transiting over it it will have
a different results as against a person who does not have any planet into the
sign of Gemini and now Rahu is transiting over it it will definitely
have a different results so you have to keep that in mind so whatever I am going
to tell you won’t be applicable to all it is all generic please understand this
okay so you yourself can judge your Rahu transit Rahu Ketu transit with these
points if you can follow these points if you can observe these points you
yourself can find the Rahu Ketu transit for yourself same is the case with the
k2 k2 is all about the completion k2 are the things which we have already
achieved we have we have already talked about that
but k2 when in transit wherever it is placed it wherever you will have the
sign of Sagittarius that is the sign or that is the house
which will show the signs of completion you have already dealt with that so
you’re moving on to the Rahu house okay so you have to look for the Rahu house
and not the k2 house k2 house significance will help you to grow into
the Rahu area but don’t cling to the k2 area you will feel you will love to
cling to the k2 area but don’t cling to k2 area jump into the jungle of Rahu
Ketu is good for the spiritual enhancement k2 is good for the spiritual
progress or the spiritual transformation Rahu is good for material transformation
so wherever you have Rahu placed in you will get something good about that house
no matter what and where ever you have k2 placed in in whichever house you have
Sagittarius sign you will find some spiritual connection to that house okay
and especially in the eighth and twelfth house and the fourth house you will
definitely have some spiritual experiences during this transit so let
us talk about Aries moon or Aries ascendant for Aries moon and Aries
ascendant the this transit will be from the third house to ninth house so the
third house things will be into the spotlight
so the third house which is all about the communication and media writing and
hobbies and more so your hard work and when you have the powerful raul loves to
be in a car metrical houses especially into the third house in the 11th house so you will have the third house
significations light up third house significations will be on a
spotlight for you you will have to work towards the third house things and
ix housings are the thing others and the ninth house significations are the
things which you have already completed you’re almost done with that okay
but the ninth house things will help you into the third house things wherever you
have Rahu placed it okay so communication is the theme for the Aries
ascendant and Aries moon for Russia or Taurus Taurus lagna and Taurus moon Rahu
will be into their second house second house is the house of money so they will
have great inflow of money and money or finances will be the theme for these
guys for the next 18 months and the quality of the finances whether it will
be good or bad depends upon the Lord of the Rahu that is the placement of the
mercury so mercury holds the key for Rahu during these 18 months and Jupiter
holds the key for k2 during this 18 months for Gemini ascendant or Gemini
moon this is the period of transformation
why Rahu is transiting over your ascendant or Rahu is transiting over
your moon so you will change yourself you will completely change yourself you
will change your appearance you will change your personality and you might
get fame why because Rahu is all about that
illusion about that fame and first house is the house of personality so far in
Gemini ascendant and Gemini moon people this Rahu will you know kind of reimage
themself will transform them into somebody else for good or maybe bad
depends upon you mercury for cancer ascendant Rahu will be in the
12 house and Kate will be into the sixth house 12th house is the house of
spirituality 12th house is the house of the foreign lands and when you have a
magnifying spontaneous and aggressive Rahu here what it does is it will make
you travel more than losses I feel 12 thousands more about travels
these days and you may lose money due to travel you may spend a whole lot of
money on to travel for Leo ascendant and Leo moon people this transit is going to
be very beneficial why because the Rahu will be into the eleventh house of gains
networking so these people will amass a great amount of gains during this period
wherever Rahu wherever you have Rahu placed in it amplifies the signification
of that house you have Rahu placed in the eleventh house is the house of gains
it will you huge gains and if you have well placed mercury it will it will give
you tremendous gains during this 18 period 18 month period and for k2 will
be in the fifth house fifth house is the house of creativity fifth house is the
house of children so these are the issues you have already dealt with and
now you are going out into the society to connect with other people other
people okay for Virgo ascendant and Virgo moon this this transit is
happening in to their end house Rahu loves to be into the tenth house sixth
house third house eleventh house tenth house
is the house of public ancient if you remember 12th house is the open sky
twelve use me and house is the open sky that is
the Zenit it is the it is the place right above your head just oppose it to
the nether the fourth house which is below the ground so Rahul loves that
attention Rahul loves to be in the spotlight and
when you have Rahu into the tenth house it will give boost to your career as
well as your second house of finances and the sixth house of your dates delays
diseases as well as your routine life so you can look at this as you might have
gains from your repetitive action or your regular or your routine like a job
you might get a promotion for Libra ascendant people Rahu’s into the ninth
house and k2 is into the third house so Rahu the ninth house is in the spotlight
Travel spirituality guru philosophy religion all these things are going to
get amplified and is are and are coming into the spotlight and the third house
of communication and the media and all that hobbies self effort you will see
some signals of completion in those houses
wherever you have key to placed in it signals some kind of completion related
to that house and Rahu is the thing to look out for Rahu is the thing which you
have to look out for is the thing we have to work on is the thing which
drives us into the future for Scorpio ascendant Rahu is into the eighth house
eighth house is the house of occult mysticism inheritance death and rebirth
ups and downs and now you have the energy of Rahu into the eighth house and
k2 is into the second house of your resources your family wealth so what it
shows is you will have to face ups and downs during this period if you have
well placed mercury it will help Rahu perform better for Sagittarius ascendant
Rahu is into the ninth house and k2 is into the first house
so for sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius moon people it is that time to organize
themselves just like Gemini Gemini is going to get reimaging they are going to
transform they’re going to change their self the first house is self Rahu is
coming in the planet of transformation the southern changes and now it is going
to change them as a person and for sagittarius moons Sagittarius ascendant
people it is the time to gather themselves because k2 is into the first
house k2 being into the first house what it shows is it it can also it can also
kind of embarrass you because you are not confident about yourself but it is
the time to you gather yourself organize yourself and in a way transform yourself
this transformation won’t be like a keto transformation but it will be the
inwardly spiritual transformation for Capricorn ascendant Rahu will be into
the sixth house and k2 will be into the twelfth house sixth house is the
authentic old house and Rahul loves to be in after the corn house or opera
houses it does extremely well into these houses like 3 6 10 11 he loves to be in
these houses and now for Capricorn Sintra who is into the sixth house 6000
the house of enemies diseases delays and now this Rahu helps the person to
conquer the enemies and when they are doing this the 12th house does the house
of spirituality that spiritual and that divine connection is going to help them
to overcome the obstacle and the enemies but the focus the spotlight will be into
the 6th house so for Aquarius ascendant Aquarius moon people Rahu will be into
the 5th house k2 will be into the 11th house the 5th house is the house of
creativity 5th house is the house of your love and romance 5th house is the
house of your children so Rahu is an illusion so this might create an
illusion for Aquarius as in people regarding the 5th house things regarding
your hobbies regarding remember 5th 5th house is also the Maha watt bomb for the
3rd house which is the house of hobbies the 3rd from the 3rd the 5th house and
now you have that illusion of Rahu into the fifth house Rahu in the fifth house
you might get Fame due to your creative projects you did some short film you did
some you did upload some videos you created a web series and you uploaded it
and now it is you success you got a Fame the fifth hour ah who
gives Fame from your creative pursuits so for that you are diving deep into
your creative pursuits and you have some creative projects and now they will
bring your success for Pisces ascendant Pisces moon Rahu will be into the fourth
house four thousand is the house of fourth house is the house of mother for
thousands the house of your home fourth house is your private life and when you
have the Rahu in the sign of Gemini in the
fourth house what it shows is you have the spotlight into the fourth house so
all the focus will be on a fourth house so you might buy a property so you might
want to spend some money on your home you might have you might feel like a
Reno it in your house so yes this was Rahu and Ketu as much as I could hold
grasp and share with you guys if you’re new to my channel please consider
subscribing hit that like button and sending you tons of positive energies
sending you high vibrations see you in the next videos love and peace


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