RAW Q&A – Zodiac Signs, Cosmetic Surgery & Love Matches

RAW Q&A – Zodiac Signs, Cosmetic Surgery & Love Matches

the shake I can dance like this all day hello guys welcome back to my channel I
broke a nail this morning today we’re gonna be doing aq and a I ended up going
back on IG and I’m like what if you guys asked me some zodiac questions I got
flooded with zodiac questions see hi Ben Ben is curled into like a like a donut
or something uh-huh you let make up a new like donut like a banana doughnuts
favorite makeup skincare products curly oh my god dose of colors they have I’m
pretty sure it’s a bronzer I’m sorry guys I’m horrible at product names my
favorite thing I put it all over my eyes I put it all over my cheeks like the
Joseph colors golden you’re black I absolutely love it it’s so so pretty it
oh my god I didn’t put on highlighter can you said it’s an ice show you can
use it as a bronzer highlighter whatever you want to use the four of the Rimmel
lip gloss its oh my gloss and I love the clear one are you all buying it or
something cos it’s sold out every time I go there who knows what I love it oh my
god and the makeup revolution stick foundation you guys that stick
foundation is a life it is everything okay you have got to try it they have it
at Ulta and they have it on their website as well we’ll leave a link down
below because is my favorite foundation and I’m wearing it right now you’ll see
how cute it makes you look you put it on you just go light it on it’s like
cuteness and you can still sponge it on I still use um what’s the sponge from
Beauty Blender oh my god stuff you’re such a beauty guru I still use my BB
butter and you can sponge it in it gives you is this beautiful glow it’s
definitely not a matte finish I would say it’s like semi dewy but I love them
it makes me look at the end of the day I just put them in and I’m just like girl
you look like you driven I’m skincare I love my vitamin E cream I love vitamin E
oil glycerin oil vitamin C extremely important
hollar onic acid I love to use because it looks like it looks like it’s
cheating you’re quite Lum family I don’t really need you were your your Winky
dildo in the bottom of it yeah can you please thank you hi Stephanie I love you
in your videos so much thank you my question is if you could go back in time
and relive a certain memory what would it be I had such a blast in college I
think that I would just love to relive that whole experience again it was just
so much fun that was the time of my life where I felt like I was literally I felt
like a bird in a cage that was like set free it’s cuz I grew up very very
sheltered you know mommy and daddy always there you know every step of the
way holding your hand it really didn’t get to experience too many things when
you’re raised like that and I’m just like I’m able to go by myself all the
way to Oakville it’s something I’ve never done by myself meet a bunch of
different people from a ton of different cultures experience just being
independent in a way that was just like it was just crazy for me and it was very
very new so I think I would kind of relive my college experience just a
little bit what do you feel about meal replacement shakes have you ever tried
them I don’t have anything against them my only thing with meal replacement
shakes is to not get too obsessed because I find that people have it in
their mind okay I’m gonna have one for breakfast and lunch and dinner and I’m
just gonna repeat like every single day you still need other foods you still
need other nutrition so there’s nothing wrong with them there really is it just
make sure you know what you’re drinking I like to go for more natural ones and I
will have the 310 shake for breakfast cuz I absolutely love it I drink the
vanilla one especially when I’m on the go and the own replacement shake is
definitely a smart thing if you if you have a very very busy lifestyle what
would you bring with you on a desert island if you could only have five
things how do people get water in a desert island so I wouldn’t bring not
like I bring the biggest jug you’ve ever seen
in your damn life okay you know what let me roll out my
luggage and then put the water inside like those big massive jugs Tula oh you
know I’m gonna bring okay wait the luggage is one thing because I need to
pack my stuff I can’t carry everything like am I going here by myself wow this
is crazy I would bring my luggage and then pack it with water and I would pack
it with as much food as they possibly can cuz there’s no food on there desert
hunting I can’t eat the plants right whatever water my luggage oh my god it
is hella dry there okay oh my god I need an umbrella I need an umbrella oh my god
okay you know what umbrella if I bring an umbrella I won’t need sunscreen
because I’m like covering myself I’m gonna come out of this dancer right well
my phone work in the desert I’m the girl that would go to this desert and be like
son Sophie it would still be posting on Instagram you guys so you know when my
phone can I say clothes so that you know so I can free like a few clothes okay
you know what forget it I’m going there with like ten layers so that I can like
unchanged and unpack it put in my luggage I’m gonna have like my old hotel
room there so one more thing Jeff you’re probably missing like a very important
thing that as a human you should probably bring with you there’s nowhere
to charge my phone okay I’m gonna have to bring the external bank power bank
it’s gonna waste eventually but you know what I’m so gonna get a couple selfies
out of it so it doesn’t really matter are there other people there because if
I um I got queued up it’d be like take a picture of me over here on the phone
right by this cactus cacti plural at that point you just go commando man you
don’t even need underwear and being honest with you you just you just live
life like I need a pillow you know what girl you and this question like I can’t
deal okay I answered it to the best of my ability I’m moving on down would you
ever get cosmetic surgery so I am NOT a fan of cosmetic surgery you know
everybody has insecurities about themself you know I have certain things
personally physically on me that yeah I wish I could just you know go and fix
them I prefer to go more of the route where I’m like you know what except
those things about you because I believe for me if I were to fix something I’m
just gonna want to go fix something else and then I go fix that thing and
I’m just gonna want to go fix another thing after that one because of that
into I just like to be natural if that’s just kind of how I like to be I believe
you know you were born the way you were born there’s one thing I will open up to
you guys about but I just don’t think I would actually go through it to be
honest with you but I don’t know I really can’t say if I would or not after
all the weight loss my chest really deflated a lot in natural completely
human and it’s completely realistic I was a d-cup you guys I am now an a-cup
y’all imagine is d-cup melon now it’s a plum they’re not as full as they used to
do before but the reason I’m talking to you guys
about this is because there’s women out there that might be experiencing the
same thing so they’re just not as full obviously right they get a little bit
more saggy yeah there’s not that like perkiness about it because the fat
didn’t like it’s not filled up a side anymore you know what I get a lift would
I get that fixed what I’m like 80% known for like a 90% no and then like a 10%
yes because I think that’s just me being like oh it would be so nice you know I
can wear tops without worrying about them and there’d be all nice and perky I
would not get a boob job I would not put anything inside of them I would just get
a lift with what I currently have I mean at the end of my journey I don’t know
what its gonna look like I don’t know if it’s gonna get worse I don’t know you
know if I can improve it a little bit more with something else they don’t
bother me that that much but it’s just of course in a perfect world I’ve
obviously thought about it but they’re gonna be like these perky little
balloons I don’t like that I just don’t like the look of that I like them to
look very very natural I don’t mind a little sagging like I really don’t but
that’s what they’re gonna look like don’t but like if the doctor would to be
like yes that’s what they’re gonna look like I’m like you know what I’m gonna
keep my side you see a mix okay thank you have a great day women have asked me
that question they’ve asked me you know has my chest changed and how has it
changed and how I feel about it so that’s kind of something that’s like
realistically going on right now top three places I would travel to you guys
already know Greece is like my number one I was I would say Greece Thailand
and I do want to go back to push it off okay so now we’re gonna start it with
the zodiac questions so what is your rising sign
your moon sign of course my main sign is a Pisces
I am a Pisces girl we saw extra my rising sign is a Scorpio and that’s how
you’re kind of you dies and I can definitely see myself being viewed as
the Scorpion at first I can be you know very very like reserved and like mmm no
like no new friends like don’t talk to me like I can be like that um it’s only
when I get to know you that I’m very like outgoing and like funny and bubbly
I am still quite friendly it all depends on kind of like your vibe to that’s like
my Pisces side I’m sorry guys there’s no explanation for me I’m just very weird
and my moon sign is a Virgo so I have Pisces Scorpio and forego the Virgo in
me is my OCD perfectionist like that’s who she is
like that’s her and she’s my over-thinker I’m gonna say she does that
just sounds cute everything she is the one that gives me
the logic okay because Pisces win got no logic okay we
just have emotions we have an ocean of emotions that’s all we I know you Pisces
are watching this going I know we’re just like so emotional Benny I am Burke
owed me is like my my realistic like logical side that’s like stuff like
hello stop living in your lala land okay mama
okay please mommy is filming my pisces is uh is a dreamer
she’s a fantasize or she just daydreams all the time she thinks that everyone in
the world should be kind she doesn’t think that there should be any bad in
this world she’s very very like super super hyper sensitive whatever you say
to me I will take very personally care less about what strangers say about me
but when it comes to like people that are close to me and like if I’m just
talking he and you say something I’m like oh like that really like hand me my
Scorpio she is uh oh boy she is the feisty one oh my Pisces is
also very moody too so I get the moodiness from Pisces and
Scorpio Scorpio so Pisces is very very forgiving first it’s as if Scorpios were
born like they came out and they’re just like I have trusted shoes you know like
we just have this very thick wall in front of us and we don’t want to really
trust anybody where’s my Pisces is too trusting and then my Virgo is just like
almost straight back here fun constantly can you guys imagine how much I’m
constantly fighting myself do I be this super nice sweet Pisces do I be the more
reserved burka or do I be the get out of my face Scorpio that doesn’t trust
anybody my Scorpio I’m telling you right now
like when someone does something to mean you shouldn’t have done that to me
because I would have never done that to you I’m being honest with you it’s very
very likely that that moment and that time you’re pretty much dead to me I can
cut like my Scorpio side cuts off people real quick and my Pisces just always
wants to be like mmm but maybe you know maybe they’re just going through a rough
time you know maybe they just know without thinking and my script is like
girl please the virgos like in the middle going wait
now wait now Scorpio places this just think this through yeah it’s just it’s
kind of a disaster but anyway stay on my Scorpio side is very very reluctant to
trust kind of mysterious Scorpios are very very mysterious and very very moody
uh we like our way we definitely like our way but let me tell you something
about all of the signs that I have we love deep when we love you oh my god
we will go to the end of the earth for you do not break a Scorpios heart and
when I go through a breakup I’m warmed a Pisces I’m just like just go like just
carry my life I don’t need revenge just go but to Scorpio yo they like revenge
oh god they’re crazy I’m allowed to say that because I got Scorpio and I’m crazy
actually in Nora’s only a special mrs. how tall are you I am 5 foot when you
guys Pisces in a relationship with a Scorpio woman
girl there’s a lot of heat in this relationship so rule of thumb for those
of you who don’t know it’s a fire air earth and water science both of these
are water signs so they just naturally go together Pisces from Scorpio I’ve
never been with the Scorpion before has always been intrigued because everybody
always says Pisces and Scorpio is like an explosion okay a good explosion it
could be a really bad explosion what I think about Pisces in Scorpio I think
that there are really really good much like I said don’t mess with Scorpio
Scorpio is gonna be a little bit more of the feisty er one where as the Pisces
gonna be like the sweet one and they’re gonna let a lot of things go Pisces are
very very selfless the thing with Pisces men is another thing I want to mention
with zodiacs I’m sorry but Pisces man and a Pisces woman they’re two different
things cancer man cancer woman they’re just
different because of the other day and men and women have you know different
qualities anyways I find that each sign has like the woman version and the man
version of it I don’t concerns back to the Sam that’s just my opinion and I’m
just in my life I’ve seen it time and time and time again you guys are both
very very deep you guys are both water science you guys are both emotional you
guys will understand each other y’all are just deep like the thing with this
situation I will say is when things get emotional
it can go very very good because you understand how sensitive each other is
and you get how emotional each other is if it gets heated like upset kind of
heated like angry kind of heated just give the Scorpio some space like just
taking a little bit scary and it can be a little bit vengeful a lot of people
love to make jokes about Scorpios and have to stay in the hell away from them
it just kills me what does the rising and moon sign mean rising is how people
view you how people see you generally their first impression of you so your
moon sign is how you feel on the inside so it’s more deep how you feel
about your emotions I feel about love how you treat love in your life’s funny
because when it comes to my moon sign it’s a Virgo and my Pisces just wants to
like jump into love you know because that’s what we do we’re just such lovers
we are lovers we’re not fighters and once we see someone that we’re
interested in and we have feelings for them we just want to dive all in because
our fantasy world is like oh my god you know I found someone that I liked and we
just want to like just I don’t know we just want to enjoy every bit of it and
just think that everything about it is positive the problem with that and
Pisces is that sometimes we can move too fast because we love so hard that we
just want to skip everything out we just want to jump into showing you how much
we care about you and how much we feel for you my forego is a little bit more
like okay just like hold on like take a step back you know virgos love harder to
but they take their time a little bit more take tippy-toe steps whereas Pisces
we sprint Scorpios if Virgo takes tippy-toes I don’t think Scorpio the
moves it’s hard for them to like they fall in love fast too but on the inside
on the outside they’re very like very cautious and they go slowly no but a
Scorpio is like always have another mind that someone’s gonna screw them over in
the end okay but when a Scorpio is in oh my god do not leave him like I’m telling
you right now it’s just it’s just bad like call the cops Bernal personality
okay so virgos are very OCD perfectionist they are very very caring
they can be very selfless as well they love to give Burkle’s just love love
love to give they’re very logical Virgo women especially D love y’all are divas
you guys know what you want you guys hold yourself up so that got
very very high standard because you’re a perfectionist so everything has to be
like at the top that is so inappropriate I’m so sorry for the view that you guys
have right now what the hell they’re so particular like I’m sorry a nice man’s a
Virgo and I feel so bad for her my god they’re so freakin particular I always
tell her my girl I think I feel your pain like if i
was you i would be able to do it the women can be a little bit jealous
jealousy is not really a trait I wouldn’t say something that comes up in
my mind when I think of a Virgo they’re not jealous people but like I said
there’s a Virgo man in a burn old woman I find that verbal women can be very
jealous of other women which side would be your best friend explain why cancer
of course they’re the yin to my yang just because we’re both water science or
we’re both emotional we both feel things very very similar we understand each
other in so many different levels the only difference is is that Pisces is a
little bit more of a free bird whereas cancer is a little bit more you
know they think a certain way and Pisces just wants to kind of be a little bit
more loose and cancer is like no I need like security I need safety we just get
each other I would sit that’s just the number one thing we just get each other
they’re super sweet I’m super sweet too I just I’m just so sweet like I don’t
know if you can handle a bite of me because I’m just so sweet Amy is the
cancers that’s why we’re best friends and we’re super super close like Nicole
go to her about something and she likes death I know you and when she says those
words I feel it that’s another thing we have this like oh my god how can you
like psychic ability about each other not many times me me me like finish what
each other’s thinking describe a Virgo in three words annoying
annoying and I was joking particular logical I would say selfless okay girl
tell me I’m an Aquarius and I’m on the cusp of Pisces oh my god I had a friend
that was this cuz it’s so funny because there’s actually a lot of similarities
between a Chris and Pisces you know like there’s certain cusps that you’re just
like how the hell is that gonna work out it’s actually not that weird to be
honest with you aquarius’s are extremely friendly and they’re constantly always
happy and Pisces can be like that too Aquarius is love to try like new things
and Pisces like to try new things too and they’re very fun and free so the
only thing is when it comes to love I think there’s you know I think
it’s a little bit different aquarius’s has a problem because they’re very free
and they just want to like live life you know they don’t want to be tied down
Pisces you know we float around and we have our fantasy life but we want to be
held down don’t be in a relationship well let me tell you there foots like
hop out Pisces we sit it down we buckled up put
our seat belt are you taking me but an Aquarius is like I’ll get in your car
but can I put the the right foot out don’t watch my keep the door open like
Aquarius has a problem with getting super deep and emotionally like Pisces
is hella sensitive and like hella emotional so queries might be like don’t
make me stick out the right arm now how do you feel about libras I just want to
say I feel like Amy knows a lot more about the zodiacs because I’m a little
bit more like I’m gonna am in admit this I’m gonna admit it I study more the
signs that that I can relate to I don’t really study every single sign there’s
just certain signs that I just don’t go the best with and I’m just not really
that interested in in finding out more about libras one of them I know a little
bit about them but libras they’re very level-headed you know the symbol for
Libra is the balance of scale the very very balanced I think of Kim Kardashian
what she carries herself very like I’m very sure of myself you know I’m very
mature very businesslike very professional that’s how they are funny
enough I didn’t know this about them but when it comes to love they’re pretty
pretty deep you guys are friendly people too but I find that you’re a little bit
like in your own space you like to keep your own world to kind of yourself you
don’t like to put all your stuff out there what do you think of a Leo and
Sagittarius relationship and Leo and Gemini relationship – leo
they’re both fire signs and they actually go really really well together
you guys will have an understanding of each other when it comes to a lot of
different things you guys both hold yourself up to a high
standard the thing with Sagittarius I feel like they’re not that emotional of
people but besides men it’s weird there’s so much more emotional and
inside women you know I’ve seen it time and time
can wear this such women are like very tough like they have this a very tough
exterior whereas the men they still carry that tough exterior but they’re
soft if you guys watched Jersey Shore Ronnie is Asajj okay how emotional is he
okay like you couldn’t really get to him and I find the size matter I like that
we’re a size women I’m being honest with you it’s gonna take a while for you to
make her cry like it’s just gonna take you a while like Leo’s they have egos
but so massage but because they’re fire signs they will work out very well
together they will communicate very direct in the same way let’s just get
direct you know we’re fire signs we come at you with fire Sagittarius is very
independent Leo is very independent the thing with Leo is they like to act
like you’re independent they’re like 50/50 they are like I will
say they are independent they like to have their own thing they like to be in
control their own life and so decide but side you know what side is kind of like
that to where they’re very independent but they have that’s that side to them
looks like you’re not as independent as y’all claim like they like to have
someone there at the end of the day but they’re not as clean about their partner
and I was like a water sign is Gemini inside so Gemini is an air sign
oh you’re mixing air and fire which is fine I never really know what those
those air signs are up to my like you just you just never know can work out as
well it’s just sad just gonna want something a little bit more concrete
whereas when it comes to the air signs they’re a little bit like again like I
said a little bit loose you don’t I mean they’re kind of all over the place it’s
not like the greatest greatest match Gemini is very very independent too so
just like sides is very independent don’t work in that way as well the thing
with Gemini and sighs I’ve always said like Sasha’s are bipolar and I feel like
Gemini survived folders so y’all are gonna be able to relate on that Gemini
Lilly if I can make like a meme of a Gemini it’s someone that’s smiling one
minute and then the next minute they have like a very like strong serious
face so like you never know what you’re gonna get with the Gemini um and you
never really know we’re gonna give a society that relationship is gonna be
like uh be a very interesting exciting combination in my opinion what do you
think about tourists love you thank you a soft spot
for tourists I really really do they are sweet people
I find the tourists women can be jealous kind of like the burqa women tortoises
do not like change you know they like everything to stay the same if
everything could stay the same from the day they were reports of the day they
die they will be happy and oh my god their symbol is a bull and let me tell
you they’re so stubborn if you think that you are gonna change the mind of a
tortoise honey you better buckle up even when the person loves you deeply
you ain’t changing his mind nothing like it’s just like I’ve been there done that
they’re a little bit egotistical in that way where they think they have the right
answer and they think that they matter more than anything I think that’s just
their mentality and can fall for you like this when they’re sure of you but
it’s very hard for a tourist to be sure of someone in a very short amount of
time they take for they take forever they take so long oh my god like I
literally think that I could die and come back up for a tourist makes a
decision when they’re sure about their decision like once they take in 50 years
to make that decision that’s when the stubbornness kicks in and you will not
be able to reverse it so I bet say a guy leaves a girl well once he decided that
he’s leaving you let me tell you something he ain’t looking that girl he
ain’t coming back he’s just not they are huge
family people towards women tourists men white picket fence with little kids
running around and a wife and a husband a wife that’s at home cooking I know and
a husband that goes to work like that’s just what sources want they want that
really traditional it’s not a thing they’re very very traditional oh my god
they have to be friends with everybody how many friends do you have a make
friends with everybody but there are real friends with like
– people are super friendly they’re very level-headed they’re very sure
themselves they do not make decisions unless they know it’s a smart decision
to make they have their emotional times but wow
they aren’t very good at controlling their emotions like I’m very impressed
with how they do that this guy is killing me in the background personally
I feel like in the future I’m gonna need a guy that’s like listen up here you
need to step outside of dreamland okay like I nted be on speed I kind of find
that attractive I’ve been wanting to learn more about my
sign touch my favorite um you already know how I feel about sizes I just don’t
get me and I just don’t get them like it’s very hard for me to relate to
someone that’s very very different so Sagittarius is definitely like I’m
somewhere to be like who do you not get along with it’d be like Sagittarius like
I just don’t get along with them we just don’t get each other’s they’re
not sensitive enough for me I’ve been in friendships with them and it’s just time
and time and time again like we just don’t get each other both of my parents
are Sagittarius by the way both of them and I grew up as a child so emotional so
sensitive been so deep and they just could not understand it it’s like
they’re probably looking at me going like why is our child so crazy you guys
are headstrong I’m such a cherries women are very very independent
Sagittarius women love to go out love to have fun my mom is like that the guys
can be a little more emotional than the women I find that the women are not that
emotional to be honest with you unless you’re on a Scorpio Gus do not very um
how many they um they think about themselves a lot of the times and you
know what everybody is you know born the way they are and not all the science can
be selfless and thinking about other people but it’s just something that
noticeable Sagittarius they they tend to think of themselves and they it’s hard
for them to consider other again everybody has good about I thought
characteristics I’m not like attacking only sizes badges are actually like very
fun I mean me and my mom get along when it comes to going out and trying new
things they love like new things that sure they’re very much into that um they
do not like to be bored Asajj does not like to be bored and sit
at home they’re gonna tell you like it is like they don’t care another thing
about sizes is you guys are very very determined when you want something you
will work your ass off for it you guys are very very hard workers I will give
you that you guys like going out and meeting new people you will talk to
anybody you guys are extremely social do you truly base all your relationships
friendships and romantic on zodiac signs have you ever been right about the
people you’ve met oh honey I’m always right about the people I met okay
no I’m being lucky I don’t mean that in a cocky way I’m always right about the
people that I mean I have this like sense I have this intuition I don’t know
if you guys do if you guys do comment down below because I know so I’m y’all
understand what I’m saying if you come at me right and we’ve been getting along
and I’m like oh what’s your sign and you’re like I massage I’m not gonna be
like oh my god like but if I find out from day one if I’m like what’s your
sign girl and you’re like I massage I’m like oh this is gonna be fun
I would be like okay and this girl might not be sensitive to my feelings there’s
those states at the back of my mind well that are around me to be more like
obviously my parents are five signs but let’s just add you throw my parents out
if I can’t do that I can’t do that I have earth around me I have water around
me and I have some fire around me most of the fires not my choice it’s not my
choice when it comes to relationships I take it more seriously love
relationships I mean let’s just remove zodiacs out of this equation there’s so
many different people in this earth you’re not gonna get along with
everybody that’s why everybody is different I’m not gonna get along with
someone that wants to party five days a week
why because I’m not gonna go party five days a week they’re not gonna find me
fun you’re gonna find me boring what are your thoughts on Aries you guys been as
in areas I can so aggressive y’all are so aggressive like take the notch 100
and put it down to 20 please just everything to top a lot there Carson
like excited areas can be cleaning me lately they don’t like to admit that
they’re clingy they don’t like to admit it are you very
nice people to be honest with you just very intense so they need someone that’s
able to to handle that last question of the video
someone said any thoughts on Pisces oh honey honey Pisces we are extremely deep
individuals we feel things in ways that I cannot I can’t describe I grew up
always thinking to myself I have this thought you until today God like no one
couldn’t really understand me you know if I really explained myself
and you will read that anywhere you look up high seas we’re very difficult to
explain to get in our brain like y’all y’all better pack heavy because it’s
like I don’t even know if you’re ready for that trip you take a lot of things
very literal I guess because we’re deep cuz we think of every little tiny detail
like oh wait you said that what you mean by that and it’s like I did I didn’t
really mean it like that I just you know and I’m like very very emotional when
you are in pain believe me I cannot tell you I’m in pain when a loved one is
crying I instantly like go with my arms wide open and I just hug them like
that’s just that’s just what I do and I’m a little find it awkward when people
cry I don’t find it awkward one bit I just want to run and help you and hold
you and just let make you feel good I love seeing that we’ve put a smile on
your face like it’s just it’s such a good feeling but we have to be careful
with that before it was almost like an addiction
to me where I was like addicted to seeing other people hockey and I forgot
about myself so Pisces normally are they say that were walked on a lot were taken
advantage of I am extremely giving extremely caring and extremely kind and
loving and nurturing it’s a very very high valued thing that I carry with me
and I can’t just be handing that out to people I Pisces wants the typical
traditional marriage you know where the guy goes to work and she’s cooking him a
hot dinner when he gets home like I don’t know why I’m like smiling like why
am I make sure the kids have taken care of
Cortney okay that’s another thing we’re freakin corny it’s so one worked
wrong because I would be bored out of my mind that host wept that like she works
from home prices are a hell an idiot just in their dreamland they think that
life is perfect they think that there’s nothing wrong with life they they see
the good in everything they don’t like to see the vibe they don’t like the
truth we don’t like the truth because we don’t want to believe anything else but
the good very important to hear the truth and I have that too sometimes I do
not want to hear the truth because I’m so sensitive we’re so super sons I’m
just going very very defensive like Oh what are you trying to say you know like
we just get so sensitive we need someone to bring us back down to earth we’re
very very moody and if you cat just like we can switch like this the guard moves
we will be happy and then you can say the wrong thing and then we’re shut off
for the rest of the day you will have your pisces friend for life or boyfriend
for life or girlfriend but thanks okay guys basically it’s for my Q&A
thank you guys so much for sending in all your zodiac questions with all your
other questions as well if you guys want to see more to check human AIDS
let me know down below and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give
it a big thumbs up and also don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
Oh make sure y’all turn on your notifications as well thank you guys so
much for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video


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