Rep. Cicilline previews next steps in Dems’ impeachment inquiry

Rep. Cicilline previews next steps in Dems’ impeachment inquiry


  • RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

    Why is it that vids stating facts and truth in America always get an overwhelming ' thumbs down ' ?

  • Lucas Akame says:

    It's amazing how the Democrats are proudly proclaiming that Joe Biden has already been determined to be the 2020 DNC Nominee for months before any vote has been cast. 😂😂

  • whatmeworry for the people? says:

    This guy is nuts! What evidence? !

  • Edad Martin says:

    guys rehursted his lines very well🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • call me D says:

    When he asks this clown if they have proof for impeachement ..his answer is " THE REAL QUESTION" and start talking something else..

  • Sensei Mike says:

    Softball questions

  • StinkFingerr says:

    Wallace is costing Fox many viewers.

  • patrick weigand says:

    All this impeachment has done is hide the fact that we are Waging War in seven other countries right now☠

  • Alucard says:

    Be sure to hit this video up with a dislike, get that ratio as negative as possible. Chris Wallace is a hack.

  • Debi Sieger says:


  • oneofthemdeals says:

    You mean one-sided biased Professors. Parents don't send your Kids to Harvard NOR Stanford Law Schools.

  • ron stewart says:


  • Andrew Douglas says:

    Here comes the old rant!!

  • theStormaftertheCalm says:

    Another globalist nitwit involved with Adam Schiff's impeachment, which Schiff admits is a "shanda".

  • Geoff Dein says:

    So Biden cannot be pursued? I would admire Trump for bringing it up to protect America. Have a closer look at China whilst you’re on it

  • CHAS1422 says:

    The president says "hello, how are you?" The Democrats charge him with trying to coerce statements protected by rights of privacy.

  • Jason Yup says:

    Fuk Wallace the democrat

  • Joe Masse says:

    I get a kick out of interviewing Ciccilinne, I’m from RI, His grandfather was The Mobs Lawyer, Raymond Patriaca family! So Corrupt, Why doesn’t Chris Wallace ask him about that?

  • Steelhorsecowboy says:

    You'll be sorry! Every day the case gets weaker and Democrats in Trump districts more vulnerable.

  • Mark le says:

    Remember this traitor!!!!! Make sure he is in the unemployment line.

  • Crimadella Phone says:

    Chris Wallace is one of those people with a punchable face, ahh, it would be nice.

  • Lola Lee says:

    Cicillini is Schiff's stooge. A total disgrace to my state, RI!! Just another liar!!

  • Gary Teague says:


  • don't ask me says:

    Opps, i refuse to watch wallace. 🖕

  • Sebastian Ortega says:

    I hereby condemn the democrat to Hell. I hope they all rot in prison and their party is banned nationally

  • VIPE says:


  • Houdini Ysterman says:

    This dude is trying real hard to make their fantasy sound real.

  • Joe Masse says:

    The more I see and hear Chris Wallace, the more I’m convinced he must have made a few trips to Epstein Island? Is he married? Or does he prefer children?

  • pykkervots says:

    Before Chris Wallace flees to his natural home at CNN he ought to look at their plummeting ratings. Even CNN viewers are sick of this nonsense

  • jay john says:


  • Kaboom 214 says:

    Who does this woman think she is?

  • Garden Warrior says:

    What a douchebag

  • Lola Lee says:

    The only foreign interference in our elections came by the hands of the dems. Everything the dems accuse President Trump of doing is what they themselves have done.

  • delta Digger says:

    Abuse of power? How ironic

  • William Fulmer says:

    Absolutely dumbfounded my these conclusions by this Congressman. I listened to the witness testimony and in the best case based upon what I heard they never even proved the allegations that he is espousing. What is happening here is that there was a decision made to impeach and the Democrats are trying to boot strap the evidence to support that conclusion. Absolutely empty rhetoric. The damage that they are doing to this country is immense. The Socialists keep telling us that they are not like the Communists or that what the Communist did and do is overstated. This impeachment nonsense proves otherwise.

  • Lola Lee says:

    What are the dems now doing but interfering in the 2020 election!

  • Dasheawn Davis says:

    Chris always takes it easy on dems .. Where is the fair a balanced chris wallace

  • Vicki Vaught says:

    Muller report is over. Russia is over

  • jake E says:

    they found the blue dress with seamen on it-,sorry that came from billy's willy=lol

  • lady2550 says:

    He looks like a child offender

  • James Fyffe says:

    Gonna be another bad week for the loser Dems.

  • Project Jack says:

    Trump didn't do anything, the DNC whistleblower made it up

  • The Aaron Ritter says:

    And the reason for impeachment has changed again

  • Joe H says:

    This guy should go to work at abc or msnbc cnn …. 👎👎

  • dacabe 1 says:

    What fantasy land does this guy live in.

  • Beechcraft King air says:

    Look at this sissy and his straw man argument. They will go down as the most disgraceful house of all time.

  • paul varona says:

    Yah really?

  • whatmeworry for the people? says:

    This guy's talking about, people talking over the phone about the impeachment hearings. Meanwhile, they conspire behind locked doors in the shadows, to Co ordinate their lies , then ensure that their agenda won't and can't be challenged or questioned in open hearings! What a double standard , laughable show of hypocrisy! Pushing through a non existing crime by real criminals who are themselves guilty of real crimes! Enjoy the seconds of freedom, your fake grandstanding circus gives you all. Real justice is coming for you and America can't wait.

  • 101 Life says:

    Who is this guy? He is full of crap and gabbage out of his filthy mouth! !😨😲😱

  • J S says:


  • paul varona says:

    Silly claim? Which one?

  • Randy Polizzi says:

    This poor guy is a stupid as he looks. Does the D next to his name stand for dummy. I figured out everybody with the D next to their name is a dummy

  • Denman says:

    You have nothing you Liberal Leftist jerk. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Jim Rodgers says:

    Chris Wallace always goes in to let the democratic side tell their case and embraces that case, as crazy as it may be. But even he can't fight the urge to ask them about phone record gathering being unethical. When you start pushing Wallace back to the right of center you know the dems ate up to some shady shite.

  • J S says:

    Please point out the actual words about his asking for help ?????

  • big buck says:

    What a useless two faced tool

  • Lee Speakman says:

    Get this scumbag Chris Wallace off Fox. He should be on CNN with all the other establishment, deep state traitors

  • REG3305 says:

    What a farce of a human…

  • Denman says:

    Fake News you Liberal Leftist.

  • sonya Pickett says:


  • sonya Pickett says:

    Sthu Chris! U helping him liar

  • Bob Simpson says:

    Why do the elected democrats in congress not wear a US flag lapel pin or a congress pin on their collars. Is it just me or is this a trend. ??

  • 100101mint mint101001 says:

    🤔 why isn't Fox News focusing on the fact that Kim is calling Trump an idiot. Do they like North Korea talking bad about Trump???

  • Michelle W says:

    He said, "the evidence (created)". He told on themselves right there! Of course they created evidence! They have NOTHING, and they have been trying to create something from nothing…from the beginning of this President's office.

  • Mauricio V says:

    Some serious deflection here. They know they messed up.

  • Postal Gunslinger says:

    chris wallace…dem hack

  • Brian Hurley says:

    All these filthy traitors from Trump's Whitehouse need impeaching. All they do is Putin's work. Their disgraceful .

  • songster1628 says:

    The unfortunate truths which have actually damaged this country for years, have nothing to do with President Trump. Rather, the inner workings of Obama's corrupt, Anti-God, elitist driven administration, the Clinton's, and other political parties are at fault. When these facts, now under investigation, are revealed, President Trump will be sufficiently vindicated. And, those now calling for judgment on this President, will themselves be judged.

  • J S says:

    NO IT WON'T ……

  • Joe Mancilla says:

    Criminal trump impeached remember that 2020 America first 🇺🇸

  • jeffrey exposito says:

    I bet alot more than 2 Democrats will defect and refuse to vote for impeachment this time around. The process has become an absolute disgrace.

  • kile167 says:

    Is talking about Pres. Trump or VP Biden ?

  • Karl Aage Kirkegaard says:

    evidence of these facts:

    president removed anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch

    president´s hand-picked agents began the scheme

    president froze vital military aid to Ukraine

    president conditioned a White House meeting on investigatins

    president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor

    president´s representatives racheted up pressure on the the Ukrainian president

    president asked president Zelinsky for a political favor

    president´s security assistance hold became public

    president released the security assistance

    presidents chief of staff confirmed security assistance was withheld and
    conditioned on investigation of the DNC server

  • donny hawk says:

    these two demofreaks had a circle jerk before the demohomo news

  • Preston Damron says:

    Fake news!

  • Anthony says:

    Ridiculously ludicrous lunatic activist emotional based decision making on the part of these leftist democrats.

  • Mark A M says:

    All spin, no substance. The silver lining is that more than half the adult American population no longer buys this party drivel and the news media that propagate it. Ratings for CNN and MSMBC are steadily declining. The main stream media and DNC have declared war on this administration and the GOP, and they will say literally anything. But, more than half of America (and growing) see this war as against the American people. After more than two decades of neglect the masses have awoke.

  • waxelso says:

    "You know who gets to decide our election? The American people." Perhaps the Congressman forgot he is trying to remove the current president.

  • Dave Av says:

    They all just repeat the same story, same words, same phrases, like a tape recorder.

  • Sharky_Bytes D.D. says:

    This guy is such a sleaze ball including CW 👎🏿 There isn’t going to be ANY impeachment other than mass arrest of corrupt Deep Politicians AND corrupt MSM

  • Some Beach says:

    This guy might as well wear a t-shirt saying "Sold Out"

  • Titan12 says:

    I can't stand to listen to Democrats talk about this Kangaroo Court BS anymore.🙄

  • Juandisimo says:

    Chris Wallace interviews are easy when you tell the truth. Only conservatives have trouble with his questions because the are disgusting liars.

  • Thomas Pallardy says:

    NO crime has been committed by the President. The Democrats are gasping for breath in their last moments of life. Our President will win reelection in 2020 partly because of this impeachment charade, but primarily because of what he's accomplishing. November 2020 will see the Democrats lose everything and become totally irrelevant for the next 20 years.

  • Darrin Saffer says:

    Can we just vote these clowns out of office, please. Dems wasting the American peoples time.

  • Otto Arcueid says:

    Chris Wallace could ask a simple & tough question “What’s the evidence?”,
    Instead he threw more HINTS to inspire the DemoCraps dirty work.

  • mark tito says:

    Cicilline talks about "Evidence from Scholars", which is a complete joke, and this Moron, Chris Wallace sits there with a straight face taking him seriously. LOLOLOLOL, this really should be on the comedy central network. Wallace is a laughable fool and Rhode Islanders should be embarrassed for electing this ignorant brainwashed Moron.

  • Dave Av says:

    “Overwhelming, uncontested” 🙄

  • Richard Stella says:

    Come on man Trump is totally scared of losing to Joe I mean wow 15 people showed up at his rally and noone challenged him about anything gosh I'd be scared to,the nerve of pulling all military assets out of Ukraine and giving them blankets and mre's oh wait wrong prez ok our URANIUM oh wait oh now I got it spying on opposition gosh wrong again,my god half this country are brain dead

  • Bryan and LaGina Laswell says:

    Is there a difrint conclusion that can be made about the Ukraine phone call.

  • Ultimagtr650 says:

    These Democrat idiots live in clown world…They simply rely on their own "opinions" and what they think he may have meant…Its complete lunacy at its finest, and these fools are a complete laughing stock…No one believes a wword they say, because they have been impeaching Trump since before he even took office…WE ALL KNOW THAT!, but they are so dumb that they think no one will notice …

  • Don McKeoun says:

    Chris Wallace is the reason I am leaving in less than 30 seconds

  • James Simmons says:

    Why do you waste your time talking to this idiot? I say let's have a trial in the Senate and let the Schiffs (chips) fall where they may.

  • Seamus O'Dork says:

    What a disgusting liar. Trump never asked any such thing. He asked them to ensure that corruption was being addressed. DIsgusting lies.

  • daniel spindola says:

    Senate's rats reps will vote 1st day to give free pass to treason PERIOD

  • EarthToday says:

    It's like Democrats don't know we've read the transcript and already know everything they're saying is False.

  • COMMON SENSE says:


  • Good Day says:

    Bring the gallows back

  • Robert Bascelli says:

    This guys a Dummy. He'd be the first to cry if republicans leaked His phone records.

  • Gary Beck says:

    David what a wanker you are

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