Retrogate, Combust and Ucch-Neech in Astrology How to Use Them In Vastu.

There is one term in the astrology name Retrogate. There is one term in the astrology name Retrogate, means Vakri In Hindi language it is called ‘vakri’ and many astrologers called it, going in the opposite direction but it is not a opposite movement in actual. Two persons are walking, one’s speed is more and the other’s speed is low. So does it mean that the one who is walking slow, he is moving opposite? Slow movement is called Retro. Slow movement is called Retro. Which means low speed. If one car overtakes the other car it does not mean that, the car which is slow is moving in the opposite direction. The faster car will feel, that the slower car is going backward, but in actual it is also moving forward. So this is the meaning of retrogate. What effects retrogate gives and what not? There is one term uses which known as conjuction. Conjuction means Yuti, meeting of the two planets. Presence of the two planets around each other in a circle. In our Hindi language there is proverb called ‘kharbooja kharbooje ko dekh kar raang badalta hai’. So when two planets come towards each other so the attributes of those planets getting mix attributes start getting mix. and in the aura of sun if some planets come on the particular degree, then they lost their power because of sun’s power, it is called combust. it is called combust. Which means that planets do not have much energy. There is one more term which
is used in the astrology which is called Ucch(exalted) and Neech(debilitate) Ucch planets is not always good. If it is in the wrong house and make wrong combinations then it will come bad results. Ucch planets mean that planet is in the comfort zone that planet is power ful. and the Ucch planet means, the planet which is in the comfort zone is also a powerful. Are you understanding? And if these planets make wrong combinations with the 8th house or 12th house, So, it will give very bad results and sometime neech planets
give benefits because at that time some horoscopes are like that. When you start doing relate read, then you will get to know how a person become PM with the Dasha of neech planet, how French cut of Amitabh bachan work as a remedy for him, there was nothing before KBC. Khuda Gawah was declared his last movie. I will not do movie after this movie, and suddenly he appears with white color french cut, white beard means old, white color is the factor of old age, Shani is the slow motion. It also far in the solar system. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto comes how he establish Shani in the horoscope and get the effects these are the remedies. It was done by known or by unknown i dont know but how remedies work? It is worth seeing.

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