Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology(Vakri Planets)

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology(Vakri Planets)

in this video we are going to talk about
the retrogression of Planet so keep watching namaste and welcome to
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horoscope report ok so yes let’s talk about the retrogression of planet what
is the retrogression of planet let’s understand the retrogression of planet
with this example with this figure let’s get started
so this is our Sun this is the orbit of the mercury this is the orbit of the
Venus and this is the orbit of the earth okay so here is Earth okay and here are
the fixed star constellation in the sky okay this is not an orbit this is the
fixed star constellation why they are called fixed because they don’t move
planets move these fixed Star constellation does not mean these are
the nakshatras okay so there are constellations we will name it as fixed constellations so we will call them FS 1
FS 2 3 4 5 6 7 and it will go on till 27 okay so these are nakshatra is a
different part let’s not get into that the point is to understand the
retrogression of the planet retrogression of the planet is because
of the between the movement of two planets
let’s talk about the mercury so mercury is also revolving around Sun it takes 87
days 87 point something days to complete an orbit around self so by the time
Earth is completing 365 days mercury has completed more than three rounds more
than three orbits around Sun during in the span of 365 days why because it
takes 87 days to complete one orbit let us understand what is retrogression in
this figure in this diagram okay so this is Earth this is Venus when we see Venus
from Earth we see Venus in context with some fixed star here this is Earth this
is Venus and when we are looking at Venus from the earth we are looking at
Venus at the backdrop of this fixed star it may be anything that is fixed alright
so we are watching Venus from Earth at the backdrop of this fixed time okay
point number one now this Venus is moving okay so we will see this Venus at
the backdrop of this fixed star okay this will keep on changing a fixed star
is fixed they won’t change okay now the Venus has reward and has
come closer to the has come closer to the earth now it will see Venus at the
backdrop of this fixed arm okay and now weenus is again coming very close to
Earth and now what happens is now you can see that Venus at the backdrop of Fick start to ideally it should as it is
moving forward it should it should be seen at the backdrop of four but due to
its closeness to the earth and the difference of the movement it appears to
be at this point we see that at the backdrop of point number two fixed our
number two and this is retrogression this is what happens in the sky and the
retrogression okay and this can apply to all the planets Mercury get retrograde
Venus gets retrograde Jupiter Saturn and mass all the five planets get retrograde
in the same fashion we talked about Venus you similarly you can draw for
mercury similarly you can draw for the mass okay in this diagram we discussed
how exactly the retrogression of planet is happening in the sky okay when the
planet is close to the earth it appears to be at the backdrop of some fixed star
which is prior to the one okay it appears to be at the backdrop of the
fixed star prior to the one which is which it was traveling so we say it is
working we say it is moving backward we say it is retrograde okay but in reality
physically the planet does not move backward please understand this okay now
let’s discuss about the effect of the mercury planets what are the effect of
mercury planets there is a conception about the retrograde planet that they
give the result of the house previous to the one they are placed
okay which I have not observed in my studies because if you if you observe
the Saturn Jupiter or Mars which have which have the special aspects like
Jupiter have five seven nine aspect Mars have four seventh and eight aspect if
they start giving the result of the house previous to the one they are
sitting in they will occupy and um influence more than seven to eight
houses of the horoscope out of twelve okay so I don’t believe in this theory
there are or there are a few scholars who are getting result with this so it
is all about the experience and the application and what results you’re
getting from the application of it very little is known about retrograde planets
in the classical texts so it’s all about the experience okay if you have the
experience that yes it works you can go ahead with that but I have not observed
this in my studies what exactly happens and what are the effect of the
retrograde planets one thing is for sure retrograde planets are highly karmic why
because they increase the magnitude of the planet something special is
happening at that point that’s what makes it the highly karmic okay
and when I say karmic the area of the karma depend upon the lordship and the
placement of the bucket planet in your horoscope what do I mean by that suppose
you have a planet placed in the ninth house or a tenth house in your horoscope
which is luckly let’s say you have Saturn which is vari in your horoscope
and in the tenth house what will happen the penthouse penthouse will have
maximum effect of the retrogression wherever the berkeley
planet is placed the house where in the work lee planet is placed is influenced
and affected mostly by the retrograde planets the house where the mercury
planet is placed is influenced most okay in this in this example we have
retrograde planet in the 10th house so the tenth house is the most influenced
house by the retrograde Saturn but the house is ruled by Saturn will get great
effects let’s take this as an Saturn in Libra in the 10th house so the ascendant
and the Tana house 10 and 11 will get great results with the Saturn in Libra
in 10th house retrograde another thing is when the planet is if planet is
involved into some yoga it will amplify that yoga if a planet is in conjunct
with the other planet you have to look for the degrees of the planet degrees
become critical and the Lord of the Bhakra planet in our case we have taken
the 10th house Saturn in Libra so Venus the placement of Venus becomes crucial
if Venus is afflicted then the career of this person might get affected why
because we have a Bakri planet in the 10th house we have the retrograde planet
in the 10th off this was my analysis about the retrograde what is
retrogression and the retrograde planets in your horoscope let’s summarize the
retrogression what is retrogression retrogression is the backward movement
apparent backward movement of the planets in the sky but in reality the
planet don’t move backward physically they move into the same direction as
ecliptic path as they are moving they don’t move physically backward what
number what very important next point is we always see the planet at the backdrop
of the fixed stars we we took an example of the Venus the inner planet
what is inner planet the planet is between Sun and Earth that is Venus and
Mercury ok are the inner planets ok so we always see the planets at the
backdrop of the fixed stars now Venus is revolving around the Sun ok now it comes
here and now we see the Venus at the backdrop of fixed star number 3 okay now
now Venus is coming close very close to Earth and now our happens is now we are
looking at Venus and it appears to be at the backdrop it appears to be and it
appears that the backdrop is not the fourth star which is the forward which
is of the next star after the third but it is showing us the fixed star 3 a
fixed star to the fixed star previous to the 3 ok that’s why we call it as a
retrograde or a mercury one thing here is sure that retrograde planets are very
karmic they increase the intensity of the planet for good or bad the placement
of the vigraha in your horoscope the house wearing it
is placed is the most influenced house the house ruled by the Bhakra planet
gets the best result of the valley of Moreh
ok so don’t get scared when you have over trigger if you have the mercury
graha in any house the house is ruled by the Buckley planets in your horoscope
gets light enough and gets the power ok because this is something special
all right this is not the usual path one thing is for sure this is something
unusual and very intense because it is very close to hurt it is happening very
close to Earth this was my analysis about the retrograde
planets as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys if you are new
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family and friends subscribe if you aren’t already and and and sending your
high vibrations see in the next videos love and peace I’m moving backwards peace


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