SAGITARIO Ex PAREJA ♐ Mentiras 😠💪🔥

SAGITARIO Ex PAREJA ♐ Mentiras 😠💪🔥

How is Sagittarius so dear
welcome for this reading your first reading related to the ex-partner of
This year 2020 goes from January 6 until January 12 is a reading
general where we will review how they are you in energy regarding your
expareja how is your ex-partner referent to you the obstacles that could
have this week if there are any surprise out there or the signs that
are that they could approach good and what to resonate with you reading what
they take him as advice in his life or you can check your ascendant if
they feel that I don’t fit much in this week with you reading very
grateful as always all my subscribers who accompanied me in the
2019 and that follow me in this 2020 the people who are new can look for me
as mauricio cortez tarot in the networks social that I leave them also in the
description of this video ok sagittarius and we go with your reading
week from December 6 to 12 of this 2020 January no sorry January 6-12
since 2020 how are you in regarding your ex-partner this week
we will review and separate those that have children with whom not in common obviously
they are children in common good sagittarius to see
and we will qualify but in a moment let’s shake ok ok i was already
clarifying what happens is that I see here that they will have to make decisions
important sagittarius the colorado letter always speaks to me
talk about some sacrifice already some effort that they have to make referent
to that ex-partner also talks about seeing the life from another point of view so
so much I feel that many of the Sagittarians are going to be like this playing
for the last time perhaps by that person in the case that you are the ones that
they want to come back in case they are those who still want or have committed
some error that ended the relationship is they are going to play it this week last
time and the result will depend clearly
of each one that is because the letter of the 2 cup speaks of true that is
it doesn’t work anymore or that somehow it doesn’t there will be good reception from
this person or this ex-partner can be for different reasons especially
yes if you have any new relationship and you will depend if you want to do that
sacrifice and keep playing towards the water for this person I don’t see it
positive do it at least this week if you still have
relationship with that ex-partner either in a love triangle either because still
that ex-couple joins you but it’s nothing serious they will want as of
somehow that is to say this is or is not ok is another
health group that is told that ex-partner that’s not anymore I don’t want to continue
sacrificing my delivering all and not I’m going to achieve anything concrete too
apply those in triangle loving and that are holding this
situation now those who don’t have a new couple or somehow already
they decided to take another path maybe your ex partner somehow want or
I approached you to ask you some other opportunity but you already
are in another relationship or are already in a new way therefore I see it
complicated that you want to return for that person although he will leave them
there as with the little bug and with the doubt of that maybe now it could have been
different then it’s a week where where are they going to have to start drinking
decisions and take the path that corresponds to advance otherwise
they will remain stagnant or they will continue with this feeling that he is not
working or I can no longer continue hoping that somehow I want
be happy i stay with the new person or I hope the past shouldn’t take
decisions for energy to move that’s like what you are going to feel
and that somehow represent him in this week you sagittarius what
I see in the environment what children have how
it’s like it’s like you already already they decided the new way
sagittarius those who have children is like who already got bored of lies
they got bored of more of the same and it’s like who decide to start a new path
alone or alone or with a new partner and celebrate what they have now I feel that
that already after many fights discussions wait decide to take a
new beginning and here is the letter from the new start tower leaving behind everything
that doesn’t work therefore the Sagittarians with children who still
they were waiting for that person although they had illusion most likely a good
percentage decide to start a new way with a new relationship or that
come a new relationship for you very soon very soon where they are going to occur
account that they had to release to be able to attract that new person his life
that’s how not in general what you guys they will feel now if you
they have children and they still wait until ex-partner are in love in love
they are suffering most likely you already see that person is
happy with another couple or who is in a distinct process and clearly for
you will not be good but it is the only way for you to take a
start even if forced and already realize that you can’t keep up with
blindfold and that person does not wants to be with you then it’s a
week moved now if we ask with respect to your ex partner for you
sagittarius how will your ex partner be in feeling sentiment concerning
you in this week notice that for the sagittarians that I
I tell you that your ex-partner may appear this person is looking for the way to
being with you sagittarius is looking for a way to have again
power over you or approach you either to talk or talk or
propose that now they could be happy but you are going to have to
choosing in fact is like being asked get together or many of you go to jos
they will meet with this person to talk or talk there are others that
they still get together as I tell them and it is up to you to follow or not in
this relationship I feel that for younger sagittarius not many have
contact with that ex-partner and with about you it’s like you
somehow if they were or are the happiness or have the things that your ex
couple wants but for different reasons were not together or ended
then here it will depend clearly on you because here says give for
receive if you give the opportunity this person is going to play it again
Now if you don’t give the chance they will have no choice but to leave
if you are somehow what they’re looking for that ex-partner sagittarius
he tells me that ex-partner is still receptive to you making a
effort to be with them but that effort that is not simply for
make lovers but to form a relationship and that will also depend
clearly how is each of you in what process ok what do you have
to each children how are you referring to this
person the truth that for those who they have children is more complicated because
here already appears love triangle that is mark much stronger the one with another
couple or you are in another relationship that can no longer deliver the love that
this person that you asked for or that you are definitely no longer
in love or can’t come back because another person’s heart belongs many of his ex-sagittarius couple
they understand that they were fools to act unintelligent who didn’t have the
perception as necessary to understand that you were important in your life
or that somehow they were making a mistake for others
clearly for others it is clearly like
as it was not a good decision at better leave them but no but already be in
different paths are in different Lifecycle as I say, they appear to me as a couple
then you can no longer make decisions drastic you can’t even get close
as much as they think they might it could turn out or they were not well
in having left them or in having finished the relationship or maybe even
feel something and would like to give it another opportunity no matter how much they want it I don’t know
may because there are third parties involved if they have no partner can
that are familiar topics or that It is clearly a topic related to
the children but there is no love is like that doesn’t move much energy to
those who have children and have a lot time or are older
it’s more complicated and I’m still insisting that the sagittarius and many
sagittarius are tucked in a triangle loving then it’s like we should
see in a more personalized reading if really that person will change if of
it will really stay with you if true you are right about
be with one or two people well come on to see the impediments that would exist to
those who have no children who requests there are in this week from 6 to 12 so that
you can come back or they will open doors to return with that ex partner
clearly from third parties here he tells me that there is a lot of immaturity of
part of you or that ex partner disappointment there are many who are
suffering or suffered too much and not they want to go through the same thing again and
be in a new relationship already for others feel that person thinks of
you are also somehow going through complicated moments but
they are immature some way because they have to live a
learning process therefore no it’s time for you to
come back because many of those areas in many
illusion on one of the two sides there are third person involved many like that think and think but
they don’t act they have sometimes delayed a bunch don’t communicate even many of
you are like you lost the hope and the universe took him by
another way then there is no longer how option is as well locked the
energy in this week so you can there is some return between you
Sagittarius and his former partner for those who don’t they have children and those who have children I
the third person reappears here clearly each one by his side
many many went away already if not they have a partner many understood and
they had no choice but to leave because you are already in a
New relationship then there is related obstacle
also with family with distance and clearly with the attitude that one had
of the two and that I feel that one of the two of you sagittarius to your ex-partner
if you are in a new relationship and if you are regretfully I feel that
it’s late at least this week I show in that energy the cards ok
let’s see what signs are those in this week they could approach you
sagittarius with some intention either of talk talk back or have news
important related to some ex couple let’s see what those would be
signs that this week would be like stronger
Let’s see the first sign that could approach series and
hectares is like coming to see it is not empowered but
there could be dialogues with this person and you could see this person
how like the one with everything you
they want to be happy with that expand an area but it can also be
that they now see you as as the person who really has everything
for to have the relationship or for come back then it will depend on what
be each are engaged or not appears right therefore this
person could act in a way different or you could act in a
distinct way with truth clearly honestly this time towards
wish that is to arias or part of that social area towards you you
they will see how it resonates or is not positive or negative
the other sign would be aquarium that also would come as with a different attitude
but but this aquarium is like that with one with a fixed mindset of what
what do you want in life then if you about you or are there certain
conversations it’s like I want structure the relationship at will
or maybe you feel that aquarium it’s very structured or it’s very cold and
that made them walk away and they don’t want go back to that but it would also be the other
sign that could be present in this week or have news and the other
200 cancer would also be positive or it would be one of the signs that
would approach or there could be possibilities to talk to him get news too
appears right or right and this sign of cancer somehow comes as
with power comes like that somehow by saying I know that you still me
you want I know that you still love me and here I am I want to try it too
it may be that you see that person as the only or the only one that can
take out or make them happy is already very similar to what it has to do
with the wizard but here I feel a lot of energy from two
doubles two people two people me repeat me repeat like two people to
the sagittarians are like there deciding the love triangle and things for him
good style that would be the signs come on to go with the interactive this interactive
it’s fast where you are going to somehow to think about your ex-partner
and let’s see if this week the energies tell us that it has already closed
the cycle or that surprises come from somehow important or that could
happen that they didn’t show us in the previous reading
I’m going to give five seconds for you choose one of the two
lots that attract you the most thinking in his ex-partner from now on five
sagittarius seconds ok sagittarius directed the side
left for you to see and the letter death tells us about changes
negative but these negative changes it could be because you are lovers
of your former partner or what or that of any way
they became disillusioned because they thought that better there was some option and they found out
that this person has a mantle has another has two people at the same time
not necessarily you maybe it’s your ex-partner is involved with more than one
person and this will solve it or be the letters from the previous reading
he told us since there is a lot of change that many already came up expecting that
many are solved that they are tucked the love triangle waiting
that you choose that maybe they find out this week that that person
already have someone else or that definitely lied to him or that
he only wants them as lovers then not for those who chose this
side I feel that energy is totally negative if they think back or think
look for that ex partner in this week no it would not be good for you I see that
changes would not harm this week
referring to this ex-partner what they chose the right side to see if here
is there any change towards positive the letter of the forces already tells me that no
want to keep fighting look, it is a problem many with
the family many of those who have children with children many of you
they have a new partner and are doing the effort to get ahead ok despite
of being in an imbalance despite not feel happy and still be
in love with his ex feel they should change and must be played by someone
again they are as boring as I say from the same situations of
same love triangle of them delusions of the same illusion if they don’t have
no contact with that ex partner what more likely to be in a new
relationship or you find out too that they are going to form a family or that they are going to
marry or i don’t know but there are obstacles related to
third parties also in this group that also have children with someone
new to be pregnant or go to be a father too and this gives them the
strength as for her to say they know that took another path I tell you again
what resonates with this reading sagittarius take it
if not check your ascending already a week to week this is changing i will try to
go making different runs I invite you to join the channel as
members there is a video where he explained what does it mean to be a member of the channel and
the benefits you have is let’s be making direct tuesday
so stay tuned so there can ask a free question
comment and share to enter the draw too and that is a happy
year 2020 sagittarius a big hug


  • Mauricio Cortez Tarot says:

    Queridos Sagitario les dejo su lectura en relación a ex pareja para la semana que incluye interactivo ojala les guste la forma de lectura y espero sus comentarios.
    Los invito a unirse como miembros del canal donde podrán tener orientación personalizada y acceso a contenido exclusivo (optativo).
    Desde ya agradezco su confianza en mi y en el contenido del canal que realizo con mucho cariño para ustedes 🙂
    (botón unirse al lado de suscribirse).

  • Aurora Marisela Ramirez Chávez says:

    Gracias Mauricio por compartirnos tu tiempo. Todo me resonó… Tienes un "Don" ✨ 🙏 Dios te bendiga y otra Vez gracias x compartírnos tu luz para iluminar nuestros caminos.✨💖

  • Laura Daniela says:

    Puede que mi ex me extrañe, aun quiera e intente volver, hasta que me vuelva a buscar, pero si no cambia para bien y no respetó la relación antes..Que me podría hacer pensar que si lo va a hacer ahora? Esa es la cuestión y que después de que esa relación fue tan intensa y fue como un coctel de emociones fuertes mezclados del cual resulte intoxicada..Por todo eso necesito un buen tiempo, espacio y alejarme y dudo mucho que quiera volver..Ademas he llegado a pensar y sentir que dí tanto de mi que no recibí ni la mitad y me hice tantas expectativas y al fin resulte tan decepcionada, que a veces pienso que ya no me quedaron ganas de sentir..Es muy complejo estoy no lo he decidido del todo, pero me estoy empezando a inclinar más por el no..Entonces hasta ahora se viene a dar cuenta de todo lo que la embarro y a recordar que si soy importante..Todo eso suena a que ya se está empezando a arrepentir..La inmadurez es más que todo de su parte y la decepción de la mia..Que cierto también a veces pienso en salir con alguien nuevo y como quiere volver con la mugrosa ex que tenía antes de mi por eso a veces quisiera retomar comunicación y no lo hago y porque se que ahora hay barreras de ego y decepción entre nosotros que nos lo impiden..

  • andydiaz302 says:

    No vuelvo con mi ex ni d acá a mil años más, con todo lo que m hizo..ja quien premedita un embarazo para luego abandonarlo..?🤔 no solo eso que volvió con la ex d el jajajjaja x favor!! Sufri y todo eso pero hoy en día.. feliz que m saque a esa maldita plaga d ensima.. el único esfuerzo que voy hacer es d salir adelante con mis hijas, y comenzar a trabajar..y la otra que hasta asquito m daría caer tan bajo con alguien tan poca cosa como el…ollleeee!! Opto x lo bueno, este es mi año así que venga todo lo nuevo, mis hijas no m atan a nadie ni a nada jejej😘😘😘

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