Sagitario Fin de Semana ♐ 1 al 3 Noviembre 2019 + Consejo Semanal

Sagitario Fin de Semana ♐ 1 al 3 Noviembre 2019 + Consejo Semanal

hello sagittarius friends welcome
for this special reading of the end of week from November 1 to 3 with extra
what are we going to do from 4 to 7 to see how energies are affected to
you dear sagittarius in several areas thanking all your support in the
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direct let’s go then sagittarius first to
3 November general sagittarius how good well sagittarius look it’s one is an end of
week where believe me they will be making very good sagittarius decisions
I see conversations I see clarification I see emotional line agreements either
with partner without partner by subject maybe related to family with
business I feel there are going to be agreements and there are going to be conversations that are going
to make you feel good what they are going to do feel that things are progressing either in
whatever area is then an end nice weekend concerning what
general emotional and as if this were little the high priest’s letter in the
emotional line couple talks about have a very nice connection whether
they will solve some problem with their current couple something that came there
hurting or will some solution some economic issue or some
work or family related topic or something they needed to solve so that
your relationship still well already so it will be very positive now
the sagittarians who are taking decisions such as finishing a
relationship believe me that they will also be making correct decisions
very correct decisions that are going to allow life to progress and that is going
to allow another person to arrive really love them especially
Sagittarius who come or are suffering for love and who don’t know whether or not to leave
that person if you make decisions and if you clear your mind believe me that you will
be the best they can do sagittarius I see many of you already giving
turn the page to any relationship and will allow them to move forward as well as
others who still have the ability to solve problems if they speak it what
they talk they will also be able to move forward to depend on each one of the moment that
it’s happening if they’re single they will have that pretty connection
in a higher energy that is going to allow to attract a person to his life
new especially those toilets that already
they are leaving behind some relationship stormy or complicated then everything
that you clarify what you your head tell them you can’t go on there
act from the heart will be very positive emotionally and in relation to
love or partner in terms of I work the letter of the 9 pardon of the 8 of
swords It tells me that there is a reward given
for destiny to this change coming doing therefore everything there are many
things that improve maybe there are some money related issues that
they still won’t be able to solve us but at least they will be able to move forward
for some sagittarius or some some conflict issues d of paperwork for some sagittarius
conflicts related to any buying and selling with a friend friend or something
someone close eye with that subject already of buying or selling documents
there may also be something related to medical exams that
have to solve this weekend but nothing they can’t do
only this is being advised there even for some sagittarius
especially for women of the sign already a feeling that not that the
person they are with and that kim that they even have family is not the person
that will be happy then that is why it is very
important this weekend the decisions you make from your heart
to be able to move forward in life if you they do believe me sagittarius friends
especially women of the sign that they will be right and they will
make very good decisions they will see many rewards your life if you
they make changes that are necessary let’s see who advises fairies in this
Weekend the fairies on this weekend at
Sagittarius 1 to 3 tells us your wish has been granted sagittarius
your wish has been granted that you gave me is coming true and
this reality that are asking to be happy is to find peace the
peace of mind solve problems that maybe a long time ago they couldn’t
solve then it’s wonderful let’s see what do the letters tell us for the days
from 4 to 7 to see if this improves even more from November 4 to 7 see
Sagittarius let’s see from 4 to 7 tells us that the
decisions they made during the end of week
they are going to cause somehow some emotional instability already
obviously because that is a process by the one that have to happen but believe me that
this in the long term will have results positive especially the sagittarius
that leave things or people who don’t they are doing well
this blessing that the end of week and maybe some are going to
cost to decide the changes I’m going to having a few days a little sad is but
in the long term this will be the best they need to make decisions to clarify their
mind to be happy and well in improvements in the family line well support
of friendships before their decisions go let’s see that joining his heart with his
mind everything will be much better because many were left with feelings with
someone for example or did not want to take decisions in any aspect that you
was approved by Gary for not be for the children for the family by
whatever but now your mind tells you no it’s not right we should also
look for my stability then they start to make decisions that are seen
rewarded for future in the family in Friendships will already cost them a
little bit but I feel that they will be able get ahead without problems no more
paperwork related documents they also resolve during the week
from 4 to 7 there are some themes of injustice within the workplace
with that with enduring situations in the work environment for example because not
keep an eye on that because they should also prioritize your emotional stability
therefore if there is injustice within Labor also try to solve
those issues or clarify it speak it with your boss if they have their own business too
eye how they act with the environment not only that it was harmful to
you but the best you they are also being unfair with
our employees not to accept authoritarian tell us as to the
money or work issues if not they have work ask themselves what are
doing bad health with either the environment or with yourself if it’s like
you believe me that you are going to start opening the doors for
changes that have been made if they are suffering for some emotional issue
if you are being fair to someone or were unfair to someone think of
how can how to change that negative energy that
did they ever have so they can clean and open the paths of what
the opposite is like karma is taking over that’s why they are
going through certain moments to have it present there but in general I feel that
they will have good decisions from of the weekend
to keep fighting on love issues sagittarius if you have done
wrong to your partner or are being unfair to think this and you to follow
struggling to regain that love that you can better lose decisions
wrong I remind you that this is a general reading and not all
Sagittarians are good not all toilets are bad that’s why I have
to put on both sides already that tells them for the week that you can
have and have eyes especially with this theme of the
justice already within work others improve a lot if they took
decisions to be calm if it is for a watching you keep fighting for
yourselves sagittarius if they left someone who
they even loved but they were gone being good to you if you are
you acting badly keep fighting for recovering that relationship or that
person who is perhaps giving everything if you are not valuing it for
to recover that emotional stability let’s see what the letters tell us
of fairies for the second not for the date from 4 to 7
Fairies 4 to 7 tell us be yourself sagittarius this situation forces you to
show your true self that is the foundation of your personal power
and everything that is going on clearly they tell you to take from you what
better for you to be yourselves that many times have to be
acting before others for the family and are suffering inside this
situation forces them to show their true me and this is the foundation of
your personal power ok the room tells us for the week the letter that will represent us from 1
to 7 November is the letter of the star
which is number 17 lucky number and the inverted star card hello
obviously talks about disappointment talks about a disconnection therefore you
they have to reconnect with god with the stars with the universe ask
Let the roads be opened, ask to have the strength to keep fighting for what
Whatever makes them good they need to leave people or
situations that are solving them of life they need to leave that in the
past and be happy again sagittarius the decree to finalize that we
appears from 1 to 7 for you the decree that appears to us sagittarius is
the law of attraction has only contributed good things to my life should occupy the
law of attraction to bring everything positive ok
these days money brings a state in the mood that helps me let the
prosperity come into my life with more strength than ever especially if they are
going through some complicated situation of money to decree this friends of
sagittarius I hope it serves you is a general reading I repeat again
take what you feel is going to help and I leave you the final battle of the
November special singles for those who they have not seen it
and obviously if they can comment and share this video they will participate in
the raffle for a personalized reading thank you very much sagittarius friends


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