Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Rising Sign (2019)

Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Rising Sign (2019)

in last video we discussed about the
Scorpio ascendant in Vedic Astrology in this video we are going to talk about
Sagittarius ascendant in Vedic Astrology if you want to know the secrets of
Sagittarius and then keep watching namaste and welcome to param anak
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what is Sagittarius ascended before we talk about Sagittarius ascendant let us
talk about the sign of Sagittarius Sagittarius is the fire element sign
enid ARMA 3 : Rush’s okay this is the last of the dramatic old Russia as well
as the fire element Rashi Beyond Sagittarius there is no fire sign
Capricorn is Earth Aquarius is air and Pisces is water element sign so
Sagittarius is the last sign in a fire element trying okay
beyond this there is no life until Aries the Sagittarius sign holds the original
ninth house signification into its characteristics what do I mean by that
Sagittarius is the ninth house in the Aries ascendant so it holds all the
signification of higher beliefs optimism spirituality not spirituality but more
of a religious and philosophical nature faith higher studies all these things
can be seen from the sign of Sagittarius Sagittarius has a symbol of an archer
and horse so they’re always aiming at something so these guys always chase
high ideals and they have some spiritual gold and
they follow it they are student as well as a teacher and leader in their own
sphere now we have to see what happens when we have the Sagittarius fire
element sign into your ascended ascendant is the point on the eastern
horizon at the time of your birth each Rashi rules the eastern horizon for
two hours we have 12 rushes 24 hours when you are born when the Sagittarius
sign in the ascendant you have that Sagittarius sign at the Eastern point at
the time of your birth now we are going to put this as their sign into your
first house and now what will happen is once we put the ninth rush into the
first house houses are fixed now we have given the element of Rashi to the first
house and now it also kind of fix the rushes for all other houses and this
becomes the foundation for the specific horoscope you can have a reason and you
can have Gemini ascendant you can have virgo ascendant we have discussed all
these in the earlier videos okay so now we are going to discuss about what
foundation Sagittarius ascendant offers to your horoscope in the first house as
we discussed we have the energy of Sagittarius so these people are very
optimistic we are very religious very philosophical in nature the these guys
are also perfectionist these guys change high ideals and higher beliefs now let
us move on to the second house in the second house these guys have the energy
of Capricorn second house is the house of your wealth your asset
your childhood environment and now you have that disciplined earth element
Capricorn sign into the second house so this also shows that these guys have a
very disciplined childhood environment so it can be good and it can be bad
depending upon the seconds condition into in the horoscope okay but yes they
have a very disciplined environment in their childhood in the third house these
guys have again the energy of Saturn but this time on a lighter side the airy
element of Aquarius so these guys have a very friendly communication with their
siblings because Aquarius also holds the original 11th house energy and now it is
bringing the 11th house energy of friends and networking intellectual
connections to the third house what it does is these guys enjoy very
intellectual and friendly communication with their siblings especially the
younger siblings they have they always talk about religion they will talk about
spirituality with their younger siblings okay
let us move on to the fourth house fourth house is the house of happiness
house of mother house of private life okay and these guys have the energy of
deepwater Pisces into the fourth house it makes this house even more intense
even more deep so these guys have a very deep and spiritual connection with their
mother okay and fourth house is also the house of your happiness
and for these guys the house of happiness and ascendant both are ruled
by the same planet so they don’t have to look
outside or look or depend upon others for their own happiness
so the fourth fourth house and the ascendant are both a rule by Jupiter so
they have this deep spiritual connection with their mother in the fifth house
these guys have the headstrong energy of Mars Aries Aries is straightforward it X
initiative with X action it is enterprising it is the martial fire
element sign and what is the fifth house fifth house is house of creativity house
of the performing arts hobbies more so fifth house is also the house of your
love and romance as well as the children so these guys are very energetic with
their children what do I mean by that these guys always engage in some kind of
physical activity with their children you can also derive this from this
environment because it is Mars fifth house Mars and fifth house is also the
house of children more so they are very straightforward in to love and romance
these are the guys who will take an initiative to talk to other person
depending upon the Mars these things will change in the sixth house this guys
have the energy of Venus Taurus what is Taurus Taurus is a fixed steady sign and
when you have this into the sign of the enemies competition you are very
stubborn about the six thousand things you’re very firm about the sixth house
Venus is also ruling the eleventh house of your gains of your networking of your
connections with the larger organizations okay and sixth house is
also about your routine sixth house is also an earthly own house and eleventh
house is the clean house so both these houses are
ruled by Venus so if these guys have the exalted Venus or if they these guys have
a very well placed Venus these two houses get lit up so they get lava from
their enemies even from their enemies apart from their continuous efforts
which is also the signification of the sixth house they are also getting gains
from their enemies in the seven thousands have the energy of Gemini this
environment of Gemini is quite challenging for Sagittarius guys
Sagittarius is a very spiritual but it is very disciplined perfectionist and a
very serious kind of a personality not the seriousness of the Capricorn but it
is the joopa terian mature earnest is what we can see into the fiery
Sagittarius sign and when they have a partner like a Gemini which is more like
a which is more like a prince who always wants to connect with people who always
wants to have friends and networking who wants everything and who is not so
deep so this becomes very challenging for these guys it can be good but it
depends upon how these guys are connecting with it okay but these are
polar opposite we have already discussed this when we are discussing about the
Gemini ascendant okay let us move on to the 8th house 8th house has the energy
of cancer sign cancer is the original fourth house things in the 8th house
these guys have the energy of cancer which is ruled by moon and what is the
what is the most prominent feature of Moon or what is the most prominent
characteristic of Moon Moon is always changing it is always fluctuating
so these guys have this fluctuating energy into the 8th house 8th house is
all about ups and downs and now we have the fluctuating energy of the moon in
the 8th house in the form of cancer so these guys have to deal with ups and
downs ok in the 9th house these guys have the
energy of Sun what is the prominent feature of Sun Sun is stable
Sun never moves everything else revolves around Sun and Sun is form moon is
fluctuating Sun is foam so these guys have this foam fixed energy into the
ninth house of their horoscope okay what it shows is these guys have a very foam
spiritual understanding what is nine times nine thousand the house of your
higher belief higher self faith optimism and you have the Sun the fixed energy
the energy of a soul into the ninth house which adds to their nature of
Sagittarius okay in the tenth house these guys have the energy of Virgo what
is Virgo virgo is a sign ruled by mercury but it is not like Gemini Gemini
is a very young and very I would say unstable but it is always looking for
change networking friendships and connections such excuse Virgo on the
other hand won’t how much of an information but it organizes the
information so good and it has that analytical skills to go deep into any
subject so both the science of rule by but Virgo is very deep organized because
it is an earth element sign and Gemini is air element sign so air element signs
are intelligent and are more inclined towards the social interactions 3 7 11 +
2 6 10 the earth element signs are more of a stable security based and are more
financial in nature because they are also the earth the cone of the horoscope
so you so these guys have the Virgo energy into the 10th house so these guys
are very good at analytical skills and also in organizing the information in
the 11th house these guys have the energy of Venus we have already
discussed this so these guys are very balanced just like Libra in the 11th
housing’s so these guys are very good at balancing their social connections so
these guys will have friends from all walks of life they will have friends
from these guys will be connected to the friends from their school college high
school social interactions and they will balance it with their life it won’t
happen with these guys that they are carried away by the friends it rarely
happens if it rarely happens with these guys because the balanced air element
sign into the 11th house now let us come to the 12th house 12th house has the
energy of Scorpio what is Scorpio Scorpio is that intense energy ruled by
Mars and it is also the original 8th house of the horoscope which is what
which is all about the mystical things things hidden underground and now this
energy is into the 12th house what is 12th house
house is the farthest house from the ascendant ascendant is yourself and
twelfth house is the dissolution of the self and the dissolution of the self
house has the eighth house energy Mars is also ruling the fifth house so both
the houses related to romance bad pleasures are ruled by Mars okay so yes
this was Sagittarius ascendant as much as I could hold grasp and share with you
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