SAGITTARIUS Horoscope  | Sagittarius Monthly Forecast  | Sagittarius August 2019 Astrology

SAGITTARIUS Horoscope | Sagittarius Monthly Forecast | Sagittarius August 2019 Astrology

Hello friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria and
I welcome you on this channel. I would like to congratulate and thank all
those viewers who have been associated with us for a long time and regularly watch the
videos on this channel. Also I welcome all the new viewers and those
who are watching this video on this channel for the first time. In this video we have a lot for you. Along with the predictions for the month,
we’ll also share an important tip to make this month a success. In the predictions for the month, we are going
to tell you the General Trends of the month, Money, Wealth and Career, Family Life, Love
and Marital Life, Education, Health and some important festivals and days for this month. So please watch the video till the end to
get full benefit of Astrology. Before starting the predictions, let us quickly
understand the transit of planets over your horoscope this month. Venus will move from your 8th house to 9th
house on 16th Sun will transit from 8th house in Cancer
sign on 17th to your 9th house and in Leo sign. Mars will transit from your 8th house to 9th
house in Leo sign on 8th August. Mercury will change signs twice this month. On 3rd it will move from Gemini to Cancer
and on 26th August it will transit to Leo sign. This is your 9th house. The lord of your zodiac sign Jupiter will
become direct on 11th August and it will be in Scorpio sign which is your 12th house. Saturn will remain in the 1st house in Sagittarius
sign and in retrograde motion Rahu and Ketu will remain in Gemini and Sagittarius
respectively. MOON will transit each sign for roughly 2.5
days. Let’s now understand how the planetary movement
will impact the Sagittarius natives this month. This month you should depend on your hard
work and smart work and not just luck. In fact, do not depend on your luck at all. Professionally as well as in personal life,
there may be an increase of responsibilities on your shoulders. On the spiritual side, some of the natives
may able to increase more knowledge and interest. Anything you want may be available with some
delay. Therefore, do not lose confidence or faith. Don’t take things to the heart which may
sometimes add stress to the mind and the body. Try to focus on finding a way out of such
situations and think how you can further your interests and get maximum gains. The configuration of planets during this period
is not too favourable for your financial prospects. If you feel that you are lacking even your
normal self-confidence then postpone important investment decisions at this time. For business owners there is the likelihood
of delay in gains or delay in start of projects. Overall be prepared for slow progress in this
month. Even help from your powerful friends will
not provide the usual benefits. Further, the present conditions would not
be suitable for investment or new ventures. Therefore, any such plans, should be put on
hold for the time being. The Sagittarius natives, who are in job, should
not look for very encouraging signs of growth. You must, therefore, resolve to stay motivated
and continue to work in a normal way. Refrain from panicking and taking drastic
actions like looking for another job. This will only add to your mental worries
and frustrations. The family affairs are unlikely to be very
smooth during the month, since the combination of planets over the Sagittarius horoscope
is not making a favourable picture. There is the distinct possibility of serious
differences with your siblings on some account or the other. Therefore, keep reminding yourself to stay
cool and refuse to get provoked into any kind of arguments. This should go a long way in keeping you out
of trouble. Your expenses may increase due to travels
and health of family members. This might create a very tight financial situation
for you Here also, careful planning of expenses well
in advance can help to a very large extent. Before proceeding ahead with the rest of the
forecast, here is an important announcement. This forecast is a general one for your zodiac
sign and is based on the transit of planets. If you want specific astrological advice from
us based on your individual horoscope, you are welcome. The individual predictions will be based on
your unique horoscope, position of planets, their strengths, dasha system and the transit. Just call us and book an appointment for consultation. And yes, that will be a paid consultation. And now let us continue with the forecast
of the month It is felt that the matters of love and relationships
may not be very promising in this period. You should avoid reacting to the actions or
remarks of your love partner even if you don’t like them. Try to spend some quality time with your friends
or family members. This will improve your bonding with them. Whether married or in relationship, be diplomatic
and avoid criticism. Handling relationships with care is the need
of the hour. Singles should not waste time in finding their
love partner. Instead they should focus on their career
or studies. It is not a very favourable for most of you. This is irrespective of your subject of study. The Sagittarius students desirous of going
overseas for higher education would face a some challenges. Most of the Sagittarius students would lack
the drive and motivation to carry on their studies successfully. This would take away the competitive spirit
from you. Those preparing for competitive examinations
should, therefore, go in for extra coaching since this might decide the outcome of their
efforts. The message of the stars for the Sagittarius
natives is to be careful about many aspects of your health. There are chances that those suffering from
piles would have be cautious about their treatment and diet. This would go some way in solving the problems
they are likely to face. As a precautionary measure, a good tonic,
good tonic, regular health check up should not be postponed. Since the indication of planets is none too
favourable, it might be a good idea to remain careful. This it would be better to avoid conflicts
with the authorities. Rather you should plan for future for good
progress. Similarly, you should avoid disagreements
with colleagues. Your positive nature will be helpful in performing
regular activities and it will receive some recognition. In this section, we share some important days
and festivals in this month August 1: Shravan Amavasya, Haryali Amavsya
August 3: Haryali Teej August 4: Vinayak Chaturthi
August 5: Nag Panchmi, 3rd Shravan Somvar Vrat
August 7: Tulsi Das Jayanti August 11: Shravan Putrada Ekadashi
August 12: 4th Shravan Somvar Vrat August 15: Independance Day, Raksha Bandhan,
Sharavan Purnima August 18: Kajri Teej
August 24: Krishna Janmasthmi In case you want to watch this forecast in
Hindi, then the link to the video is given in the description box below. Friends, please do like and share this video. After subscribing this channel, also click
the bell icon. I wish you a very happy and prosperous month

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