Sagittarius Psychic Tarot Reading | Weekly Horoscope
Week 11 | March 11-17 2019 welcome you Sagittarius thank you for being
here and thank you for being back my my apologies, my computer crashed so I’m couldn’t
get to upload the March reading so my apologies for that you Sagittarius okay
Sagittarians I’m gonna say thank you for being here and thank you for being back thank
you for the wonderful support your Sagittarius thank you so much and you
Sagittarians ladies 45 years and olders are here the … are here oh my thank you so much for your support and
for being here and sharing the we to read we can read it as up so please go
and check and I’m so sorry my computer so my excuses for that
let’s see what’s coming up for the Sagittarius in this week we have the
energy of the Queen of chalice and eight of Pentacles queen of chalice 8 of
Pentacles and the energy of the knight okay so you’re dealing with someone and
the three of Pentacles and the magician okay so whatever the situation is some
of you ladies whatever is transpiring I’m seeing you
dealing with someone who is an Aquarius Gemini or different yep okay and um
whatever the situation is is that let’s see what outcomes for the weekend is for
you Sagittarius guys, the king of swords and the 8 of… the eight of swords
okay so there is a lot that is going on with you Sagittarius and an organization
okay so you Sagittarians are dealing with a lot of situation in an
organization whatever it is whatever that is transpired we’re going to be
looking in because is if you sanitarium what’s transpired there is some
situation you’re working together with an organization to to resolve a
situation whatever this is you’re working together to resolve the
situation okay what is it for the screen of cops you
are trying to find balance with the screen of cop sir eight of Pentacles
you’re dealing with someone who is a Pisces cancer at your work or it could
be in business listen to your intuition about a
situation you know and you’re going to be finding out the truth about asama
working with the organization definitely you’re going to be seeing the truth
because the tool stores is in Reverse so you’re seeing the truth and you’re
perceived awful from an organization know the king of swords is here you are
going to be very very successful both of the keynotes so it’s whether the scheme
of swords is he has been expecting good news is going to be coming at you no
need to worry Sergey and whatever the situation is or
was it was at in there it was a lesson that you need to learn and learn this
lesson going forward you latest one five years and older you
were dealing with some situation in your life okay the situation has to do with a
former you were working with someone else someone who was a younger person a
Pisces cancer or a scorpion whatever but she has done you are going to be
victorious over the situations because some good news is going to be coming in
you’re gonna be successful over and a Gemini liberal for centuries now I’m
seeing that some of you some of you could have left one word and you had
like you let the work because and it’s like be careful because your old boss
and your new boss I didn’t know each other or have connection there is
something when your old boss and your new boss
and your whole boss had given bad repetition or given bad reference about
you and your new boss now is realizing that it’s not true
so what Astron Spy is that there is a whole there is just some you’re dealing
okay all right it’s as if the devas in the small print this is really really
you should such Terrence must be careful industry because it’s about the devil in
the small print okay some of you as a gotten or was offered a
job but it came with a lot of stuff because somebody wanted to find out
something about you and that is the reason why you got this job someone gave
some references about you and now they’re seeing that it’s not true you
know they’re realizing that the person I’ve been very dishonest about the
situation and it has to do with work because for some of you ladies for nine
years and all the know for the rest of you some of you you’re dealing with your
mom that is a Pisces cancer or a scorpion and you need to find some
balance with her whether this person is you need to find some balance with her
just take it easy and so it’s not it’s a really a nice person and I think
for you so just take it easy now when this other young lady this
other young lady is a Pisces cancerous scorpion but she is younger than you are
could be in your age group that’s your work be careful about this person okay
some of you are realizing something be careful stay away from this person use
such Terence because fire and water doesn’t really work so stay away from
this ladies then keeper in a distance this young person for some of you this
young person and lie and create a lot of Karma’s at your work and this young lady
if you were working in the past Pisces cancer or a scorpion this young
lady as went in your bag or went in your house but this young lady has done
something illegal and she is trying to cover up the mess but people are finding
out and seeing what she has done because she lied
I tell people some listen to your intuition about a situation and let me
let you know ladies and gentlemen I’m going to tell you something
whoever works and whoever works with computer at your work there’s always
someone beyond is what you want your joy be aware of that it’s always so on the
eye watching and figuring out what you’re doing stop opening up your
private mail stop doing private things on your computer at work and don’t use
your work internet to do anything private okay we go I’m telling you this
because someone is watching you stop using your private means just don’t use
your mail at work to do anything private ok and here telephones don’t even put in
your telephones because everybody’s saying oh your telephone is safe and the
rest don’t believe okay now the three of
Pentacles is here and you’re seeing some of you realize that you got a job and
you got a job because they someone set up to find out if you’re good at what
you said you are or but it’s an organization okay and they are trying to
figure out if you if you’re good at what you say and that sort of a thing and
they’re trying to test you out and it’s okay if you’re good at what you do you
have no reason to worry over this so you’re really seeing the truth of a
situation you’re really seen how they’ve gotten a job a promotion or you’ve
really seen why someone wanted you it’s because there is the devil in the fine
print and it’s okay yes okay because what is happening is that some of you
worked with an Aquarian step night or indifferent dispersed sudden lies and
his lies are going to be coming out because he knows that he bloody lied
because you have a situation with this person and you realize this person is
blowing his trumpet and there is no trumpet okay you know the people who
blow their trumpet and there it’s just so drunk and you think okay and just
blow long boom huh you’re going to be Louis adherents sometimes so go on just
blow on one of those people littering successes come in so not to worry about
it don’t even don’t even lay one night in your bed and worry about it because
the thing about it that I always say to people if you’re good at your work you
really don’t need friend sent your work because people on
the friend to each other their work because they need them you can be very
nice and very pleasant and very kind to people but you really don’t need any
prints when you know your work and this is a big problem for a lot of people out
at the workplaces because whenever you’re very good at what you do there’s
always someone that tried to run you over and out
some of you were dealing with that Pisces cancer or a scorpion person that
person went to the distance to even break in your house and went in your you
know your personal situation because she was not very good at her work and you
showed her up and sometimes it’s not that you show up people is sometimes
that you realize that someone as a position that they shouldn’t even have
in the first place okay and this is a situation that a stranger
and a lot of people and a lot of women especially very good educated women and
very good women there are other women were not as good as what they’re doing
and they try and this is a lady that some of you had to deal with a long time
ago this is a young lady that didn’t this is a young lady this lady is
between 8 and 18 and 30 and some of you older lady started in the organization I
realized that this lady was not in the right position everyone went and did you
know whatever and she didn’t want to because her friends and now because you
were so good at your work she tries to take you down in a different form and a
lot of time this to happen at your work and what I realized is that older women
will help a younger person to be you know give them a late way and this is
what is happening but this young lady and affects some of you and your
overcoming this because she lied she and did he lied and he went off to you and
now it’s like this whole group of people come together and you know and some of
them are really coming from a good place because some of them realize that you
were something dishonest was done against you and you know they’re good
people and I should say that there are good people and I can find a lot of good
people of the workplace but there is one thing I understand about working in
groups and organization and I’ve learned this a very long time do your work and
go home and don’t get in gossips and that sort of a thing just do your work
and go home it is better like that when you start getting in these gossip and
listen to whatever do you want focus on your work and you go home don’t get
involved with people at you because what happened is that people tends to take
what you say and change it around and I see a lot of that happen in the
workplace and you know when people come to me I’m always saying why don’t you
just tell her tell her how you feel about the situation you know why you
keep on you know talking about it go and tell the person if you have a situation
with someone on this thing go to the person and tell the person what is going
on so you know it’s going to be a good week for you sanitarians really a
wonderful week I really a positively for you search door is some good news is
going to be coming in and this is like so positive I’m sorry hang your readings
got crash in my computer but you guys will be okay
it’s your beat sedges okay we have to card and the first one the first one
said express your joy joy joy joy Express and your joy because you’re
going to be very very joy so and ii said reach for the star oh my god
ah geez it has Eureka okay so I want to say to each other the person thank you
for being here and thank you for being back and let me stay until next time


  • Norris Brooks says:

    Love always Kathye Kaan ♥️♥️

  • Jennifer Long says:

    Thank you girl. Many blessings to you

  • I'sa Saine says:

    Resonated thanks 🙏🏽

  • Miss Katherine says:

    Thank you love and take care of you first!

  • Brigetta Russaw says:

    Yes my new boss and old boss know each other and my old boss did tell her bad things. Today out of the blue, the new boss, gave me a high regard in front of everyone. Yes, it's all true. It's like it's me against an organization. I do my job and I do it well. It comes with envy and jealousy and a Libra is involved. Thank you.

  • Gillian Moody says:

    1. OMG. I SO💚needed to hear this today, Kath’. Lost in court to my ex-landlord (Scorpio) yesterday. Pls god, allow me to beat him next time. PLS. 2. Mom (Cancer-Leo) would looovve to have balance w her, pls god. PLS.
    3. YES. This younger landlord LIES… I trust that the judges will realize “the devil in the fine print”, yes, pls god.
    4. Hope to talk to ex-neighbours re helping me out in court against ex-landlord, pls god. Pls, pls, PLS. ***Without them, how best to prove? Pls God🙏🏽.

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