Salvia Turned Me Into A Lonely God – Tales from the Trip

Salvia Turned Me Into A Lonely God – Tales from the Trip

Oh no! I’m my mom and I’m
my grandmother and I’m alone? And I’m an accordion
and I’m not on the planet that I thought I was anymore. Hi, this is Myq Kaplan
and here’s a story about a time I did salvia. It was legal and maybe still is
and that doesn’t make any sense. It was actually
on a live podcast, and they’re like we have
a bong full of salvia. And I was like, I’ll put legal
salvia into my legal body. Everything’s totally legal.
Fine. And sincerely I didn’t know
what it was exactly. How hallucinogenic could it be? Like I’d done mushrooms
before and for mushrooms, I would at the best,
be like oh, we’re all one. And I took salvia into my body and then all of a sudden
I was like, ‘I’m all alone.’ Ugh. It’s almost the same word,
but I was just like … I’m … and not just alone,
but almost … like I felt like I melted
into and as everything. And it was like I was waking up
from the dream of this reality, this physical realm, into the everything
that was actually true. When I’ve done mushrooms,
sometimes you’re like, ‘oh the ceiling
is a little wavy.’ But you’re like, ‘there’s
a ceiling and it’s wavy.’ But with this, I was like, ‘oh, the waviness is
a little everything.’ Like everything that was
in my line of sight, like I remember looking at
something that was on the wall and just being like,
‘that’s a …’ I didn’t know what a shape was,
but there were shapes. I didn’t know what colors were,
but there were color. I guess I did have the concept
of color, I remember I was like, ‘oh, I remember back
when I was on the green planet and then also the red planet.’ I’m like am I
on the red planet now? Am I on a planet now?
It felt like, you know, I don’t want to be
too grandiose about it. I’m not saying I was god. Because I certainly
wasn’t the only … Or I was. If god is all-knowing,
then I definitely wasn’t, ’cause I definitely didn’t. But I was like,
I felt like a lonely god. Maybe the idea, maybe there was
before the big bang, before let there be light,
just alone, like just one lonely god. Here’s the thing
that I remember specifically. I felt like when I moved
what was or must’ve been
or seemed like my body. When I moved my body
at a different, every different angle, I felt like a different
member of my family. I was like,
‘here’s me.’ And now I moved back slightly
and here’s my mom. And I moved back slightly
and here’s my grandmother. At that time,
it just seemed like, ‘oh no, I’m my mom
and I’m my grandmother, and I’m alone
and I’m an accordion and I’m not on the planet
that I thought was anymore. Oh god.’ And then eventually, the shapes
that I didn’t know were shapes and the colors
that I didn’t know were colors started to refocus
and I came back and I was like, ‘oh wow, I’m in the room
that I was in that I thought wasn’t real,
and maybe isn’t, but thank goodness
it seems like it is.’ And I was like, and the girl that I was seeing
was there at the time. I think I said to her,
‘will you marry me?’ Because I wanted
to be connected, but I’m like
you’re another person, let’s be together forever
and she was confused and we didn’t get married. Tales from the Trip.


  • mk mk says:

    Yeah salvia is one hard core trip. Luckily it only last a few minutes at the most. I have done it three times, and every time I go into a void where everything is made of equations. It is a scary experience. And the thing is, you hear people talk about experiences saying things like that and you know they are exaggerating for the sake of expressing what they felt – not with salvia – when I say the world went away and became equations, that was my literal experience

  • tattoo2244 says:

    over use of the word LIKE again like annoying like cunt

  • Adore Arwen says:

    this video is kinda old and no one will see this, but here's my salvia experience in a nutshell;
    I got off the bus after school, and we had been let out early because there was a bad snow storm coming.
    The storm came and killed the electricity, so no wifi, no tv, my phone died and I couldn't charge it, and it was becoming too dark to read books.. so I had NOTHING to do.
    I wanted to just relax and smoke some weed but I didn't have any, however I had a couple gs of 20x salvia a friend gave me I had never tried. So, I thought it would be a cool way to pass the time and just bare the storm or whatever not really giving it much thought. I sparked a bowl of it and held it in, started counting in my head "1, 2, 3, 4…ect" and when I got to 14 things got trippy "14, 14, 14, 14," and the voice in my head was getting quieter… everything in my vision seemed to be moving away from me as if my eyes were somehow sinking miles back into my head. My voice completely disappeared along with my vision and I heard a REALLY evil/cold/mean girl's voice that took over my thoughts. I can only remember weird images from my actual trip that looked like animated 3D cities or towns that didn't make sense, like just impossible images to replicate. There's a lot more but that's just the surface of it. I honestly don't regret the experience, I can say it was by FAR the most terrifying thing I've experienced, but I can't recommend anyone that hasn't tried it to try it. Just stick to the good stuff like pot, mushies, L, don't be doing salvia. Fr

  • SuperSlimshady1 says:

    Explained perfectly thats how i felt!!!!

  • Paul Levy says:

    Lol he asked his girl to marry him after and she said no. Laughed hard at that.

  • John Douglas Racing Video says:

    I smoked it one time with a group of friends junior yr of high school. I just remember sweating like someone had turned a shower on above my head. It was just pouring off me… I mostly just blacked out. I didn't have a very big trip experience, I just remember the fading of the shapes into nothing but blackness and quiet like pre-dream sleep… about what seemed like 45 seconds later I shot out of my chair and started to rip my shirt off because of the sweating… Visuals were already gone, and I just felt really tired.

  • Demise Media says:

    I've smoked tree 🌳and recently had 🍄shrooms. I also do stand up comedy! But, from a number of sources i have heard that "reality" is basically a ginormous illusion that you tricked yourself into believing. Time, birth, death, etc are all ego and that your true form is nothingness which in turn is "everything-ness". Yea, i know it sounds insane but so does the big bang, heaven & hell right?! Also, life might just be a dream & we truly become alive once we die.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ who knows?!

  • Eric Reed says:

    Your the problem with kids these days

  • BAHB420 says:

    Ego Death. Not everyone can handle it.

  • cranky old teenager says:

    This guy is a fucking pleb

  • Steven Sandleben says:

    "thank goodness it seems like it is" lol

  • FreeThe Goat says:

    Damn you YouTube algorithm big brother entity how do you know that I found that strong salvia concentrate that I lost 7 years ago dammnnn you it’s just been teasing me since last week

  • jacob sterling says:

    Shrooms turned me into a lonely mf too lol

  • James Pardee says:

    Sounds a lot like peyote.

  • Let me Off says:

    What an annoying dweeb. The gimp on the video i mean….
    Just an opinion.
    Harsh criticism perhaps. We all have the right to say words so if your hurt and feel like crying, ask mummy for a cuddle. You're gonna be just fine.

  • Trantor The Troll says:

    It sounds like Salvia shows your brain for just but a moment the truth… the truth we will all know one day when we die.

  • Christian Landa says:


    If you know, you know.

  • Bradley says:

    This is true. God would know everything except where god came from, and be very lonely. So that is why this reality exists, and love is all that matters. We get to LOVE someone that isn’t us! Incredible isn’t it? Love is the key

  • Wrandi Davis says:

    I'm really scared of experiencing the kind of trip that completely rips you from reality so I smoked a lower dose of saliva. I was standing on the side of my apartment building with my cousin, took a hit, and in the middle of turning to my cousin to hand her the pipe it was like my body froze and I could feel the pipe slipping out of my grip but I couldn't move or grip harder and I couldn't even tell her to grab it, it was like everything stopped. Thankfully she grabbed it and as soon as she did, it was like my body unfoze and I could move again. So she was standing to my right, and I could see she was leaning against the corner of my building then I turned to face forward.. It was the weirdest non full reality ripping thing ive ever seen with my own 2 eyes lol what I saw looked just like how when an old Windows 98 would freeze & you'd drag a window to the side but that window would lag and it would look like a tail of 30 other windows were behind it, that's exactly what happened as I turned away from her. I could see her and the corner of my building behind her but the farther I turned away from her the more little tails of the top of her head and corner of the building would appear lol it was awesome. I think that was the most reality changing trip I can handle though.

    & fuck spice i know it's not the same thing but it almost made me completely forget who I was & my memories became so vague that I couldn't remember what my parents looked like or any clear memories I had of them. It was like someone I knew had parents with my parents names but I never met them personally. Like I had heard of them before but didn't know them. Same with my scars, i have a 7 inch scar that goes down my chest from 2 open heart surgeries as a kid and I was just staring at it in disbelief because it felt like I had heard of someone named randi who had open heart surgery but I didnt have any memories of being in the hospital so I just couldn't believe it happened to me. It felt so unreal that if you wouldve asked me if I had 2 surgeries I would've said no..while looking at my own scar. It was so scary! I knew I was forgetting things about my life too because the first few minutes it started happening I was at my best friends house but alone in her room and it started to feel unfamiliar even tho I had been there 1000 times & was like "Wait where am I? Oh yeah I'm at Christine's house.." *a minute later* "Wait where the fuck am I at? I KNOW I just remembered a min ago but I can't now.. Who did I come here with??" Then she walked in and I remembered who she was but as it got worse I started forgetting who she was i just knew that she was nice to me so I didn't need to be afraid of her. Luckily it only lasted about 10-15minutes before I started remembering again but that was a fuckin trip, especially since I was aware I was losing my mind and couldn't remember things about my life i had just reminded myself about a few minutes prior. That was 8 yrs ago and the last time I did anything besides smoke weed and even then I've only smoked weed a handful of times but experienced minor auditory hallucinations. You hear about people getting high and their brains getting stuck or never fully being the same and after that I feel like I'm definitely one of those that could happen to.

  • Wrandi Davis says:

    Anyone else feel a female presence whenever they smoked salvia too?

  • Tim Z says:

    Lived in Florida in college, did three massive milky white bong rips of salvia extract…..I thought satan was chasing me through an attic that turned into a vertical cornfield that I had to climb to get away. When I started coming back to real life, I then thought “oh shit this permanent” because it wasn’t over. I was still trippin hard for what others said was just 10 minutes but it felt like hours. Just don’t try it.

  • Michael Hawkins says:

    My experience was weird. Parts are similar.
    Immediately I felt like I knew how everyone was connected, every life on the planet was lined up like in the matrix when neo wakes up, but we had trails through our pasts like the stream in front of Donnie Darko. Then immediately the four of us on the couch turned into vending machines and a conveyor belt, as one moved down the first fell off the couch/conveyor belt. But no one fell, that was in my head. Then I stood up and in the center of my vision was a giant vertical zipper, I reached up and unzipped it, stepped through and BOOM, I was stone cold sober.

    It all happened in seconds but felt like years.

    It changed how I looked at things for a long time. And I won't ever try it again.

  • Dubstep Knife says:

    I thought the title said "saliva turned me into a lonely god"

  • ompenarnie says:

    This dweeb crying about legality smh

  • Jason Joseph says:

    I remember back when I was 14 I tried it and I fucking loved it and liked spice as well. When I was 16 I decided to drink some 211 and smoke some salvia thinking mixing the 2 would be fun. As soon as my drunk ass hit that salvia I was really fucked up!!! My friends was also trying salvia with me so they kept asking me how is it how is it. I could not respond when I'm on it and as soon as I came down I found out they were gonna call paramedics thinking I OD. I told my friends what it felt like try to pass the pipe but they were scared to try at the time. It felt like gravity was fucked off and I thought I was falling in the sky.

  • occupynewparadigm says:

    Salvia is great. Shows you the false reality we see everyday is a well constructed illusion.

  • Angelic Alien333 says:

    Salvia SUCKS FUCKIN BALLS. I can take tab after tab of LSD a half ounce of shrooms the REAL ecstacy, not that molly garbage and let me say SALVIA is one of the most dysphoric, unbalanced trips ever. Your suppose to trip FULLY not your brain tripping while your body is still in the original state. Absolute GARBAGE also the fact it only lasts 10 minutes. If you want schizophrenia, take salvia. You want a really good, spiritual opening, touched by GOD. Take shrooms or lsd.

  • skins4thewin says:

    See, this is why powerful psychadelics or dissociatives cannot possibly be explained in words. They just can't. I fucking left this plane of existence one time on a large dose of DXM & some extremely potent weed. It was more than I could handle and I never ever want to go back to that place.

  • Gabrielle Perez says:

    I am so stupid I though this video was called "Saliva Turned Me Into A Lonely God" I'm am so disappointed with myself

  • Green Lantern says:

    The easiest way to explain all of my salvia trips (despite attempting to reach different dimensions) is like realizing the couch you’re sitting on is actually a different couch at the corner of all time and space. Once the realization reality is fake dawns upon you a series a plastic, smiling people all wait in line to unzip into cosmic apotheosis; which feels a lot like unzipping from your mouth and becoming the corner of a zipper tooth as it closes forever and becomes one, vast blanket of yellow plastic: enveloping all reality as the borders and definitions melt away.

  • kushagra kartikeye says:

    I read saliva

  • Avi • says:

    Salvia is no good. Stick to acid, shrooms, and weed. Just tried it, it was horrible.

  • Theraphim Hebraeorum says:


  • Chance Webster says:

    Maybe it wasn't salvia in my case (was told it was. Anyways)

    Didn't really see anything, but man my heart was out of my chest literally it was nuts. Swore I sorta saw a giant praying mantis (I know I said I didn't see anything, but I've never done other psychodelics). Lasted maybe only 20 minutes or so. Didn't do too much.

    Friend told me he felt his hair growing etc. Never again.

  • MrTributesTreesOfAtomity says:

    nigga quit playin, ur name aint spelled like that rotfl

  • UberLummox says:

    The deeper you thing, the crazier the trip..I think.

  • Ben Kaplan says:

    had this exact thing with Brownie's, except it lasted 3 hours which felt like infinity and I was on a loop of getting back to reality and getting back to "reality " take it which way you want it because that's what it is .Edit : oh Jesus why do you have my last name fuck off with these shitty genes

  • nycboriqua90 says:

    Love these skits

  • Mongolian Dutch Oven says:

    Just gotta start by stating that this guy HAS to be related to Jeff Kaplan of Blizzard in some way.

    But anywho.
    I used to smoke Salvia a lot back in highschool. I have a story.
    Back in my junior year I had a pipe that was made from on old air pressure gauge. And one day my friends and I all congregated at the usual park after school at the designated "stoner bench" to smoke some Salvia. We all sat down at the bench and started to smoke. Well my dumbass got the idea to take six bowls in a row out of my pipe without exhaling (it was also my Salvia and I had LOTS).
    So I took my hits and held it all in as long as I could. When I exhaled everything went black and I was suddenly 20 feet away and standing, face to face with a tree. Apparently during the time I don't remember, I stood up, looked to the sky with my arms spread to each side, and started spinning around the park until I reached the tree. We talked about it and our conclusion was that my consciousness time traveled forward and left my body to do whatever it wanted lmao
    I have another good one but I'll only post it if someone wants to actually read it XD
    Much love to whoever read to the end. Peace out guys and gals.

  • Moises Pineda says:

    Zippers and zippers and cartoon world

  • Kor Bas says:

    The first time you trip.The next times you smoke it is just a very good marijuana

  • Ty says:

    I smoked salvia and literally turned into a train station. Wild experience. Woke up sweating bullets

  • Conscious Beaut says:

    🤣 this is everythang!

  • Lord Snek says:

    This whole thing is garbage. If any chick fucked him they probably comitted suicide. Why is everyone stupid?

  • Don Juan Trompeta Johnson says:

    The reason why I'm not gonna try Salvia or prob any drug for that matter is that they are just another experience. It's not interesting. Everyone that takes it starts telling you their experience based on the words they know, the thoughts they they know and had and all experiences and visions from memory. It's just knowledge rehashed with a little "trippy" twist. I wonder what "experience" or visions babies would have if you give them Salvia? Or a being with no senses. No words or thoughts. No memories. Maybe nothing? If something would happen, now THAT I would be interesting in knowing, but I'll likely never know.

  • Austin Prunty says:

    I wanna see the podcast


    Myq. Goofy ass name.

  • Kaine Joyes says:

    So you didn't know anything about the drug, hadn't researched it, no prep for setting and you had a terrible time…..imagine our shock…

  • Matt H says:

    His name is Myq? As in Mike? You're trying too hard bro. We get it, youre special and unique…

  • balefulmyth says:

    Guys this happened to me when I took acid; I blacked out and had the same exact experience as this guy has anyone else had a similar trip experience?!

  • Kryptic Kratos says:

    HAHAHAHAHA AHAHHAHAHAHA THE FIRST 11 SECONDS ME MEE ME EVERYTIME I DID I WAS AN ACCORDING BACKFLIPING SPIRALING UNDER THE CARPET WHERE MY YOUNGER FAMILY WAS HAHAH WTF RIHHT? Everyone was like come inside here trust me and I’m like okay… backsliding/flipping under the rug as my giant Asian friend doug was trying to convince me nothings in there and I was pointing like look man you’re crazy come with me hahaha

  • Me too says:

    How long does it last? Also is it salvia the purple flower seeds? You just smoke it like you would with weed?

  • lokilxix says:

    I just felt like i was falling forever to the left all five times.

  • JoyfulUniter says:

    This guys mind is an incoherent mess on salvia haha it's cringe listening to his insecurities play out.

  • SMK_ STEVE says:

    idk if this show is meant to make me think twice about doing drugs or not cuz seems fun to me

  • Turkish Diezel says:

    One smoke away from loosing it completely.

  • Austin Hammer says:

    Salvia is the existential drug. Some of my trips on it stripped me down, revealed the absurdity of existence, and sucked away the numbing anaesthetic of tranquilizing myself with the trivial. I encountered an indifference to my own existence, and saw the infinite freedom of existence in a way that can only be experienced.

  • willdebeastly says:

    does anybody actually like salvia? lol why does it exist?

  • existenceisrelative says:

    Never done this drug, but i've been where he was describing. I once saw every possible variable playing out into different timelines, and was just frozen in terror of messing up those timelines while trying to describe what i was seeing.

  • psychotikpaisano says:

    I did it a couple/few times.
    Had some unreal experiences.
    So intense I'm not in a hurry to ever do it again hahahaha

  • block hasher says:

    i just saw a rainbow ahead that dissipated shortly, does that mean i'm gay? i tricked my ex girlfriends ex boyfriend into smoking a bowl, he thought it was weed, he got the falling for a long time trip and held on to his bed post for a couple of minutes, and then looked at me like he saw a ghost and commended me for finding something so potent

  • Steven Chitty says:

    Excellent description…The only thing he left out was that all of those experiences happened in a span of 90 seconds. . Also i saw jesus's mom, and Joseph in a fence when i smoked 10x. . Felt like i was pushed out of my chair into a void then came around to a vision of Mary and Joseph in a wood fence. 10/10 but i wouldnt do it again

  • amer ican says:

    I don't know why they made it ILLEGAL! Nobody hardly ever does it more than once lmao

  • Cometa Soulstar says:

    All jokes and animation aside, he was telling some actual truths.

  • Boss Ricketts says:

    Love Salvia Divinorum

  • Boss Ricketts says:

    I miss having Salvia Divinorum. Shit is great

  • Joe Frazer says:

    I understand the lonely God feeling, and kind of the being who we came from being ourselves simuoltaneously, but my "accordion" I was a baby in a swing at a park in a town I only lived in since birth til I was 3, while being pushed by my way younger mother as my 6 years older than me sister played in the background looking like a kindergartner (guessing my brother whos yr older than her mustve been in 1st grade and still in school, which would make sense that we were at park waiting for him to get out of school) everytime the swing would reach the peak of the backwards momentum, as I was swinging back towards my mother I was simultaneously reliving different moments of my life that had influenced me to be who I was at the time of trip, from present day to past with each full motion of swing, until I went past the moment of time of when I was a baby, and was no longer alive, which felt like death in a way, being unborn, then it was like watching a video cassette tape being rewound while paused not stopped and I had to witness everyone and everything I ever knew and loved be unborn, which is still til this day one of the most extreme feelings of loss and grief I have ever felt, eventually going far enough back it was before anyone existed, was watching the world from space just spinning at the speed of light or speed of life in reverse until it no longer even looked like the images you see of earth from space then I had to watch it to be unborn and felt even more lonely and sad, then the whole universe imploded and I thought my consciousness was going to cease to exist and there was nothing I could do, because there was literally nothing to do anything with, and all I could think was "no, no, no" and feel regret and then…I exhaled and felt hella out of breath after holding bong hit in for what I was told was about a minute. Kind of strange thing was when trip started, had been sitting there eyes closed, holding biggest hit I could take in my lungs waiting to feel it, what "happened" is it turned out it wasnt really salvia extract but just weak ass salvia leaf they had sprayed a bunch of sherm on and right before I "died" this kind of electric-accordion like chord I had came up with earlier that day on my keyboard instrument while frying on DXM, started playing louder and louder and faster and faster up until the start of me swinging …Salvia is so weird.

  • Bart Griffin says:

    Obviously you've only done low dose mushrooms.

  • Jayla H says:

    The one time I tried Salvia I thought I was falling off the earth 😅 And it was just all fear, not a good drug. A girl I was with tried to stab herself…Ahhh, memories.

  • David Schrumpf says:

    Got mentally raped by evil elves in the salvia carnival. Dope.

  • johns fantastical music and remixes says:


  • SKiPPY RADCLiFF says:

    I did salvia once…
    Took the biggest hit I could, held it in for almost 30 seconds, and after blowing it out I noticed that everything in the room felt magnetized to me like I was a powerful magnet.
    Then i lit a cigarette while sitting on the side of a bed next to my brother and the bottom sides of my hands and fingers and arms and body started burning so I shook my hands and dropped the cigarette cause I was burning and then I was told I grabbed onto my brother while bending back matrix style but in reality I was blacked out.
    When i woke from my blackout, like 10 seconds later…
    I told them that i was tripping all day long and stuck in a trip and everyone knew, and they were taking me to a mental hospital cause im stuck in a trip and my girlfriend and Son were upstairs and they told me (my brother and his friend) that it's only been like 10 seconds and I'm fine and "your not stuck in a trip".
    I went upstairs like nothing happened but I was drained and I took a nap with my Son.
    Don't do drugs!
    You may think you'll have a cool story to tell people but in actuality it's not worth the potential problems it can cause you and the people around you, it's not worth it.
    Don't do drugs!!!

  • -_ TrisFen_2006 _- says:

    I thought it said it was saliva

  • Craig McDonnell says:

    I was 100% convinced I was in an episode of the Simpsons. Seen yellow people that looked nothing like the people I was smoking with.

  • miggs80 says:

    It only lasts 30 seconds



  • SpeLLBounD BYtheDEVIL says:

    Fuck salvia.

  • The Journey says:

    Feeling like your family members makes actual sense. We tend to copy the things around us, especially the people who we are around frequently, as none of us have all the answers and pull from each other, to one degree or another.

    Generally, I imagine, we are not concious of that, but, especially, on something like salvia, the realization of that could be personified as you mimic the learned,physical, actions of those closest to you, generally those you've spent the most time around.

  • Benjamin MacHale says:

    I thought it said he smoked his own saliva.

  • John says:

    I've smoked salvia several times(glutton for punishment?)and I never had an experience like the one he's describing. I haven't finished the video, but I would not be surprised if at the very end he makes a disclosure something like "…it turns out that my salvia-smoking experience lasted only forty-five seconds."

  • Israel-Did-9/11 says:


  • mario figueroa says:

    The message was your personality and huge ego makes you act like a God and that haves you very lonely and you are repeating the same mistake than your mom granny ect make in the past

  • jeIIy says:

    I did it once and the universe disappeared

  • will Grello says:

    Fuck Salvia.

  • Phoenix One says:

    It sounds like this guy isn't fit or ready for this lifetime alone, much less for a Salvia Trip… Some people need to "Ground" themselves in some sort of a Reality before venturing on drugs… and this guy is definitely one of them. You're not supposed to smoke Salvia. Do it the traditional way buy chewing it for 20 minutes and you'll get the real experience.

  • Hailey Thomas says:

    This is a lot how it was for me on lsd

  • TwistedSouL says:

    I cannot be the only one who read that as, ‘saliva’..

  • Rinse Repeat says:

    But you ARE me..

  • Crux Cibus says:

    why are the animations gross even if nothing he talks about is? is it a cry for help or something?

  • Davey SickBoy says:

    100% know exactly what you are talking about. Fucking crazy.

  • Travis Negrete says:

    I tried salvia for the first time last night. I've never been so scared in my entire existence. This video helps me feel better

  • beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal says:

    My head fell back and them completely off and a fountain of cartoon alphabet letters erupted from my neck. Then it was over.

  • Foroogh Jabbari says:

    Woooow! Interesting series!

  • matt Cloud says:

    I misread this as saliva

  • Temprest says:

    Dude broke the illusion

  • Jackie Brown says:

    Who else thought he smoked saliva

  • superb037 says:

    lmfao this is my favorite one

  • Stevie Wonder says:

    Ate some shrooms but was on the come down and then took a fat ass dab and started tripping again and it was exactly this

  • Mara Natha says:

    When he said he felt like he was a different member of his family I had an experience like that on shrooms. It’s like everyone is me and I’am everyone and I’m the only one in existence. Trippy shit

  • Zenithsyyle Randoms says:

    I hate when people do this. You don't fuckimg get transported into some other realm of space time. Your perception of the current reality changes. That's it

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